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The proverbial clock is ticking.

I started to write a long post about my sleep habits, but I'm too tired. I know that doesn't qualify as irony, but I choose to think of it as such. Damn you, Alanis. Instead, I'll rant again about Katee on 24. Collapse )

(Pointless, repetitive posts like this are what happens when I challenge myself to post every day for a month.)
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... because outer beauty is what really counts.

I've watched the first four episodes of this season of 24, in part because I adore Katee Sackhoff, but also because it's such a dumb, ridiculous, addictive show. Thus far, poor Katee is not being served well by her storyline, to say the least. Collapse )

So, I was bored and went over to read the 24 boards on TWOP. I fully expected lots of hate for her storyline; heck, I even added my own eye-rolling to the mix. And I knew there would be some anti-Katee sentiment as bleed-over from Starbuck, who could be a polarizing character on BSG. Fine by me, even if I disagree. But alongside the other negativity was quite a bit of body-snarking. She's "mannish", with "big arms" and "looks like she got hit in the face with a brick". What? You might not find her conventionally beautiful, and that's fine. But those types of comments just piss me off, even when directed at women I don't already like. I spend most of my time in online environments that are full of smart, fabulous feminists who would never stand for body-snarking, so I guess it's too easy to forget how prevalent this shit can be. I've no problem with these jackasses saying that they don't find Katee attractive (even if that's in no way relevant to her performance), but the kinds of comments I saw above are quite unnecessary.

I'll just end with a quote from her great interview in Vanity Fair: "I think every character I play has a physicality to them, so I have to stay in some sort of shape. I’ll never be a size two. And I don’t want to be a size two. I’m going to make a size six look really fucking good. That’s as much as I can hope for."
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happy-making things.

Elmore-Pisgah continues to impress me. I finally opened the box from Friday and discovered they'd sent me the wrong type of yarn, which meant that I can't finish the project. I double-checked the invoice to make sure I'd ordered the correct kind. Late last night I sent them a friendly e-mail asking how I could exchange it. A woman replied first thing this morning with an effusive apology and a promise to ship the replacement yarn immediately at no extra cost, and that I could keep the yarn I already have. Yay! Makes me feel good about supporting a small 80-year-old family company in the NC Appalachian foothills. I'm going to see if I can find a use for all that extra Peaches & Creme. If not, I'll see if any of y'all want it. :)

In other freebie adventures... I got free pizza tonight. For whatever reason, Papa John's sent me a postcard apologizing for my recent "unsatisfactory experience", with a coupon for a free large 2-topping. Don't remember having any problems with them, but hey. I'll take it!

Tonight's 24? God, that show is ridiculous, but tonight made up for most of this season. Oh, how I've missed President Crazy and First Lady Percocet. Collapse )

Pop Candy has an intriguing post speculating which current bands might make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 25 years... assuming many of them are even still around.

EW's blog has a hilarious review of a recent Rascal Flatts concert. I've never heard their songs, but this had me laughing aloud.

And Slate has a contest in which you can submit euphemisms for workplace incompetence.

I'm off to start making plans for a celebration of my nephew's impending birth! That is, if the stubborn kid ever decides to appear. :)
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... but at least it has Dule Hill.

Watching Psych on Friday nights might be enjoyable fluff, but it's no substitute for ending the work week with BSG. Alas. Thank goodness for a three-day weekend. Not much to post about tonight, though I do have something fun planned as a tie-in to the holiday. Still, I'd rather be posting fandom meta right now.

Scrubs continues to be a disappointment this season, but thetoddtime.com looks fun... if only I didn't have to download more plugins for it. Very annoying. (The Psych site is also impossible to navigate in Firefox. Idiots.)

I got a kick out of this interview with Kyle Chandler. Best part is his reply to a question about what advice Peter Berg has given him about his character: We had a meeting where he said, "What the hell were you doing last night?" I said, "Well, it was my buddy's 40th birthday, and we drank a little wine, had some cigars and were up pretty late." He said, "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. I want you to look old and devastated. Keep smoking and drinking." I went home and told my wife here's what I have to do: I have to drink and smoke and watch a lot of football. I'm sorry but that's my job now, honey. (I *heart* Coach.)

