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Veggies, fic, quilts, fezzes, and zombies.

1. As I mentioned before, I'm not fond of vegetables. Luckily, I just found something that I really love: roasted asparagus with a bit of lemon and nutmeg. Marvelous! I'm also a fan of steamed green beans with a bit of butter. Now I just need to find more vegetables that I like.

2. I have absolutely nothing in the fic pipeline, and that makes me sad. Can't see myself writing any more BSG, which is fine since I wrote more than enough over four years. (Guess it's a good thing I never posted that WIP!) I expected to write more Hunger Games fic, but I only have one vague story idea that is probably too ambitious for me to tackle given that my interest is waning. I just want to be writing something again!

3. Any tips for how to machine-sew a baby quilt? I'd like to make one for NephTwo, but quilting is intimidating. ;) I've only ever made one before, and that one was very, very basic. Maybe I'll do some research online after I finish all my holiday knitting, since my second nephew won't arrive until February.

4. Yesterday I watched some of the Doctor Who marathon on BBCA. I thought about tracking down my .avis instead, because BBCA uses way too many screen bugs and crops most of the picture; when the hell is Comcast going to pick up the HD channel? I did enjoy the Van Gogh episode again, especially since I did a Van Gogh descriptive writing lesson with my students in September. And I'm now tempted to knit a felted fez!

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The tallest petite around.

Last month, Old Navy had a great sale. I ordered a few tops and a pair of khaki pants, because I always need those for work. When they arrived, I tried them on and saw they were way too long, but I figured I could hem them without too much trouble. Well, tonight I had out my sewing machine, so I decided to tackle the pants. I tried them on. Yup, way too big. I usually wear a size 20 from their Women's Plus department, but these balloon around my hips and thighs, even after I put on a belt. I could live with that, except I'd also need to hem them at least 5". And that's pretty damned hilarious since I'm 5'9" -- yes, I am that long-waisted, with short, stubby legs.

It's too late to return them, not that it'd even be worth the trouble since I only paid $12 and would be charged $6 to ship them back. (The jackasses at ON don't allow in-store returns for Women's Plus.) They wouldn't fit any of my friends. None of the nearby resale shops accept plus sizes, and I don't do eBay. They're really nice pants; I just can't wear them. Any ideas?
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Six bags!

My home is absolutely filthy, with tiny scraps of fabric and thread covering the floors. Battle scars! I'm still having so much fun with sewing, though I think I've nearly run out of things to make. A girl can only have so many bags, and several of them will be given as gifts. Collapse )

And to round things off, here are some links:

-- Slate has a funny essay on why Jeff Goldblum is on L&O:CI.
-- $5 Dinners is a new blog with recipes for, well, cheap family dinners.
-- Uh-oh. Tasmania now has to deal with wallabies on opium.
-- Some of you might like Salon's guide to vampire fiction, plus fifteen funny vampire films.
-- Making the rounds: a funny '70s children's book on how babies are made, complete with naked cartoons. (NSFW)
-- A NYT article on applying science to ice skating.
-- And here is a really cool wedding invitation.
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She's crafty.

I've been so creative today! I worked on a very strange-but-potentially-hilarious project for bsg_hiatusthon, and I began a short fic that I might finish later tonight. The big event, though, involved lots of fabric.

The plan for Mom's Christmas present was to knit her a scarf, but the one I began looked too blah. So, I decided to make her a Süße Sac like the one I made myself last summer. And you know what that means, right? Picspam time!

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The pretty... and the not-so-pretty.

After saying yesterday that I suck at sewing.... I MADE A PURSE! And it looks gorgeous. So awesome, in fact, that I almost put the pic out here in the open so I could show off. Then I decided it was too big for friends-pages, and anyway, posting un-cut photos is rather annoying. Therefore, click on the cut-tag for Collapse )

And to keep this post from being all about my obsessive craftiness, how about some fandom snark? dryope posted photos of some of the BSG cast -- and a few Stargate folks -- at a Comic-Con party Saturday night. Katee mostly looks great... except for a very unfortunate fashion choice that just might eclipse Jamie's green flip-flops for sheer WTF-ery. Collapse )

ETA: On the plus side, we have Collapse )

ETA2: And EntWkly has a long video interview that starts with Katee and continues with bits from nearly everyone on SciFi, including Atlantis, Eureka, and then, of all people, Sarah Silverman. A few BSG spoilers at the very end -- just stop watching after the second clip with Mary McDonnell. :)
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Knitting my own shoes.

I'm writing this from the IKEA restaurant. Did one of my car trips of randomness today, in which I got in and found myself driving somewhere unexpected. Claims of Swedish meatballs' effects on creativity are anecdotal at best, but they do make me happy.

