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"Kind of like an evil version of our accent."

1. As I've mentioned before, I'm currently taking one of three classes needed for ESOL certification. It's touted as "graduate-level", and it meets every Monday evening for four hours. The school district offers the class for free, and there's no real consequence if I fail or drop out. All voluntary. So why the hell is the instructor making me do so much HOMEWORK? Hmph.

2. Just curled up to watch this week's White Collar, but the moment that Sarah Wynter showed up as the journalist, I immediately had to stop watching and pull up her Flight of the Conchords episode that I still have saved on my TiVo. Although S2 wasn't as great as S1, overall, "Unnatural Love" is a damn good ep. I'm still waiting for someone to do a BSG finale vid to "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor". And I could watch "Carol Brown" over and over. Love it so much that the opening melody is my current cellphone ringtone.

3. I'm currently downloading the new episode of Doctor Who. Looking forward to it! I've also spent the weekend downloading tons of oldies .mp3s for my father, whose birthday is tomorrow. He's really into American rock songs from the late '50s, and he has no idea how to use his computer, much less download them himself. So I guess all these burned CDs will make a good present.

4. Speaking of presents... Christmas knitting has begun. I'm already overwhelmed! Mom has insisted upon a sweater this year, so I'm making her the February Lady Sweater in a nice red. It's not the fanciest sweater ever, but the one I made myself this summer was a quick, easy knit. I'm also making my sister something that I won't reveal here because she reads my LJ. ;) And I think I'll make some Fetching fingerless gloves for various friends, since I can whip those out quickly. Of course, this means that the projects for myself have taken a backseat. Alas! Thank goodness I have Thanksgiving week off work, and I'm not planning to go anywhere. Let's hope I can get a bunch of knitting done then.

5. Yesterday, Grey and I saw 2012. It was gloriously ridiculous, but then I love disaster movie porn. If anything, it wasn't as disaster-y as I would've liked. Nothing will ever top aliens blowing shit up in Independence Day as the ultimate disaster porn.

Now I'm off to knit, watch The Amazing Race (then Who), and catch up on comments!
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Conchords live OMG!

Guess what? Tonight I saw Bret! And Jemaine! And Mel! Conchords in Atlanta, baby, and I've been looking forward to this for ages. And of course I have to describe it in detail.

The concert was at the Fox Theatre, which I'd never been to in my ten years of living here. Go figure. I got lucky with parking - I pulled into the first lot I saw, only to discover that they were charging $15 but I only had a $10 bill in my wallet. The guy grinned and said to park anyway, though I kept worrying I'd return to find my car had been towed. It wasn't. ;) The audience wasn't quite what I'd expected for a cultish low-rated premium cable sitcom. More mainstream, I guess, though also with some college/hipster types. Two rows in front of me were four jackasses who looked like they'd come from an SEC football game and drank enough beer to make them act obnoxious. The opening act was Kristen Schaal, who plays Mel on the series. Yay! Pretty smart move, as it really got us into the mood in a way that a lesser-known comedian wouldn't. She was quite funny and endearing and Mel-ish without being Mel. She had fun bits about the life of a mattress, an anti-drug after school special, and a pretend audition for L&O:SVU involving Entenmann's cake.

As for the guys... whee! Jemaine was exactly as he was on the TV show -- a dork who tries to act like a stud. Bret seemed kinda tired, though I love him anyway. Well, except that he was *hairy*. Like, a couple more inches of unruly hair and a beard approaching "bushy" levels. Pity, because he's so darn cute! For half the show, they were joined by Nigel, a cellist billed as "The (entire) New Zealand Symphony Orchestra". The concerts itself was interesting because it didn't follow the song list I'd expected from reading reviews of the first few shows. They played many of the songs from S2, plus two oldies and S1 songs that weren't their most popular ones. I get the feeling that they change the setlist each time. And since this post is already long enough, I'll cut-tag the rest of the recap. Collapse )
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Bret & Jemaine, live and in the sexy flesh.

EEK! Conchords tour, and they're comin' to Atlanta! Collapse )

And a long-overdue linkspam because I need to clear out my bookmarks....

