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Ten bits of randomness.

1. I finally have a fully-functional HD TiVo!!! Yes, that warrants three exclamation points, especially since my godawful Comcast DVR died on Monday, taking with it all my recorded programs (including all of this season of BSG). Also, the corpses in CSI:NY are even yuckier in high-definition.

2. DVD watching: I saw and *loved* Persepolis last night. Today I'm marathoning Burn Notice, via Netflix.

3. Oh, goodie. I haven't watched any of those awful Bravo or MTV reality shows, but I might have to tune in for the new one, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, though thank god none of them live in my zip code.

4. Vulture asks "Is Shaq's 'Tell Me How My Ass Taste' the song of the summer?" I had to include it just for that title.

5. Fascinating story in Slate about a writer who spends two weeks working in a day care.

6. Michel Gondry picks 25 classic music videos. I agree with many of his choices, though I also *love* his own. Bjork's "Bachelorette" is one of my all-time faves.

7. Saturn Award winners have been announced. I'll refrain from the Hewitt snarking and ask how do some of those even qualify as "science fiction"?

8. The Atlanta H&M opened while I was out of town, and I went down there Tuesday and bought two great purses. I was thrilled to find some with long shoulder straps, because I really dislike those short handles that are popular now. I prefer to sling my purses like messenger bags.

9. I finally figured out how to structure a post-"Revelations" K/L fic. Now I just have to write it. ;)

10. I finished knitting two new socks. Collapse )
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A lack of gratuitous nudity.

In happy news... my new HD TiVo is hooked up! Comcast was supposed to come out today to install the cable cards so that I can get HD service, but they had to reschedule for tomorrow because they're out of cards. Ah, well. I still did a big ol' happy dance when I got it all hooked up last night! WHEE! Yes, I'm an obnoxious TiVo snob. Talked about it last week with a knitting group friend who also had to use one of the Comcast DVRs for a couple of months while she saved up to replace her TiVo. She said that it made her finally understand how Mac users feel about PCs. ;)

So. I netflixed season one of The Tudors, and now I'm on 2.03. Collapse )

I'm also reveling in yarn love. Collapse )

Some links:

-- Human Tetris is coming to American TV. This amuses me greatly.
-- EntWkly has hired Ausiello. Ugh. People seem to love him. I am NOT one of them.
-- Slate talks about the normalization of oral sex. Maybe I'm just cynical, but are the girls getting any?
-- On the plus side, the Calgary Herald has a cool article about women in traditionally male-dominated trades.
-- Salon attempts to explain why gas prices are so high.
-- We have a premiere date for Mad Men: July 27th!
-- From BoingBoing: An English teacher marks up a blog post.
-- And I have to share the marvelous picspam that bop_radar made me about Kara in the first half of S4. Please go read and comment; I'm currently working on my multi-part reply. :)
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Just wanna do something special....

Was feeling a bit melancholy about age stuff, so I went shopping and got a massage. The masseuse was wonderful, but wow. Right now I feel boneless and have no energy whatsoever. I guess that's a good thing, no? In happier news... my new HD TiVo is here! I'll be SO glad to ditch that awful Comcast DVR and go back to my beloved little recorder. Just have to get Comcast out here to install the cable card thingy, and that won't happen until I have a day off in two weeks. Alas.

Quick tech question: Is it possible to make a video playlist for my iPod? So far, I can only do it with music.

One very general comment as I watch this week's Doctor Who: Pity that this is a kids' show, because Donna is totally the type who would shoot Ten a withering glare then bellow, "What the FUCK are you on about?!?"

Here's a short linkspam so that I can clear out my bookmarks.

-- PBS plans to revive The Electric Company. Huh.

-- If you haven't already seen it, check out Green Porno, in which Isabella Rossellini pretends to have sex with bugs. It's deliciously bizarre.

-- Jez has a really cool article about how women are the economic backbone of the new Rwanda. And this NY Times article is fascinating: Does the "real" Ireland still exist?

-- Mo Ryan has a review of the Conchords show in Chicago, with a new music video(!) for "Ladies of the World". Eek! I need an icon of Bret on roller skates. And, for the love of the gods, WHY DOES JEMAINE HAVE A PORNSTACHE?

