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"We want cake! Where's our cake?"

1. I got back from Texas yesterday, and I already miss my family and especially the most darling nephew ever. Really. I know everyone is biased in favor of their own kids (or siblings' offspring), but I firmly believe that Neph achieves heretofore unseen levels of cuteness. Unfortunately, I also discovered that it is indeed possible to overdose on They Might Be Giants after Neph insisting upon playing "Seven" or "I Am a Paleontologist" approximately 53 times over four days.

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3. I don't really pay attention to sports, but I love a good controversy. The LeBron debacle has been quite fun to watch! I have no opinion on whether he made the right decision, but I do feel badly for those who are so upset -- particularly when they express their outrage in Comic Sans. And during last night's announcement, I kept flashing back to Ralph Wiggum's "I choo-choo-choose you!" and "You can pinpoint the exact moment that his heart is crushed."

4. So, who else is watching Work of Art? I also know nothing about fine art beyond museum visits and "Oh, that looks beautiful", but I'm finding it far more accessible and fascinating than expected. I'll admit that Jaclyn's propensity to get naked at every opportunity has annoyed me as a feminist, but this week I could kinda see where she was going with it (even if her work had little to do with the challenge). That said, I'd like to see her do something that doesn't involve her perfect body that is desired by everyone in the whole wide world.

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The Cat Who Ate Christmas

So, I have this cheap 18" Christmas tree on my TV stand, as a half-hearted effort to get into the holiday spirit. I was just waiting for my cat, Queso, to knock it off. Sure enough, he succeeded tonight -- then proceeded to attempt to eat the branches. (Here's the original, in case you want it for any lolcats hilarity.)

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"You're a legend, Dave."

1. Queso, my cat, has a vet appointment at 4:00. Unfortunately, our current thunderstorms have him hiding under the bed. I just called the vet, who said I wasn't the first to call today with that issue. She told me to bring him in anyway if he crawls out by 5:00, and that I should try some kitty treats. No dice. Guess I'll just keep waiting and cajoling. Maybe they'll let me reschedule for tomorrow. I *love* thunderstorms, but I don't much like driving in them.

2. I'm having a bit more success with my attempts to readjust my daily schedule for the workweek. Going to bed an hour earlier each night hasn't been a problem... so far. As I've said many times, I tend to get really bad insomnia, and I'm hoping this plan will help with that. Today I got up early (for me) and hit Target and Office Max to use my school supplies giftcard (thank you, GA taxpayers! ;) Unfortunately, the sales and general quality of the merchandise have been uninspiring thus far. Stationery designers don't seem to realize that really cute/fun school supplies are the best way to get us excited about something that is NOT much fun.

3. I also rewatched the series finale of Arrested Development. Aww, even better than I'd remembered. When I lose interest in a show I've previously loved, I'm DONE. Absolutely no desire to watch it ever again. That's been true of all my previous fandoms, and I'm sure it'll happen with BSG. But I really can watch AD over and over. :)

4. A minor peeve: when bloggers talk to their readers via nicknames, like we're all part of their little fanclub. This seems to happen most often on blogs with "Pop" in the name, like PopWatch or Pop Candy. An example from EW's recap of Project Runway: "I ask you, TV Watchers: What would we do without our Gunn power?" Why not just say, "Readers"?

5. Hmm. Arj Barker (Dave from Conchords) is starting a 4-night gig at a local comedy club. I have absolutely no problem going to movies or concerts by myself, but there's something weird and uncomfortable about being alone at a comedy club.

6. A few links while I attempt to get Queso out from under the bed:
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