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New TV!

Oh, I'm so glad to have new TV back again! Right now I'm watching Boardwalk Empire, which is surprisingly interesting even though it might as well have "Emmy Bait" in the opening credits. C'mon. HBO + Costume Drama + Scorsese + Big Splashy Production = Of course it's going to win every category for which it's eligible. I'll admit that I can get unfairly resentful of the whole HBO thing. Hopefully some of the other shows this season will stand a chance! (That said, I'm also pleased that Kelly Macdonald has the lead female role. She has done marvelous work since, but she will always be Diane to me. Damn, now I want to watch it again. I adore Danny Boyle.)

Anyway. I'm pretty ambivalent about the new TV season, though like I said, I'm thrilled just to have something new to watch. Yes, I am a hardcore TV junkie. Collapse )
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Swimsuits, sweaters, soccer, zombies, and disappointment.

1. Per the suggestions on last night's post, I dropped by Old Navy and was surprised to find a swimsuit that fits fine, if not perfectly. And if it fits *me*, then that's further proof that ON sizing is screwed up. ;) Even better, I found out at the register that it was 30% off. That's the third time in as many days that I've gotten a surprise discount at checkout. I'm on a roll!

2. I finished another summer sweater today -- my fifth one since January! Funny how I never liked knitting sweaters because I didn't have the patience or the money for all that yarn, yet now they're all I want to knit. Collapse )

3. I had fun watching the two World Cup matches today, though I had to keep it on mute for much of the time due to the incessant buzz of the vuvuzelas. I'm not really interested in the soccer itself, but the sheer breadth of the worldwide competition is really neat.

4. AMC has released a video of the "zombie school" for The Walking Dead. It's such a pity that I won't be available for some of the dates in the casting call for extras here in town, because it looks like SO much fun to learn how to, well, stumble around like a zombie.

5. Day 11 - Collapse )
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There's nothing offensive about that hand gesture.

1. All my knitting this week seems to have given me a touch of tendinitis in the middle finger of my right hand. It's fine when I curl my fingers slightly in a natural position, but I feel shooting pains when I make a fist or extend it. (Guess I won't be flipping anyone off soon!) It's not serious enough for the emergency room, and I can't get in to the doctor until Monday. Any suggestions? OTC stuff is fine since I need to make a Rite-Aid run anyway. A caveat: for some stupid reason, using ice as a numbing agent really freaks me out, so that's not an option! (ETA: Icing it plus some ibuprofin seems to have helped for the time being, knock on wood.)

2. I love that my local Publix carries a fairly large selection of British foods. I will finally concede that Smarties are WAY better than M&Ms. They also offer several varieties of tea biscuits; however, they don't have the milk chocolate ones that I loved way back when I lived in London. Chocolate McVitie's are just too grainy for my tastes, even if they are probably healthier.

3. Scholastic has a write-up of the Mockingjay event at BookExpo, including a vague and not-very-spoilery description of the opening scene of the final book!

4. I've mentioned it before, but if you're looking for something fun to watch this summer, check out Starz' sitcom Party Down. All of the episodes are available for streaming on Netflix, and I think it's also at OnDemand. Really bawdy and funny and free!

5. While I'm a bit suspicious of its veracity, I laughed at this voicemail from a woman who is furious that a weather bulletin interrupted the season finale of Criminal Minds.
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The Celebrity Mini-Crush Edition.

Although 30 Rock is a shell of its former glory, I loved last night's episode because of Michael Sheen! Yay! So delightful to see him there, given that I'm developing a minor crush on him.

Now I'm watching The Soup because of Joel McHale, my other celebrity mini-crush, and I'm realizing that I've never even heard of most of the reality shows on it. Probably a good thing. Joel riffing on them is pretty darn hilarious, though. Also, the drop-in guest this week was Gabourey Sidibe, whose coolness and adorableness knows no bounds.

Yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I watch far too much television. Bobsled.
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The late afternoon update.

1. Wow, thanks for all the snowflakes! Seeing them lined up on my profile page is a lot of fun. :)

2. Collapse )

3. Was quite pleased to discover that my school library has The Ask and the Answer, the second book in Patrick Ness's trilogy, which means I don't have to buy it -- I liked the first book, but not quite enough to splash out when money's so tight. The downside is that a student currently has it checked out until 12/17. I'm resisting the urge to track her down and wheedle ask nicely for her to return it!

