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Twitter feeds from Tehran.

I won't pretend to understand all the implications of what has been happening in Tehran this weekend, but I'm trying to learn more. Andrew Sullivan has been on top of things, and his blog is a good starting point. The real story has been through Twitter, which is one of the few international outlets that has remained open to those in Iran. I've been following this feed, from a Tehran student who has been updating often as often as possible. Here's a list of English-language Twitter feeds, for those of you who might be interested. As far as I know, all have been verified authentic. I'm also reading the media accounts for the breadth of their reporting, but these feeds from ordinary students in the midst of it all have been fascinating and heartbreaking.

(I don't want to get into a debate here, sorry. I'm just passing the links along for those of you who might also be interested.)
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Three more days! Don't jinx it!

Time for a little bit more politics-talk.

I actually posted this yesterday but immediately made the post private because the embed got screwed up -- and now Jezebel has stolen my thunder. Hmph! Anyway, the kids at Ron Clark Academy have created a FABULOUS get-out-the-vote rap song to T.I.'s "Whatever You Like". My co-teacher and I saw it by accident while grading papers on Thursday, and we were enraptured. I must try something like this with my students; they would looooove it. The only problem is that I've had this song in my head non-stop for the past few days. Collapse )

This afternoon I've been poking through Open Secrets, where you can search public records for campaign contributions by name or zip code. Seeing who has given how much is really fascinating, especially since my zip code has skewed much differently than I'd expected. Plus, it's fun to see the occasional famous name pop up. :)

And one tiny rant after reading too many grammatically-incorrect politicalblog posts: and, or, but, for, so, nor, yet. Those are coordinating conjunctions, folks, and they're used to connect two independent clauses. I loved this mnemonic on Wiki: "FANBOYS" (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). Comma splices are NOT your friends. Personally, I think both political parties should put "Universal GrammarCare" on their platforms. Sigh.
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I ain't happy, I'm feelin' glad. And lovin' Boppy!

1. Who else watched Obama's infomercial paid campaign advertisement tonight? Preachin' to the choir here (I've already voted for the guy!) but it was still pretty darn cool. I'm also thrilled to bits that RCP now lists Georgia as a "tossup" state. Oh, I doubt we'll go blue, but it makes me happy. (I know 538 is apparently better than RCP, but it's just so hard to follow -- all those charts and maps with no explanations of what they really mean. I'm dense.)

2. The big problem at school this week is a child who insists on farting. Loudly. Often. In public. "It's a normal body function, Ms. Wisteria!" And since this is sixth grade, all the other students freak out and squeal "eeeeuw!" Sigh. When I joke that we teachers get two months off in the summer as compensation for dealing with 11-12 year-olds all year, this is one of those reasons. ;)

3. Since I first saw BSG after the Mini, I've been nagging saying that I'd love a Baltar/Six vid to "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz. Well, the truly magnificent bop_radar made the vid! And it's fabulous! If I didn't already love Boppy to itty bitty pieces, this would cement that adoration. Even if you're not into the pairing, do go watch it and tell her how great it is. :)

4. Jon Hamm did a hell of a job hosting SNL last week. Many people have already linked to "Don Draper's Guide to Picking up Women", which is hilarious even if you've never seen the show. But I have to admit that I laughed like a fiend at the juvenile and ridiculous "Jon Hamm's John Ham". Check 'em out! Collapse )

5. Linkspam, anyone?
-- My second-favorite show comes back tomorrow night! Stereogum offers five things 30 Rock should do to truly become the next Arrested Development.
-- Thank goodness Snopes debunks those annoying-but-sorta-funny lists of bad metaphors from English student essays.
-- The NYT food critic has a really long and fascinating Q&A session with readers.
-- Boston Magazine went to Gloucester, MA, to get the full story of the so-called "pregnancy pact".
-- Pushback.org has a wonderful interview (with video) of Elizabeth Edwards speaking about health care.
-- Ooh, check out Mindy Kaling's new web series, "House Poor".
-- Cracked lists six creepy urban legends (that happen to be true).
-- Glark asks what if TV title cards told the truth?
-- A local foodie blogger explains why candy corn is the worst candy in the world.
-- Cake Wrecks picspams five awful Dalek cakes.
-- Creative Loafing compares David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell's "made for radio" voices, including audio clips. ;)
-- And finally, my personal hero Amy Sedaris (really, can that family just adopt me?) discusses vaginal health. Eek!
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I'm a Georgia Voter!

