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When all else fails, follow Twilight's lead.

Thanks to the spec earlier this week, I've had the Hunger Games series on my mind. Still not full-fledged fannish about it, mostly because it's hard for me to get that way about books and the rarity of new canon, but I've been craving more meta. Maybe I should just reread the books and write my own meta! In the meantime, I present a very important poll.

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I hate being addressed with "Miss", unless it's followed by my surname. Here's a common conversation with my students:

Student: "Miss, can I borrow a pencil?"
Me: [Pointed look at student.] "I don't know if I have any extras, KID."
Student: [Blinks then gets the point.] "Miss Wisteria, can I borrow a pencil?"
Me: [Big smile] "Sure thing! Here you go."

This afternoon, I was at QuikTrip buying some sodas. In the space of a minute-long transaction, the clerk called me "Miss" six times. Drove me crazy! I'm not mad at him; many people find that a good term, and I appreciate that he was being polite. But I'd much rather be addressed with "Ma'am". I've never considered it an old lady designation. "Ma'am" is a nice catch-all, like the female equivalent of "Sir". Maybe it's a Southern thing. So, I'm curious....

Which would you rather be called?

"Queen", "Goddess", and/or "Amazing Paragon of Womanhood"

ETA: I'm talking about "miss" or "ma'am" in one-off situations with strangers (like store clerks), not with people you see on a daily basis.
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Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.

After all the angst this week, right now I am in a FABULOUS mood. Even better, it's totally due to real-life stuff and not fandom! Wow, imagine that. I could list all the happy-making things, but nobody besides me really cares about that. ;) So yeah. This is much nicer than all that moping.

The "whose arms are the best?" poll was such fun that this week's BSG poll is Collapse )

And a bunch of links tonight!

-- woolly_socks re-enacts S3 Kara-and-Leoben scenes with a toaster and multiple llamas. This is the most hilarious thing I've seen all week. Just wait until you get to page two.

-- Jezebel links to two cats and a treadmill.

-- Ooh, Mental Floss has a 30 Rock trivia quiz. I got a 12/13. (Stupid Greta.) And as part of their grammar theme week, they offer five lessons in punctuation. Begone, comma splice!

-- Via sarmoti: Wedding registries, a love-hate relationship.

-- TV Guide defends its relevance. Get rid of Ausiello, and I might like you again.

-- Poniewozik reviews Swingtown. Mmm, Jack Davenport as a swinger....

-- Vulture has a list of some crazy (or are they?) theories about Lost. I'm just along for the ride, but these made me giggle.

-- And Sepinwall has a review of last night's Flight of the Conchords concert in NY. Audience participation? Hmph. Though this line from the NYMag review makes me love the guys even more: "For all the dry banter and genuinely funny joke songs, the night's best, most fittingly conceptual part came during the mid-set break, where the boys set their Keytar to play Wham's 'Last Christmas' while they stretched and grabbed a drink."
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Arms and the iPod

Today I stimulated the U.S. economy (or just Costco's bottom line) with the purchase of an iPod. Collapse )

I started to do the weekly BSG promo pics poll, but this week's pics just aren't that inspirational. Instead, I think it's high time to objectify the men. Collapse )

A few links for tonight.

-- I finally finished the Wisterious socks; will do a picspam this weekend. Wouldn't these clear Converse All-Stars be great for showing them off? (I really need some good shoes to wear with all my new knitted socks.)
-- Not only is Project Runway moving to Lifetime, but season six will be partially filmed in LA. That's just wrong.
--Zenhabits confesses the seven deadly sins of a relationship.
-- Health Magazine has named the healthiest chain restaurants. And if you really, really gotta go when you're through eating, check out the bathroom search engine.
-- Defamer asks does landing the cover of People's "Most Beautiful" issue come with a curse?
-- NY Mag traces the history of the "girlfriend flick".
-- Tackling the important issues of the morning, Mental Floss asks why does the snooze button only give you 9 more minutes of sleep? I've learned that the snooze is a surefire way to make sure I oversleep. Sigh.
-- Via celli: Sports Night is coming to DVD! Again! (Thank god I already have the original box set.)
-- And romanticalgirl has been writing some fabulous pick-a-porn drabbles, with BSG, RPF, and Hornblower, among others!
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The post-meme afterglow.

The Love Meme has been so much fun! I've enjoyed watching the replies accumulate. Please go join in if you haven't already!