4. Last week I ordered some sweaters from the Women's Plus section of Old Navy (because I am a Big Girl), only to discover that one of them had a hole in the arm seam. Collapse )

5. Yesterday I discovered that season one of Legend of the Seeker was available via Netflix On Demand (another reason why I love having a TiVo.) So, I got sucked into marathonning the first 9 episodes. It's a fun little show, and beautifully shot. I have a mental block against fantasy -- sorry! -- and it's not pinging my meta jones. But so far it's been great background viewing while I do something else, and I plan to finish S1 and download the aired episodes of S2. Oh, and I wish they'd let the actors keep their Kiwi accents instead of forcing American ones!

6. I fear I may never finish all my Christmas knitting -- SO much of it! -- which is not a good thing given how many of my gifts involve yarn. And why do I keep starting fingering-weight scarves that take forever? They always seem like such a good idea at the time, but I'm quickly bored out of my mind.

7. One bit of fandom news: nicole_anell has been posting some fun and detailed writeups from the recent London con with BSG and Firefly actors. Start here then just go to her main LJ page for the other two. :)
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A very long catch-up post.

1. Much to my chagrin, I am watching Fox in hopes that they'll show a Dollhouse promo. A friend found this one the other night, but the quality is so low that you can barely see Jamie.

2. Just me, or is vanity sizing getting even crazier? I ordered some shirts in my usual size from Old Navy's womens plus department last week, and they're way too big for me. However, I'm pretty sure I haven't lost any weight -- at least, I haven't noticed any difference in the mirror. (I should use a scale, but they're scary!) Then again, I also noticed that some of my pants are looser around the waistline, so maybe I am getting a teensy bit thinner. Sure doesn't look like it, though!

3. Hey, teachers? I have a great tip to pass along: beach ball. I've been using one in my classes, and it's working out beautifully! Whenever I'm asking the students questions, I toss the ball to the first kid who raises her hand, and she answers. Then she tosses the ball to someone else for the next question, similar to the "popcorn" strategy. This is great because A) the students choose who speaks, thus avoiding the "you never call on me!" issue, and B) the kids really get excited, and many who wouldn't normally participate are waving their hands in the air. In fact, when the principal did a drop-in observation last week, she said the kids got a little TOO hyper. ;) But it's all about Active Learning these days, right?

3a. My students watched Obama's speech today and cheered at the end, though maybe that was due to the socialist brainwashing. Then again, we're a very pro-Obama school, so indoctrination was lost on them. *g*

4. Interesting New Yorker blog post about how spell-check has "ruined" grammar. I was particularly intrigued by the list of the twenty most common errors in college student papers. I cringed (and laughed) at how many of them are related to the poor comma.

5. I was quite pleased to hear a new episode of This American Life, after far too many weeks of reruns. Speaking... are any of you using the new NPR app for iPhone? Though the online streaming can be spotty, I like it in theory, as it lets me make my own playlist. On the other hand, the playlist feature can be very clunky and keeps crashing.

6. Since I'm a television junkie, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and Collapse )
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"If not for"

Just got up out of bed. Oh, I haven't been there all day, or anything! I got chicken for dinner, and although I thought I ate a decent-sized portion, but it all sat in my stomach until I had to lie down for a bit. I still feel rather blech, but functional. Still, it's nice to be able to lie in bed and do some reading. Only three more weeks of summer vacation, and I'm hitting that point where I wish time would pass very, very slowly -- a weird shift after spending the school year wishing it would speed by.

Speaking of school ... today I bought the first set of supplies at Target. They had packs of markers and colored pencils for 50 cents. It seems so early, but then the schools here in GA start earlier than the rest of the nation. (And yeah, we have same 180-day calendar as everyone else. Personally, I prefer it this way.) The next month will be tough on my finances. In the past, the state gave teachers $100 giftcards to spend on retail school supplies, and I also got around $75 from my school to order things through them. But the massive budget shortfalls means no state prepaid Visa this year, and my school might scale back our individual allotments. Add in the fact that my salary is going down by around 2.5% next year thanks to the shortfall, and ... ugh. I can probably make do without a cabinet full of new things, but it's always tricky in low-income schools like mine, where many kids come in without even the basics like paper and pencils.

Well, that was depressing! On to happier topics, like yarn. Collapse )

A question for Americans who write in British (or Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, etc...) fandoms, and vice-versa: using proper colloquialisms is always important, but do you extend that verisimilitude to spelling? I'm writing a story set in present-day London. A friend has offered to "Brit-pick" for me (hi, elzed!), and I'm not too concerned with that aspect of the writing. I'm just wondering whether I should carry that over to the actual spelling, or if it even matters.