I've been on one of my craftsy binges lately. It mostly involves failed attempts to sew; while I've gotten halfway-decent at knitting, I am awful at sewing. I'm probably not enough of a perfectionist. On the other hand, I love cutting out fabric. There's such a tactile thrill in feeling the scissors go through the fabric. Unfortunately, buying fabric just to cut it is probably not a good idea. Craftzine's recycling blog is AWESOME for those of you into making things. Highly recommended just for the ideas. I'm not all that thrilled with the things I've made -- this week's theme is bags -- but I can never resist the urge to post photos anyway.

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I'm supposed to be working on drabble requests right now, and I might post some in a few hours. Until then, here's another linkspam:

-- EntWkly interviews the host of Discovery Channel's "Shark Week".

-- Slate raves about A Bit of Fry & Laurie.

-- Mo Ryan has an update on the Bionic panel at Comic-Con (ugh, I'm so sick of hearing about that). Notable mostly for the quote that Sarah and Jaime will develop a "special relationship" during the season. Didn't I say that the slash was practically text?

-- Via nwhepcat: If you only watch one YouTube movie today featuring dancing country farmer's daughters contortionists singing about potato salad, it should be this one.

-- I've linked to Grammar Girl's awesome podcasts before, but I wanted to point out her excellent tips for generating story ideas and overcoming writer's block. She has the whole podcast transcribed there.
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I might explode from giddiness. :)

I finished the quilt! Yup, replacing the needle fixed the sewing machine problem. I am SO PROUD of it, so of course I have to show it off. Collapse )

I'm also thrilled that I can finally announce in public that... I'm going to be an aunt!!! My sister and her husband are finally getting in the baby biz. Though I found out several weeks ago when I was in Dallas, I was the only one besides them who knew, and I couldn't tell anyone until the first ultrasound. My parents got the news last weekend, and Dad announced that the kid will NOT be allowed to call him "Grandpa". I kinda love my sister for replying, "So, the baby's going to call you 'Dumbass'?" ;) She's due in February-ish, and of course I've already started buying baby stuff. Yay!

Brief snarky segue: I kinda hate people who walk around a store, chattering on their cellphones. Okay, I did that tonight, but only because I'd called Mom while still in the car, and she would not shut up. I'm sure folks have perfectly good reasons for talking to their bestest friends while grocery shopping, but it's still annoying. And for that matter, what happened to manners? Things like waiting your turn while going through a doorway, using an "indoor voice", stepping aside instead of cutting in front of people. Hell, saying "please" and "thank you". Now, these might not be a big deal elsewhere, but I'm from the South. Even if you're totally insincere about it, good manners are -- were? -- expected. But then, I suppose all the selfishness shouldn't be surprising these days.

I have four standard Vox invites. First come, first served. I'd prefer that they go to those who actually plan to use Vox. Lots of people really want invites, so I'd hate for one to go to a soon-defunct blog.

And some links....

EntWkly reviews the top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 from July 6, 1991. Thanks, annelise13, for the link! Wow, talk about high school flashbacks... "Losing My Religion", "Right Here Right Now", "Unbelievable", and that damn Paula Abdul song, "Rush Rush". I remember having the biggest crush on Keanu Reeves in that video. Hey, I was young and unsophisticated. ;)

In honor of Zinedine Zidane, Slate teaches us how to head butt like a pro. And yes, they're serious. SO funny.

When I found out that Amy Sedaris was last night's guest on The Colbert Report, I literally squee'd aloud. And then we got a Strangers with Candy reunion, with Amy, Stephen, and Paul tumbling! In sequins! And homoerotic clenches! Whee! Best show EVER. And while I'm on the subject... we now have new chapters of Stephen Colbert's Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure. This, combined with all of the above, has me sitting on my sofa, in the throes of full-on squee. Exxxcellent.
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Sunday Sunday here again

I'm rather peeved. The school was supposed to be open this afternoon for us to finish setting up our rooms. I don't have *that* much to do -- no point in decorating and such, with only four more weeks -- but I did want to get things settled. But when I got up there, all the exterior doors were locked, despite the cars in the parking lot. So I'll have to get up ridiculously early tomorrow, which is annoying because I'm such a heavy sleeper that getting to work on time is a challenge. Ah, well.

Did way too much shopping this weekend. I'm so glad that I went by Old Navy; I've been trying to sew a version of those cute pleated skirts, but when I tried one on in the store, it looked awful on me. I did buy two pair of those really cute embroidered sneakers, plus a huge khaki satchel (the beige one isn't on the website.) My sister mocks my huge bags, but I really don't carry all that much stuff. I just need something big enough to hold notebooks and magazines and sometimes a laptop.

