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I think the Celexa's working, because I've been full of joy this month!

1. The Winnebago lives! This afternoon I headed over to Cobb Parkway, where they're filming The Walking Dead all day. I drove past the intersection four or five times, trying to be all cool and non-gawkerish. Finally I decided to just get over my embarrassment and parked my car to join the dozen or so people watching from across the intersection. Perfect location for spectating! Here's a photo from my phone, complete with my amateurish labels. I could just barely see the actor playing Shane as he tried to shoot a bunch of zombies, and I also saw some glimpses of the actors playing Andrea and Carol sitting in their chairs off to the side. I think I also saw Andrew Lincoln from a distance, but it was hard to tell. I'm surprised they were filming less than 100 feet from a very busy road. It'll be fun to see that scene in the season premiere and know that I was there! And I might go back later this afternoon with a much better camera, though by then they'll probably be done. *g*

2. I've been a very busy knitter! In the past two weeks, I've finished TWO sweaters. First up was Uhura for myself. It's a great summer tank in a sea-green cotton, lightweight enough that I wore it out in today's summer heat. More details on my Ravelry project page. Next up was my sister's birthday present, the Broken Rib Tank (don't click if you want to be surprised, Sis!) It only took 2.25 skeins of The Unique Sheep's Pima Petite in teal, and thanks to the DK yarn and larger needles, it's very breezy and drapes well. Pity you can't see the ribbing around the neck and waistband in that photo. Knitting sweaters has become such an addiction -- I'm now resisting the urge to go buy more (expensive) yarn to make a dozen more this summer!

3. Another nice thing about summer vacation is that it has given me tons of time for reading. In just the past week, I've read five books. At some point I need to type up a list of everything I've read. I'm also looking for more good summer reading, particularly titles I might find at the library. Suggestions welcome!

4. One of the many reasons I love Publix, the bestest grocery store chain ever (or at least in this region)! My local store has a six foot stretch of one aisle devoted to British foods -- biscuits, candy, sauces, baked beans, etc. Last week I used the website's feedback form to tell them that I love the selection, but I was sad that they no longer had Smarties, those M&M's-like candies. I did buy an Aero bar instead, but it's just not the same. Today the store manager replied to my email and said that he's going to special-order Smarties just for meeeeee, and that if I stop by and speak with him in person, he'll try to track down the milk chocolate rich tea biscuits (not digestives) that I love so much and are nearly impossible to get Stateside. Yay!

5. Last night I did the odd trick of watching both the Tonys AND the NBA finals. For the first time since I left TX twelve years ago, I was thrilled to see a hometown team win. Yes, I have very weird ISSues with my native state. ;) I'm ambivalent about the whole "Lebron gets his comeuppance" thing, but I get a kick out of big German guys named "Dirk" (hey, my first Mavs semi-fandom was Detlef Schrempf, now of Parks & Rec!) And although I've never really been into theater, I listened to The Book of Mormon soundtrack on YT last week and loved it. Plus, a big cheer for Coco of Conchords winning Best Actress! Sutton Foster just seems like good people, and she did a hell of a job hoofing it in that Anything Goes number.
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Ohhhh, we're counting to four!

1. I voted today, though it was kinda pointless since I know almost nothing about the candidates (bad voter!) and just sorta randomly checked off names in the Democratic primary. I promise to be better-informed in November.

2. I managed to see the first four minutes of Dr. Horrible at around 3am last night, but my 'net connection crapped out. Funny, this happened at the exact moment NPH sang, "I'll STOP!", followed by the buffering message. Love the timing. Instead of dealing with the server overload, I just bought a season pass on iTunes -- all three episodes for $3.99. Not bad, and hopefully more online purchases will give validity to the business model. ;)

3. On Sunday, I wrote CapricaSix/Ellen for the porn battle. Unrealistic, but kinda fun! And my dearest elly427 wrote a *gorgeous* Kara/Lee (spoilers for "Revelations".)

4. Who else is watching The Middleman? It continues to delight! Or should that be "!!!!"? How can you not love an episode in which jazz hands and zombie trout are important plot points?

5. Links:
-- Lindsay Lohan's klassy new line of leggings, featuring a pair with ... kneepads. (The jokes write themselves.) GFY also explains why the EW Twilight cover is so creepy.
-- Slate explains the weird science of stock photography. And the Times has an interesting article on architecture in the new Beijing.
-- Gawker is impressed by the few celebs who won't sell pictures of their kids.
-- Creative Loafing interviews Grammar Girl.
-- The Washington Post features a sad essay on photojournalism and PTSD.
-- And for a bit of sweetness... Feist sings "1234" on Sesame Street!
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LiveJournal, where updating is a pleasure.

Not much to report tonight, so here are some links. I got a bit verbose this time!

-- In Potter news, Salon has an interesting interview with Michael Goldenberg, the screenwriter for Order of the Phoenix. And Sepinwall wonders "how long the media is going to be willing and/or able to keep a lid on the ending [of Deathly Hallows] -- specifically, the matter of who lives and who dies." And in even MORE Harry-news, the NY Times is chagrined to learn that the HP books don't have a significant effect on childrens' lifelong reading habits. As a reading teacher, I'm a bit disheartened but not surprised.

-- More links from the Times, which always has great reading material. The world's best candy bars? English, of course. I used to hit the Indian supermarkets here in Atlanta to stock up on Aero bars. Mmm. Their prices were so much better than the posh boutique-y English grocery. And for those of you who haven't already seen this one: It's cool to be a librarian! Well, duh. My brother-in-law once joked that my mother failed by raising two do-gooder daughters who chose to become a librarian and a public school teacher... and will never, ever have any money. ;)

-- Mo Ryan sings the praises of Psych, which returns to USA on Friday at 10pm. I never thought I'd like this show, but it's just so darn much FUN. I like the comment about Gus and Shawn as "heterosexual life partners". I agree that James Roday mugs for the camera a bit too often, but the show's still quite an enjoyable way to spend an hour.

-- Slate asks why do schoolchildren get a three-month summer vacation? First of all, two and a half months! (Nitpicky, yeah. ;) The history here is interesting, and I'd also prefer a modified year-round schedule with a similar amount of vacation days but spaced more evenly throughout the year. I doubt that'll ever happen on a large scale, though; here in Georgia, the parents are the ones who complain most vociferously in favor of that long summer vacation.

-- Details has a fun video Q&A with former child stars. You can see what various '80s TV teens are doing now. On that page, I saw a link for their quiz, "Ahh Face or O-Face: Who's popping Pringles, and who's popping a partner?" I'm not sure whether that's obnoxious or kinda amusing.

-- For all my Conchords-loving friends: I made a few more icons, including several of "BOOM!", and a hiphopopotamus for dionusia. Take 'em if you'd like, and keyword credit would be lovely. Thanks!

-- And finally... I've waxed rhapsodic before of my love for the commercials for Publix, a grocery chain in the Southeast (and please, no silly "pube-lix" jokes. Ugh.) Their ad company is amazing: they create these adorable and heartwarming commercials that manage to never cross the line into cloying sentimentality. The Valentine's Day commercial is my all-time favorite, and I just saw a new one! A little boy chooses an apple for a special person in his life. Watch 'em. Trust me. They'll make you feel all warm and glowy. :)