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A Woman's Quest to Make It Work: The Heidi Klum Story

Project Runway is moving from Bravo to LIFETIME?


And Bravo is pissed off. At least Tim and Heidi are sticking around, and the move won't happen until season six.

Mo Ryan also has clips from the new 30 Rock. I kinda love that it's titled "MILF Island". I think I should do a 30R marathon today (spring break!), after I finish my mini-marathon of Conchords. Mmm, Bret....
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This post is fierce!

I'm giddy on a TV high tonight. USA is rerunning The Bourne Identity, which I always have to stop and watch (despite owning it on DVD) because the Bourne movies are awesome and I'm a little bit in love with Franka Potente. The Project Runway finale starts in five minutes; I'm predicting Christian, even though he's a (talented) little troll. And yeah, I'm also recording Law & Order because I can never quite resist. And tonight's delicious dinner is garlic mashed potatoes, steamed-in-a-bag green beans, and chicken marsala. I love that Trader Joe's now sells marsala sauce in a jar; I've been trying to find that for ages.

Pi found a new BSG promo tonight, and she gave me permission to re-upload: www.sendspace.com/file/c4ym4m . I had to make a screencap of one particular shot. Collapse )

In non-media news, I bought a box of those Crystal Light bottled water mixers on a lark last week, and I've quickly become addicted. It's like instant Kool-Aid! I've already bought three more boxes since then, with claims of having antioxidants, immunity boosters, "good" fiber, and/or multivitamins. Maybe it's all a scam, but at least it's got me drinking more water.

Anyway. Time to clear out the bookmarks, and I have a ton of 'em:

-- Popwatch wants to know your favorite cover of "Hallelujah". Looks like Jeff Buckley is winning. Pity it has become so overplayed.
-- The New Yorker's Janet Malcolm raves about the Gossip Girl books. Yes, you read that right.
-- Jezebel reviews Harriet the Spy. I also got a kick out of this unintentionally(?) porny Dora the Explorer toy.
-- Creative Loafing offers a semi-defense of Will Ferrell.
-- Time's TV critic has an interesting post about Dungeons & Dragon's influences upon pop culture.
-- From Consumerist: Six days in jail for overdue library books.
-- And finally, my dear daybreak777 wrote "The Price", a lovely Kara-and-Laura ficlet set after 2.07. :)
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"She's nothing but a crack whore now!"

All week, I've had this strange anxiety/angst, even though my life is going quite well right now. I'm hoping it's just a hormonal thing! Right now I'm watching Colbert for the first time in several months, and it's making me laugh. Yes, the Huckabee smackdown brought me back. If you miss it, check out Conan, Jon, and Stephen getting into a knock-down-drag-out brawl on each other's shows: 1) The Daily Show, 2) The Colbert Report, and 3) Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

A few words on tonight's Collapse )

Network writers finish the season finales of rival programs: Not quite as funny as I would've thought, though I'd pay to see Blair from Gossip Girl waving a cross as she screams, "That crack whore is my best friend!"

Vulture lists ten Arrested Development inside jokes they want to see in the (possible) movie version. Spicy Club Sauce! Whee!

Jezebel waxes nostalgic about Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret.
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Snark: my after-school snack of choice.

I originally posted parts of this at lunchtime, but then I decided to delete and repost now that I'm in a slightly less ranty mood.

1. Collapse )

2. Collapse )

3. I slept 10.5 hours on Monday night. I napped after work yesterday. Which meant, of course, that last night I could not sleep at all. Managed a total of three hours. Ugh.

4. Happy-making: new BSG videoblog. No spoilers (at least, I didn't hear any.) Gaeta's apparently one kinky bastard, and I love how they always end with Jamie snarking in his oh-so-very-English way. While I like Lee just fine, I think I'm developing a crush on Jamie.

