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Nerdy Lost Monsters Wearing Sweaters.

1. After too many restarts and a horribly-written pattern, I finally finished the new sweater. Collapse )

2. Even though I'm so goddamned tired of all the Lost hype, I'm still tuning in for tonight's finale. The big dilemma is whether to watch live or build up a tivo buffer to skip commercials... and then avoid Twitter and the rest of the internet until 11:30. Ugh. I love LJ for spoiler cut-tags and how everyone's so considerate; too bad it's nearly impossible to do the same thing elsewhere. (ETA: Oh, lovely. The ABC HD channel is out, so I have to watch on low-def... and Lost is one of the few shows that looks amazing in HD. Screw you, Comcast.)

3. I downloaded a few Nerdist podcasts because I kept hearing about how great it is. Are any of you familiar with it? I've listened to three so far, and I'm pretty disappointed. Great guests, but the overall vibe is very geekboy -- emphasis on "boy" -- with too many jokes about hot babes and techy stuff. Reminds me a lot of, well, G4. Guess I shouldn't be surprised! Maybe it's just not my style.

4. Last night I finished reading Monsters of Men, the final book in Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking Trilogy. I thought I'd type up my reactions to it, though I've kept this spoiler-safe for those who haven't yet read it. Collapse )
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1. Do any of you use the Google Talk stand-alone client? (Not the one that pops up from the mail page.) If so, is there any reason why I get new email popups from some people but not from others? All of the senders are folks from my frequent contacts list whom I IM often, so it's not an issues of strangers vs. friends.

2. I'm watching Lost. Why does the music earn such rapturous praise? Oh, it's good music overall, but it's so damned repetitive! Particularly annoying is Giacchino's tendency to use those exact same ominous (melodramatic) chords just before each commercial break. On a more positive musical note, I enjoyed tonight's Glee because I grew up with Madonna -- her first album with "Lucky Star" and "Borderline" came out when I was in third grade. I haven't paid much attention to her since high school and the days of Blonde Ambition, but hearing all those songs tonight brought me a great deal of, well, glee. :)

3. I'm now stuck in knitting purgatory, having finished one big project but reluctant to start another because of Stitches South this weekend (anyone else in Atlanta planning to go?) I definitely plan on lots of yarn shopping there, including something cute for a little sweater for my boss's upcoming baby. Yay! Baby clothes shouldn't be so much fun to knit, given how little time the kids can wear them. ;)
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Three for Tuesday.

Without getting spoilery, I really liked tonight's episode of Lost, a show with which I have a love/hate relationship. The Locke-centric episode tend to be the best, or at least the ones I most enjoy. Also, one scene in particular made me smile. Those of you who know me will probably guess which one. ;)

Right now I'm watching skating, and I'm one of those uneducated rubes who just enjoys seeing the costumes and spins, like Johnny Weir for all the crazy Gaga-ish theatricality. And the costumes tonight do not disappoint. I also have to put in a good word for NBC's coverage. Sure, they tend to be pro-America, and I dislike how the broadcast jumps all over the place. But they've been doing a better job this year of spotlighting athletes from other nations and events that don't generally get as much play.

While googling last night, I stumbled upon this speculation about the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy. (The only spoiler is for the title of Book Three.) Some of the theories seem like a bit of a stretch, but it's quite an interesting read. And here's another about politics in the series.
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Have a Nice Day!

1. Not sure whether I'm grumbly or cheerful today. At this point, it could go either way.

2. This weekend is the Atlanta Juggling Festival. I'm strangely intrigued and might go. Anyone want to join me on Saturday afternoon?

3. Katee has finally made Go Fug Yourself. Aww, our little girl has arrived! That shininess is a bit scary, though I'm giggling at the reappearance of the sparkly princess shoes from the S3 promo shots. (BTW, when the hell will we get the S4 ones? *sigh*)

4. Last night I was all excited to watch Lost, then realized that, whoops, it was a rerun. And I'm still a bit puzzled why media bloggers will not shut up about the premiere, yet I've hardly seen anyone here mention it. As I told txvoodoo in my similar post a few weeks ago, I guess it's just not a "fandomish" show - at least, not the type of fandom we usually see on LJ.

