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"Boys becoming men. Men becoming wolves."

My annoyance has not quite passed, but I've decided to ignore it because of many other fabulous things in life.

First up: I really enjoyed tonight's episode of The Office, much more than I have in quite a while! Collapse )

Today's NYTimes has a piece on 30 Rock's "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah". Just thinking about it makes me giggle. Pity it's been yanked off YouTube, or I'd link and share the hilarity. As for tonight's episode: Collapse )

I TiVoed the Scrubs season premiere, but I'm not all that motivated to watch. Guess I'm still too scarred from last season; this is the one show where I am an ANTI-shipper. I adore Elliot. I tolerate JD. I hate the idea of them ever hooking up. On the plus side, Sepinwall posted his list of ten classic Scrubs episodes. While I agree that Turk's "Poison" dance is magnificent (all hail Bel Biv Devoe!), my favorite from that episode is definitely The Sacred Heart Air Band performing "More Than a Feeling". Sublime.

Speaking of funny clips... nicole_anell posted more fabulous bits from The Daily Show's archive. How the hell could I have forgotten Colbert doing naughty things to a banana?

Since I've been on a Spoon kick lately, I couldn't resist rewatching Keepon dancing to "Don't You Evah". Even if you're not a fan, you should watch this little robot-thingy dancing. SO CUTE! Almost as adorable as Milky from Blur's "Coffee + TV". (I also have to pimp the video for Spoon's "The Underdog". Yay, mariachis! Single-take videos are very cool.)

Turns out last night's Bionic Woman was actually somewhat good, despite the profound lack of Katee. I'll join the others in saying that the show should just find some way to permanently turn Jaime into a Brit. Then again, all the behind-the-scenes drama makes me wonder if the show will even be around that long. Alas. The other day, Indi and I debated whether Katee should get her own show. While I'd love for her to be The Star, I'd rather her join a good ensemble drama such as Brothers & Sisters. I hate having to say, "She's great but the show sucks." ;)

PopWatch shared the new poster for Harold and Kumar 2. That is MAGNIFICENT.

Finally, in non-media news, I loved the Times' article "A Celebration of Tex-Mex, Without Apology", because you should never apologize for loving good tex-mex... even if it's horribly unhealthy. God, that photo of the cheese enchiladas (my favorite dish ever) is making me drool. Hey, Sis? When I arrive for Thanksgiving, you are required to pick me up at DFW and take me straight to Mercado Juarez, okay?
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"I knew the game was fixed."

I was having such a lovely day, but now I've discovered that my cellphone is missing. Drat. Here's hoping I accidentally dropped it at work, and that it'll be waiting for me when I get there tomorrow.

Time for this week's installment of I Watch Bionic Woman So You Don't Have To. Won't be posting clips on DailyMotion or YouTube anymore, because it looks like the bigshots are watching those sites. Alas. So, we're sticking with .avis. I figured out how to create one .avi of all the scenes together, rather than uploading multiple small files. It's choppy, but hey. If you're only in it for Katee, this'll do the trick.

BW - Katee - 104.avi (31mb): SendSpace and RapidShare.

Collapse )

And now I'm going to watch Dirty Sexy Money and attempt to write. I've been excited about so many fic ideas in the past week (especially the WIP and a few short one-offs), but my brain shuts down when I open up Word. *sigh*
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"Give me a pedicure. Red, please."

Once again, I watch Bionic Woman so you don't have to! That said, this episode was actually somewhat good, mostly because Katee had lots of scenes. Perhaps she came on a teensy bit too strong at times, but I don't care because she's so damn much FUN to watch.

ETA: Just discovered that DailyMotion deleted all the clips, without any explanation. Can't really say I'm surprised. Just to be safe, I'm also taking the SendSpace links offline for the time being. Most of you already know how to get hold of that stuff, anyway. :)

Non-fandom friends, I promise to post something else one of these days. In the meantime, we got into a heated discussion in the lunchroom today. I foolishly forgot to bring lunch with me, so I was stuck with cafeteria food. When I saw the selection, I exclaimed, "Corny dogs!" One of my students was quite indignant. "No, Ms. Wisteria, it's CORN dogs." I told the impudent kid that, in Texas, they are corn-y dogs, darn it! Which leads me to another gratuitous poll:

Poll #1069464 Corny dogs!