My latest knitting project is this sweater from Knitty -- I've been wanting something summery, and it looks simple enough, knock on wood. ;) The scalloped hem is quite cool. You can see a closeup of it here. And tonight I'm going to cut out yet another skirt attempt. Here's hoping it'll work.

Right now I'm watching Friday's Numbers, which I TiVoed solely because of the hilarious promos. "Even math can't stop a bullet!" Um, did people think math was running around disguised as a kevlar vest?

I also looked over Newsweek's list of the Top 1,000 High Schools. I can't really find fault with their criteria, but I did notice how few schools had more than 25% on free/reduced lunch. "Excellence" goes to the middle class, of course. And yeah, I'll admit to having an agenda -- 75% of my school's students are on public assistance. I'll spare y'all my ranting, for a change. ;)

I'm so glad to have new eps of most of my shows this week, though this also means that the loooong summer hiatus is coming up. Alas. And, as usual, I had a long mental list of things I was going to say in this post, but damned if I can remember any of it now. So I'll sign off and find some dinner....
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So. Life stuff.

Dad just called to inform me they're coming for a visit the first weekend in May. I am not stressed out about it... yet. I have a feeling the panic will set in soon, though. We get along so much better with hundreds of miles between us. ;)

School stress, too. Our big standardized tests are next week, and the pressure's on. Was very tempted to take one of my personal days tomorrow to hit the PCA conference, but no way can I take off so close to testing. Everyone's in full-on freakout mode because of all that rides on our getting decent scores, thanks to NCLB. Won't go into the gory, depressing details, except to say that, thanks to that fucking law's inane and draconian rules, we have to kick serious ass to avoid being penalized yet again. Doesn't help that my students took a practice test yesterday and didn't do so hot, although several kids were a pleasant surprise. S. just came to America this time last year, and though she's very quiet and barely speaks English, she did quite well. So yay!

I'm also getting fed up with the rampant snark and disrespect from the mouths of sixth graders. D. got mad at me yet again today, after I called him on eating candy after several warnings *not* to. Thus began the insults and borderline threats. I must give him credit for a particularly clever one: "I hope you had a bad spring break! I hope someone broke up with you!" Hee.

In further sewing adventures... I've finished three projects with varying degrees of success. First, this jumper that was super-easy and might never be worn, but it was a good starter dress. Then I made a fun little skirt that turned out better than the pic would suggest. This dress is more problematic, though. The bodice is way too low-cut, and it's a size or two too big. I'll have to look into alterations, because I'd like to wear it sometime.

Lately I've had random bouts of crazy-insecurity and "omigod I suck!" Silly, yeah, but part of life. I snap out of it pretty quickly, but it's profoundly annoying. For those of you who've been there: any suggestions for how to get over it? I bow to my friends with stellar mental health. ;)

So. In the interest of silliness (as opposed to navel-gazing), I bring you a photograph of creepy, blurry Peeps. If you're lucky, they won't attack you in your sleep. Maybe.

And now it's time to curl up on the sofa and watch Lost and The Amazing Race (I'm gonna bet tonight will be non-elimination.) TAR Dance! Whee!
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Spring break, sewing, BSG spoilers, and VM.

I'm caught up in end-of-vacation moodiness. Just a few more days until I head back to work. I certainly can't complain -- teachers really do get tons of breaks -- but I don't want my week of total sloth to end. At least we'll only have seven more weeks of school until summer vacation.

I stitched something! Last night I made this shirt (from this pattern) with some fabric I've been saving. Doesn't seem like much, but I'm very proud to have finished something that doesn't look dreadful. Am also pleased to have found a pattern that exactly replicates two beloved shirts that are now threadbare. Next up is a simple dress with a surplice bodice. My muslin mock-up worked perfectly, and I'm dying to start cutting the real fabric... except I'm out of fusible interfacing, and the only sewing supplies place remotely closeby is Wal-Mart. Alas.

Slate has an interesting article on how TV shows on DVD have changed the way we experience them.

BSG SPOILERS! Sides for the season premiere are now up. Just one so far, but a bit of dialogue had me howling with laughter. You can probably figure out which one. ;)

Upon rewatching, I liked last night's VM much better. I'd typed up some thoughts on themes and speculation, then I read EntWkly's TV Watch. Jeff Jensen's theory about the bus crash is exactly what I'd planned to say, so I'll defer to him. Also laughed at bit at imagining him doing for VM the same thing he's done with his huge Lost theories. I can just picture screencaps and charts and such.

And since I have "Plan B" on my brain, how about a Collapse )