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Pilots through the ages....

I've had a really rough week and am in need of some cheering-up tonight. So, I decided to embrace the Valentine's mushiness and make a quickie picspam of Kara/Lee throughout the series. It's all just the usual screencaps that you've seen a dozen times before, and I'm too tired to do captions. Nor do I have fancy image editing software on this loaner laptop. Still, Pilots make almost anything better!

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Kara Thrace: The Pretty and ... the Not-So-Pretty.

First of all, I need to clean out my bookmarks folder. :)

-- txvoodoo did a huge John Simm picspam. Links to the first two parts at the top.

-- News of a possible second sequel to Before Sunrise, though it's many years in the future.

-- The NYT has a really interesting article on Mexican-American "corridos" songs.

-- Back in the '70s, a group of fishermen attempted to build an artificial coral reef off the Florida coast by using old tires. NPR talks about how they're now attempting to clean it up.

-- Sepinwall weighs in on Doctor Who and the new Companion, along with a preview of Friday night's (American) season premiere. I love the first reply: "From what I've heard, episode 3x10 (Blink) is supposed to be the best thing since bread came sliced." ;) And here's another review from Mo Ryan.

So. While bopping around the TWOP forums tonight, I found this thread: TV's Most (and Least) Realistic Bodies. Some interesting stuff there. I started mentally composing my own reply about how awesome Katee Sackhoff's body is and how I'd gleefully toss aside my het for a chance to hit that. I love her curves and normal-shaped body, and especially how un-self-conscious she is, and even willing to make herself look, well, bad onscreen. Then I decided that picspams are much more fun. Here's my dialup-unfriendly gallery of Collapse )

Your turn! Which TV actors do you think have the most realistic and/or sexiest bodies? Comments-picspams are always welcome. :)
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What's on my coffee table?

I woke up today to discover that I had no water! I scoured my brain to make sure I'd paid the bill, which I had. ;) Called down to the leasing office and learned that the whole complex was without due to a water main break. Ugh. Quite frustrating because I was too lazy to take a shower yesterday and figured I'd take one when I woke up. Fortunately, the water's on now, and I am sparkly-clean. Well, clean. Maybe not sparkly.

Pop Candy linked to the Face Your Pockets Project, in which you're supposed to empty your pockets, put the items on your scanner, lean over and stick your own face there, and then post the photo online. Well, I seldom have much in my pockets, nor do I usually carry much in my purse -- though my sister teases me about carrying a huge messenger bag, but that's because I need enough space for a full-sized magazine or book! Anyway. Since I spend 75% of my awake-time here on my sofa, I figured I'd photograph some of the things currently on my coffee table. Collapse )

And here are a few links:

-- Slate has a fun article on the legal ramifications of queue-jumping.

-- The NY Times talks about Harry Potter fans trying like hell to avoid spoilers until July 21st.

-- Sepinwall recommends some old/obscure TV shows on DVD. Check the article itself for more titles.

-- Time asks why cities are uprooting trees.

-- Gold Derby has confirmed that Dexter is one of the 10 finalists for a Best Drama Emmy nomination. He doesn't know the other nine, sorry, and this doesn't guarantee it'll actually be nominated -- just screened for the judges. Last night I snagged season one (through sources I shall not name, but you can probably guess), and I'll be watching it this weekend.

-- PopWatch snarks about this promo clip for The Manny. I'll admit I'd thought the book looked interesting in a trashy chick-lit way, but this video? What the hell?

-- If you're bored, Phat Phree youtubes the 50 greatest (or worst) local TV commercials. Some of these are awesome. And is "youtubed" now a verb? Hmm.
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S4 party pics.

ETA: Woo hoo! dryope just posted the hi-res versions, which are much better than my endless picspam below. Still, I'm going to keep it up here for the hell of it. :)

Getty Images finally has pics available from tonight's BSG season four party (and after-party pics here.) WireImage does too, but they're taking forever to load; I'll update this with those pics if I can ever get the damn things to display. And until someone posts the non-watermarked hires versions, here's a non-dialup-friendly Collapse )

Overall, the sartorial choices get a thumbs-up from me. Thank you, Jamie, for dressing like a normal person! I'm very proud. Anyone know why Samaire Armstrong showed up? (She's in that last pic above.) So far, I've only seen a handful of write-ups, and fortunately for my spoiler-free friends, they didn't seem to give away much. I did get a kick out of this account from the SciFi boards. Collapse )

And while I was checking the galleries, I discovered further proof that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are impossibly pretty. That amount of sheer gorgeousness must be illegal. How do they not just spend every waking moment staring at themselves in the mirror? Oh, wait. Four kids. That could explain it. Collapse )
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Pilots Picspam, Please!