-- And finally, I love the new BSG videoblog, One More Photo Op. Rather odd to see them moving in that S4 cast photo, though at least we now know none of the cast members were photoshopped into the pic -- and that Katee and Tricia were NOT drunk. Nope, not at all. ;)
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Abusing exclamation points since 1974.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Snap Cup Meme, and especially to those of you who left comments on my name! Such a lovely pick-me-up, and I tend to need those far more often than I should! I tried to leave comments for those names I recognized, and I'm so glad that more names keep being added!

I've been sitting outside for the past two hours. Lovely day -- 68 degrees with 80% humidity -- and the skeeters are eating me alive. Should probably go back inside, huh? I've been trying to work on fic, but I'm too jittery and restless. Oh, and while I've got fic on the brain, can I call dibs on Lee-on-the-Demetrius? *g* Seems like whenever I start a story these days, I write too slowly and discover that someone has posted the same scenario before I can finish mine! (Please write LOTD fic if you'd like! Just putting my current plot out there before it gets trumped yet again. ;)

Fairly lazy weekend, which suits me just fine. My main motivation has been attempting NOT to spend much money before Wednesday's paycheck. I should also be saving money for the Van/Sea trip; fortunately, my end-of-year bonus will easily pay off my credit card, with enough left over to cover the vacation. Which reminds me... looks like I'll be getting that (stupid) Tax Rebate Check this week. I'm going to use it to replace my dead iPod and get a HD TiVo. Since both of those are basically fixed-price items (they're never on sale), any suggestions of where I could still manage to save a few bucks when I buy them?

Just a handful of links this time.

-- My Little Pony turns 25. That pic of the stage show is rather terrifying.
-- A chorus line of kittens! I prefer to believe that it's not CGI. ;)
-- OMGLists has 8 fictional cities you wouldn't want to live in.

Collapse )
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Pain! Frustration! Crackfic!

Eight things about the past twenty-four hours:

1. I've realized that I really, really need to start working on my sleep schedule. Staying up too late several days in a row brings on dreadful insomnia, like today. My goal for the next six weeks of school (only six more weeks!) is to attempt to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I suspect I will be unsuccessful.

2. Knitting injuries! I've mastered the magic loop method for socks, and I'm loving it. No more sock ladders! (The loose stitches where you join DPNs.) I've knitted up a storm this week, and I'm close to finishing a fabulous sock for a friend. The downside? Pain in my right wrist and elbow, and these super-pointy needles keep poking holes in my left index finger. I've now got a band-aid wrapped around it, which makes both knitting and typing more difficult.

3. The Office was almost unbearably awkward, but it also made me laugh aloud at several points. I haven't done that with the show in way too long. Yeah, I *get* the humor; it just didn't feel quite as funny anymore.

4. Thunderstorms and ice cream. Two great tastes that taste great together. Except for thunderstorms not being edible.

5. How much do I hate the Comcast DVR? It ate last night's BSG. I can probably snag a rebroadcast, and I can watch the .avi on my DVD player... but that's not in HD. I'd planned to use that (stupid) tax rebate to get a new mattress, but now I think I'll use it to replace my iPod (which is officially dead, according to Cute Apple Store Guy) and my beloved TiVo.

6. Collapse )

7. dionusia and I have been joking around about how we want to write crackfic featuring a sekrit pilotician baybee. She said, "Imagine the tabloid covers!" That reminded me of The Flickr Magazine Creator, which I used with my students last fall. Collapse )

8. Well. Certain girly things plus a week off work are making me very lethargic right now (and, as evidenced by the above, very silly.) So I'm going to curl up on the sofa and watch the new Doctor Who. And maybe eat some more ice cream.
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I want my TiVo back!

I've HAD IT with that piece of shit that Comcast passes off as their "DVR".

Thanks to a doctor's appointment at 12:30, I came home for a few minutes so that I can head back to work after the appt. Just noticed that my DVR was recording. Surprised, I loaded the menu. Turns out it's recording ALL of the episodes of the BSG marathon today... and that's after I had recently changed the settings -- TWICE! -- to only record new episodes. NOT the marathon. What's worse is that, in order to free up space, it deleted all my old programs, including some things I hadn't watched yet and others I was specifically saving. I would've had plenty of room on the hard drive to save them, too, if not for this pathetic excuse for a DVR ignoring my settings.

