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Here we go again!

Possible celebrity(ish) wank alert! Matt Zoller Seitz interviews Peter Tolan of Rescue Me for... TWOP. (Note: BIG SPOILERS for last night's episode.)

I haven't even read the article yet, but just seeing the link on several other sites made me do a double-take and then howl with laughter. Yes, I was on the TWOP boards last summer when everyone was pissed off about the Tommy/Janet thing, then Tolan (the co-producer with Denis Leary) actually showed up on the boards himself, started arguing with various posters, threw a hissy fit, and flounced off while practically shouting, "You fans SUCK!" Then both he and Denis spent the next few weeks bitching to reporters about how none of the fans "get it". Here's a recap of the wank. Good times.

And now he's being interviewed on the site? HA! Aw, man, that's priceless.

Gets weirder, though. TWOP occasionally does celeb interviews, but this is a straightforward article with many quotes from Tolan and one of the actors. (Again, spoiler alert.) In particular, the actor is Not Happy At All. But the whole thing's bizarre because it's so unlike the usual non-recap stuff you see on the site. Plus, the article was written by Matt Zoller Seitz. Huh? I've adored Matt Zoller Seitz' writing for fifteen years. Seriously! He used to write for the Dallas free weekly paper, and I remember devouring his Pulitzer-shortlisted movie reviews when I was a senior in high school. He's been a co-columnist with the awesome Sepinwall for the NJ Star-Ledger for the past few years, and now he's writing for the NY Times. Yay! (Yes, I apparently fangirl semi-obscure TV/movie critics.) So, what the hell is he doing writing something like this, and for that site in particular? Not to disparage anyone involved, but as the saying goes: "Does not compute."

I'm still watching Rescue Me, but my opinion has shifted over toward the "Ooooookay" end of the spectrum. And yes, this is mostly because we've hardly seen anything of my beloved stupid-but-so-damn-hot Sean Garrity this season. Not to mention the near-absence of Dean Winters. *sigh* Yes, I'm shallow. I admit it. I'm almost afraid to read the new interview, but the whole thing is so deliciously "Bzuh?" Plus, I've heard that the actor being interviewed is NOT HAPPY AT ALL. Scandal! Gossip! And there's already a huge uproar on the show's thread in the forums. This should be fuuuuuuuuun. Ah, Denis and Peter, you know just how to bring the great summertime wank. Thanks!
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life stuff.

So, tonight was the season premiere of Rescue Me. Seriously. I would pay someone to do an in-depth analysis of why I love this show, because damned if I can figure it out. It's the polar opposite of everything I usually love in a series. I know I keep harping about that, but it is truly a mystery for the ages. I haven't rewatched any eps since S3 (*cringe*) ended, but I found myself quite giddy when tonight's episode began. Collapse )

Cooking continues to be hit-or-miss. I made upside-down pizza casserole, which is basically just very thick spaghetti sauce covered with cheese and refrigerated crescent rolls dough. I like it because it has tons of vegetables and Italian sausage, and one 13x9 batch is enough for four meals (it reheats well.) Since I had the ingredients on hand, I also decided to try No-Bake Chocolate Oat Bars. NOT a success. The chocolate chips and peanut butter didn't melt well, and the oat mix was too crumbly. At least I'm cooking instead of constant take-out, though I've also discovered that cooking doesn't necessarily save me tons of money!

I finally got birthday presents from my family, only a month late (thanks to shipping mishaps)! Sis got me some Silicone Zone stuff from my Amazon wishlist; I've been wanting to try it out. I used the mini-muffin pan to make cranberry-orange muffins -- I quite like the Krusteaz mix. Sis told me she used to make tons of muffins, freeze them, then nuke them in the morning for on-the-road breakfast. I'll have to remember that when I'm back at work! She also got me the grid potholder and oven mitts (both in orange, yay!). They're heavier than expected, but still kinda neat. And my parents got me a pair of Børn sandals. I *love* their shoes. A bit more expensive than I'll spend on my own, which makes them a perfect birthday present. ;)

Speaking of family stuff... my sister has a request for y'all! She's unimpressed by most of the cheap bodysuits for baby boys, so she's going to buy a bunch of plain white onesies and dye them with Rit, then print out cool pictures/drawings with iron-on inkjet paper. The first one is going to feature the Flying Spaghetti Monster. ;) She wanted me to ask my LJ friends for suggestions of fun geeky and/or sci-fi designs that would be cute on a baby shirt. Thanks in advance!

