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Peabodys pics!

Thumbnail photos of the WAY too pretty Battlestar Galactica and House casts -- and Jon Stewart -- at tonight's awards ceremony for The Peabodys are now up at WireImage.

(What can I offer in exchange for full-size photos? I'm willing to be shameless here.)
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... in which I refuse to ever cry for freedom.

Yesterday's post was fandom-free, so I'm going overboard in this one.

Back in January, I TiVoed a rerun of Katee's "Cold Case" episode -- and in an amusingly ironic bit of fandom synergy, it's the same "Volunteers" ep that featured Amber Benson (Tara/BTVS) and Maggie Grace (Shannon/Lost). I downloaded it off the TiVo last night and made a few screencaps. She's very cute, of course, but this pic is just *beautiful*.

For the hell of it, I also made a few caps of Jamie on last night's Celebrity Poker. Not the best quality (hey, they're from the TiVo, not an .avi!) but you're welcome to link to them. I'm disappointed to learn that the random audience member did not, in fact, yell out, "C'mon, towel boy!" That would've been way too funny.

(Oh, and since I was rearranging galleries, I moved over those two hi-res Paley Festival cast photos. Took a while to get used to it, but now I really love the LJ Scrapbook feature. Much nicer than Photobucket.)

Right now I'm half-watching Bright Young Things on one of the cable channels. Yes, David Tennant is still adorable even with a dorky mustache. So there.

Y'know, I really love "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens... right up to the lines near the end about how he was crying for freeeeeeedom. And then I burst out laughing, thus ruining the song's loveliness. Don't you hate when musicians muck up a sublime song with a silly random lyric?

I'm also amused that I was friended by a certain VM hate meme, even though I hardly talk about the show these days. Now I vow to talk about VM more often, so that I can earn my spot in the hate pantheon.

And on that note, I'm in the mood to do a short list of Collapse )
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Blatherings of a TV-addicted mind.

Y'know, I was keeping an open mind about S5 of Alias. Really. Sure, the odds are... uh... stacked against it, but hey. Pollyalanna here. Then I saw the new print ad of Jen/Sydney with her hand over her belly. Oh, dear. Ohhhhhh, dear. I'll watch long enough to find out who the hell Michael Vaughn really is, and then it's anyone's game.

Arrested Development premieres tomorrow night! WHEE! God, I remember the past two years of desperately hoping we just might get another season if we were really, really lucky... and now we're on S3! Mr. Hurwitz, I love you dearly and have been a very rabid faithful fan since I caught "Pier Pressure" one night in 12/03. Could you please repay my loyalty with: 1) Maeby/George-Michael, 2) Buster shrieking, 3) Lucille in full-on bitch mode, and 4) tons of GOB? Thank you very much!

Quite enjoyed the first episode of House, but omigod, could TV writers everywhere pretty please retire the "ending montage featuring soulful, angsty music" cliche forever? Loved the rant on this subject in the new EntWkly.

So yeah, as you can see, I'm a TV addict, which means tonight is practically a holiday in my twisted little world. Sure, I'm profoundly pissed (if unsurprised) that the Emmys voters didn't show Veronica Mars some love, but Kristen Bell singing "Fame" during the awards helps to salve my fury. Bonus points if Alicia Fennell can be one of her backup dancers. ;) And since I can never resist a good LJ-poll opportunity... Collapse )