Cornbread-covered hot dogs on a stick are called:

corn dogs
corny dogs
manna from heaven
too horrifying to contemplate
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Bionic Woman fic: "The Single Girl's Guide to Becoming a Mercenary" (1/1)

Writing this was FUN. Like I said last night, the best thing about writing for a brand-new show is the absence of canon. I can do whatever I want! Which is why I'm posting this now, lest it be jossed by tonight's episode. I don't even *like* Bionic Woman all that much, but what can I say? Katee's my muse. I used the new BW Wiki for the backstory's framework. Credit/blame goes to indigo419 for all her encouragement! Oh, and apologies to anyone named Ashley. ;)

Title: "The Single Girl's Guide to Becoming a Mercenary"
Rating: R
Spoilers: through 1.02
Characters: Sarah, Jae, ensemble.
Summary: Just a smalltown girl, saving the world for democracy.

Collapse )
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"I think someone hacked me."

And so begins Pushing Daisies Watch. Or, rather, "Watch everyone else on Earth love this show while I stand in the back and scream!" At least, that's what I'd assumed. I've said before that the pilot really got on my nerves because the cutesiness was over-the-top, to the point of feeling manipulative. ("Aren't we clever! And whimsical! And adorable!") Check out Mo Ryan's blog for a more eloquent version of why I went into this dreading how it would inevitably become The It Show among critics and LJ friends, while I grew increasingly resentful and bitter. Collapse )

And now to the main event. Bionic Woman: Was Katee hot? Yes. Was she awesome? Yes. Do I care about anything else? No. Collapse )

Can't remember where, but someone said they wished Katee's scenes would be posted to YouTube so they could watch them and skip everything else. I love a good video-editing project, so I fired up the TiVo and clipped Sarah's scene from tonight. As always, the quality isn't perfect (I have no idea why it ghosts stuff like the Target commercial), but for now it'll suffice.

-- Sarah's scene: watch at DailyMotion | download from SendSpace
-- Next week's preview: watch at DailyMotion | download from SendSpace

Oh, and before I forget -- while looking through EntWkly, I noticed that Lifetime is showing Katee's How I Married My High School Crush this Friday at 9pm, for those of you who missed it the first time around.

ETA: One more Katee thing! daybreak777 linked to TV Guide's video of their BW photo shoot. Love how Katee says she'll put "knows how to knit" on her resume. I uploaded a bunch of screencaps to my LJ gallery. Collapse )
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The Bionic Poll.

I wasn't all that interested in Dirty Sexy Money, but I tivoed it on the strength of the reviews. I'm only a few minutes in, but one line in the teaser had me laughing aloud. Collapse )

Also, I used to like Feist's "1-2-3-4". Now the ubiquitous iPod ads have me wishing the chorus was a countdown as the rifle scope is aimed at her vocal chords.

Anyway. Though I've already seen it twice, I had to tune in for Bionic Woman like a good Katee fangirl. No, it's not very good, but hey. Katee. And since snarky polls are fun, here's one for the pilot. Collapse )

And now I must turn off the TV and work on a grant proposal due Friday. *sigh*
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Three months early....

Last weekend I read a few knitting blogs, and one of them had a great post about keeping track of works in progress -- that she learns so much more from those posts in the middle of a project than she does from the finished version. So, for the heck of it, I thought I'd do the same. Collapse )

Cracked has an odd-but-interesting list: Seven reasons the 21st century is making you miserable. It's primarily about social isolation in the 'net age, and how we often substitute online interaction for real-life friendships. Hmm. I'm rather guilty of that one, though I think the writer is too pessimistic and dismissive.

Speaking of cynicism, Salon has an article on gender stereotype reversal in the new fall TV shows: "Broads are the cops and lawyers and masters of the business universe on the new shows. So what happened to the men?" I think it's another case of righteous indignation about an unintentional trend, but she does make some good points.

Continuing the thematic progression: Jezebel found this eerily prescient 1968 guide to the internet age. I'm mostly amused by how joyless they all look, like online shopping is the worst possible fate the future has to offer.

And that's it for this evening. A heads-up: if you have OnDemand, they're screening the various fall pilots. Right now I'm watching Bionic Woman again. A few changes from the screener, but it's pretty much the same. I'm still not exactly impressed, but at least it'll be a cheesy distraction while I wait for the next season of BSG. Right now my biggest WTF? is how Jaime could possibly afford that massive, trendy apartment on a bartender's salary. And I'm still all over the Sarah/Jaime femslash, which is so blatant it might as well be canon. ;)
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I'm not a fan of roadtrips. When I was younger, I used to love getting in the car and hitting the interstate for hours; now I just want to be there already. Yesterday I hit the road to see marenfic, and though the 2.5-hour drive to Birmingham was a haul for lazy ol' me, she was definitely worth the trip! It was only meant to be a day-trip, but we heard thunder when it was time for me to head home to Atlanta, so we conveniently used that as an excuse for me to turn it into an overnighter and crash on her sofa. Whee!