-- The LA Times has a long article about the Dollhouse set. (The water feature sounds a bit pretentious, but hey. ;)
-- This is non-football: the man who created the Steelers' "Terrible Towels" gave it all away to charity.
-- Oooh, Mo Ryan has video of Jon Hamm on 30 Rock.
-- TWoP has a long interview with Peter Berg (of FNL fame, plus other cool things.) A Sporting News interview with Jason Katims. And an EW video interview with Connie Britton.
-- Today's TV section of the Times spotlights Adam Baldwin and Gabrielle Anwar.
-- The Times also talks about the nation's many faces in the extended First Family. And who wants to get a Chia Obama?
-- During this year's Oscars, the producers will mute applause during "In Memoriam". Good. The popularity contest makes me uncomfortable.
-- TV Squad wants to remind us that Hugh Laurie used to be a comedian.
-- Live Apartment Fire has a really interesting list of 10 assumptions about TV reporters.
-- Who else wants to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?
-- Mental Floss explains what I.Q. really tests. And check out a test of Ralph Wiggum trivia.
-- A writer from Slate really, really dislikes Billy Joel. They also try to recreate restaurant dishes at home and ask whether you should give money to your friend's walkathon.
-- Topless Robot lists the 8 most awkward Berenstain Bears books.
-- If you're lonely, why not buy a Hug Me Pillow?
-- And finally... while the death in the BSG mid-season premiere was very tragic, this unfortunate and crass commercial placement made me howl with laughter for almost five minutes. Especially the lyrics. (Skip ahead to around 2:00.)
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"I see you girls checkin' out our trunks."

Things that are bad:

1. War, disease, injustice, etc.

2. Having "Sugalumps" in your head ALL DAY LONG. Even at work, which is definitely not a good place for a song about the joys of a guy's junk. (Last night I told Dionusia that someone must make a Lee vid to this song.)

3. Spreading this earworm to all your LJ friends. NSFW, obviously. (ETA: Yeah, it's from Flight of the Conchords.)

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Doggy do's and doggy don'ts.

Without getting spoilery, the line in Dr. Horrible about "the hammer" had me laughing aloud. I'm enjoying this much more than I expected.

Starbucks has released the list of store closures (pdf). Aww, they're closing the one with the white picket fence, and the two that I would've passed on my commute to the new school. I suppose it's best for the company, though I do feel bad for those who might lose their jobs.

Just realized that the upside of Conchords getting nominated for "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" is that they might get to perform it on the Emmys telecast. Yeah, I know the Emmys don't do performances like the Oscars do, but how could they resist Bret & Jemaine? Since I'm feeling the FOTC love, Collapse )

I've finally gotten the hang of Google's RSS reader, and I'm really liking it so far. Compiling linkspams will now be much more efficient! So, here are today's links:

-- Literary stuff: Slate talks about the recently-recovered Shakespeare folio, and the NYT wonders if there are any "perfect" novels. Then Mental Floss explains how to get a word into the OED.
-- Gawker stuff: Consumerist lists 20 creepy baby products and 13 confessions of a waiter. And Jezebel asks why women need a running "skirt".
-- Mood stuff: Do cats improve our mood? And apparently sexy people sound better.
-- Odd stuff: The WSJ attemps to unlock the mysteries of the ladies room. Not odd: In Hawaii, tattoos are a mark of pride.
-- TV stuff: Gold Derby has a ton of Emmys analysis, and I liked Mo Ryan's post about them. EntWkly talks to the person auf'ed from Project Runway last night, and Project Rungay says a fond farwell.
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Just wanna do something special....

Was feeling a bit melancholy about age stuff, so I went shopping and got a massage. The masseuse was wonderful, but wow. Right now I feel boneless and have no energy whatsoever. I guess that's a good thing, no? In happier news... my new HD TiVo is here! I'll be SO glad to ditch that awful Comcast DVR and go back to my beloved little recorder. Just have to get Comcast out here to install the cable card thingy, and that won't happen until I have a day off in two weeks. Alas.

Quick tech question: Is it possible to make a video playlist for my iPod? So far, I can only do it with music.

