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"I'm not on crack. I'm straight-up mentally ill!"

1. This afternoon I headed to the yarn shop for some needles and a gift. I was really happy to learn that they can help me out with the sweater I'm knitting -- which is mostly great but has a serious problem with the neckline. Collapse )

2. After I left the yarn shop, I turned onto a road that I assumed intersected with another road that would take me to the car wash and then home. Uh, that didn't quite work out, and I ended up much farther away than anticipated. No problem, though. I have many, many flaws, but I also have an incredible sense of direction. The gamble paid off, and I eventually found a cross-street that took me where I needed to go, albeit via the very roundabout route. I'm really glad it happened -- I love unexpected rambling on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. :)

3. My new laptop has a 5-hour battery when fully-charged. Very cool. When I read Toshiba's tips for maximizing battery life earlier today, I was surprised to see them recommend running it on battery power instead of AC as much as possible. Huh. I'd always assumed that AC power was a much better way to save the battery. So tonight I'm going to keep using it until it runs out, then plug the thing back into the outlet.

4. Some links:
  • Kotex Classic: I missed this SNL parody commercial the first time around, but it's especially funny right now. ;)
  • Rachael Ray, my dinner hooker: I'm not fond of her, but this defense of her made me think maybe I should give her another chance ... if I ever bothered to cook.
  • Sara Evans' divorce - the sordid details: I don't watch Dancing with the Stars or even know who she is, but the headline got my attention. And WOW, the article lives up to the headline. Trainwreck with the Stars?
  • Atlanta friends: anyone want to join me for Louvre Atlanta at the High?

5. Some TV talk: Collapse )

6. I was going to finish up with thoughts on last night's BSG episode, but suddenly I'm off to meet a friend for coffee. Will do that later, possibly with the Screencap Review -- if I have the energy to make all those caps. :)
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BSG Countdown: Day 3!

Have I mentioned how much I'm LOVING this school year thus far? Those of you who've known me for a while will realize how shocking that is. ;) I really do adore teaching, but wow, it can be insanely stressful sometimes. But this year is going so incredibly well! The switch to 8th grade has been a godsend, and I'm thrilled to be teaching Reading full-time. I do have some behavior problems in my classes, but in general the kids are cooperative, enjoyable, and eager to learn. Which just thrills me to no end. I'm in my tenth year of teaching, and I really needed a first quarter like this one. :)

Otherwise, I don't have much to report. I've TiVoed the Veronica Mars premiere so I can rewatch when I'm a bit more focused. Though I downloaded the Friday Night Lights pilot last month, I rewatched it tonight -- and that show is just really fucking good. Granted, the NY Times review was a bit too hyperbolic in praising its greatness, but the show does live up to the hype. And while I haven't lived in Texas since college, the show gets all the nuances and vibes so *right* that it almost made me a bit homesick. Since I'm very "meh" about Gilmore Girls this season and usually download House to watch later, I'll be setting a season pass for FNL.

I promised some fun BSG stuff leading up to the premiere, so tonight I'm offering a few more text icons! As always, feel free to take what you want, but please give me credit in the keywords - thanks!

01. 02. Collapse )

And for those of you who watched the first 12 minutes of the season premiere, I've uploaded some screencaps of the Girlfriend. Less than three more days, folks! Whee!
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Makeup, TAR, and wishlists.

Wow, I bought makeup today. Haven't done that in years. Most of the time, I just can't be bothered with it, and I've never cared much what my face looked like. To be honest, I think I just gave up years ago on ever being "pretty", and I'm totally okay with that. Far more interesting things in life! I've also had bad acne all my life, and in the past few months it seems to have gotten worse -- maybe one of the consequences of getting older, huh? Last week I got tired of all the splotchiness, so today I headed to ULTA and gave myself a $50 budget. Good thing they had lots of specials, because I managed to get quite a bit. Plus, one of the sales associates sat me down at the mirror and did the full treatment. She was cheerful and a great salesperson. ;) When I saw the concealer and foundation, I was shocked by how much better my skin looked. I also liked the eyeshadow she chose, though the eyeliner and mascara were a bit much. I left with a full set of makeup, minus the eyeliner. ;) Don't know how long I'll stick with it, given the extra time it will require in the morning. But so far I'm quite pleased.

