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"Boys becoming men. Men becoming wolves."

My annoyance has not quite passed, but I've decided to ignore it because of many other fabulous things in life.

First up: I really enjoyed tonight's episode of The Office, much more than I have in quite a while! Collapse )

Today's NYTimes has a piece on 30 Rock's "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah". Just thinking about it makes me giggle. Pity it's been yanked off YouTube, or I'd link and share the hilarity. As for tonight's episode: Collapse )

I TiVoed the Scrubs season premiere, but I'm not all that motivated to watch. Guess I'm still too scarred from last season; this is the one show where I am an ANTI-shipper. I adore Elliot. I tolerate JD. I hate the idea of them ever hooking up. On the plus side, Sepinwall posted his list of ten classic Scrubs episodes. While I agree that Turk's "Poison" dance is magnificent (all hail Bel Biv Devoe!), my favorite from that episode is definitely The Sacred Heart Air Band performing "More Than a Feeling". Sublime.

Speaking of funny clips... nicole_anell posted more fabulous bits from The Daily Show's archive. How the hell could I have forgotten Colbert doing naughty things to a banana?

Since I've been on a Spoon kick lately, I couldn't resist rewatching Keepon dancing to "Don't You Evah". Even if you're not a fan, you should watch this little robot-thingy dancing. SO CUTE! Almost as adorable as Milky from Blur's "Coffee + TV". (I also have to pimp the video for Spoon's "The Underdog". Yay, mariachis! Single-take videos are very cool.)

Turns out last night's Bionic Woman was actually somewhat good, despite the profound lack of Katee. I'll join the others in saying that the show should just find some way to permanently turn Jaime into a Brit. Then again, all the behind-the-scenes drama makes me wonder if the show will even be around that long. Alas. The other day, Indi and I debated whether Katee should get her own show. While I'd love for her to be The Star, I'd rather her join a good ensemble drama such as Brothers & Sisters. I hate having to say, "She's great but the show sucks." ;)

PopWatch shared the new poster for Harold and Kumar 2. That is MAGNIFICENT.

Finally, in non-media news, I loved the Times' article "A Celebration of Tex-Mex, Without Apology", because you should never apologize for loving good tex-mex... even if it's horribly unhealthy. God, that photo of the cheese enchiladas (my favorite dish ever) is making me drool. Hey, Sis? When I arrive for Thanksgiving, you are required to pick me up at DFW and take me straight to Mercado Juarez, okay?
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More Than a Feeling

(Still experimenting with this whole "post to LJ whenever I feel like it", instead of on a daily schedule. Hmm. Interesting. Also experimenting with YouTube embedding. Used to hate it, but hey. Whatever.)

As a kid, I honestly thought the chorus for this song was, "I say I'll marry you and I want you to work." I remember being very impressed that Boston were such feminists! Unfortunately, Maryann walking away just doesn't have the same ring for me.

And no "My Half Acre" YouTube spam would be complete without Collapse )
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... but at least it has Dule Hill.

Watching Psych on Friday nights might be enjoyable fluff, but it's no substitute for ending the work week with BSG. Alas. Thank goodness for a three-day weekend. Not much to post about tonight, though I do have something fun planned as a tie-in to the holiday. Still, I'd rather be posting fandom meta right now.

Scrubs continues to be a disappointment this season, but thetoddtime.com looks fun... if only I didn't have to download more plugins for it. Very annoying. (The Psych site is also impossible to navigate in Firefox. Idiots.)

I got a kick out of this interview with Kyle Chandler. Best part is his reply to a question about what advice Peter Berg has given him about his character: We had a meeting where he said, "What the hell were you doing last night?" I said, "Well, it was my buddy's 40th birthday, and we drank a little wine, had some cigars and were up pretty late." He said, "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. I want you to look old and devastated. Keep smoking and drinking." I went home and told my wife here's what I have to do: I have to drink and smoke and watch a lot of football. I'm sorry but that's my job now, honey. (I *heart* Coach.)

