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"Cookie Monster is one of the great tragic figures of our time."

1. I wish things weren't so damn hectic at work, because I need a PMS day off work. I am not fit to be around other people.

2. Collapse )

3. Was talking to a friend about my trip to the High Museum on Sunday, and I mentioned that several couples talked their way through the galleries. Not just sotto voce murmuring about the art, but the same way they'd chat at Starbucks. Which led my friend and I to a debate over talking in museums and libraries. On one hand, art should be appreciated and discussed instead of strolled past like an obligation, and I'm glad people get something out of it even if they really need to take their voices down a notch. And I think people should definitely talk in libraries provided they're in a section of the facility where it's accepted and that they don't distract others. On the other hand, I guess I'm too married to the expectation of utter silence in places like these. When the majority of patrons are silent, two talkers can depreciate the experience for the rest of us.

4. We also got into a silly discussion about how the first thing both of us do when we get home from work is take off our bras. I'm sure I'm not alone in that one! I'm all about lounging around in a tank top and shorts the moment I walk in the door, and I've been known to avoid running errands because it means getting dressed again.

5. The title of the post is from Sepinwall's post today about seeing a childhood favorite with new eyes. Someone brought up Sesame Street, and I giggled at this comment: "I liken him more to a crackhead. There's a kind of Origin of Cookie Monster video I saw in an episode a few years back where he sings about how he was once a very normal kid (named Sid) and then one day his mother gave him his first chocolate chip cookie... and you see his eyes turn all googly, and he becomes obsessed with cookies and nothing but. Cookie Monster is one of the great tragic figures of our time."
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Pain! Frustration! Crackfic!

Eight things about the past twenty-four hours:

1. I've realized that I really, really need to start working on my sleep schedule. Staying up too late several days in a row brings on dreadful insomnia, like today. My goal for the next six weeks of school (only six more weeks!) is to attempt to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I suspect I will be unsuccessful.

2. Knitting injuries! I've mastered the magic loop method for socks, and I'm loving it. No more sock ladders! (The loose stitches where you join DPNs.) I've knitted up a storm this week, and I'm close to finishing a fabulous sock for a friend. The downside? Pain in my right wrist and elbow, and these super-pointy needles keep poking holes in my left index finger. I've now got a band-aid wrapped around it, which makes both knitting and typing more difficult.

3. The Office was almost unbearably awkward, but it also made me laugh aloud at several points. I haven't done that with the show in way too long. Yeah, I *get* the humor; it just didn't feel quite as funny anymore.

4. Thunderstorms and ice cream. Two great tastes that taste great together. Except for thunderstorms not being edible.

5. How much do I hate the Comcast DVR? It ate last night's BSG. I can probably snag a rebroadcast, and I can watch the .avi on my DVD player... but that's not in HD. I'd planned to use that (stupid) tax rebate to get a new mattress, but now I think I'll use it to replace my iPod (which is officially dead, according to Cute Apple Store Guy) and my beloved TiVo.

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7. dionusia and I have been joking around about how we want to write crackfic featuring a sekrit pilotician baybee. She said, "Imagine the tabloid covers!" That reminded me of The Flickr Magazine Creator, which I used with my students last fall. Collapse )

8. Well. Certain girly things plus a week off work are making me very lethargic right now (and, as evidenced by the above, very silly.) So I'm going to curl up on the sofa and watch the new Doctor Who. And maybe eat some more ice cream.
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"Only Connect"

I was planning to write a long post about life and such, but then I spent most of the night knitting. Now I have insomnia, a massive case of writer's block, and a return of my weird brand of shyness. Plus, I'm feeling a bit unsettled about fandom stuff, but that's another post altogether.

One tiny thing from tonight's The Office made me gleeful. Collapse )

Tonight's Ugly Betty made me frustrated, though. Collapse )

I've gotten a giddy thrill out of this week's hoopla over this amazing football play by my alma mater, Trinity University. Aww! Even the NY Times jumped in by interviewing the sophomore English major (hey, I was one of those!) who announced the game.

NBC.com has a contest in which you can make your own video to "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah", and the clip has the full version. Not quite as funny as the six seconds from the 30 Rock episode, but still worth a few giggles.

EntWkly will be interviewing George R. R. Martin, and they're inviting readers to submit questions for him.

A WSJ columnist is not impressed by his daughter's homecoming date. Specifically, she bought a dress and got all gussied up, yet he decided they should skip the dance and go hang out. Dad's a heel for embarrassing his daughter in a national newspaper, but he does have a few good points.

Lifehacker offers a list of the top 10 free video rippers and encoders, and RealSimple has 12 kitchen cleanup tips.