ETA: I forgot to mention that iTunes is offering the pilot of Friday Night Lights as a free download. :)

Mo Ryan talks about the problems with this season of 24. And EW reports that 24, among other shows, has inspired the FCC to consider regulating TV violence. I'm not at all fond of the government deciding what we should or shouldn't see, though I have to admit that at least they're giving violence the same (puritanical) consideration that they give to "smut". That said, stop playing our guardians, FCC. Thanks.

On a non-TV note... while I'm frustrated by the ridiculously misleading commercials, this interview with David Paterson (Katherine's son) about how he got Bridge to Terabithia made into a movie is quite interesting.
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"This would work on Ugly Betty."

First, a GIP, courtesy of awmp! This one and a similar icon for BTVS are share-able at her LJ.

Yesterday's spoilers poll was really interesting; thanks for participating, folks! Must say that I was amused that 37% of you thought we should wait until the end of the current season before eschewing cut-tagged spoilers... yet only 13% of you felt the same about using spoilery icons. I don't quite get the discrepancy, since *I* find certain icons just as spoilery as meta. Go figure. :)

I think the flu might be coming back. GAH. I shall ignore it and talk about TV instead. Spoilers only for the latest episodes of ... Collapse )

And now some linkspam.

-- sarmoti gives us a heads-up to video of Timberlake and Samberg performing "Dick in a Box" live at Madison Square Garden.

-- 24 meets Aqua Teen Hunger Force. That mash-up was just begging to be made. And Maureen Ryan interviews Mary Lynn Rajskub.

-- Courtesy of half my blogroll and flist: Anthony Bourdain delivers the smackdown on The Food Network.

-- zorb linked to every episode of House, in Yahoo!Mail emoticons.

-- PopWatch talks about the Smart Cycle: "a mini-stationary bike for 3 to 5 year olds that only lets the rider view the TV screen and play games when in motion." I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry... or just hope they made one of those for us grown-ups.

-- Time snarks a bit about Gen X'ers navel-gazing -- and blogging -- about parenthood.

-- I've spent much of the morning getting caught up on the Commercial Thread on the TWOP boards. If you're into snarking about commercials, this board provides hours of fun.

-- And finally, drewcypher posted promo pics for BSG 3.18. I do have one spoilery observation, which I've white-texted so that my spoiler-free friends can still read/reply without fear! Collapse )
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At one point you've got it, then you lose it. Then it's gone forever.

This afternoon, I headed to Publix for baking supplies, and of course I forgot to get some butter. The woman in front of me at checkout bought three fresh lobsters for a total of $97. Wow. I had to restrain myself from boggling. I'm finally at a place in my life where I'm making a decent income -- at least, for a public school teacher. Still, I can't imagine spending a hundred bucks on lobsters that weren't cooked for me at a fancy restaurant.

I think it's time to reveal myself as a Mah Jong addict -- and I know I'm not the only one out there. I've been playing Mah Jong Towers Serenity for hours on end. Best thing about it is that they post a handful of new layouts each day, which is great for those like me who are too cheap to shell out for the full version. Go forth and waste time, campers!

dtissagirl posted a fabulous movie picspam, including Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and one of my all-time favorites, Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt)! Like Pavlov's dog, any mention of that movie forces me to put in my DVD and bliss out. I've never been one for top-ten lists, but here are Collapse )

It's 24 night! Whee! I love this show. It's big and dumb and ridiculous and shit gets blown up! I can't understand how critics (and Emmy voters) take it so seriously, because I'm too busy laughing at all the wackiness. I've seen tomorrow night's eps and don't want to accidentally give out spoilers, but those two hours had some huge "ZOMG!" moments. Hey, where would I go for some Chloe bitchface icons?

ETA: Okay, this is really pissing me off. I'd had a poll asking which Jack was the biggest badass: Bauer or Bristauer; however, I had to reformat it, and now it's not working at all. Hmph.

A few links tonight:
-- Time Magazine interviews Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench. Together. wisteria_ blisses out. I really must see Notes on a Scandal.
-- queenofthorns did an insanely cute picspam of Zoo Atlanta's baby panda! I'm a little bit in love with Mei Lan.
-- Though I've linked before, I must again spread the love for Bad Baby Names, the blog version of one of the most hilarious sites on the interwebs, Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing. Someday I'll have to share the story of the mother of two of my students, who are named after Dynasty characters, or "the Bobs".

Oh, and if you've been meaning to catch up on Galactica, SciFi has a season 3 marathon tomorrow from 8am-6pm. :)