Oh, and the funniest bit was when she asked if I wore colored contacts. My eyes are apparently "the greenest she's ever seen". Sure, she was probably buttering me up for a good sale, but it was still kinda lovely to hear. :)

Right now I'm watching The Amazing Race. No spoilers since I'm only halfway through, but Collapse )

While checking my TiVo listings this afternoon, I did a big ol' happy dance to see the BSG season premiere listed in the season pass. Check it out! (The pic includes the episode description, if you consider that a spoiler.) It's been a long, long seven months, but we're almost there. I can't wait to do screencap reviews and ridiculously long reviews. During a fit of boredom earlier, I set up a memories folder for all my episode reviews. Since I know some of you are still catching up on the show, you might enjoy reading them without having to worry about spoilers.

And since my two favorite shows are starting new seasons soon, I decided to make my annual wishlists -- something everyone should do! Both lists contain spoilers through last season's finales, but they have no spoilers for S3.

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More blather about the Emmys, plus the Top Five meme.

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving the Emmys guessing game? We already know the top ten comedies and eight of the top ten dramas. More intrigue today with the acting finalists, which could prove to be great news for either VM or BSG, but perhaps not both. Collapse )

Whew. Okay. Enough of that -- at least, for the time being! I should get back to packing while I watch Rescue Me; I've decided that I'll ignore the Tommy stuff and just keep watching for my beloved Sean Garrity. Speaking... I've decided that I would kill to see Katee Sackhoff and Steven Pasquale in a scene together. Eye candy, sure, but also potentially hilarious. Or her and John Barrowman. Hell, the three of them together. Oooh.

Also, I thought I'd play with the meme floating around today:

Ask me for a fandom-related "top five list". If possible, stick to the shows y'all have seen me talking about recently, because my memory's fickle and I'm not so good with previous fandoms. ;) I'll try to reply when I take a break from packing!
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VM picspam challenge #1

Funny how I'm most productive late at night. Guess it's a good thing I'm on summer vacation, huh? First of all, some links:

The BBC's Doctor Who website is amazing. They really do put to shame nearly every other TV show's official site, just for the sheer wealth of goodies -- "Tardisodes", commentaries with a variety of people, extra videos, individual episode pages, and so on. I'm linking this time because I went to download last week's podcast, and I laughed aloud at its name: "satan-commentary.mp3". Gotta love it.

Sex & Scandal at Duke: A discussion of sexuality in general, not the rape investigation itself. Really interesting reading. Much of it felt like a completely foreign world, partly because I've been out of college so long, and also because, well, Trinity wasn't exactly known as a "party school". I'm vaguely glad that these young women feel empowered, but still. Sad.

My dad is obsessed with restaurants. For Father's Day, my sister and I have decided to go to one of those Super Suppers places in Dallas and make him some freezer meals -- my mom's having a hard time getting around after her hip surgery, and they really should stay home more often. ;) We're going for the cheapest packages, but we've never done this before. Any tips?

TWOP is sponsoring a Book Drive to donate books and money to the libraries of Harrison County, MS. Yay! I must say I'm especially pleased that they chose a Mississippi library (my mother's family is from Hattiesburg.) While New Orleans certainly faced the greatest devastation, many of the coastal MS communities have been somewhat neglected since the hurricane.

And the real reason for this post....

Last weekend, awmp did an insanely cool picspam in which you had to find a pattern among several Veronica Mars screencaps. Much to my delight, I figured it out. ;) She tagged me to do one of my own, so I came up with a new theme.