What else? Hmm. I finally renewed my library card (after paying a hefty late fine), and checked out some books. Pity that the county's system sucks. I'm jealous of those of you with fabulous libraries and librarians, including my aforementioned sister! I also finished watching the DVDs of Kidnapped, which I highly recommend. I can see why it failed as a weekly series, but the pacing and mystery make it marvelous for marathoning, i.e. 24. If you're looking for something to keep you busy during rerun season, you should grab it from Netflix. Now I'm watching S1 of Sleeper Cell, which is mostly just background noise but is more interesting than I'd expected.

Not much else happening on this end, so I'll sign off and watch some more TV. :)
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"Hurts so GOOD?" Total f'ing misnomer.

Yesterday I was craving yoga so much that I went to the vinyasa class -- really just a casual practice session. Another great experience, with a lovely instructor and poses that I felt comfortable attempting. I left feeling marvelous, if a bit weak. Today, though? I am SORE. Omigod. Tightness in my shoulders and upper back that still hasn't gone away. I really wanted to go to tonight's hot class, but I just wasn't up to it. Will try to catch another this weekend, if my muscles have recovered.

This afternoon, I dropped by my school and picked up my $100 school supplies gift card, also known as "Sonny Perdue's attempt to buy teachers' votes". ;) That was the only smile, though, because the thought of going back to work is profoundly depressing. I do love my career -- I just love being completely lazy during the summer. Four more days. GAH. Tomorrow evening, chrisjournal and I are meeting for dinner and then hitting the computer stores to buy laptops. Gotta take advantage of the tax-free weekend. The nice thing about current tech is that the stores have dozens of laptops within my specs range and budget. The downside is that I'll have to go by brand - everything else being equal - and I keep hearing good *and* bad things about all the most popular companies. We'll see how that goes!

The commercials for Talladega Nights always make me laugh, even though I have no desire whatsoever to see the movie. I think it's a Southern thing -- I'm not a NASCAR fan at all, but I *get* the stock car-related humor.

My first yarn order from Elann.com has won me over -- I bought a ton of yarn on Friday night, and it arrived today. I'm making this awesomely-colorful baby blanket for my upcoming niece or nephew. Yay!

How fabulous was last night's Rescue Me? WHEE! I'm reposting my comments from TWOP. Collapse )

And some links....

-- blufr.com is addictive. Random trivia questions pop up, and you guess whether they're true or false. Fabulously fun time-killer.

-- NY Times profiles Baby Halder, an Indian domestic servant who has become an unlikely literary star in India. A highly recommended read.

-- The Stephen Colbert "On Notice Board" Generator! Thanks to sockkpuppett for the link.

-- LOLA! Maybe I'm the last to find out about Franka Potente's upcoming multi-ep appearance on The Shield. I've never wanted to watch that show (despite the acclaim), but I'm very motivated now.

Now I'm off to curl up on the sofa with a heating pad and Project Runway. Omigod, did you hear that someone's gonna get kicked off tonight?!? Bravo's incessant hype has taken away any potential scandalicious glee.
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It's not insomnia if you choose to be awake.

I'm supposed to meet chrisjournal in seven hours for a pre-writercon shopping trip to Sam's, which means that I am - of course - wide awake. Typical!

I finally got around to watching tonight's Rescue Me, and... oooookay. Eh, Leary and Tolin keep making asses of themselves, so I've decided that from now on I'll just watch it for Sean "Stupid Yet So Damn Hot" Garrity.

A few links:
-- In the spirit of Oprah, I, also, am not gay. So funny!
-- Tim Goodman talks about sitcoms and laugh tracks. I hadn't really thought much about them, but the sociology behind tracks vs. live audiences is rather interesting.
-- Alan Sepinwall talks to Dave Rosenthal about Gilmore Girls. Spoiler alert. Hmm. I'm reserving judgment.
-- BSG is one of four "Sci-Fi Preview" covers of next week's TV Guide. Kara and Lee, yay! Then again, it's one of the S2 publicity stills. Ah, well. Thanks to a friend, at least I know that there's a lovely photo of the Cylons (though not the one from the photoshoot video.) Unfortunately, the article itself is all about spoilers.

Hell, might as well keep talking about the preview, since everyone's all a'squee about it. ;) I've posted some screencaps here; any omissions are simply because I couldn't get a good shot, which can be difficult with the copies I download from the TiVo. They're out of sequence, thanks to LJ's scrapbook formatting, but you can probably figure out where they should go.

Collapse )
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More blather about the Emmys, plus the Top Five meme.

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving the Emmys guessing game? We already know the top ten comedies and eight of the top ten dramas. More intrigue today with the acting finalists, which could prove to be great news for either VM or BSG, but perhaps not both. Collapse )

Whew. Okay. Enough of that -- at least, for the time being! I should get back to packing while I watch Rescue Me; I've decided that I'll ignore the Tommy stuff and just keep watching for my beloved Sean Garrity. Speaking... I've decided that I would kill to see Katee Sackhoff and Steven Pasquale in a scene together. Eye candy, sure, but also potentially hilarious. Or her and John Barrowman. Hell, the three of them together. Oooh.

