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Thirty-Three Reasons to Love "33"

Today I turn... uh... 29. (Wow, it sounds more and more fake every year!) I'm headachey, heartburny, and hormonal. Great combination. On the plus side, I just found out that I share the date with Tina Fey, which I consider an auspicious coincidence -- hopefully I can be as fabulous as she is when I turn 37!

In the meantime, I decided to cheer myself up with a BSG screencap review, albeit a departure from the usual format. Why this episode? Let's just say it's particularly significant today. (See the first line of this post. *sigh*)

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ETA: My beloved indigo419 has written me fic! Not quite a sequel to "Remember Me", but set in the same universe. Go read it, then tell her how marvelous she is. "Effortless"
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"Collaborators": A Review in Screencaps.

1. My BTVS fic is back online. Long story short: alanna.net's registration expired, and I screwed up on the renewal. Now my name-domain is gone forever. Alas. Last night Petzi nudged me to get my act together, so I've transferred everything over to cappiness.net. Most of the links should work, but tomorrow I'll go through and fix the broken ones.

2. Sylia linked to Michael Jackson's "Thriller": Bollywood style. Funniest thing I've seen all day.

3. Speaking of YouTube: I got an e-mail yesterday that a Daily Show clip I'd uploaded was being removed for copyright violations. I don't really care, since it *was* a violation. ;) But I thought I'd give y'all a heads-up so that you can rewatch your favorite videos there in case they're also taken offline.

4. CalendarLive has an awesome interview with my beloved John Hodgman. (If you don't know the name, he plays the PC in the Mac ads.)

5. Would the US be better off with only one time zone? Nah, I like the current setup. When I first moved to Atlanta, it took me years to adjust to prime time starting at 8pm, after having spent my first 25 years in Texas. Oh, and don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!

6. Oscars create new Truman Capote biopic category. For a moment, I believed it.

7. Salon interviews Daniel Handler, also known as Lemony Snicket. I'm going to miss that series. *sniff*

8. Fighting for ratings dominance at the same time: An interesting NY Times article on how this TV season is the most competitive in recent history.

9. This week I decided to just do my own screencaps for 3.04 (or whatever the hell we're calling it now.) Hard ep to cap, though, because the encode wasn't very good, and the ep was so damn dark in more ways than one. But if you want 'em, here's a zip file! Which brings me to... Collapse )
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"Exodus, part 2" - A commentary in screencaps.

Sometimes I'll get in these moods where I just HAVE to get or do something RIGHT NOW. Torchwood tonight, for example. Sure, I want to see it, but I'm more obsessed with getting it than actually watching it. I've been completely manic for the past hour and a half, and now I'm in "crash and burn" mode. Sigh. (But a huge thank-you to everyone who helped with download links!)

Success on the knitting front! Yesterday I took the sweater-in-progress to the yarn store, in hopes someone could help me fix the neckline. A wonderful woman gave me some tips, and I finished the neck last night. Remember how it was all stretched out? Seven rows of seed stitch really tightened things up, and now it's damn near perfect (and the second photo is closer to the actual color.) While browsing the shop, I fell in love with some yarn: Malabrigo worsted weight in "Loro barranquero". It's so soft, and the kettle-dyed shades of brown, wine, and gold are gorgeous. Of course I had to ignore all my other projects and start knitting a fancy scarf. Ain't it purty?

I feel kinda guilty about all the BSG posts in a row. Which is silly, but then my brain's a silly place sometimes! While I loved "Exodus, part 2", I don't really feel like doing another absurdly long meta post tonight. I'm also not really in the mood for a screencap review. But I *do* want to talk about that amazing episode, so I'm trying something different this week.

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Oh, and one more thing: while the idea of fandom coming together to make a decision is ridiculous at best, could we maybe find a standard way to number the episodes? "The Occupation" and "Precipice" aired as one, but they were made and officially numbered separately. Which means that "Exodus, part 2" should be "3.04". I imagine that international viewers who download the eps must be confused, given that many people online are calling it "3.03". It's giving me a headache.
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"Occupation": A Review in Screencaps!

Wow, it's been a while. I forgot how much fun I have making these. All the pics are from bsg-caps.com. And if you're new to these, you can find all my AtS, Lost, Alias, VM, and BSG screencap reviews here (though some of the pic links might be broken due to server wackiness.) Hope you enjoy this one, and I should have "Precipice" up by Friday. :)

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