Damn. I'd hoped the insomnia would help me work on the fic, but I'm just as stumped as ever. Grr!
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"Boys becoming men. Men becoming wolves."

My annoyance has not quite passed, but I've decided to ignore it because of many other fabulous things in life.

First up: I really enjoyed tonight's episode of The Office, much more than I have in quite a while! Collapse )

Today's NYTimes has a piece on 30 Rock's "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah". Just thinking about it makes me giggle. Pity it's been yanked off YouTube, or I'd link and share the hilarity. As for tonight's episode: Collapse )

I TiVoed the Scrubs season premiere, but I'm not all that motivated to watch. Guess I'm still too scarred from last season; this is the one show where I am an ANTI-shipper. I adore Elliot. I tolerate JD. I hate the idea of them ever hooking up. On the plus side, Sepinwall posted his list of ten classic Scrubs episodes. While I agree that Turk's "Poison" dance is magnificent (all hail Bel Biv Devoe!), my favorite from that episode is definitely The Sacred Heart Air Band performing "More Than a Feeling". Sublime.

Speaking of funny clips... nicole_anell posted more fabulous bits from The Daily Show's archive. How the hell could I have forgotten Colbert doing naughty things to a banana?

Since I've been on a Spoon kick lately, I couldn't resist rewatching Keepon dancing to "Don't You Evah". Even if you're not a fan, you should watch this little robot-thingy dancing. SO CUTE! Almost as adorable as Milky from Blur's "Coffee + TV". (I also have to pimp the video for Spoon's "The Underdog". Yay, mariachis! Single-take videos are very cool.)

Turns out last night's Bionic Woman was actually somewhat good, despite the profound lack of Katee. I'll join the others in saying that the show should just find some way to permanently turn Jaime into a Brit. Then again, all the behind-the-scenes drama makes me wonder if the show will even be around that long. Alas. The other day, Indi and I debated whether Katee should get her own show. While I'd love for her to be The Star, I'd rather her join a good ensemble drama such as Brothers & Sisters. I hate having to say, "She's great but the show sucks." ;)

PopWatch shared the new poster for Harold and Kumar 2. That is MAGNIFICENT.

Finally, in non-media news, I loved the Times' article "A Celebration of Tex-Mex, Without Apology", because you should never apologize for loving good tex-mex... even if it's horribly unhealthy. God, that photo of the cheese enchiladas (my favorite dish ever) is making me drool. Hey, Sis? When I arrive for Thanksgiving, you are required to pick me up at DFW and take me straight to Mercado Juarez, okay?
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"Thank the gods I never had kids."

From Slate's review of Into the Wild: "I guess it's a sign of middle age when you identify with the tottering oldster or the bereaved parent as much as the Thoreau-reading, angry young man."

Oh, I get that. I really, really get that. I'm starting to feel more and more like one of the Grown-Ups. Only in my early-30s, but the generational gap is getting more obvious. Last month I rented Disturbia, and I spent much of the movie rolling my eyes at Shia's emo kid angst and wishing he'd be more respectful toward his mother. ;) Fifteen years ago, I would've understood it much better. Now I definitely identify with the parents and other authority figures. Feels strange, but I suppose it's a good thing. At least, I hope so!

I'm a bit melancholy tonight, though not really in a bad way. Reflective, I guess. I've been watching the Office S3 DVDs, and I find them more sad than hilarious. Then again, that's part of the show's intent, right? (And it's reminding me of how Jim had begun to get on my nerves.) I'm also cooking and trying to sort out a fic that suddenly refuses to cooperate. Oh, and adding to the angst is the discovery that I need to get my car's brakes replaced tomorrow. Hopefully I can take it to the nearby place then walk back home (it's a hike, but do-able) instead of sitting in that waiting room all day. Ugh. Such an exciting life I lead!
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So, does that mean Jim and Pam are Harry and Hermione?

Here's a little Monday funny for those of you who are into Harry Potter and The Office. Sepinwall posted a lengthy reaction (yeah, I know, I link to him a lot, but his blog is awesome for us TV addicts) to the novel, and he started off with this:

At the TCA [Television Critics Association] Awards last night, Greg Daniels devoted half of his acceptance speech for "The Office" winning best comedy to boasting that he was already at page 450, then suggesting how he would cast the in-attendance second bananas as Potter characters: Brian Baumgartner/Kevin as Hagrid, Mindy Kaling/Kelly as either Parvati or Luna (he couldn't decide), Angela Kinsey/Angela as Dolores Umbridge, Kate Flannery/Meredith as Aunt Petunia, Oscar Nunez/Oscar as Viktor Krum, Leslie David Baker/Stanley as Uncle Vernon, and Creed Bratton/Creed as Lucius Malfoy. (Halfway through, Greg asked, "Is this too nerdy for everybody?")

