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Keep me away from ski jumping facilities.

1. Raise your hand if you watch ski jumping and think, "Oh, yeah. I could totally do that."

2. Being sick is expensive, such as when you go to Publix and buy tons of comfort food because "chicken soup and cocoa and orange juice and popcorn will make me feel much, much better -- and hey, there's the humidifier that Indi insists will help!" :)

3. Today's random entertainment: Romance Novel Yourself. So, who else plans to paste in screencaps of their favorite characters?

4. I got a kick out of a sociological study of the NYT list of most e-mailed stories, given that I find a lot of linkspam fodder there.

5. And some good news from the Times: Lt. Dan Choi, who was dismissed from the NY National Guard for coming out as gay, is (hopefully) in the process of returning to service. Good for him!
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Happy Valentimes Day, No One!

Crazy day. The local news has been predicting snow, but I assumed it was just the usual hyperbole. Well, it did start snowing a couple of hours ago, and I already have over an inch outside my front door. Cool! We hardly ever get any here, so it's always fun to see. Right now I'm watching CNN, which is freaking out over Atlanta weather as if the rest of the world gives a damn. ;) My school district dismissed an hour early, not that it made much difference to me as I took a sick day. Yup, I am definitely SICK, though I'm feeling a bit better now. This morning was awful, though. I slept for ten hours, and when I woke up I could barely move, thanks to the full-body aches and really bad congestion. I'll be over it soon, but right now I'm not having much fun.

The meteorologist on the local news said that right now all fifty states -- including Hawaii -- have snow on the ground, and that this is the first time that has ever happened, to their knowledge. Huh!

Thursday night TV was fun, if a bit dimmed from the glories of seasons past. Parks and Recreation keeps getting better and better, and I got a kick out of this interview with Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, if only for the nude photo. I was also cheered up by last night's 30 Rock, just because of the gratuitous Dean Winters appearance. I'm annoyed by NBC screwing with the scheduling so that my TiVo cut off the hysterical tag with Jon Hamm in a Jamaican accent. Collapse )

Though I don't have much to say about it, I also really enjoyed Collapse )

So I'll spend the evening recuperating while watching the Opening Ceremonies. Quite nice and understated thus far. And I'm probably the only American who doesn't mind the NBC crew talking over the Parade of Nations. Silly and obnoxious? Sure. But I often learn something from their patter. :)
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At least right now Tim Gunn is keeping me company.

As predicted last night, I am sick. Nothing to worry about -- just the average cold that I get once a year -- but really goddamned annoying while it's here. I called in sick for tomorrow, which isn't making me happy because we already have Monday off for President's Day. I'd been doing so well this year with not taking nearly as many as I have in the past! I suppose it's best to use them when I'm sick, given that I spend my days with preteens. But it all has me in a grumbly, congested/achy/sniffly mood tonight. And the icing on top: I just went to Steak 'n Shake because a cold is a perfect excuse for a milkshake; however, the otherwise-friendly drive-thru server forgot to give me a straw. Sigh.

All of the above has me in need of some cheering-up, if any of you are thus inclined. And I promise to (try my best to) reciprocate when I don't feel like death!
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My love of parentheses.

1. Well, those allergies turned out to be a bonafide cold or virus or whatever. (I can never tell them apart.) I've been sick all weekend. Congestion, skin sensitivity, headaches, a bit of a fever, and total fatigue. I did buy a neti pot; while it helped a little, it wasn't as effective as I'd hoped. I seem to be over the worst of it now, but I have no energy whatsoever. Even simply folding laundry earlier made me want to collapse. Tomorrow should be fun.

2. In addition to my futile battle against the comma splice, I now have another grammar peeve: the lack of commas in parenthetic expressions. I've been seeing these all over the place in the past month. Here's an example from the new issue of Time Magazine, with the names changed: "Mary Smith, a physician's assistant examines Dan Jones in a swine flu triage tent." The writer should've included another comma after "assistant", to set off the phrase as a descriptor. (I might be using the wrong terms here; I know what's right, even if I don't know the specific terminology.) Perhaps I'm too hardcore about grammar. Many errors don't bother me, promise! I've finally made my peace with the obsolescence of the Oxford comma. ;) But comma splices and parenthetical expressions are just so fundamental to sentence structure that I can't quite fathom why they've suddenly become "optional".

(Note to self: RELAX.)