I'd planned to buy a new HD TiVo when I get my bonus in June. I really can't afford one now, unless I put more charges on my credit card (which I'll be paying off in June, but still.) Now I might just have to find a way to pay for one a couple of months early, because this is ridiculous. Yes, I know I'm a TV addict with priorities slightly out-of-whack, but the past month has proven to me that TiVo is worth every penny. *sigh*

I'm having bad luck with electronics lately. Left my cellphone charger at work over the weekend, and the battery ran out. Yesterday, my iPod died. Not exactly a shock, as it's a 3-year-old Mini that has been dropped way too many times. And, of course, I don't have a warranty. Last night I was thinking that I'd just buy a new .mp3 player in June. Now I've got to pay for a TiVo. GAH!
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TiVo, I have betrayed you, but I'm coming back!

Week one with HDTV is great... most of the time. The picture quality really is gorgeous. Though I could easily put in my DVD, I got a kick out of watching "33" (and even "Litmus") in hi-def yesterday. I keep exclaiming aloud, "It's so pretty!", for even shows I'd normally ignore. Can't wait until S4 of Galactica airs in six weeks!

On the other hand, I have betrayed my beloved TiVo -- yes, I'm one of those hardcore, obnoxious TiVo snobs. ;) When I went to the Comcast office on Tuesday, I learned that if I wanted HD, I'd need to have someone come out and install the cable card, which meant taking a day off work. If I wanted HD immediately, I'd need to get one of their DVRs. I figured, hey, I could use it until June, when I can take off work and afford to pay cash for a new HD TiVo. Plus, thousands of people have the cable company's boxes, so they must be good. Maybe I'd even like it better than the TiVo!

Yeah, right. I promised myself I'd give it a week, hoping I'd like it better once I was more used to it. Instead, I find myself missing my darling TiVo more than ever. Collapse )

I'm quite happy, though, that I have a three-day weekend! Definitely needed it after the hellish week I had. I caught up on some long-overdue cleaning, and I spent the rest of the time knitting. And, as usual, here's another linkspam.

-- txvoodoo wants to know if you use the serial comma. And here is Grammar Girl's great podcast about it.

-- I kinda love that Greg Garcia, the EP of My Name Is Earl, spent the writer's strike working in a fast-food restaurant.

-- The NY Times has a cool article on Atlanta's new soul food museum, plus another on English teachers using Gatsby as a reflection of the immigrant experience.

-- Newsweek profiles Michelle Obama (gorgeous cover photo of a kickass woman), and a columnist talks about how online "personas" help with social phobia.

-- It's not just for your emo mp3s anymore! 100 ways to use your iPod to learn and study better.

-- Finally, a few fun Mental Floss links: 8 weird theme parks we'd be willing to stand in line for, a Saved by the Bell trivia quiz, and in praise of cheap coffee.
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"I always thought of you as quick."

Good evening! Collapse )

Anyway. I've been knitting up a storm, and I'm polishing up a short fic that I hope to post tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few links:

-- Indi linked me to this post about a hall closet converted to a TARDIS. :)

-- Sepinwall, among others, has the news that Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies scored early renewals, plus most of the other ABC usual suspects.

-- These Valentine's e-cards are deliciously evil! And check out a piglet with heart-shaped spots!

-- Starbucks will finally offer (limited) free wi-fi. I'm torn, because I usually go to Starbucks because I don't want the distraction of 'net access while I'm writing. ;)

-- Mental Floss lists 8 movie metaphors worth puzzling over, and the Great British Venn Diagram.

-- Slate has a fun article on great authors with nearly indecipherable handwriting.

-- And ancarett linked to the very cool Songerize, which lets you type in a song/artist and play any versions that are currently streaming online.
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Walking 'round the room singing "Stormy Weather"

So much for that break from insomnia. Thursday night I set a reasonable bedtime (which I won't disclose because you'd disagree with "reasonable"), and I stuck to it. I also skipped my last ritalin of the night, in case that's what had been keeping me up. No problems falling asleep. I did the same thing last night. Didn't work at all, and I found myself awake for another three hours. Fortunately, right now I'm in a position where I can sleep whenever I want, instead of having to keep to a schedule. Still, it's really annoying.