Here is this week's Collapse )

And here's tonight's bookmark-cleaning linkspam:

-- Consumerist offers "You Don't Need It" stickers. Alas, I doubt that would curb my spending sprees.
-- Fashionartedit has scans of Tricia, Grace, and Katee in "Interview", showing off their bikini waxers' mad skillz. Yikes!
-- Jezebel asks if there's such a thing as the female "buddy" movie anymore. They also share video of the world's youngest college professor. She's all kinds of awesome.
-- Vulture lists Madonna's five worst videos, and they ask which superhero movie will suck?
-- The lovely daybreak777 has two cool new BSG fics: "Mutiny on the Demetrius" (crackfic!), and a deliciously twisty "As I Lay Sleeping".
-- If you're feeling destructive, Discovery Channel will let you build your own volcano!
-- And for today's bit of randomness: The Online Stopwatch. So simple, yet so potentially invaluable!
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When I say "Subway", you say "Hero!"

I'm a very happy camper tonight, because Dean Winters is back on 30 Rock! I don't have a crush on him, per se, but dammit, he just makes me laugh. Collapse )

Today's linkspam:

-- Jezebel started by asking, "Are you sick of ladies on TV looking jacked up?" Then today Mo Ryan weighed in with an essay and pics of women whose faces I love.
-- She also talks about a few gay characters on TV, specifically Justin on Ugly Betty.
-- Salon asks if Portishead killed trip-hop.
-- Slate has an article about Deadliest Catch. I recorded a few episodes, but I can't quite get into it.
-- Vulture lists Jason Segel's five greatest Undeclared moments.
-- Two from Mental Floss: some cool marriage proposals, and quilts with mathematical designs.

Fandom stuff:
-- dionusia has another hilarious snark-n-squee recap.
-- bop_radar wrote an optimistic post about Piloticians.
-- abby_i posted some gorgeous Jamie pics from last weekend's con.
-- And I got into a discussion with queenofthorns about Lee's future career.

And finally, here's this week's Collapse )
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Live every week like it's Shark Week!

1. I've been rewatching Conchords for the nth time. "Bret, You Got It Goin' On" still brings me great waves of delight.

2. Compiling links for last night's galacticanews update (yeah, we're finally back!) made me realize just how freakin' grateful I am that my flist knows the value of cut-tags. Yikes! There were some marvelous (non-fandom) posts over on the Gnews flist, but the impressiveness diminished when I had to hit PgDn four times.

3. Today's Mental Floss has a surprisingly challenging trivia quiz for The Office. I got 12 out of 18.

4. Mini-fandom news, while I gleefully await tonight's return of 30 Rock!
-- Sepinwall reviews the premiere, noteworthy because his paper wouldn't let him use "MILF". So we get gems like "Jack compares '(Prettiest Gal in the PTA) Island' to Shakespeare."
-- Vulture compares 30R to The Office.
-- Jezebel has a photo of the too-awesome-for-words Tina Fey on the cover of tomorrow's EntWkly, plus quotes from the article. I love this from the comments: "If I could convince Tina Fey and Tim Gunn to adopt me my life would be perfect."

5. Main fandom news, while I gleefully await tomorrow's new BSG episode!
-- Sitrep has video of Colbert's BSG shout-out.
-- dionusia, whom I love like pie, did a LOLCATS-ish picspam of the premiere. She also has an intelligent and insightful screencap review.
-- Here's a very angsty preview clip from tomorrow's episode.

And now for this week's silly screencap poll. Spoilers only for the official promo pics. Collapse )
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The Galactica 4.01 Wacky Poll

Hey, guys! Is there something on TV tomorrow night?

WHEE! It's been 374 days since "Crossroads II", and I am ready. In honor of the premiere, I decided to do another one of those silly screencap polls. No spoilers beyond the official promo pics for the premiere! Collapse )

And since I feel a bit guilty for talking about fandom so much, here are a few links!

-- Sepinwall links to some YouTube oldies but goodies, such as Turk dancing to Poison, and "Let's Go to the Mall".

-- Broadsheet commemorates Liz Phair's Exile in Guyville, "the album that made me a feminist."

-- Vulture has a handy primer for knowing your Jonas Brothers Overlords. (Funny!)

-- Consumerist informs us that "irregardless" is, in fact, a real word." But that doesn't mean I have to LIKE it. Hmph.

-- And when I saw Popwatch's headline "Something special for all the 'Ladies of the World'", I knew it was about my darling Bret and Jemaine. Free download! I miss those guys.