I VOTED! For real this time!

The media has been abuzz about long lines for Early Voting, so today several of us decided to go try and vote after work. I arranged to meet a friend at the polling place about five minutes from school (each of us taking our own cars). When I got there, I had a hell of a time parking, and a woman heading back out to her car said that she'd had a six hour wait. Yikes! She told me she'd heard that lines at Galleria were only 45 minutes, so I decided to head over there -- plus, it's only a few minutes from where I live. I arrived at around 4:30 and was told the wait was approximately an hour and a half. Sure enough, I finally walked out the door at 6:05, along with the sticker in my icon. Fortunately, the line moved quickly, which gave the illusion of not taking nearly as long as it really did. There was a chill in the air, so some waiters from a sports bar in the mall came around with hot chocolate. I read a few chapters of Sarah Vowell's new book about the Puritans, which I thought rather fitting for the circumstances. And when I finally stood at the booth and clicked Barack Obama's name ... well, I practically squeed aloud and couldn't stop grinning. It felt GREAT. (Voting is supposed to be secret? Oops. I'm too thrilled and proud to keep my mouth shut. ;)

For the heck of it, I took a phonepic of the long lines, just because the huge turnout makes me so happy. And I'll throw in a photo of gorgeous orange-y autumn tree! Collapse )
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Two more weeks until the election!

I voted! Okay, that's a lie, but I tried to vote. Went to the County Elections Center for early voting, only to find a massive line (almost two hours' wait) and absolutely NO parking. If I'd been able to find a spot, I would've stayed. But since I couldn't, I guess I'll wait until November 4th. The lines will be just as long, but then there's something about the event of voting on Election Day.

I try not to talk politics too often here, but I'm feeling good. Maybe even hopeful! Quite disconcerting after the past eight years. I think Obama just might win this thing. :) And since I'm in a good mood, I thought I'd ask my like-minded friends here to share the optimism. So, why are you voting for Obama? Why do you think he'll be good for the U.S.?

(And I'd appreciate keeping this pro-Obama instead of anti-McCain, thanks! If you plan to vote GOP, that's your choice and I respect it.)
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"There's a bun in the toaster."

No reason. Just random curiosity...

Do you believe in love at first sight?


A request for advice: I *still* have my Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on my car's back window; it's been my version of "Don't blame me!" for the past four years. :) Now it's cracked and peeling and damn near impossible to get off. I finally ordered a Women for Obama sticker. Any suggestions of how the hell I can remove the old sticker from the window?

And some links:

-- EW interviews Chris March from Project Runway.
-- Ten beloved characters, ten ignoble deaths.
-- Twenty-sevenish things the Arrested Development movie must have. Steve Holt!
-- A cool Salon article analyzing presidential campaign logos.
-- Is it better for the environment to read your newspaper online?
-- A cool slideshow on how to design a public library in the age of Google.
-- For my non-Canadian friends: Can you name (and spell) Canada's 10 provinces and 3 territories in two minutes? (I did it! Though Nunavut was a challenge. ;)
-- Finally... IMDb has what appears to be a promo video from the Galactica DVDs: BSG in 8 minutes. The narration is HI-larious.
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Congress stimulates us.

Tentative Deal Is Reached on Stimulus Plan

While that $600 check will be quite nice, should I put it in my savings account for when Congress raises taxes to PAY for this thing? *sigh*

Speaking of politics, The League of Women Voters has a marvelous list of 2008 presidential election links, including several quizzes where you can find the candidate that best matches your views. Very interesting to learn that my results didn't specifically match the candidates I'm supporting -- but they weren't that far off.

Also, my parents went to Cracker Barrel this morning while I slept late in this hyoooge hotel bed. They brought me back some cheese grits. Whee!
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Opening the window.

Time to vent, thanks to the idiots at my optometrist's office. Collapse )

While I'm ranting... I'm getting annoyed with Matt Roush over at TV Guide. Apparently, true fans don't nitpick, visit message boards, or read spoilers. Collapse )

Ah, venting. I feel better already. My style has always been to get it out there, stew for a little while, then move on. Years ago, I read something about how people are inherently predisposed to being naturally cheerful or naturally serious. I definitely fall into the first category. My bad moods seldom last long. "Cheerful" is the keyword, though: I'm not always happy, but I'm usually in an upbeat mood. And being a naturally serious person is not a bad thing, either. Might even be better in some ways. No idea where I'm going with this, but the above brought it to mind. :)

While out-and-about earlier, I spotted an Obama '08 bumper sticker, and I thought about getting one to replace my faded-and-peeling Kerry/Edwards sticker that has seen better days, both literally and figuratively. Collapse )

Anyway! Enough politics -- I seldom like talking about them on LJ -- so I'll just toss in some links....