The downside of my new resolve to post when I actually have something to say... is that I realize I don't have very much to say. Guess I really was spammy back in the old days! Still, I'm feeling the urge to hit the posting button, so I'll try to make this somewhat interesting! And maybe I should get back to the daily posting thing, since it motivated me to talk more about life. Hmm.

A few links to clear out of the bookmarks folder....

-- Slate laments the "unfulfilled promise" of Luke and Owen Wilson.

-- The Post-Gazette has an article on the dismantling of the Studio 60 set. Rather interesting, even though I'm ambivalent about the show itself.

-- Via BoingBoing: a blog dedicated to passive-aggressive notes from "friends". Hee!

-- Sepinwall has been reviewing the screener copies of the fall TV pilots. Here is his writeup of Bionic Woman. I'm still in wait-and-see mode, but the buzz is looking good. Based on the previews and other things I've seen, I've also decided that this has the potential to be the most femslashy show ever. ;)

I made dionusia a very sappy Pilots picspam this afternoon to cheer her up. After all the fandom wackiness this week, we could all probably use a bit of mush, huh? I've been trying to post it to sasa_hq (a new K/L community), but LJ is being temperamental. So, I thought I'd post it here instead. I also think y'all should fill the comments with Pilots pics! Yes, I can be pushy. ;)

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ETA: As rez_lo says, this is the best thread EVER. Or just the craziest. Definitely NOT dial-up friendly. Oodles o' hugs to all my friends for the fabulous picspamming!
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purple flowering vines

Lazy weekend. Sneezy one, too. Friday's pollen count was around 2,500 -- over twenty times the "extremely high" warning gauge. Lovely. It's also too hot around here for March, with a high today of 87. Ridiculous! That said, I still love Atlanta SO much. It's funny -- when I was younger, I assumed I'd be the type to move from city to city every few years, but now I can't imagine living anywhere else (except perhaps moving back to London, but that's a pipe dream). Even after nearly eight years here, I get a kick out of driving around the city. On a whim, this afternoon I headed down to Shoemaker's Warehouse near Piedmont Park, and I found a $20 pair of sandals that were exactly what I wanted. Then I took the scenic drive home. Brought my camera with me, and of course I had to snap a few photos. Collapse )

While writing a grocery list earlier, I started thinking about how rare cursive is these days. Do many people still write in script anymore? My own handwriting is a mix. We teach the kids how to write in cursive back in elementary school, but most of my eighth graders refuse to write with anything but script.

Speaking of weird writing quirks... Indi recently pointed out that I tend to overuse the word "lush", especially when describing Kara Thrace (and not just when referring to her drinking habits.) It's just such a perfect adjective for all her gorgeous curves. That convo got me to thinking about other words that I overuse. Can't remember my entire list offhand, but I'm definitely guilty of typing "still", "even", and "just" way too often in my posts. Seems I'm all about the qualifiers. I'm also very guilty of adverb abuse, but I can't resist their "-ly" allure!

Enough navel-gazing! Here are a few links:

-- EW's PopWatch blog did a post in defense of spoilers. Not so much "spoilers=yay!" as a rant against people who complain about being "spoiled" for shows that have already aired. Collapse )

-- I'm almost tempted to hit Morrissey's world tour just for the nostalgia factor, but nostalgia ain't enough to get me to pay the big bucks. I'm wildly amused that he'll be playing at Chastain Park here in Atlanta, where the concessions serve wine and entrees, and half the audience is busy chatting at cocktail tables instead of listening to the music. Doesn't quite fit with the ol' "Meat Is Murder" vibe, now does it?

-- If you're feeling famewhorish, TV Squad has posted a handy guide to how to apply for just about any game/reality show on TV. Eh, the only one I'm interested in is The Amazing Race, but some of the other shows' requirements made me laugh.

-- My beloved Grant-Lee Phillips has a new album coming out on Tuesday! I've loved him since I first bought the Mighty Joe Moon CD back in college (the title song is still my all-time favorite song), but most people now know him as the troubador from Gilmore Girls. YouTube has preview videos of "Raise the Spirit" and "Soft Asylum". Sounds like he's getting back to the guitar vibe of MJM and Fuzzy. Yay!

-- On a more serious note, the LA Times has written a follow-up on how Lori Piestewa's family is doing these days. She's the Hopi servicewoman who was killed in the first days of the Iraq war, leaving behind two small kids. Beautifully written, though you should have some kleenex handy.

Wow, long post tonight! I'm actually sitting on the Starbucks patio right now; I'd brought the laptop here in hopes of working on a new fic, but it looks like that won't be happening. I'm really excited about it, though, which is a huge relief after my recent writer's block. Right now, though, I'm going to head home, fix some dinner, watch TAR, and count down the minutes until the BSG season finale.