One very general comment as I watch this week's Doctor Who: Pity that this is a kids' show, because Donna is totally the type who would shoot Ten a withering glare then bellow, "What the FUCK are you on about?!?"

Here's a short linkspam so that I can clear out my bookmarks.

-- PBS plans to revive The Electric Company. Huh.

-- If you haven't already seen it, check out Green Porno, in which Isabella Rossellini pretends to have sex with bugs. It's deliciously bizarre.

-- Jez has a really cool article about how women are the economic backbone of the new Rwanda. And this NY Times article is fascinating: Does the "real" Ireland still exist?

-- Mo Ryan has a review of the Conchords show in Chicago, with a new music video(!) for "Ladies of the World". Eek! I need an icon of Bret on roller skates. And, for the love of the gods, WHY DOES JEMAINE HAVE A PORNSTACHE?

-- And finally, I love the new BSG videoblog, One More Photo Op. Rather odd to see them moving in that S4 cast photo, though at least we now know none of the cast members were photoshopped into the pic -- and that Katee and Tricia were NOT drunk. Nope, not at all. ;)
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Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.

After all the angst this week, right now I am in a FABULOUS mood. Even better, it's totally due to real-life stuff and not fandom! Wow, imagine that. I could list all the happy-making things, but nobody besides me really cares about that. ;) So yeah. This is much nicer than all that moping.

The "whose arms are the best?" poll was such fun that this week's BSG poll is Collapse )

And a bunch of links tonight!

-- woolly_socks re-enacts S3 Kara-and-Leoben scenes with a toaster and multiple llamas. This is the most hilarious thing I've seen all week. Just wait until you get to page two.

-- Jezebel links to two cats and a treadmill.

-- Ooh, Mental Floss has a 30 Rock trivia quiz. I got a 12/13. (Stupid Greta.) And as part of their grammar theme week, they offer five lessons in punctuation. Begone, comma splice!

-- Via sarmoti: Wedding registries, a love-hate relationship.

-- TV Guide defends its relevance. Get rid of Ausiello, and I might like you again.

-- Poniewozik reviews Swingtown. Mmm, Jack Davenport as a swinger....

-- Vulture has a list of some crazy (or are they?) theories about Lost. I'm just along for the ride, but these made me giggle.

-- And Sepinwall has a review of last night's Flight of the Conchords concert in NY. Audience participation? Hmph. Though this line from the NYMag review makes me love the guys even more: "For all the dry banter and genuinely funny joke songs, the night's best, most fittingly conceptual part came during the mid-set break, where the boys set their Keytar to play Wham's 'Last Christmas' while they stretched and grabbed a drink."
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Live every week like it's Shark Week!

1. I've been rewatching Conchords for the nth time. "Bret, You Got It Goin' On" still brings me great waves of delight.

2. Compiling links for last night's galacticanews update (yeah, we're finally back!) made me realize just how freakin' grateful I am that my flist knows the value of cut-tags. Yikes! There were some marvelous (non-fandom) posts over on the Gnews flist, but the impressiveness diminished when I had to hit PgDn four times.

3. Today's Mental Floss has a surprisingly challenging trivia quiz for The Office. I got 12 out of 18.

4. Mini-fandom news, while I gleefully await tonight's return of 30 Rock!
-- Sepinwall reviews the premiere, noteworthy because his paper wouldn't let him use "MILF". So we get gems like "Jack compares '(Prettiest Gal in the PTA) Island' to Shakespeare."
-- Vulture compares 30R to The Office.
-- Jezebel has a photo of the too-awesome-for-words Tina Fey on the cover of tomorrow's EntWkly, plus quotes from the article. I love this from the comments: "If I could convince Tina Fey and Tim Gunn to adopt me my life would be perfect."

5. Main fandom news, while I gleefully await tomorrow's new BSG episode!
-- Sitrep has video of Colbert's BSG shout-out.
-- dionusia, whom I love like pie, did a LOLCATS-ish picspam of the premiere. She also has an intelligent and insightful screencap review.
-- Here's a very angsty preview clip from tomorrow's episode.

And now for this week's silly screencap poll. Spoilers only for the official promo pics. Collapse )