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A while back, I had a streak going in which I posted to LJ every day, eventually hitting 1,000 straight days. (I think it ended in April 2008.) Sometimes I'd stick some pointless junk in a post just to keep it going, and that's where the linkspam habit started. ;) Now that I'm doing good to post every third day, I've realized that, in many ways, it was easier for me when I had to make myself post something before midnight rolled around. Now I even have a little "LJ topics" list in my phone's notepad app, so I can remind myself of things I want to say here, but I still often come up blanks. The other day I heard about NaBloPoMo, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Maybe getting back into the daily posting habit will help me out!

Nothing much on my mind tonight, though. I'm currently watching Mad Men, and Collapse )
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Not-so-high and dry.

1. I've had a lovely weekend with my baby nephew! We had a party for his first birthday on Saturday, and yesterday we went to an Easter Egg Hunt. Now I'm at my parents' house, checking the weather because a massive set of storms is supposed to roll through the DFW area mid-afternoon through tomorrow... and my flight back to ATL is at 8pm tonight. Yikes! Hopefully it won't be cancelled, because I'd rather not have to request another sick day on Tuesday.

2. If you also have difficulty getting up in the morning, check out Wakerupper.com. It worked out really well for me on Saturday.

3. The New York Times profiles Eddie Izzard.

4. Via nwhepcat: LOLTHULHU.

5. drewcypher snagged promo pics from the BSG season premiere, and I'm reposting them with his permission. YAY! Thanks again, D! I'd say they're not spoilery if you've seen the promos. Here's the gallery of all eleven photos. And, of course, I have to put some of the Kara pics behind the cut-tag. Collapse )

Okay, I'm off to play with the baby some more... and hopefully NOT get stuck at the airport with thunderstorms rolling through. *meep*
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"Boys becoming men. Men becoming wolves."

My annoyance has not quite passed, but I've decided to ignore it because of many other fabulous things in life.

First up: I really enjoyed tonight's episode of The Office, much more than I have in quite a while! Collapse )

Today's NYTimes has a piece on 30 Rock's "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah". Just thinking about it makes me giggle. Pity it's been yanked off YouTube, or I'd link and share the hilarity. As for tonight's episode: Collapse )

I TiVoed the Scrubs season premiere, but I'm not all that motivated to watch. Guess I'm still too scarred from last season; this is the one show where I am an ANTI-shipper. I adore Elliot. I tolerate JD. I hate the idea of them ever hooking up. On the plus side, Sepinwall posted his list of ten classic Scrubs episodes. While I agree that Turk's "Poison" dance is magnificent (all hail Bel Biv Devoe!), my favorite from that episode is definitely The Sacred Heart Air Band performing "More Than a Feeling". Sublime.

Speaking of funny clips... nicole_anell posted more fabulous bits from The Daily Show's archive. How the hell could I have forgotten Colbert doing naughty things to a banana?

Since I've been on a Spoon kick lately, I couldn't resist rewatching Keepon dancing to "Don't You Evah". Even if you're not a fan, you should watch this little robot-thingy dancing. SO CUTE! Almost as adorable as Milky from Blur's "Coffee + TV". (I also have to pimp the video for Spoon's "The Underdog". Yay, mariachis! Single-take videos are very cool.)

Turns out last night's Bionic Woman was actually somewhat good, despite the profound lack of Katee. I'll join the others in saying that the show should just find some way to permanently turn Jaime into a Brit. Then again, all the behind-the-scenes drama makes me wonder if the show will even be around that long. Alas. The other day, Indi and I debated whether Katee should get her own show. While I'd love for her to be The Star, I'd rather her join a good ensemble drama such as Brothers & Sisters. I hate having to say, "She's great but the show sucks." ;)

PopWatch shared the new poster for Harold and Kumar 2. That is MAGNIFICENT.

Finally, in non-media news, I loved the Times' article "A Celebration of Tex-Mex, Without Apology", because you should never apologize for loving good tex-mex... even if it's horribly unhealthy. God, that photo of the cheese enchiladas (my favorite dish ever) is making me drool. Hey, Sis? When I arrive for Thanksgiving, you are required to pick me up at DFW and take me straight to Mercado Juarez, okay?
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Air Rage! Tonight at 11.

