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Clear eyes, full heart, will probably lose but that's okay!

I'm pretty darn happy about the Emmy nominations. Sure, there were some egregious snubs (Nick Offerman and Treme, among others), but there was some great stuff too!

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Coach and Mrs. Coach! Like BSG, I assumed this would be one of those amazing shows that was ignored by the Emmys, so the Best Drama nomination is very, very welcome.

  • Parks and Recreation! Such a great series with lots of buzz, but we all know that doesn't always translate to awards. I seriously doubt it and FNL will come close to winning, but it's great to see their names up there anyway.

  • Louie has really grown on me, so I'm glad Louis CK got nominated. And I have residual affection for Melissa McCarthy, even though I've never watched her current show.

  • I like Modern Family well enough. I suppose the six(!) acting nominations are deserved, but sheesh. ;)

  • Another snub: nothing for the Game of Thrones theme song? Really? At least the credits are on the list.

  • Two nominations for Idris Elba. Excellent.

  • ETA: Fun post-noms interview with Amy Poehler, in which she says she plans to pour honey all over herself in order to win, and that Nick Offerman was also snubbed for his work designing costumes for Game of Thrones.
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"We want cake! Where's our cake?"

1. I got back from Texas yesterday, and I already miss my family and especially the most darling nephew ever. Really. I know everyone is biased in favor of their own kids (or siblings' offspring), but I firmly believe that Neph achieves heretofore unseen levels of cuteness. Unfortunately, I also discovered that it is indeed possible to overdose on They Might Be Giants after Neph insisting upon playing "Seven" or "I Am a Paleontologist" approximately 53 times over four days.

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3. I don't really pay attention to sports, but I love a good controversy. The LeBron debacle has been quite fun to watch! I have no opinion on whether he made the right decision, but I do feel badly for those who are so upset -- particularly when they express their outrage in Comic Sans. And during last night's announcement, I kept flashing back to Ralph Wiggum's "I choo-choo-choose you!" and "You can pinpoint the exact moment that his heart is crushed."

4. So, who else is watching Work of Art? I also know nothing about fine art beyond museum visits and "Oh, that looks beautiful", but I'm finding it far more accessible and fascinating than expected. I'll admit that Jaclyn's propensity to get naked at every opportunity has annoyed me as a feminist, but this week I could kinda see where she was going with it (even if her work had little to do with the challenge). That said, I'd like to see her do something that doesn't involve her perfect body that is desired by everyone in the whole wide world.

5. Time to weigh in on the Emmy nominations! Collapse )
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Emmys time!

I love awards shows. As a TV junkie, the Emmys are at the top of my list. This year, though, I haven't gotten as hyped up about it. While I like many of the shows -- I'm a huge 30 Rock and Conchords fan, and I never miss Mad Men -- I'm not madly in love with them. Even so, I feel compelled to do my usual liveblog. So, here goes.

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Emmys Day!

The moment you've all been waiting for: Wisteria weighs in on the Emmy nominations!!!!!!!! Er, sorry. Sarcasm there. I'm a little bit obsessive about awards shows, even when I know my favorites (BSG, FNL) don't stand a snowball's chance of getting nominated. As I've skimmed comments threads on various blogs today, I see a lot of "I don't watch much TV, but ...." Whatever. Their choice. I'll proudly shout that I WATCH A LOT OF TV, dialed up to 11.

Ahem. On to the business of the day. Collapse )
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Emmys - series top 10

Have I mentioned lately that I am an awards show junkie? And hey, it's a great distraction while I wait for the DW .avi. I'm also heading out for a mani-pedi after I post this, though the file will probably be on usenet before I leave. ;)

The guy from Gold Derby has the Top 10 lists for Comedy and Drama. This weekend, several hundred ATAS members are getting together to watch and evaluate the episode submissions. Their rankings will help determine the five final nominees. I *love* this stuff, even when my favorite shows aren't in the running... which is nearly every year. ;)

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Greetings from Devil Town

Feeling rather mellow tonight. Long week at work, with the stress of the state tests looming next Monday, but I'm trying to relax and put it out of my mind. trinnifer is in town for job stuff this weekend, and she'll be staying with me tomorrow night. Of course, we're both middle school teachers, so we'll probably spend the weekend talking about school stuff. ;) But hey, it'll be wonderful no matter what we chat about!

