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1. Do any of you use the Google Talk stand-alone client? (Not the one that pops up from the mail page.) If so, is there any reason why I get new email popups from some people but not from others? All of the senders are folks from my frequent contacts list whom I IM often, so it's not an issues of strangers vs. friends.

2. I'm watching Lost. Why does the music earn such rapturous praise? Oh, it's good music overall, but it's so damned repetitive! Particularly annoying is Giacchino's tendency to use those exact same ominous (melodramatic) chords just before each commercial break. On a more positive musical note, I enjoyed tonight's Glee because I grew up with Madonna -- her first album with "Lucky Star" and "Borderline" came out when I was in third grade. I haven't paid much attention to her since high school and the days of Blonde Ambition, but hearing all those songs tonight brought me a great deal of, well, glee. :)

3. I'm now stuck in knitting purgatory, having finished one big project but reluctant to start another because of Stitches South this weekend (anyone else in Atlanta planning to go?) I definitely plan on lots of yarn shopping there, including something cute for a little sweater for my boss's upcoming baby. Yay! Baby clothes shouldn't be so much fun to knit, given how little time the kids can wear them. ;)