ETA: I forgot to mention that iTunes is offering the pilot of Friday Night Lights as a free download. :)

Mo Ryan talks about the problems with this season of 24. And EW reports that 24, among other shows, has inspired the FCC to consider regulating TV violence. I'm not at all fond of the government deciding what we should or shouldn't see, though I have to admit that at least they're giving violence the same (puritanical) consideration that they give to "smut". That said, stop playing our guardians, FCC. Thanks.

On a non-TV note... while I'm frustrated by the ridiculously misleading commercials, this interview with David Paterson (Katherine's son) about how he got Bridge to Terabithia made into a movie is quite interesting.
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"This would work on Ugly Betty."

First, a GIP, courtesy of awmp! This one and a similar icon for BTVS are share-able at her LJ.

Yesterday's spoilers poll was really interesting; thanks for participating, folks! Must say that I was amused that 37% of you thought we should wait until the end of the current season before eschewing cut-tagged spoilers... yet only 13% of you felt the same about using spoilery icons. I don't quite get the discrepancy, since *I* find certain icons just as spoilery as meta. Go figure. :)

I think the flu might be coming back. GAH. I shall ignore it and talk about TV instead. Spoilers only for the latest episodes of ... Collapse )

And now some linkspam.

-- sarmoti gives us a heads-up to video of Timberlake and Samberg performing "Dick in a Box" live at Madison Square Garden.

-- 24 meets Aqua Teen Hunger Force. That mash-up was just begging to be made. And Maureen Ryan interviews Mary Lynn Rajskub.

-- Courtesy of half my blogroll and flist: Anthony Bourdain delivers the smackdown on The Food Network.

-- zorb linked to every episode of House, in Yahoo!Mail emoticons.

-- PopWatch talks about the Smart Cycle: "a mini-stationary bike for 3 to 5 year olds that only lets the rider view the TV screen and play games when in motion." I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry... or just hope they made one of those for us grown-ups.

-- Time snarks a bit about Gen X'ers navel-gazing -- and blogging -- about parenthood.

-- I've spent much of the morning getting caught up on the Commercial Thread on the TWOP boards. If you're into snarking about commercials, this board provides hours of fun.

-- And finally, drewcypher posted promo pics for BSG 3.18. I do have one spoilery observation, which I've white-texted so that my spoiler-free friends can still read/reply without fear! Collapse )
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I should carry around a notepad at all times.

Once again, I ended up at Publix while running errands. And once again, I forgot to buy the one thing I needed. Typical. I have everything for the seven-layer bars... except the sweetended condensed milk. Don't much want to head back out in the rain, but then I was planning to make them tonight. I suppose they could wait until tomorrow. *sigh* I do love shopping at Publix, despite my recent flirtation with Trader Joe's (which is too damn far away, yet I cannot resist.) Publix is just plain pleasant -- guess their "Where shopping is a pleasure" tagline is truth in advertising. And I love their subs. Mmm.

(An aside: one of my peeves is cutesy, punnish nicknames for stores and places. I don't usually drive into Fuckhead to shop at Pube-lix or Tarjay. Given how often I hear these, I appear to be the only one who finds them nails-on-a-chalkboard. ;)

This afternoon I also sorted out my yarn stash. Yikes. I have way too much, and of course I'm always hungry for more -- yesterday I went by the LYS for a black Debbie Bliss skein to make another pair of those fingerless gloves; however, I accidentally got Merino DK instead of Cashmerino Aran (from the pattern), which means I might have to add an extra cable twist section to even out the sizing. Those things were SO much fun to make, and using both DPNs and the cable needle was surprisingly fun. Of course, I really should work on my two other big projects first: that hoodie from Big Girl Knits, and the baby blanket I'm making for the nephew. Might be a good idea to finish it before he's born in five weeks!

The new EW has a four-page article on Friday Night Lights. Yay! It's mostly the usual "Why is nobody watching this magnificent show?" thing that I remember from so many of my other fandoms. ;) I didn't know that most of it is improvised, without rehearsals or blocking, but that makes perfect sense and has me respecting them even more. An interesting quote: "As usual, the shot hasn't been rehearsed, there are three cameras capturing the action on the fly, and the script is more an outline than a blueprint."