Right now I'm watching The Closer, and it reminds me of a game I play with shows that I generally like except for one thing. Collapse )
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The Sunday Evening Round-Up

I really need to get that notebook I mentioned earlier, because now I've forgotten everything I wanted to say. Ah, well. Guess I'll start off with craftsiness. Collapse )

Boredom has also led me to watch several TV shows I'd never tried before. Collapse )

On a personal note, a few weeks ago I started seeing a cognitive therapist in hopes of tackling a few lifelong problems. Collapse )

Finally, a linkspam:
-- I've been gorging on the beautiful nature photos at Pixdaus.
-- Time has a fun gallery of favorite super-cheap foods like Mac 'n Cheese and ramen.
-- At the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner, John Hodgman informed President Obama that he is a geek.
-- workerbee73 has written a fabulous post on the joys of beta-reading.
-- Poniewozik talks about the movie Persepolis, in light of what's happening now in Iran.
-- Someone has uploaded video of the Blur reunion show!
-- Mental Floss explains four common Latin abbreviations.
-- Ecosalon has some helpful tips of when you can ignore "dry clean only" labels.
-- The A.V. Club lists 18 crazy (and legally unlikely) courtroom scenes.
-- Name Your Tale will create random drabbles for you.
-- Color Match purports to brain-build by, er, matching colors.
-- Two videos: an Arrested Development documentary? Oooh. And some awesome 5th graders performing Lady GaGa.
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How many weeks? How many sheiks?

1. Ah, the power of traffic to rule one's summer schedule. One of my projects for ESOL certification class is to visit DeKalb Farmer's Market and write about the cultural representations that I observe. I really wanted to go today (and get in some grocery shopping while there), but unless I'd left at noon, there was no way I could get across town and back without hitting the rush hour wall that lasts from 2-8. Lovely. Guess I'll go tomorrow.

2. Speaking of farmer's markets, I need to find a list of all the fruit/vegetable stands in town. Seems like they're popping up all over the place, but they're usually held at inconvenient times like Saturday mornings. I keep meaning to go to the one on Tuesday nights at the Episcopal church down the street, but every week I forget about it until five minutes after they close.

3. I used to be such a noctural person. Still am, to an extent. But lately I've found myself getting rather sad at around this time of the evening when I have to close the blinds and turn on the lights.

4. I know some of you are also old Sports Night fans, so here's a heads-up that Sepinwall has started reviewing the first season. Yay! I rewatched the first two eps last night. Damn, I loved that show. (And nope, never really liked The West Wing.)

5. A favorite quote from Conan the other night: "YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge to create one super time-wasting website, YouTwitFace." (And speaking of late night TV, the theme song from "Where and When Is Stephen Colbert Going to Be in the Persian Gulf?" is my current earworm. Gah!)

6. Many thanks to padabee for bringing us more half-naked Jamie Bamber. Also, Pilots-loving friends, mintenergy has finished Signal Fire. As I plan to say in the feedback that I promise to leave tonight, it's very lovely and *fulfilling* after what happened in the finale. Do go read it and give her lots of great feedback!

7. My dad wants a subscription to Wine Spectator magazine for Father's Day. Amazon has it for $50, which is nearly half the cover price, but that's still a bit steep for my current budget. Any idea where I could find it a bit more cheaply?

8. I'm sad that The Hangover looks like a crap movie, because I still have a tiny crush on Bradley Cooper. ("Will Tippin" remains my favorite fictional name. Such fun to say aloud!)

9. Nominations for the Television Critics Awards have been announced. I'm dismayed that out of ten nominees for "Individual Achievement in Comedy/Drama", only two (token) women made the cut. While I'm sure all the nominees did a marvelous job last year, would it have killed the critics to find more women for the lists?

10. While I was never a huge fan of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I wish it had stuck around. Even those of you who weren't fans should check out this blog post by its executive producer about its cancellation. Both hilarious and depressing.
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TV ketchup

I've been having an emotionally rough week, so I'm distracting myself with TV. Too bad nothing's on tonight. According to reports, Dollhouse has been renewed. I wasn't a huge fan -- more intrigued than enraptured -- but I'd like to see more of it. So, here are some thoughts on various things I've watched lately. Spoilers for all of them through the most recently aired episodes.

Collapse )

Collapse )

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Collapse )

And some one-liners about Collapse )
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