3. This afternoon I watched Last Chance Harvey on DVD. Cute movie, albeit rather forgettable. It reminded me of how I fangirled Emma Thompson way back in the Ken-and-Em days of the early nineties. I was a naive college freshman at the time, and I wrote her a long, gushing fan letter that is rather embarrassing in retrospect even if I don't remember what I said. A month later, I opened my mailbox and found a hand-written note from her. I remember my hands trembling for the first time in my life as I clutched the unopened envelope. It was a very sweet thank-you for the lovely letter, with a note that I might enjoy her upcoming movie, Much Ado about Nothing. I wish I still had it. And since I was really naive, I wrote her back! Yup, another long missive as if we were bestest friends now. She never replied, not that I blame her one bit. ;) Still, it's a fun memory to have!
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"Shut up. You'll live."

My tummy hurts! Really awful cramps in my stomach and lower back, though fortunately none of the other yuckiness that usually comes with stomach problems. I've been so very lethargic all day, barely moving from the sofa except to finally make a post office run and go to Rite-Aid, where the pharmacist told me that without a diagnosis, she could only suggest Pepto. Feeling a bit better now, but I'm back on the sofa. Been marathoning season one of In Treatment, which is strangely addictive, and pondering whether to make another loaf of bread, since last week's loaf turned out so well. But that would require physical movement. Sigh. (For what it's worth, here's a great bread recipe for beginners. Even *I* can make a delicious loaf of simple white bread. Wow!)

Oh, and one thing I've done today is play with Free Rice for hours. I've now donated 4,000 grains of rice to the UN World Food Programme! If you haven't been back since it first launched, do go back and check it out. They have many more types of quizzes now, including famous paintings, the romance languages, grammar, and identifying countries and world capitals. The last two are *fun*. I am such a geography geek.

When talking to my mother earlier, we joked about the various strange phrases she'd used on me as a kid, and how I'm using them now with my students. My favorite is, "My heart bleeds peanut butter," as a dripping-sarcasm expression of fake sympathy. It makes absolutely no sense. Or how if I whined about an injury or grievance, she'd say, "You'll live." Ain't gonna kill you, kid. We also talked about how we'd often say, "Shut up," to each other, both in teasing and exasperation, but not trying to deliberately hurt the other person. Just one of the things we said. I've been surprised to notice how that's definitely NOT the norm for nearly everyone else I've ever met. If I've jokingly said it, people take serious offense. I suppose they're right and I'm wrong; I just hadn't realized that most people consider it extremely rude.

Funny how family dynamics don't always mirror the rest of the world, and it certainly makes me more conscious of what I say to other people -- though I have a tendency to screw up *often* and put my foot in my mouth. I'm not necessarily tactless, just unaware of how my words and actions might be received by others. I'm reminded of a recent interview with the adorable Jason Segel (of HIMYM at the Apatow movies) in which he said that he obsesses over perceived wrongs he's done to people - how it'll keep him up at night to the point of wanting to call the next day and apologize, at which point the others don't even remember the supposedly awful thing he'd said. I know the feeling. Hell, years later I seize up in mortification at things I've said or done that the other person has long forgotten. Sometimes I wish I could go back and apologize, but I know it's just my own neurosis! All part of being human, huh? :)
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Medical Drama!

Just got home from three hours at the emergency room. Nutshell version: they did x-rays and an EKG, but the big fancy diagnosis was... esophageal obstruction. Yes, so much fuss for what's probably a bite of food lodged in my throat. ;) They did tell me to see an ear/nose/throat specialist within 48 hours, so I'll be calling first thing tomorrow for an appointment. Also, I just put in for a sick day, which still makes me feel guilty even though I'm perfectly justified!

Anyway. As my parents always say in their most sarcastic voice, "You'll live." ;)

Right now I'm still wide awake, so I was just skimming the SciFi boards for con reports. One member has posted some truly gorgeous photos of Jamie from this afternoon -- perhaps the best con pics I've seen of any actor. Start here and scroll halfway down. You can also see some pics of Jamie and Katee (plus Hewlett and Flanigan from SGA) starting here. Mmm. Photos like these are almost enough to get rid of that lump in my throat. I also found this new Jamie interview. Spoilers only in the last question/answer.

Guess I should attempt to get some sleep. Thanks for all the well-wishes earlier!
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Some non-football reading material....

Prince at the Super Bowl halftime? Ten minutes of AWESOME. Though wow, it made me feel old to be gleefully singing along to songs that I first loved in 5th grade. Mia and I mocked those pretty young thangs they kept showing in the audience -- were they even alive when Purple Rain came out? Ah, well. Only thing that would've been better would have been for him to end with "When Doves Cry" as the radio-controlled robot doves swooped around him. Hee! And if you just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, you can catch all of them at CBS.com.