I also rewatched the Scrubs musical episode. Hmm. It was fun, though not as fantabulous as I'd hoped. Then again, I've had "Guy Love" going through my head since Thursday night. Turk/JD OTP! I love Elliot to pieces, but I'm an ANTI-shipper when it comes to her and JD. And after watching the new Ugly Betty, I've discovered that I'm also an ANTI-shipper for Betty/Daniel, though I adore their friendship.

I've been saving up lots of stuff for tonight's linkspam:

-- Borat, As Acted By Bunnies. (Thanks to egirl for the heads-up.)

-- Have you seen Bruce Campbell's new Old Spice commercial? Quintessential Bruce.

-- Two articles from today's NY Times: "The World Is Watching, But Not Americans" talks about the unfortunate dearth of foreign-language films in the U.S. "Refugees Find Hostility and Hope on Soccer Field" was an amazing account of an under-13 team comprised of young refugees.

-- Speaking of Betty, I really loved Go Fug Yourself's Anti-Fug about America Ferrera at the Golden Globes. "As a rule, certain people in Hollywood tend to have their heads up their asses regarding the subject of How All Women Are Supposed To Look In Order To Be Considered Sexy. When, really, America shouldn't do a thing: as Mark Darcy said to Bridget Jones, we like her very much. Just as she is."

-- Newsweek has a fun My Turn today, in which a wife laments her rocker husband's love song to an ex-girlfriend.

-- Slate asks why Americans love to shoplift meat. The rash of T-bone larceny is news to me. Also? Eeeuw.

-- PCWorld lists the 25 worst tech products of all time. (Thanks to luna_k for the heads-up.)
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Yet another absurdly long post.

Massive storm system heading my way. Guess I'd better do the daily post while I still have electricity! (Just looked at my archive and saw that this is my 890th consecutive day of posting at least once. That probably says a lot about me, though I'm not sure whether it's good or bad.) One of these days, I'll be as prolific about replying to friends' posts; I'm lucky to manage one or two replies daily. For someone who talks so damn much, I'm strangely shy. Go figure.

I go back to work tomorrow. *deep, long-suffering sigh* Yeah, I know I shouldn't complain; teachers get tons of holidays, but I still love having time off. Technically, I started back on Friday, since we had to attend an all-day seminar. Now I'm about to haul out my school laptop and get started on lesson plans. Such fun. At least we have MLK Day off a week from Monday. I need to ease back into the routine. The NY Times is starting a three-part series on the evolution of the Middle School Concept. Collapse )

Given how I always carry around a clipboard at school, I must remember this line from Scrubs: "That answer was either very sarcastic or very stupid. Either way, I'm whacking you with my clipboard. Brace yourself." This season has been a letdown, but I liked last week's episode just for how they addressed that Perry Cox is totally Gregory House. I've been saying that since the third episode of House. ;)

Some links:
-- Slate talks about their love-hate relationship with Whole Foods supermarkets.
-- The NY Times profiles Kate Winslet. They also spend 36 hours in Atlanta. Yay!
-- McSweeney's imagines rejected submissions for Seventeen Magazine's "Daily Traumarama".
-- Mental_Floss reveals a shocking secret about the author of Goodnight Moon! ;)
-- Time explains how $10 could help save the lives of African children with malaria.

I *love* harpsichords. I went through a classical music phase in high school (ironically, just when grunge was sweeping the land), and my favorite part of Before Sunrise is that simple scene where they walk past a man playing a harpsichord in the early morning light. The harpsichord is wildly underused in pop music. Let's spread the baroque love! Here are two songs featuring 'em: "Half a World Away" by R.E.M. (my current "Unfinished Business" theme song), and "Clover Over Dover" by Blur (the cheeriest song ever written about suicide.) If you actually have any songs featuring harpsichords, please share them!

And finally... I happened across a cool bit in Pop Candy's Friday Q&A that would make an excellent meme. Collapse )So, which song would you play if you wanted to pick up a cute stranger on the bus? I'd probably go with "Lady Godiva and Me" by Grant Lee Buffalo, just to see if his interpretation is the same as mine. That, or "Late in the Day" by Supergrass, because it's lovely and long. ;)
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give a little respect to-oo-oo-oo me!