Also, I thought I'd play with the meme floating around today:

Ask me for a fandom-related "top five list". If possible, stick to the shows y'all have seen me talking about recently, because my memory's fickle and I'm not so good with previous fandoms. ;) I'll try to reply when I take a break from packing!
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Doctor Who and Rescue Me.

I've rewatched last week's Doctor Who several times -- something about it just *gets* to me. And I'm quite thrilled that, while not as marvelous as part one, tonight's conclusion was very, very good. Collapse )

And since I didn't say anything on Wednesday, here are my reactions to this week's Rescue Me. Collapse )

ETA: Damn, I'm good. Was scrolling the TiVo guide and saw that De-Lovely was on. I vaguely remembered that John Barrowman was in that, so I turned it on... right at the beginning of his scene. Mmm, bliss.

I miss Captain Jack Harkness so goddamned much.
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Rescue Me 3.01 - "Devil"

One nice thing about this show: the one-word episode titles that are so easy to remember. Also, I must have an icon of that shot of Smirking!Sean in the preview in the end. That, or another shot I'll mention behind the cut-tag. Collapse )

I'm not quite at the hardcore fangirling stage for this show, but I do adore it. I'm surprised by how much I wrote above, since I hadn't expected to get all meta over it. ;) Plus, it's nice to have something new to watch over the long summer months.

Just curious -- how many of you watch Rescue Me? I get the feeling the fandom is near-nonexistent, but I've noticed more comments about it on LJ than I'd expected. Always a good thing!

Oh, and that promo for Nip/Tuck's new season made me twitch. When good shows go bad: September on F/X.
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Summer vacation, Rescue Me, Doctor Who, forks, and names.

I'm semi-officially done with school! Post-planning on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then I'm free until August 7th! God, this is such a relief after the topsy-turvy year I've had. I couldn't have survived it without y'all -- and I really do mean that. All the support you've given me has made *such* a difference. Much love!

BTW, I kinda love High School Musical. Yesterday, I rented it as a treat for my 3rd period class... and you haven't lived until you've been in a room of twenty 11-13 year olds singing and dancing along to every word. Badly. And SO adorably.

So I'm already settling in for the summer; not bored yet, but I'm sure it'll start soon. I'm off to Dallas in mid-June for the semiannual family visit, and then maybe NYC in July. Plus, of course, Writercon, for which I'll have to travel... fifteen minutes around I-285. ;) In the meantime, I'll do a lot of sitting around on the sofa. Can't wait.

I'm also thrilled to bits that Rescue Me premieres on Tuesday night! As I've said before, I have no idea why I love that show so much, given that it's the polar opposite of my usual tastes, and much of it would offend me under other circumstances. But I fell for it anyway, and I suspect Sean Garrity is 50% of the reason. Oh, Sean. You're such a stupid, jackassy him-bo, but dammit, you make me laugh like crazy. Doesn't hurt that you're so gorgeous; RM easily has the hottest male cast on TV. ;)

If you've bored and have never seen the show, do check out the bonus scene on AOL.com -- it's fourteen minutes of sheer hilarity, and both fun and accessible even for newbies. And John Scurti (Lou) is doing a hilarious "celebrity blog" on tvguide.com (like Jenna Fischer did for The Office.) God, I wish actors from my other favorite shows would do those; I'd love to read weekly posts from someone like VM's Enrico Colantoni, or BSG's James Callis. Here's hoping we'll get something like that in September!

As for Doctor Who.... Collapse )

Random segue: a few weeks ago, the DW boards on TWoP got into a discussion of the different ways we hold cutlery. I've always used the zigzag method -- cut the food with a knife, then set it aside and eat primarily with a fork -- but the continental method is more prevalent in Europe and parts of the U.S. I've noticed most people on TV use continental, because it's seen as more "sophisticated". Whatever. I tend to eat really slowly, so zigzag works for me. Cultural differences like these are quite intriguing; one of these days I'll have to do a long post about it.

In fact, I keep thinking of topics about which I'd love to write loooong posts.* I'm tempted to start talking about the use of characters' names in fic, and how the names we choose often have significant meanings -- especially with shows like BSG, where a character is called by several different names, or one like X-Files, where the two leads were almost always "Scully" and "Mulder", and calling them something else felt wrong. ;) But right now I'm jonesing to write fic, so I'm off to my favorite Starbucks patio.

ETA: Welcome to the world, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. You're going to be gorgeous... and you will never, ever have any privacy. Poor kid.