A few more things:

-- I'm back to feeling sick. Went on my weekly TJ's run, and damn near passed out by the end. I really, really can't afford another sick day, so I guess I'll come up with some lesson plans that don't involve me doing anything but sitting there. Yes, I'm a bad teacher. Ah, well.

-- I'm frantically working on my sister's baby blanket, which I kinda need to finish before her due date at the end of the month! With luck, I *might* get it done. A question for my knitting friends: it has a 10st seed stitch border, and I'm switching to new skeins at the end of the rows. How can I weave in the ends with a reversible seed stitch? I doubt I'll be able to make it invisible, but I'd like to keep it from looking awful.

-- As a distraction from football, grrliz has a Communal Picspam of Swoon-Worthy Celebs. Much pretty there, even if I don't recognize half the celebs.

-- Annie Barrett from EW proclaims that she still likes Coldplay, and there's nothing wrong with that.

-- In more serious news, Texas is the first state to require HPV vaccines for schoolgirls. I tend to bristle at the "requires" thing, but I applaud the progressive stance and hope it prompts more young women to get these potentially life-saving shots.

-- Time's entertainment section has articles on the commercialization of the Lost Boys of Sudan and Sierra Leone and a profile of the Oscar-nominated filmmakers from Mexico City.

-- And Newsweek has a cover story on the "Girls Gone Wild" effect. Ugh.

-- marenfic has a gorgeous fic, One or the Other Emptiness, about Kara, Sam, Lee, and all their complications. And indigo419 posted a *hot* little Kara/Sam drabble.

Those two make me want to write fic! Unfortunately, I can't seem to write *anything* fictional these days. The muse has left the building. Grr. I also can't seem to sit upright for long enough to post, so I'm going to curl up on the sofa and wallow in my sickness for the rest of the evening.
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The State of the TV Season

I'm borrowing this meme from ww1614, because I always love a chance to blather about TV (Oh, and no spoilers here past the most recently-aired episodes of each show.) Plus, it's great for distracting me from the flu that has mostly gone away but is still a pain in the ass nose. *sniff*

Collapse )

I was going to head out for some shopping, but now I'm utterly exhausted again. Ugh. Since going to bed on Thursday night, I've slept a total of 34 hours. I suppose taking another nap wouldn't be a bad idea, given how little sleep I get during the week, but I do hate wasting a perfectly nice Sunday afternoon. Eh, whatever. I'm gonna crawl back into bed and hope I can sleep off the rest of this illness, because I cannot afford to take Monday off, too. Stupid influenza.
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More sickness + a poll

The doctor's verdict? Good ol' influenza. Yesterday was excruciating. Got so bad that I couldn't move at all. I've slept 18 of the past 30 hours, and I'm still tired. I've been eating Dunkin Donuts because that's all I can deal with. Now I don't feel quite so guilty about taking a sick day! Fortunately, the worst seems to be over, knock on wood. At least I have today and tomorrow to rest and hydrate and take that very marvelous Robitussin with codeine.

(ETA: I typed that, then crawled back into bed for another 6 hours' sleep. Oops. Now I'm sore, sniffly, and craving some real food. Time to grab the stash of takeout menus.)

While lying in bed for so many hours, I mulled over the fic I've been wanting to write. I thought about doing it in second person, but those are so tricky to pull off; plus, I've already done that several times. On the other hand, I'm one of the few people who rather enjoys second person. ;) And as I thought about it, I decided to do yet another poll about fic-writing in general. And yeah, I used radio buttons instead of ticky boxes, so that the results would be more clear-cut.

Collapse )

And now I'm off to watch DVDs, freebase robitussin, order takeout, and try like hell to NOT fall asleep again. Ugh.
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I fought it. I didn't draw up sub plans or make photocopies before I left yesterday. My desk area is embarrassingly messy. I told the kids we were having a test today. Yeah, well. At 4:28am, I finally gave up and e-mailed a request for a substitute teacher today because....

I. Am. Sick.

Really sick. Massive congestion throughout my chest and head, plus a full-body soreness. I kept waking up because I couldn't breathe. Fortunately, it improves when I sit up, but the Delsym (usually a miracle drug) isn't working very well. I haven't decided whether to call for a doctor's appointment. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone's going to be telling me to call. But it's just such a hassle trying to get in to a very busy clinic on Friday afternoon, and I don't really need to go through the whole song and dance for a run-of-the-mill cold/flu/whatever. *sigh*

ETA: Just called. I have an appointment at 2:40.