When I grabbed the latest EntWkly from my mailbox, I nearly screamed. I am SO DAMN SICK of hearing about American Idol. Yeah, yeah, they're just covering something that's become a pervasive part of pop culture, but it's driving me crazy.

Either PBS's scheduling folks are prophetic, or they made a last-minute change. Right now I'm watching a documentary on the Rutgers Women's Basketball team, back from the 2001 season. Really fascinating, despite my general lack of interest in sports. Coach Stringer is a remarkable woman, and while I haven't been following this week's controversy, I greatly admire her just from this docu, and especially for having to deal with all the current insanity.

I have watched the balcony scene from the FNL finale approximately 15 times so far. ;) God, I love Coach and Mrs. Coach, though probably not as much as they love each other. Aww! Roush said something interesting today about FNL and the Emmys: "Friday Night Lights is this year's litmus test for the Emmys' viability." I've gotten used to everyone claiming their favorite show deserves tons of nominations, just as I've gotten used to the knowledge that all my beloved genre shows (BSG, VM, BTVS, etc) will never get the mainstream acceptance that leads to Emmy noms. FNL is an interesting case here, because it *is* on one of the big four networks, and the critical acclaim has been so widespread. Does that make it inherently more deserving than a genre show? Debatable, of course. Objectively speaking, the new Emmys rules and FNL's more mainstream status should make July's nominations interesting.

A few links before I sign off to do some cleaning!

-- In BSG news: bop_radar has posted two essays about Kara, Lee, and the vicissitudes of their relationship. Really interesting reading!

-- NBC.com has a clip of "Jefferson!" from last night's 30 Rock, featuring "Academy Award Watcher Tracy Jordan". Hee!

-- Since some of you were asking about it, I've ripped an .mp3 of "Devil Town" by Bright Eyes, from the FNL season finale. The show actually uses Tony Lucca's cover of this version, but the two are almost identical. I've also uploaded José González's "Storm", from last week's episode. Lovely stuff.

-- According to TV Week (audio interview summarized here), 24's writers were "bored to death" with the nuke plot. Gee, I had no idea. Cue eyeroll.

-- Finally, Salon has a column about the end of The Sopranos and the Harry Potter series. Rather odd combination, there!
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"Kneel before your god, Babylon!!!!"

Well. The good thing about last night's Emmys is that most of the winners were so WTF-worthy (or just unworthy) that they lost all credibility. I'm thrilled to bits about The Office, I'm generally glad for Sutherland and Hargitay, and while 24 is more "wildly entertaining" than "best drama", it doesn't completely suck. Oh, and I also *loved* that Kelly Macdonald won. Diane from Trainspotting, aka "Alanna's Favoritest Movie Ever"! Whee! But the rest of the awards? Uh, yeah. Collapse )

A few links:

-- The Annals of Alexis: I found this old Go Fug Yourself gem last night. Omigod, so awesome! I was addicted to Dynasty back in sixth grade. My shameful sekrit is that my very first fanfic was a horrible Mary Sue in which I was Alexis and Blake's long-lost daughter returning home from boarding school. Feel free to unfriend me now.
-- Serpentes on a Shippe! (spoylerez): Geoffrey Chaucer reviews Snakes on a Plane. (Thanks to maidenjedi for the link!)
-- The Bulwer-Lytton winners: I'm particularly fond of the Children's Literature winner.
-- EntWkly reviews the top 10 hits from this week in 1995: Totally worth it for her "Kiss from a Rose" summer camp anecdote.
-- Deepdiscountdvd.com has BSG S2.5 for $27.23, plus free shipping. Commence the pre-ordering. And for the record, NBCU won't be releasing the full season as a consolidated box set, so we're stuck with this. Alas.
-- fahye has written academy!pilots, which makes me a very happy camper indeed. Check out our pataphysical divigation and revel in the awesomeness.

