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I think the Celexa's working, because I've been full of joy this month!

1. The Winnebago lives! This afternoon I headed over to Cobb Parkway, where they're filming The Walking Dead all day. I drove past the intersection four or five times, trying to be all cool and non-gawkerish. Finally I decided to just get over my embarrassment and parked my car to join the dozen or so people watching from across the intersection. Perfect location for spectating! Here's a photo from my phone, complete with my amateurish labels. I could just barely see the actor playing Shane as he tried to shoot a bunch of zombies, and I also saw some glimpses of the actors playing Andrea and Carol sitting in their chairs off to the side. I think I also saw Andrew Lincoln from a distance, but it was hard to tell. I'm surprised they were filming less than 100 feet from a very busy road. It'll be fun to see that scene in the season premiere and know that I was there! And I might go back later this afternoon with a much better camera, though by then they'll probably be done. *g*

2. I've been a very busy knitter! In the past two weeks, I've finished TWO sweaters. First up was Uhura for myself. It's a great summer tank in a sea-green cotton, lightweight enough that I wore it out in today's summer heat. More details on my Ravelry project page. Next up was my sister's birthday present, the Broken Rib Tank (don't click if you want to be surprised, Sis!) It only took 2.25 skeins of The Unique Sheep's Pima Petite in teal, and thanks to the DK yarn and larger needles, it's very breezy and drapes well. Pity you can't see the ribbing around the neck and waistband in that photo. Knitting sweaters has become such an addiction -- I'm now resisting the urge to go buy more (expensive) yarn to make a dozen more this summer!

3. Another nice thing about summer vacation is that it has given me tons of time for reading. In just the past week, I've read five books. At some point I need to type up a list of everything I've read. I'm also looking for more good summer reading, particularly titles I might find at the library. Suggestions welcome!

4. One of the many reasons I love Publix, the bestest grocery store chain ever (or at least in this region)! My local store has a six foot stretch of one aisle devoted to British foods -- biscuits, candy, sauces, baked beans, etc. Last week I used the website's feedback form to tell them that I love the selection, but I was sad that they no longer had Smarties, those M&M's-like candies. I did buy an Aero bar instead, but it's just not the same. Today the store manager replied to my email and said that he's going to special-order Smarties just for meeeeee, and that if I stop by and speak with him in person, he'll try to track down the milk chocolate rich tea biscuits (not digestives) that I love so much and are nearly impossible to get Stateside. Yay!

5. Last night I did the odd trick of watching both the Tonys AND the NBA finals. For the first time since I left TX twelve years ago, I was thrilled to see a hometown team win. Yes, I have very weird ISSues with my native state. ;) I'm ambivalent about the whole "Lebron gets his comeuppance" thing, but I get a kick out of big German guys named "Dirk" (hey, my first Mavs semi-fandom was Detlef Schrempf, now of Parks & Rec!) And although I've never really been into theater, I listened to The Book of Mormon soundtrack on YT last week and loved it. Plus, a big cheer for Coco of Conchords winning Best Actress! Sutton Foster just seems like good people, and she did a hell of a job hoofing it in that Anything Goes number.
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Four for Monday.

1. I am full of knitting success! Yesterday I finished Mom's Christmas present, nearly a month early. Here's the Ravelry page, though it's more of a reddish-purple eggplant than in that photo. It turned out pretty well, but I'm worried that it might be too small despite knitting a slightly larger size than her measurements. And tonight I finally finished a Clapotis that had been lingering in my WIPs pile for nearly a year; last week I picked it up and realized I was closer to the end than I'd thought. Mmm, it's gorgeous, luxurious, emerald green Karabella Aurora 8. It's scarf-width (and in Clapotis terms that means nearly 9" across), but seven feet long. Now I have to decide whether to block it. I've made two other Clapotis, and I generally prefer the way they look stretched out, but the problem is that once I block it, I can't go back to the waves. Hmm!

2. I cleaned out my hall closet and took out my tiny Christmas tree. Of course, the moment I put it out for display, my cat started gnawing on the branches. He's going to knock it over eventually, even though I tried to move it out of reach. And once again, I am feeling a lack of holiday spirit, which I really want to get back. Any suggestions for how to do that? :)

3. One brief rant: I really, really hate the term "Cyber Monday". Hell, I just hate the word "cyber", along with "surfing". They sound so darn cheesy.