I think that I've become an Air Rage statistic. Collapse )

But hey, I'm home now, and the good news is that I made it back just before a huge thunderstorm rolled through. Queso's fine -- thanks, biftec, for checking on him! And in other news....

-- The ending of last week's Rescue Me was already controversial, and then Peter Tolan (the exec producer) decided to go on the TWoP boards and defend it. Hilarious and idiotic wank ensued. I'll defer to nm973's great recap for all the details and links.

-- The Emmys conspiracy theories floating around are amusing (I do love a good ruckus), though I suspect they're a bit overblown. I'm sure "block voting" plays a part, but the real problem is that too many voters go with reputation instead of actually watching the front-running shows, which accounts for so many repeat nominees.

-- I love my LJ layout. I don't do e-mail comment notifications, so I prefer having as much text as possible up on my main page. Unfortunately, every time someone does a phone post, my friends-page layout is totally screwed up. Must try to figure out why, because I hate having to filter out those people until the post slips down to the next flist page.

-- I'm making another plea for Atlanta friends to help me with my move! I really only need a couple of people to help load furniture onto the truck for a few hours, since I can manage the smaller stuff on my own. I'd like to do it next Sunday or Monday (if you have a long weekend for the Fourth), but I can work around when you're available. And I would compensate you, of course. :)

-- Also, I'd love some advice! Collapse )

Now I need a very, very long nap.
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You can't go home again.

Damn, that goldderby.com Emmys message board is fascinating. It has reports from several people who attended the "blue ribbon committee" screenings this weekend, and we now know with near-certainty which shows were in the top ten. I'll cut-tag for those who want to be surprised on July 6th. Collapse )

As I drove around D/FW today, I made a mental list of things I'd forgotten about Texas, despite having grown up here:

1. People drive ridiculously slow, even on the highways. In possibly unrelated news, cops and state troopers sure do like to set speedtraps on those highways. (Very shocking to me, since speeding tickets are practically nonexistent in GA.)

2. After years and years, Eastern Standard Time is now my "default". Watching prime time shows at 7pm feels profoundly weird.

3. The sky here really is as huge as the hype. Then again, ain't much in the way of all that clear blue. (The GA sky looks really tiny, but there I'm surrounded by 60-foot pines, cypress, and poplars. So.)

4. There's. Just. Too. Much. Too many restaurants, gas stations, big box stores, etcetera. Especially the restaurants. They obviously have enough patrons to stay in business, and the variety is a wonderful thing. But damn. Chain restaurant overload.

5. Scorching heat is the best kind. Who cares about temps over 100? Just get in the shade, and you're fine. So much better than syrupy, sweltering humidity.

6. Everything in Dallas feels polished and new, in both good and bad ways. Even the stuff I've seen all my life -- the office buildings along Central, the mosque on Spring Valley, and so on -- it all feels so *new* and almost foreign. I can't really explain how, but it's not because of my having moved away. It's just... strange.

7. I used to say I loathe Dallas, but I don't. Not really. I think I'd love it if I were forced to move back here. Certainly has tons going for it! But even short vacations like this one just make me miss Atlanta all the more. Seventeen more hours, then I'll be home. :)
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The Must List

One of the few good things about the airport is that it gets magazines super-early. I picked up a copy of EntWkly's "Must List 2006". I get way too addicted to those damn things. Unfortunately, this year's is rather lackluster, aside from a *stunning* photo of the female Cylons (Tricia, Lucy, and Grace), and writeups of T.C. Boyle, Amy Sedaris, and the Corddrys. Ah, well. That photo really is mind-blowingly gorgeous, and hopefully the rest of the mag will be more scintillating than the first half.

BTW, the BSG writeup does have minor spoilers, of course. Fortunately, they're near the end of the quasi-interview, so you can skip 'em. I'll type them up behind Collapse )

And now I'm fixin'ta head on down to the Di-Sham to get me some Diet DP. {blink} Yup, I'm definitely back in Texas.