Collapse )

That was fun! I'd love to see more challenges like this -- especially for my beloved BSG -- so if you do one, please link me to it. :)
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For the past few days, I've been writing little ficlets and leaving them in friends' LJs. I'm reposting them here so they'll all be in one place. One Veronica Mars, two Galactica, and one rather odd crossover. They're far from being the bestest fanfic evah, but I had lots of fun writing them. :)

The first one's for soundingsea, who shares my Dead!Lilly love. It's my first attempt at writing Veronica Mars fic in nearly a year, which proved to be a bit intimidating. Still, I can never resist either Lilly or 'Sea. Collapse )

stars_like_dust was feeling ill the other day, so I wrote her some buddy!pilots from BSG S1. I seldom write platonic Kara-and-Lee, which made this one a fun little challenge. Collapse )

Though I'm mostly ambivalent about Sharon, greycoupon adores her. I've been trying (with mixed results ;) to challenge myself this summer, so I wrote her a little Kara-and-Sharon ficlet that takes place post-LDYB2, but without any further spoilers. Collapse )

Finally, this afternoon hushpuppy22 and I got to talking in her LJ about Dwight Schrute's well-documented crush on Starbuck (Rainn and Katee are apparently friends.) She said she'd love to see a crossover in which Katee comes to The Office, and I was feeling goofy enough to try it out. This one's RPF, yeah, but of the totally-innocent, non-squirmy variety -- at least, I hope so. ;) Months ago, some others did a similar scenario to hilarious effect. Here's my crackfic version. Collapse )
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... in which I refuse to ever cry for freedom.

Yesterday's post was fandom-free, so I'm going overboard in this one.

Back in January, I TiVoed a rerun of Katee's "Cold Case" episode -- and in an amusingly ironic bit of fandom synergy, it's the same "Volunteers" ep that featured Amber Benson (Tara/BTVS) and Maggie Grace (Shannon/Lost). I downloaded it off the TiVo last night and made a few screencaps. She's very cute, of course, but this pic is just *beautiful*.

For the hell of it, I also made a few caps of Jamie on last night's Celebrity Poker. Not the best quality (hey, they're from the TiVo, not an .avi!) but you're welcome to link to them. I'm disappointed to learn that the random audience member did not, in fact, yell out, "C'mon, towel boy!" That would've been way too funny.

(Oh, and since I was rearranging galleries, I moved over those two hi-res Paley Festival cast photos. Took a while to get used to it, but now I really love the LJ Scrapbook feature. Much nicer than Photobucket.)

Right now I'm half-watching Bright Young Things on one of the cable channels. Yes, David Tennant is still adorable even with a dorky mustache. So there.

Y'know, I really love "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens... right up to the lines near the end about how he was crying for freeeeeeedom. And then I burst out laughing, thus ruining the song's loveliness. Don't you hate when musicians muck up a sublime song with a silly random lyric?

I'm also amused that I was friended by a certain VM hate meme, even though I hardly talk about the show these days. Now I vow to talk about VM more often, so that I can earn my spot in the hate pantheon.

And on that note, I'm in the mood to do a short list of Collapse )
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Laptop, Gilmore, and Veronica.

This household now consists of one human and three computers. Haven't quite reached hardcore geek level, but I'm getting there. The new Dell that the school bought me is surprisingly nice, and I've already downloaded Trillian, Firefox, and BSPlayer -- against regs! Ooh, I'm such a rebel. Two major downsides, though: 1) the widescreen display is a bit disconcerting, and 2) I miss the fabulous built-in scrollbar on my HP's touchpad. Which is why I'm currently typing on the oldish HP while the new Dell sleeps nearby. I'll get used to it eventually.

So. Big TV night, huh?

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Fic recs, please!

Ah, fic. A subject near and dear to my heart, but also rather frustrating right now. I feel like I've read most of the Galactica fic out there (it's such a tiny fandom.) I haven't read any Veronica Mars fic in almost a year, and I know I've missed tons of really good stuff.

So, I'd love a rec or two in either fandom! Y'all know how I'm All About Kara in BSG fandom, so those recs are welcome -- though I wouldn't mind branching out. And with VM, I'm pretty much wide-open with 'ship preferences (except perhaps Weevil and Wallace -- love the characters, but haven't really wanted to read about them.) Links to specific stories would be great, along with maybe a line or two about the premise and/or why you like it so much. Thanks in advance!