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"I think someone hacked me."

And so begins Pushing Daisies Watch. Or, rather, "Watch everyone else on Earth love this show while I stand in the back and scream!" At least, that's what I'd assumed. I've said before that the pilot really got on my nerves because the cutesiness was over-the-top, to the point of feeling manipulative. ("Aren't we clever! And whimsical! And adorable!") Check out Mo Ryan's blog for a more eloquent version of why I went into this dreading how it would inevitably become The It Show among critics and LJ friends, while I grew increasingly resentful and bitter. Collapse )

And now to the main event. Bionic Woman: Was Katee hot? Yes. Was she awesome? Yes. Do I care about anything else? No. Collapse )

Can't remember where, but someone said they wished Katee's scenes would be posted to YouTube so they could watch them and skip everything else. I love a good video-editing project, so I fired up the TiVo and clipped Sarah's scene from tonight. As always, the quality isn't perfect (I have no idea why it ghosts stuff like the Target commercial), but for now it'll suffice.

-- Sarah's scene: watch at DailyMotion | download from SendSpace
-- Next week's preview: watch at DailyMotion | download from SendSpace

Oh, and before I forget -- while looking through EntWkly, I noticed that Lifetime is showing Katee's How I Married My High School Crush this Friday at 9pm, for those of you who missed it the first time around.

ETA: One more Katee thing! daybreak777 linked to TV Guide's video of their BW photo shoot. Love how Katee says she'll put "knows how to knit" on her resume. I uploaded a bunch of screencaps to my LJ gallery. Collapse )
*gen - tiffany

"So, do I have to smack you in the mouth, Lieutenant?"

First, nzlaura reminded me that Crowded House is on tour! Atlanta friends: anyone want to join me for their September 12th show at the Tabernacle? I've listened to enough concert bootlegs to know that they're an amazing live band. :)

Second, my internal clock is so far out-of-whack that I'm beginning to wonder if I'm even capable of sleep. It's not an entirely horrible thing -- at least I don't have to worry about work, and I don't yet feel the physical effects -- but it's still annoying. One reason I can't sleep is that all morning a crew has been painting the apartment above mine. I'm pretty sure they're using some fancy painting equipment up there, but it really, really sounds like squeaking headboards, if you know what I mean. At least this means Upstairs Neighbor ("I love to party when I'm not stomping around above your head") has apparently moved out.

Third, the NY Times has a long article on Pushing Daisies, only three months before it premieres. I kinda love the last two lines, and very interesting that ABC says it was looking for "material reminiscent of the French film Amélie". That said, I'm nervous about this one. I'm starting to feel like it's the kind of show I'll want to love and will be hugely popular with all my friends... but I just won't connect with it. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Fourth, I'd really appreciate you returning my pics galleries, LJ. Thanks!

Fifth, the TWOP boards recently started a massive BSG rewatch that'll continue through the S4 premiere in January. (Yeah, I know btlstr_hiatusca is doing the same thing, but I'm not a member.) I've really enjoyed reading the posts about the miniseries, but I haven't jumped in because I'm a hardcore lurker on forums. So, I thought I'd type up my very, very long reactions and post 'em here! No spoilers past the end of S1. Collapse )