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Bee, I took notes this time!

1. Delight of the week: my sister (hi, sis!) called so that my almost-three-years-old nephew could sing his new favorite song, "Orange Crush" by R.E.M. There's nothing like hearing a tiny voice yell "Follow me doan follow me got my spine got my orange juice!" Well, except for maybe when he calls and shouts "I love you Auntie!" over and over. :)

2. I finally finished the ugly Malabrigo socks. Collapse )

3. I love buckets of maple syrup on waffles, which isn't exactly good for my attempts to cut back on my sugar intake. I've discovered that I use a lot less syrup if I pour a small amount in a tiny ramekin and use it for dipping.

4. Any suggestions for shampoos to use on an extremely itchy scalp? (I remember asking about this a while ago, but I can't find the post.) I'm scratching constantly, especially the part right above my neck. When it's not itching, my scalp isn't sensitive to the touch and doesn't appear to be reddened or infected. My next dermatologist appointment isn't until the end of the month, and Head & Shoulders isn't currently doing the trick. I just bought some Neutrogena T/Gel, but I'd love some other tips!

5. Looks like the barrage of Lost hype has begun. Ugh. Every year, all my RSS feeds are slammed with posts about it. I like the show, but the media overkill is already driving me crazy -- and the season premiere isn't even until Wednesday. Ugh.

6. Another annoyance: Eric Clapton (and T-Mobile), I really don't give a damn whether you get off on '57 Chevys. My tivo-finger is never fast enough to skip that commercial.

7. Jon Hamm on SNL! "Jon Hamm's John Ham" still makes me crack up like one of my sixth graders.
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"Do you mind? This is personal."

1. Today I took a deep breath and braved Publix for pre-Thanksgiving grocery shopping. It wasn't too bad on Tuesday afternoon, but the portents of holiday insanity were visible. For the hell of it, I decided to attempt my first-ever pumpkin pie as a hostess gift for my friends. I bought supplies for two pies, so I can use the first as a trial run (even though I'm using the easiest recipe ever.) Oh, and I'm thrilled that Cool Whip now makes sugar-free whipped cream. Now I just have to clean out my refrigerator to make room for everything. Yikes.

2. Although I'm not particularly into soaps, I've been amusing myself with clips of James Franco's appearance today on General Hospital. The second video is absolutely priceless. I'm glad that the woman is snarking instead of simpering, even if Franco looks stoned. At least he seems to be having fun.

3. Speaking of women on TV... I also watched Oprah today because I was bored. It was one of her "heroes" episodes, and there was an Iowa HS cheerleading squad with developmentally delayed girls. Really neat! Another guest was, of course, Chesley Sullenberger, who I really like for how he always insists "I was just doing my job" and gives equal credit to his co-pilot. Would've been so easy to hog the spotlight, and there's something rather sad about how such humility is a surprise these days. (Oprah also brought out all the first responders from NYC, and while I know this is the reality, I was a bit dismayed that of the 20-odd people on stage, only one of them was a woman. Sigh.)

4. The horrors -- or just bad taste -- of the Ed Hardy craze have spread to our youth. Last week, one of my students showed up every day with fake tattoo sleeves. Yes, these are nylon armwarmers from wrist to armpit, printed with gaudy Hardy-style tattoos. I suppose I'd rather he have those than real tattoos at age 11, but still. Yikes. I finally had to confiscate them when he took them off and started snapping them like a wet towel.

5. asta77 was the first to embed, but now it seems like half the bloggers on my RSS readers have linked to The Muppets performing "Bohemian Rhapsody". That is the HD version, which is absolutely gorgeous quality. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a faster lo-def version. And when you're done watching that, check out good ol' "Mahna Mahna". When my toddler nephew visited a few weeks ago, he was obsessed with that song. He'd chirp "Mahna Mahna!", and we had to sing the rest. Very, very cute ... for the first ten times. ;)
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More nuggets of randomness.

1. I'm craving sweets. The worse for my health, the more I want it. PMS, obviously, but I might have to run by CVS later for some Easter candy. I'm also feeling a bit stir-crazy. Am tempted to go out for a drive, maybe Midtown once traffic settles down. Always a fun jaunt. Only problem is that this will inevitably spur me to spend money, something I have been trying NOT to do this week. Sigh.

2. Yes, there are rumors afoot that Dollhouse has been cancelled, thanks to a Twitter message from Felicia Day. As always, the wise and all-knowing Sepinwall sets the record straight. Bonus points for shirtless Tahmoh!

3. Via baleanoptera: Michael Bay eating a bowl of cereal. And despite its obnoxiousness, I'll admit I giggled at the new Burger King ad with Sir Mix-a-Lot.

4. More items up for sale at the BSG Auction. Who's going to write the story of how Kara got the furry red stuffed hedgehog with a heart?