Stanley and Meredith as the Dursleys? PERFECT. And Kelly would totally be Luna.

The talkbacks (spoilery, natch) are also well worth a read for a non-fandom perspective of the book. And now I'm off to do some hardcore cleaning. Yay, me.
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The absurdly long post of squee.

Just talked to my parents, who are flying in tomorrow. Collapse )

Eighth graders are such drama queens. Collapse )

And now some non-sandwich-related links:

Which brings me to this week's promo pics poll! Collapse )
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He always leaves me satisfied and smiling!

Oooooh. Just looked at my flight plans and saw that this time next week I'll be landing in D.C.! SO excited. :)

Thanks for all the "Tell-Tale Heart" links. Today we finished reading the story while listening to the audio recording -- my voice was about to give out -- and then watched the ending of "Lisa's Rival", the Simpsons episode with the diorama contest. The kids loved the Poe shout-out, but I was too busy giggling at the all-time classic Ralph line, "I broke my wookiee!" BTW, dailyepisodes.com is all kinds of awesome -- they have flash versions of every Simpsons episode, plus several other shows. Earlier I watched "Last Exit to Springfield", the best episode ever. ("Oh, Lisa. If you don't like your job, you don't strike! You just go out every day and do it really half-assed. That's the American way!")

Speaking of office politics, I'm joining half my flist in developing an unhealthy crush on Jim Halpert. Mmm.

New BSG promo pics, this time for 3.03! Crouton! Whee! Also, I rather loved Anders and his fabulous arms. Most of the pics are spoilery, of course, but I cropped a few of them to remove potential spoilers and uploaded them to my gallery. Spoilery only if you know absolutely nothing about S3; if you've seen the promos, you should be safe. Thanks again for the pics, D!

And now, some links:

Call Colbert at 1-888-OOPS-JEW: Yup, that phone number actually works! I'm not Jewish, but I have plenty to confess. Where's my cellphone?

Kirkus shrugged: "After four years of painstaking work my novel has gotten only two reviews, and they're both bad. So begins my stages of grief."

EW recaps last night's Project Runway: A really good explanation of why Jeffrey might be obnoxious, but he also might be the best suited to become a famous designer. I don't really agree, but it did make me reassess some opinions.

10 songs you were probably conceived to: If that's true for me, then I don't even wanna know.

And finally, I know I should probably find it offensive, but Borat's official website brings me much hilarity.
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Trading up? Nah, not yet.

I should not be allowed to shop. I actually managed to restrain myself today -- mostly. However, I had to call my sister at Old Navy to "talk me down" from buying tons of cute little things for the Niece/Nephew TBA. ;) The downside was that I'd found money in my budget for an autumn jacket, but they didn't have it in stock. Alas.

This morning I found a knitting pattern for some really cute ballet slippers. I bought some yarn at Jo-Ann, and two hours later I had these. Adorable, huh? Trust me -- they don't look like baskets on my feet. Highly recommended for beginning knitters, since the pattern doesn't use anything more complicated than K2TOG.

I've been overdosing on the DVDs for The Office. Loved Rainn's shout-out to Starbuck in the deleted scenes for "Dwight's Speech". :) And now that I've mastered clipping .avis, I uploaded The Daily Show's "Even Stevphen" retrospective to YouTube. If you're a fan of Carell and/or Colbert, you must watch it. Those "debates" are what made me first fall in love with the Stevphens. (I'm also thinking of posting more of the BSG deleted scenes on YouTube. Anyone interested? If there's a demand, I'm happy to do so. :)

I also watched the pilot of Smith. Shohreh Aghdashloo and Jonny Lee Miller were enough to make me watch, and the rest of the cast is amazing. Collapse )

Some links while I'm here...

-- AfterElton has a really interesting review of "Gay Witch Hunt".

-- ingridmatthews posts some thoughts on race and fanfic.

-- To celebrate the upcoming premiere of Torchwood, sarkastic is hosting The 'Captain Jack Sexes Everyone In Every Fandom Ever' Challenge. Whee! And so very, very in-character. ;)

-- Josh Levin from Slate explains why he hates Zach Braff.

-- Slate also talks about The Man Shows: "the heroes of Smith, Jericho, and Shark -- and the women who love them". Can't say I'm fond of the Trophy Woman theme in some of the new and returning shows, though I think the author is overreacting a bit.

-- The always awesome Jane Espenson talks about The Office (season premiere spoilers) in the context of approaching old cliches from a new angle.

-- Finally, the NY Times has a fun little profile on Kate Walsh and how, thanks to her current success, she's finally "trading up from IKEA". :)