Crush my dreams, why don'cha? New casting for "24" was announced today. Jack Bauer's father will NOT be played by Victor Garber. NO!!! C'mon, you idiots! You had the perfect opportunity! Don't you know that Bristow + Bauer = total effing awesomeness? Sigh. Instead, he'll be played by James Cromwell -- who is fine, I suppose, but it's just not the same. They have, however, made up for that casting flub by hiring Eddie Izzard as this season's baddie! WHEE! That could truly be a stroke of genius. (Though still not as kickass as Bristauer. Alas.)

Further evidence of my ditziness: I decided on a PB&J sandwich for dinner. In the fridge, I have squeeze bottles of grape jelly and taco sauce. Because I was distracted, guess which one I reached for and squeezed onto the bread before realizing my mistake? Yeah. At least I noticed before I ate it; I don't think Jif and Pace mix very well.

Ooh, I almost forgot that Comedy Central starts Scrubs reruns next week! Tuesday's episode features one of the all-time bestest Scrubs scenes ever. (It's all about Dr. Wen bopping around, baby.) BTW, after reading several interviews with The Braff about his new movie, he's really starting to annoy me. At least I still love J.D. But my heart shall always belong to Turk, with Elliot as a runner-up.

Slate has a fun article asking why everyone is covering "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. Yes, I love that song, even if it's starting to become just a teensy bit overplayed. Or maybe I haven't tired of it yet because I never listen to the radio. Hmm.

Knitty's new issue is now online. I'm rather in love with the "Viveka", though it'll have to wait until I finish about six other projects in the pipeline. I'm also giggling at how even the small pattern requires nearly $150 worth of yarn... from the designer's shop. Eh, I'm thinking KnitPicks would have a perfectly good substitute. The "Lizard Ridge" is gorgeous, if way too time-consuming for my tastes, and the "Little Slip of a Thing" bag looks like a great Christmas present, but I'd probably go with a simple (cheap) wool.

Also, have any of you had luck with those interchangeable knitting needle sets? Seems like every project requires a different size or length for circulars -- which I've grown to *love* after initial fears -- and I'm tired of buying so damn many. But I'm also reluctant to spend $50 on something that won't do me much good.

I was going to rant about people who speed through parking lots and driveways, but that'll just give me a headache. So, I'll just smile and say that school is going great... except for people who speed through the parking lot and driveway. Idiots.
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... in which I can also talk about non-BSG things.

1. The kids were absolutely insane today -- all hyper and aggressive. When I complained to a few of the other teachers, they gave knowing sighs and said, "Full moon." Yup, I teach werewolves.

2. Speaking... the promos for that new sitcom Teachers? Um, NO. Scrubs, however, holds tightly to its awesomeness. Turk/JD OTP!

3. I'm vaguely tempted to take a sick day and hit the Popular Culture Association conference on Thursday or Friday, but that would be a bad idea. We're having a hell of a time getting substitute teachers lately, and I don't relish incurring my colleagues' wrath when they have to cover my classes. Too bad, because some of the panels sound very, very cool.

4. How awesome was it to see Teddy Dunn Duncan Kane on Grey's Anatomy, acting just as cray-zee as I always knew he was? YAY! Oh, sweetie. You'll always be Batshit!Duncan to me.

5. I still love The Amazing Race (go, Team Smyrna!), but Eric & Jeremy must die. That, or get some really godawful venereal disease. And I want to hate BJ & Tyler, but I can't. Alas.

6. After much searching, I accidentally found exactly the shoes I wanted ... at Payless. ;) I needed some camel-colored casuals to wear with khakis, and I popped into the store on a lark after my opthalmologist appointment, and there they were. For seven bucks, who cares if they're vinyl? Oh, and eye news: the ulcer's healing up nicely, and the doctor says I might be back in the contacts next week. Whee!

7. Yes, the subject line says I can talk about non-BSG things, but it doesn't say I *won't* talk about it. So there. And since I am addicted to polls, here is Collapse )