4. Yeah, broken record, but I have to geek out about Collapse )
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Veggies, fic, quilts, fezzes, and zombies.

1. As I mentioned before, I'm not fond of vegetables. Luckily, I just found something that I really love: roasted asparagus with a bit of lemon and nutmeg. Marvelous! I'm also a fan of steamed green beans with a bit of butter. Now I just need to find more vegetables that I like.

2. I have absolutely nothing in the fic pipeline, and that makes me sad. Can't see myself writing any more BSG, which is fine since I wrote more than enough over four years. (Guess it's a good thing I never posted that WIP!) I expected to write more Hunger Games fic, but I only have one vague story idea that is probably too ambitious for me to tackle given that my interest is waning. I just want to be writing something again!

3. Any tips for how to machine-sew a baby quilt? I'd like to make one for NephTwo, but quilting is intimidating. ;) I've only ever made one before, and that one was very, very basic. Maybe I'll do some research online after I finish all my holiday knitting, since my second nephew won't arrive until February.

4. Yesterday I watched some of the Doctor Who marathon on BBCA. I thought about tracking down my .avis instead, because BBCA uses way too many screen bugs and crops most of the picture; when the hell is Comcast going to pick up the HD channel? I did enjoy the Van Gogh episode again, especially since I did a Van Gogh descriptive writing lesson with my students in September. And I'm now tempted to knit a felted fez!

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The Walking Ad Agency

AMC went totally batshit insane with the amount of commercials for The Walking Dead during tonight's season finale of Mad Men. I'd be annoyed if I weren't on the verge of making TWD my new fandom. ;) The "current population" ad is definitely my favorite, since I can count myself among all the dead people. The official site has a new 17-minute making-of featurette. I tried to keep tabs on the production over the summer, so how the hell did I miss that they filmed several scenes at a theater about five minutes from here? Hmph. I swear, half my (potential) fandom love is because the pilot script was so marvelous, and half is because I can't wait to see my city devoured by zombies. I'm a bit shallow that way.

As for the season finale of Mad Men.... Collapse )
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It's a great day for an apocalypse.

We're starting a schoolwide literacy class this year -- thirty minutes at the start of every day, with silent reading and mini-lessons on comprehension and vocabulary. Today I got an email outlining our lesson plans for the rest of the week. Wednesday: "Watch a 15-minute interview with Suzanne Collins about her series, The Hunger Games, then discuss it with your class." HA! When I stopped by Borders on the way home to pick up my copy of Mockingjay, I used my teacher card for the 25% discount, even though the cashier didn't believe me when I said that yes, we will indeed be using this book at school. ;) That said, I don't know that MJ is very appropriate for my sixth graders, but as I posted the other day, I'm excited that at least a few of them are interested in the books. Watching the video with them tomorrow will be a bit awkward -- I'm not used to doing lessons involving my mini-fandoms!

(I'd actually planned to take a break from the bombardment of MJ posts here, but I had to share that.)

The main reason for my post: AMC has finally posted the full preview of The Walking Dead! Check out the heavily CGI'd Freedom Parkway at 2:30! Goddamn, I am excited about this series, which definitely looks like it could be my next big fandom (despite a few complications). I'm iffy about the Halloween premiere -- mostly because I don't want to wait two more months -- though the date is certainly appropriate. This is a very squee-worthy, apocalyptic day!
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Swimsuits, sweaters, soccer, zombies, and disappointment.

1. Per the suggestions on last night's post, I dropped by Old Navy and was surprised to find a swimsuit that fits fine, if not perfectly. And if it fits *me*, then that's further proof that ON sizing is screwed up. ;) Even better, I found out at the register that it was 30% off. That's the third time in as many days that I've gotten a surprise discount at checkout. I'm on a roll!

2. I finished another summer sweater today -- my fifth one since January! Funny how I never liked knitting sweaters because I didn't have the patience or the money for all that yarn, yet now they're all I want to knit. Collapse )

3. I had fun watching the two World Cup matches today, though I had to keep it on mute for much of the time due to the incessant buzz of the vuvuzelas. I'm not really interested in the soccer itself, but the sheer breadth of the worldwide competition is really neat.

4. AMC has released a video of the "zombie school" for The Walking Dead. It's such a pity that I won't be available for some of the dates in the casting call for extras here in town, because it looks like SO much fun to learn how to, well, stumble around like a zombie.

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