5. Here's an article/rant that made us laugh yesterday: Why are bank security questions so monstrously stupid? Amen. I especially hate the ones with subjective answers. Green and orange are equally my favorite colors. What happens if I submit "green" at sign-up, then later answer "orange"? Will I get locked out of my account? I don't even remember the names of ANY of my teachers (which is pretty sad given my career.) Yeah, I undersatnd that subjective questions offer greater security, but WOW, how annoying.

Okay, it's off to the salt mines. At least this year's still going GREAT, and the kids are working on projects all day. :)
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Toasty toes.

I finally understand the appeal of knitting socks. They'd always seemed so tedious and too much work for too little payoff. But this weekend I've been jonesing for a new project, and my budget was a single $20 bill. At Knitch, I bought a gorgeous skein of Araucania Ranco that's more bluish than in that photo. I'm using it with this pattern, and I've already finished about 3". Yay! So now I'm a sock convert. They're quick and cheap, and I'll probably even wear them if I can figure out which socks they match. ;) Oh, and while at Knitch, I continued working on that New Year's Resolution of being more social -- I joined the group of around 20 people upstairs, just sittin' and knittin' for a couple of hours. Quite fun! If the store weren't so far away, I'd probably head down there two or three times a week.

Unfortunately, I haven't been very good with the resolution to do better with LJ comments. I know I'm horribly behind, but I'm going to try and catch up tonight.

Lost is on the cover of EntWkly. Again. Gee, for a while they'd backed off on their compulsion to put it on the cover three or four times a year. I'm a bit flummoxed by the show's prominence. It's a great show, usually deserves the acclaim, and I'll be tuning in this spring. But just how big is the fandom, really? Aside from a few people on my flist (Hi, txvoodoo!), I never see it mentioned in a fandom sense. After those first couple of seasons, the fervor seemed to fade away nearly everywhere except for from a handful of critics and media outlets like EW. So all the recent press makes me wonder where the fandom is -- well, beyond some spec-heavy message boards here and there.

Also, I posted on another comm about a new BSG season 4 promo. It's basically the same as we've seen before, though with some extended scenes. Collapse )

Anyway, here are a few links:

-- Whitney Pastorek (who also wrote this awesome "I'm now officially old" essay in the EW year-end, and I wish I'd saved it to transcribe), evaluates the top 10 songs of 1988. Ah, eighth grade. Good times.

-- daera23 linked me to a picspam on whether Logan Echolls and Tim Riggins were separated at birth.

-- A Salon article offers a solution to the droughts in Atlanta and San Diego: move to the Great Lakes states. ;)

-- And via McSweeney's: Jane Eyre Runs for President.
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... in which I refuse to ever cry for freedom.

Yesterday's post was fandom-free, so I'm going overboard in this one.

Back in January, I TiVoed a rerun of Katee's "Cold Case" episode -- and in an amusingly ironic bit of fandom synergy, it's the same "Volunteers" ep that featured Amber Benson (Tara/BTVS) and Maggie Grace (Shannon/Lost). I downloaded it off the TiVo last night and made a few screencaps. She's very cute, of course, but this pic is just *beautiful*.

For the hell of it, I also made a few caps of Jamie on last night's Celebrity Poker. Not the best quality (hey, they're from the TiVo, not an .avi!) but you're welcome to link to them. I'm disappointed to learn that the random audience member did not, in fact, yell out, "C'mon, towel boy!" That would've been way too funny.

(Oh, and since I was rearranging galleries, I moved over those two hi-res Paley Festival cast photos. Took a while to get used to it, but now I really love the LJ Scrapbook feature. Much nicer than Photobucket.)

Right now I'm half-watching Bright Young Things on one of the cable channels. Yes, David Tennant is still adorable even with a dorky mustache. So there.

Y'know, I really love "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens... right up to the lines near the end about how he was crying for freeeeeeedom. And then I burst out laughing, thus ruining the song's loveliness. Don't you hate when musicians muck up a sublime song with a silly random lyric?