Could be that I was keyed up from watching the Live Earth feed of Crowded House in Sydney. I get on huge CH kicks every few years, and here comes another one! So cool to see all the adulation there, including the MC calling them "the soundtrack for our lives", because up here I doubt more than a handful of people even know who they are. I literally squeed loud and mighty when they closed with "Weather with You", one of my all-time favorites -- and even better in performance than on the album. (I tried to transfer the file from my TiVo so I could upload to YouTube, but the TiVo kept crashing for the first time ever. Not. Good. This complicates my plan to do the same with the BSG preview on Tuesday. Uh-oh.)

Incidentally, it's funny that I didn't even know about Live Earth until I saw a story about it yesterday. I keep up with all the TV/movie stuff, but I'm so out-of-touch with music. On a similar note, I just watched the Pussycatt Dolls live for the first time. Yikes. They really do dance like they're wrapped around a stripper pole. And if any of y'all Stateside are interested in watching, I recommend the Sundance Channel. No commercials, and only brief interruptions for short environmentally-related films usually hosted by Robert Redford. Mostly, the show is just reinforcing my old-fogey belief that most alternapop is sheer crap, no matter how many fangirls/boys these bands have. Though I was quite amused by Xuxa in Rio. I think all those flashing visuals caused seizures.

While lying in bed for way too long, I also tried to come up with A Very Cool Fic Idea, but nothing happened. Even though I just posted a 7,000 word one last week, I always feel a strange emptiness when I'm not working on a fic. (And yes, I know how silly that sounds.)

Some links, while I'm here:

-- For those of you who need a fix during the long hiatus, Sepinwall will be reviewing Doctor Who as it airs on SciFi. He loved the two-parter.

-- MacDuff in the Buff: The Washington Shakespeare Company is doing Macbeth in the nude. Huh.

-- The New Yorker has a new essay by David Sedaris. Yay! This one is quite reminiscent of Me Talk Pretty One Day.

-- A Newsweek reporter talks about auditioning for Big Brother. Never seen an episode and don't plan to, but the article's quite interesting.

-- And in other newsweekly, er, news... Time has a huge special section on Harry Potter, including suggestions for how to cure HP withdrawal.

-- Fans of The Black Donnellys are now sending crackers to NBC in hopes of renewal. This is what I feared when I heard of the Jericho resurrection. Quite happy for J's fans, but now every other show is going to think they can do the same.

-- Creative Loafing's restaurant section categorizes the types of bad customers.

-- The new Seven Wonders of the World have been announced. Hmm. I'll agree with 'em.
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I'm close to/with this post.

Whew. Much to say about BSG, especially the hilarious spoilers fracas on TWOP today, but I'll defer that to another post. I will say here, though, that I laughed long and hard at one of the talkbacks on the Pop Candy post-ep. Collapse )

Also, I found an interesting tidbit from a TV Week article on the cable upfronts: in DVR homes, only 1 in 4 viewers of BSG watch the program live when it is telecast. I'm sure the same holds true for many fandom-heavy shows. Wonder if the Nielsens will ever *really* catch up? Probably not. I can understand the problem -- ratings are the key to advertising rates, yet few fans with TiVo watch the commercials -- but I still hate to see shows suffer because of time-shifting. Hmm.

On another note... something's been bugging me: when describing relationships, I've always said, "I'm really close to my friends." Lately, though, I've seen many people say, "I'm close with my friends." It really stands out to me because I'd never even considered the different wording, yet it appears to be quite common. From what I can tell, both versions are grammatically correct and basically interchangeable. So, I'm curious...

Which version do you use?

"Close TO"
"Close WITH"

Tonight I had occasion to go by that new shopping development at 75 and Howell Mill ... right next to the Northside Drive overpass where that bus overturned Friday and killed those students. Collapse )

And now for some long-overdue linkspam. This time I'm doubling up on some sources. Predictable? Yeah. But still good reading!

-- From Newsweek: Decoding the 39 ingredients in a Twinkie. *shudder* And Are Americans ignorant about religion? I scored an 89% on the handy (and very easy) quiz.

-- The NY Times talks about college campus sex magazines and Japanese tourists flocking to Alaska for the aurora borealis.

-- NPR has an interesting piece on the efforts to rebuild a Katrina-destroyed bridge in Mississippi. I've driven over that bridge several times, heading from Gautier to Pass Christian. I'm very glad to hear of the rebuilding.

-- Did you know that a recent act of Congress moved Daylight Savings Time up to the second Sunday in March? Set your clocks forward (ETA: oops!) this Sunday.

-- Slate asks What special benefits do you get for being Cherokee? Quite interesting.