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This post is not dial-up friendly.

I'd planned to celebrate the holiday by making a glorious picspam of President Laura Roslin. Then I realized that my written tribute sounded more like a eulogy. Oops! Instead, I'll simply leave you with a portrait that should someday grace our own Oval Octagonal Office. Collapse )

In a (typical) fit of whimsy, last night I decided to make a Pilots mood theme... except it reminded me of how difficult 'shipper themes can be. Two characters means you can't use many facial close-ups, and finding images to fit 132 different moods is tricky at best. I've got about 75 thus far, but I'm coming up blanks on the others. Any suggestions of pics to use for it? Links to actual pics/screencaps would be great. Thanks! For a bit of inspiration, here's a mini-picspam of Collapse )

And someone on the TWOP boards just made a hilarious observation about an anachronism in last night's episode. Collapse )

Despite all this, my life does NOT revolve around fandom... at least, most of the time! I went to ULTA this afternoon to get new shampoo. Collapse )

In the world of linkspams....

-- NPR's Fresh Air is now available as a free podcast.

-- Cracked shares 8 important lessons learned from '80s cartoons. Ah, Smurfs and Jem....

-- Watcihng 24 ranks the characters based on some arbitrary-but-amusing criteria.

-- Ooh, just in time for rekindling my TAR love, CBS brings us The Amazing Race Wiki. Oh, Danny and Oswald, I love you and your fabulous selves.

-- The NYT talks about how the appearance of "scrotum" in a children's book has caused an uproar. Mountain out of molehill here, though I suppose parents might be a bit uncomfortable explaining that to little kids.

-- Salon mocks awards show acceptance speeches.

-- And finally, Newsweek waxes rhapsodic on why, these days, TV is so much better than the big screen.
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That bum knee of yours is lookin' pretty good.

Today has been rather boring, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The highlight thus far was a trip to Target, where I finally bought the S2 DVDs of The Office. Excellent. I also had a bunch of credits at Blockbuster, so I rented some movies that I would never pay for otherwise. One of them was You, Me, and Dupree, which was as crappy as I'd expected. The most amusing part was that I noticed Kate Hudson wearing Kara's Colonial Day dress! For comparison purposes, I made screencaps. Collapse )

Since I haven't found any decent stuff for a linkspam, I guess this'll be a fandom post. The ever-vigilant indigo419 found some screencaps of Jamie and Kerry at their first daughter's birth, which was filmed for a BBC documentary. She has a link here. For a woman who just gave birth, Kerry looks *gorgeous*.

For the hell of it, I made some icons from Tricia's Playboy shoot -- these are safe for work, meaning that I cropped out the naked bits. *g* As always, comments and credit would be lovely, thanks! Collapse )

And because I'm all about The Pretty tonight, I think everyone should reply to this post with screencaps or posed photos of your favorite actors* looking beautiful, fabulous, and/or sex-ay! All fandoms are welcome. I'll start off with BSG, since it's all I have on my hard drive. Collapse )

*I hate the word "actress". Why do women need a separate term, when they're doing the same thing as the men? Hmph.
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photo memes + youtube

I've been trying to come up with something to post today, and then trinnifer suggested photos. Well, y'all have already seen most of my recent pics, so I'm taking requests. Anything you'd like me to take a picture of? (Except myself -- that's just scary.)

And since YouTube is a terrible, terrible addiction, here are a few of my favorite vids....

Music, mostly Britpop
-- Pulp, "Babies" and "Disco 2000": I love when Jarvis gets all flaily. The Disco2K captions are also fabulous.
-- Gorillaz, "Clint Eastwood": Animated! And I promise not to whine (again) about how this song would make a perfect Six/Baltar vid. Except I just did. Oops.
-- Elastica, "Connection": A girlband surrounded by twenty naked men. Mmm, yeah. Justine Frischmann was my first girlcrush, thanks to the sneer.
-- Blur, "Coffee + TV": MILKY! (the cute little critter in my icon.) Most adorable video ever. Please watch it, even if you're not a fan of the song.
-- Supergrass, "Late in the Day": Not only is it one of my favorite songs, but pogo sticks!
-- Radiohead, "Street Spirit (Fade Out)": The most beautiful video I've ever seen.
-- Bjork, "Bachelorette": An all-time favorite, with the music and the bizarre/cool storytelling and the pre-war Bauhaus art design. Michel Gondry owns me for life, and it's rather funny to see the seeds of Eternal Sunshine here.

This is getting a bit long, so it's time for some cut-tags.

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God, I could do YouTube searches all night. Expect this post to be updated. ;)