5. The Amazing Race All-Stars is coming! Okay, since when were Charla and Mirna "the most popular and famous AR couple ever"? All-star seasons usually suck, but if it means more Colin+Christie+Ox, then I'll set the TiVo season pass right now. ;)

6. This new short movie by Dove Cosmetics has been making the rounds lately -- it shows the process of changing a normal-but-pretty woman into a "gorgeous babe" through makeup, styling, and Photoshop. None of it is a surprise, but it does make a powerful point.

7. Hey, sarmoti! EntWkly has a Christian Bale photo gallery. Funny that most of the quotes they use are rather negative. ;)

8. And from the same site: Dalton Ross is a baby-hating monster. All because he's tired of the obsession with celebrity spawn. Aww. (He makes me laugh.)

9. In Who news, I really liked Sepinwall's review of "The Christmas Invasion" and his comparison of Nine and Ten that's complimentary to both men.

10. Project Runway finale tonight! As much as it pains me, I'm thinking Jeffrey will win. If not him, then Uli. I love Michael to bits, but I'm not banking on his collection. Alas. But before I settle in for an hour of The Divine Tim Gunn, I really need a nap.
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"But I don't do the ego thing. It's not my style."

If you're a Project Runway fan -- or if you just enjoy boggling at self-delusion and rampant megalomania -- check out EW's interview with the person auf'ed last night. WOW. I have no words. Collapse )

Also, drewcypher has posted a few more hi-res cast promo shots from BSG S3. The facial expressions are *awesome*. I love how they all look like they were photographed in the middle of asking if they had to choke a bitch. Good times. ;)

And now? Screw the whole "skipping naptime so I can avoid insomnia" thing. I need a nap.
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"Hurts so GOOD?" Total f'ing misnomer.

Yesterday I was craving yoga so much that I went to the vinyasa class -- really just a casual practice session. Another great experience, with a lovely instructor and poses that I felt comfortable attempting. I left feeling marvelous, if a bit weak. Today, though? I am SORE. Omigod. Tightness in my shoulders and upper back that still hasn't gone away. I really wanted to go to tonight's hot class, but I just wasn't up to it. Will try to catch another this weekend, if my muscles have recovered.

This afternoon, I dropped by my school and picked up my $100 school supplies gift card, also known as "Sonny Perdue's attempt to buy teachers' votes". ;) That was the only smile, though, because the thought of going back to work is profoundly depressing. I do love my career -- I just love being completely lazy during the summer. Four more days. GAH. Tomorrow evening, chrisjournal and I are meeting for dinner and then hitting the computer stores to buy laptops. Gotta take advantage of the tax-free weekend. The nice thing about current tech is that the stores have dozens of laptops within my specs range and budget. The downside is that I'll have to go by brand - everything else being equal - and I keep hearing good *and* bad things about all the most popular companies. We'll see how that goes!

The commercials for Talladega Nights always make me laugh, even though I have no desire whatsoever to see the movie. I think it's a Southern thing -- I'm not a NASCAR fan at all, but I *get* the stock car-related humor.

My first yarn order from Elann.com has won me over -- I bought a ton of yarn on Friday night, and it arrived today. I'm making this awesomely-colorful baby blanket for my upcoming niece or nephew. Yay!

How fabulous was last night's Rescue Me? WHEE! I'm reposting my comments from TWOP. Collapse )

And some links....

-- blufr.com is addictive. Random trivia questions pop up, and you guess whether they're true or false. Fabulously fun time-killer.

-- NY Times profiles Baby Halder, an Indian domestic servant who has become an unlikely literary star in India. A highly recommended read.

-- The Stephen Colbert "On Notice Board" Generator! Thanks to sockkpuppett for the link.

-- LOLA! Maybe I'm the last to find out about Franka Potente's upcoming multi-ep appearance on The Shield. I've never wanted to watch that show (despite the acclaim), but I'm very motivated now.

Now I'm off to curl up on the sofa with a heating pad and Project Runway. Omigod, did you hear that someone's gonna get kicked off tonight?!? Bravo's incessant hype has taken away any potential scandalicious glee.