-- Listening to podcasts and the audiobook of The Areas of My Expertise on the drive.
-- Meeting southernbangel for lunch and tons of gossip. Lovely to meet you, L!
-- Convincing her and Maren to come to Dragon*Con. YAY!
-- Watching Unfinished Business on HDTV and discovering that Kara's wearing purple eyeshadow in the flashbacks. ;)
-- Chatting on Maren's front porch, which is SO quintessentially Southern, complete with crepe myrtles and a mimosa in the background, and two fabulous porch swings.
-- Meeting Mr. Maren, who is very cute and has a Jim Halpert vibe.
-- Very carefully examining the nightshirts on sale at Wal-Mart, so I'd have something to sleep in for the overnighter. Also: fake Crocs.
-- The first episode of Damages and determining that Anastasia Griffith (Jamie Bamber's sister and "Katie" on the show) looks kinda like Jamie in drag.
-- Just about everything Maren-related! I really must roadtrip to B'ham more often, and vice-versa.
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I was livin' in a devil town.

1. I downloaded a bunch of podcasts for the flight home last night, and the best was definitely Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (and their main site also looks to have some other great themed podcasts.) Each one is a 4-8 minute lesson on a grammar topic; I listened to tutorials on ellipses, who/whom, semicolons, however, and serial commas. The latter was especially fun -- I can't break the habit of using that final comma before "and", and I'm very pleased to learn that I'm well within rights to use it. ;)

2. Mo Ryan has lots of spoilers for Friday Night Lights. I'm also quite pleased that Katims, Britton, and Chandler all consider Coach and Mrs. Coach's marriage to be "unbreakable". Yay for the OTP! Speaking... I will cheerfully admit that while I was in Dallas, I had occasion to drive past Texas Stadium several times, and I geeked-out by playing "Your Hand in Mine" on the car stereo, just like that gorgeous scene in the season finale. Hee!

3. She also has a writeup about Bionic Woman at the upfronts. Some funny quotes from Eick about Katee, though I don't buy his soundbite about Isaiah Washington (ugh). Was pleasantly surprised to hear that Darin Morgan will write episode 9. Wow! Blast from the past, that.

4. McSweeney's has a letter to Optimus Prime from his GEICO Auto Insurance agent. I also liked My DVD player's user's manual (as written by Chuck Palahniuk).

5. Mental Floss has a quiz about controversial subject matter in Disney films. Have I mentioned lately how much I *love* Mental Floss? Everyone should get a subscription. Sounds pricey, but it's SO worth the cost.

6. Emmy nominations tomorrow! I'm so excited... even though I know none of my faves will be named. They never are. I'm dreading all the inevitable blog talkbacks with "Why wasn't [my favorite actor from a mediocre show] nominated?!?" Let's be realistic, folks. So, how about another poll? Gold Derby has leaked the ten finalists in most categories, so I'm starting things off with those names. For the other categories, I went with this list of the experts' predictions. If any of y'all gets them 100% correct, I'll make you a picspam or write you a drabble or something. ;)

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A Bionic Update.

Two posts about Bionic Woman in one day? Huh. I have to admit that I'm getting a bit excited about this show. My expectations aren't very high, but it looks like it'll be a fun diversion this fall. If nothing else, it'll keep me distracted while I wait for January.

Looks like the recasting rumors were true. NBC has removed all of Mae Whitman's scenes from the earlier promos, and just posted a new one in which Jaime appears sister-less. Ugh. Poor Egg! On the plus side, the new preview has much more Katee! It's basically a nine-minute sequence of various scenes, rather than the earlier quick-cut one. Katee's scenes are in the last three minutes. Her voice sounds SO different, but in a cool way.

Here's the preview on the NBC site. I extracted the flash video and tried to convert it to .avi or .mpg, but the sound kept getting out of sync. If you're having trouble with the streaming version, I've uploaded the flash file to SendSpace. You'll need an FLV Player like this one to watch it. I've also made a few iffy-quality screencaps of Katee. Feel free to snag 'em, but please let me know and/or give credit if you use them for icons or whatnot. Thanks!

ETA: While on my daily site-hopping and blog-checking, I found a new EntWkly interview with Michael Hogan and Katee. Cutest interview ever! Spoilers ONLY through the end of S3, thank goodness.