I'm also amused that I was friended by a certain VM hate meme, even though I hardly talk about the show these days. Now I vow to talk about VM more often, so that I can earn my spot in the hate pantheon.

And on that note, I'm in the mood to do a short list of Collapse )
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1. GAH. The kids were totally batsheet insane today, and we still have nine days to go. I may not survive. Please send me fic to cheer me up? Preferably BSG or VM; within them, I'm slutty "easy".

2. And on my end, doomcrayon gave me a very cool plot bunny yesterday. Might play with either it or the last chapter of the WIP tonight.

3. No secret that I cannot seem to like Grey's Anatomy, no matter how hard I try. But I do quite like Shonda Rhimes, and Time has a nice profile on her this week. I feel rather guilty about estimating how long she has left before the fandom turns on her (like fandoms always seem to do with creators -- I notice it with shows I don't even watch. ;)

4. Speaking of icky creators... well, me segueing to JJ Abrams is no real shock there. I like Lost, I really do. It's an excellently written and acted show, and I've never been the least bit negative about what I see onscreen. That said, what the HELL is up with all the goddamned magazine articles? I haven't even bothered to check my mail for the new EntWkly, because I know it's on the cover for the fifth time in two seasons. And turns out Newsweek also has a huge article. Profoundly annoying.

5. Slate has an article on the "death" of the independent bookstore -- according to them, it ain't the megastores' fault. They also sing praises for Wes Anderson's new AmEx ad.

6. I liked this "My Turn" about a woman with fancy degrees who finds the greatest life satisfaction as a pizza delivery driver. Did make me wonder, though, exactly how much is an acceptable pizza delivery tip. On the rare occasion I order delivery, I usually add $2-3 to the total, but this article sounds like that's quite stingy. Hmm.

7. And since I love, er, love memes... tell me one TV character (current shows only, or else I know what most of you would say ;) and why you love them so much. Will update later with my own answer, who will come as no surprise. *g*
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School, Lost, TAR, and my darling JACK!

Almost through with another week of school, and only three more left! The kids have been surprisingly cooperative and mellow this week, which is always a marvelous thing. I could chalk it up to the change in locale, except the new room looks exactly like the old one. And with three weeks left, they should be insane. So, I'll just say that the mystical powers of the universe are smiling down upon me with their benevolence. Or something. Tomorrow we're taking the (well-behaved) kids on a field trip to Stone Mountain. I'm really looking forward to that, even though it's supposed to rain. Ah, well. That's what umbrellas are for, huh? Will definitely be taking my camera.

I'm with most everyone else about last night's Lost: 58 minutes of "whatever", followed by 2 minutes of "WTF?!?" Which suits me just fine -- I like Lost best when it's all melodramatic and creepy. The Hanso Foundation website is perfectly enigmatic, though I think I'll need to keep The Lost Experience's cribsheet handy when I go exploring.

And last night's The Amazing Race? While I still love my darling TAR, I like it far more when the teams don't think they're on Survivor. Ugh.

But the real TV thrill? CAPTAIN JACK! Yup, our beloved Jack comes to Doctor Who tomorrow night. Even if you haven't seen the show up to now, you must tune in. Jack is just all kinds of sexy, charming, morally-ambiguous awesome, and odds are that you'll fall in love like the rest of us. Plus, the two-parter of "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" is utterly sublime. Without giving much away, it's a WWII ghost story featuring the creepiest child ever, and it's one of the most wonderful bits of writing I've ever seen (by Steven Moffatt, who also created the original UK Coupling, an old favorite of mine.) If you've avoided or just missed New Who up to now, do give this one a chance! (SciFi, 9pm EST.)

Time to curl up on the sofa and watch some Thursday night TV! Yes, my world revolves around the TiVo. Quite sad, really.
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The Amazing Race, Lost, and Veronica Mars.

First, congratulations to Galactica and House for winning Peabody Awards! I'm always thrilled to see my shows get recognized, especially from such prestigious groups.

Wednesday night's alright for... uh, maybe not fighting, but certainly for TV.

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ETA: Oooh, John Hodgman on The Daily Show! A very good night, indeed.