Speaking of BSG... asta77 linked to some photos from yesterday's con, and I made a disturbing observation. Collapse )

And finally, I'm totally stealing this meme -with permission- from voleuse: Spoil me. Real spoilers, fake spoilers, speculation. For old movies, old TV shows, the fall TV season, books, WHATEVER. My fandoms, your fandoms. Fandoms in which you've never been, but feel the need to talk about spoilers anyway. Get it off your chest.

(Though unlike her, I'll defer to the spoilerphobic and request no actual info from upcoming shows. :)
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The Emmys Predictions Poll

Yikes! I spent the afternoon finishing a fic, so I almost forgot to do my annual Emmys poll. Perhaps it's due to my utter apathy this year, and not just because few of my favorites got nominated. I'll probably keep them on in the background while I color my hair, work on some knitting projects, and do lesson plans for next week -- oh, Emmys, why can't you be the highlight of my TV season? Might update this post later with running commentary, but I wanted to get this up there before the show starts.

Please vote for who you think WILL win, not who you want to win. Collapse )

ETA: Just turned on NBC. Where the fuck is Tim Gunn?!?
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58th Annual Primetime WTF Awards Nominations

I have cable! And the reason for the delay is utterly *priceless*. The woman in the Charter office had assured me they would come out yesterday; she'd even called the repairman to double check. Well, my old apartment number is 308 (not the real number), and the guy already had a work order for my next-door neighbor at 309... so he thought they were the same apartment, and thus did not complete my work order. IDIOTS! I went in to the office this morning to complain yet again, and the same woman comped me the $20 transfer fee, in addition to all of yesterday's freebies. The repairman -- who didn't seem too bright in person -- showed up about an hour ago. Once he left, I discovered I had internet but no TV. So I had to go in and fix it myself, but now everything's working. Only problem is that they didn't make the requested changes to my channel lineup, and my download speeds are actually slower, instead of the ballyhooed 3mps. Guess I'll have to make yet another call to Charter. *sigh*

Thanks for all the compliments on the new apartment picspam! Collapse )

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And, of course, I have *tons* to say about the Emmys nominations. ;)

The most annoying part of Emmys reaction posts is fans shouting, "Omigod, how could they snub [random actor on random show]?!?" Totally understandable in some cases -- Lost was too uneven last season, but I still expected a nomination. Hell, this year's crop is one big ball of WTF. In a sense, that's almost a good thing. Even before the finalists were leaked, I knew my favorites wouldn't stand a chance, so I'm not upset. If the overall list had been excellent, then the industry reaction to my favorites' snubs would've been, "Well, that's a shame, but I guess they just weren't good enough." Instead, the list is so bizarre and random that this year's Emmys have lost a ton of credibility.

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Moving, Sufjan, social issues, the invisibles quiz, and an Emmys poll.

Wow, I'm exhausted, thanks to a profound lack of sleep this week... and it's only going to get worse. Yup, this afternoon I picked up the keys to my new apartment! It's very quiet and spacious and lovely. I'll still be "living" here until I haul the furniture on Monday, but I'll start taking boxes over tonight. This morning, I met suenix at IKEA for some shopping. I'm thrilled that they had the perfect sofa in stock; might just pay the $50 delivery charge, rather than hauling it back here in the rented van. So yeah, things are working out nicely... except for the part about me being ridiculously tired. :)

Atlanta folks: Sufjan Stevens is coming to the Fox on September 20th! I'll be getting two tickets when they go on sale, so let me know if you'd like to come.

In social news... the SF Chronicle says that more than half of Fortune 500 companies now offer domestic partner benefits. Good for them! (Just wish the rest of society would take a hint.) And Slate debates whether Wal-Mart is good for the American working class. Barbara Ehrenreich is one of the writers, who wrote the fascinating and scary Nickel & Dimed. A must-read for anyone - liberal or conservative - interested in the realities of the working poor.

Filmwise has another COOL "Invisibles Quiz" -- identify the movie by the screencap... with the actors' faces photoshopped out.

And since I'm still caught up in Emmys hysteria, I've created another poll. This one features Gold Derby's list of the unconfirmed but likely finalists for major awards, so skip this if you want to be completely shocked next Thursday! Collapse )