-- I spent part of the afternoon reading the site for the new documentary Helvetica. This sounds really, really cool, especially if you're into typography and design.

-- The Emmys have created yet another new set of rules for nominations. At first, I thought the "250-word essay from each nominee" was a joke, but apparently not. Next summer I'll have to run an essay contest for all my faves. ;)

-- This NYT profile of the comedian Jim Gaffigan sent me to his website to watch some clips. Very cool that he's adamant about not taking his fans for granted, and that he eschews profanity in his routines; I'm far from puritanical, but the lack of four-letter words is strangely refreshing. His official site has some fun video clips, and I love this joke from the article: “I’m from Indiana. I know what you’re thinking. Indiana. Mafia.” Hee!

-- Slate attempts to understand the appeal of American Apparel. The writers' memories of her own early '80s wardrobe was very familiar to me. AmAp is supposedly the new wave in mass-market fashion, but I find all their stuff just plain *ugly*.

-- EW has another parent column, this time about Laurie Berkner and music for the preschool set. (It made me grin for reasons only my sister and daera23 will understand. Ah, Richardson. ;)
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O frabjous day!

Y'know, it's WEIRD to be (almost) happy on an Election Night. I'm vacillating between jazz-hands and blurting out "bzuh?" ;)

Was going to go into detail about some of my local races, but I'd probably best keep that private. So I'll just say that it's been a good day all 'round, and the best part? RICK SANTORUM LOST. Also, a woman is now third in line for the Presidency. That's pretty darn cool.

Thanks so much to everyone who answered the questions comparing the U.S. to your country! Replying to screened comments is tricky, but I'll try to get caught up later this week. :)

I've been staring at Dreamweaver all night, trying to do the screencap review, but I keep coming up blanks. Maybe I'll be more creative tomorrow night, knock on wood. Right now, I should probably do the sleeping thing instead....
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Insomnia. Again.

I am wide awake. Alas. I even took a sleeping pill, but it didn't work. I have to be way the hell up on the other side of the county tomorrow morning for an inservice, which means a 45-minute drive. I do love inservices, though -- at least, when they're focused on curriculum stuff I haven't heard dozens of times before. Yup, I'm a curriculum junkie. But I have to leave in four hours, and I'm completely awake despite taking a sleeping pill. Such is life.

I've been having a moody, "I suck!" week thus far. Gotta love that good ol' hormones/insecurity cocktail, huh? To cheer myself up, I pulled some AD eps up on the TiVo and have decided that "Forget Me Now" is the ultimate cure-all. Analrapist! "What a fun, sexy time for you!" and Maeby/George-Michael! Steve Holt! Franklin! GOB taking roofies because of "I won't forget this... Dad!" Love love love. (Though "Pier Pressure" is still the most sublime half-hour of anything ever. J. Walter Weatherman. Yes.)

Yoga. Again. More specifically, the lack thereof! I bought MegaYoga on siryn99's recommendation, and I just finished about 45 minutes of practice -- can't decide whether it calmed me down enough to sleep or keyed me up enough to just stay up all night. ;) Last week's classes wore me out so much that I didn't feel like going the past two days, but I'm going to attempt tomorrow night's hot class. My goal is to make it through the whole 90-minute session, even if I have to sit out most of it. I've also downloaded some free podcasts off iTunes, including several video ones designed for beginners.

In fandom news... I was thrilled to see that BSG won the popular votes for "Best Drama" and "TWoP Show with Highest Actual Quality" in the Tubeys. Yay! Very cool, since I hadn't expected it to come out ahead in a site-wide vote.

Oh, and speaking of voting: Cynthia McKinney lost her congressional runoff. I *want* to like her in theory, but damn, she lost any chance of that a long time ago.

I know I'm way behind on comments -- sorry! I love receiving them and find it easy to post daily, but the talk-back brings out my shy side sometimes. ;) Will try to get caught up tomorrow. Until then, much love to everyone, and I'm going to try and sleep....