5. I've considered selling a few of my old DVD box sets that I will most likely never watch again. They might as well find a good new home. Would anyone be interested in Lost (S1), Veronica Mars (S1), The Office (S2), or Scrubs (S5) for, say, $15 each including shipping?
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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

There are few things in life worse than discovering that cream-cheese-free dishes you've ordered for takeout do, in fact, contain cream cheese. Doc Chey's menu lists the Thai Shrimp Rolls as having "shrimp, garlic, ginger & scallions". So you'd think they'd be safe for me to order, right? WRONG. Oh, and Chris? Remember how those PJ's waiters assured me that the strawberry cake was free of ickyawful cream cheese? Guess what kind of frosting it had? GAH! Er, for those of you unaware of my #1 Most Hated Thing in This World, you've probably figured out that it is cream cheese. I don't just dislike the taste or texture. I hate its very existence. (And did I mention that I'm a very weird person? Yes? Okay, good.)

I went to yoga this afternoon, and it went much better than last time -- er, mostly. Ninety-minute sessions aren't exactly easy for a newbie like me, and I had to sit out chunks of it. But that's OKAY. I'm perfectly fine with that! The instructor was great; not a lot of personalized attention, but then she had a class of 20 with three first-timers. The studio does a varation of Bikram with the heat but using a different circuit of poses, and though the heat (105 degrees, baby) leaves me literally *dripping*, I think it's the best fit for me. I'm going to try to hit the Hot classes twice weekly, plus Tuesday's vinyasa practice session with the truly awesome Bethany.

Some links:
  • spikewriter has compiled an awesome timeline and explanation of how and why Keith got kicked off Project Runway. Definitely cleared up some things for me! If you're a fan of the show, her recaps have been excellent so far.

  • syliasyliasylia *owns* the Em Ess Paint meme. Lee/Noodles OTP4EVA! She also posted hi-res scans of Jamie Bamber in Out Magazine. Mmm, pretty.

  • viciouswishes talks about the femslash community, or lack thereof. I do enjoy reading femslash sometimes, but I've never written any. Must change that someday (I have a strange urge to write Kara/Dee. Just because. ;)

  • Two fun articles from Slate: 1) Why I moved heaven and earth to build a backyard bocce court -- bocce is a total mystery to me, but I've seen quite a few sets for sale recently. 2 ) The deluded world of air conditioning. Hmph! My dad's been a self-employed A/C contractor since I was a baby, so I literally owe most of my life to freon. I get the author's environmental concerns, but dammit, don't make me live without central air! (As I told some friends at Writercon, "Theoretically, Atlanta is very hot, but none of us really know that because we spend all our time indoors, and every single building has A/C." ;)

  • Creative Loafing's police blotter is the most surreal and hilarious thing ever. From last week: The manager of a new home business said someone scrawled the words "Home of Lord Dreadd" on his sales sign on East Paces Ferry Road. Also, the back door of one home had graffiti that said, "Thank you Lord Dreadd."

So, I'm going back to work tomorrow, and in mourning for in honor of this momentous occasion, I decided that this middle school teacher should do my own version of the traditional back-to-school activity. Collapse )
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this and that and that and then some more that.

Yet another big ball o' randomness from me! I promise judicious use of cut-tags, though. Collapse )

Yesterday, greycoupon came over for a hang-out-and-watch-TV day, which ended up being an overnighter when I realized it was 2am and I was too tired to drive her home across town. So she crashed on the sofa, both of us bumming around online with my two laptops. Very amusing. Over dinner, I mentioned how much things have changed on LiveJournal since I first joined in 2001. While I love how big and comprehensive it has become, I do kinda miss that feeling of community back when having 50 friends meant you were wildly popular. ;)

This afternoon I went by MicroCenter to buy blank DVDs, and when I swiped my debit card, I noticed my name and address come up on their register's database... a different address than the billing one for the bank. Which means they've been tracking my purchases. Lovely. I complained to the manager, who couldn't understand why I don't want them to record everything I buy. Collapse )

Am amused by the comments online about yesterday's Doctor Who encode with the audio narration at the end. I must've gotten lucky, because I grabbed several versions from usenet and none had it. (And no, I don't know where to find one of them on BitTorrent. Sorry.)

Much love to voleuse for linking to Cookie Monster Emo. Go, read, and laugh until your belly hurts and you're crying out for cooooookies.

While I didn't get to see it live -- oh no! -- watching clips from Eurovision 2006 on YouTube brought us much delight last night. Collapse )

ingridmatthews also has an interesting post about the differences between readers' reactions to dashed-off fic versus stories we've spent hours perfecting. While I can't really judge feedback, I will say that I tend to be far more pleased with the stories I've written quickly, in one odd burst of creativity. The longer ones feel much less satisfying, perhaps because I've internalized too much of them with the planning and second-guessing; I worry I've lost all momentum with the WIP because I keep overthinking every decision. And though I hate blowing my own horn, I have to admit I'm really proud of "Essential", my post-LDYB2 fic. I literally wrote twenty pages in one sitting, which I've never done before, and somehow it worked so well that I can't imagine another life for Kara during the missing year. (Just wish I could achieve the same with all my other, not-so-successful fic. ;)

My current knitting project is yet another sweater from Knitty. Collapse )

Must stop now before I break my page-down rule. GIP because I'm now obsessed with Kara/Leoben. Mmm, yes.