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Don't have much to say tonight, so here's a linkspam!

-- Last weekend's episode of This American Life focusing on three stories coming out of post-quake Haiti was really good.
-- Even though I'm not into her music, this profile of Lady Gaga is really well-written and worth a read.
-- A guest writer for Jezebel takes on the problems with representations of women in comics.
-- Marginal Revolution asks which punctuation mark would you create?
-- The NYT complains about absurdly long movie titles.
-- The A.V. Club has a great interview with Kim Dickens.
-- And a fascinating (and a bit scary) list of how much various cities spend on restaurants vs. groceries.
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The day before.

This sweater is turning into such a hassle. The folks at Bernat must've failed math, because I have no idea how the hell they came up with this pattern. As I posted last week, my original attempt resulted in a bottom section that was at least 16" too big. Long story short: I did a ton of math and made a few gauge swatches, and knit it on a much smaller size on a larger needle. STILL too big for me, but enough that I could live with it. Now I'm trying to do the top half, and I'm abandoning that pattern altogether and using another one. Even so, the sizing is wonky. Hopefully I can use some shaping to make it work out, because I'd hate to start over a third time.

I know that everyone says that getting older is great, but I'm just not feeling it. I'm tempted to whine, but I'll save that for the weekend. ;) Last week of school, after all, which is overriding my age-related dread. So, I'll focus on that instead!

Anyway. How about a short linkspam?
-- While it's rather cheesy, I did grin at Hot Guys Reading Books.
-- As I mourn its loss, I appreciated this Slate piece about why powerful women love L&O reruns.
-- If you need a shower gift, check out Baby's Touch 'N Feel Guide to Russian Literature.
-- Despite their utter bleakness, I've always liked Mike Leigh movies. Vulture offers The Mike Leigh Miserable Index.
-- And if you've ever been curious whether Hollywood is coming to your town, check out On Location Vacations for what might be filming nearby.
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1. A few thoughts on Doctor Who and "Victory for the Daleks". Collapse )

2. I spent this afternoon finishing S1 of The Wire, and I liked it much more as everything built to a head. So I started watching the first two episodes of S2, but I turned it off after that. Too boring. Hopefully I'll have the same experience and enjoy it more as I go. I was thrilled when Amy Ryan showed up, but I still wish that this show had more substantial female characters.

3. Y'know, I think my life would be much better if I liked vegetables. Oh, there are a few that I can deal with, but overall, not a fan. I was even a vegetarian for a few years during grad school, but I quit because, well, didn't like most of the available foods!

4. I finished my Mother's Day present last night. Collapse )

5. Linkspam:
-- Ten simple Google search tricks. I was familiar with several, and I look forward to trying the rest.
-- If you're into obscure history, I recommend the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast.
-- The Timeline of the Inevitable Glee Backlash. I'm ambivalent about the show, but this was quite familiar from other very-hyped series!
-- Vulture also has an interview with Matt Smith.
-- If you're concerned about privacy, be wary of all those online store coupons.
-- I got a kick out of a professor's analysis of Kesha's "Tik Tok".
-- This writer hates word-of-mouthers who nag you to watch a certain show.
-- MonkeySee discusses the thin barrier between "high" and "low culture.
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Hey, Teach!

I finished the sweater! Collapse )

Time for a linkspam:
-- Slate talks about common navigational mistakes, and they have a hilarious essay on how the White House Easter Egg Roll is evil government indoctrination.
-- Last weekend I watched Donald Glover's (from Community) stand-up special. I loved this routine about melodramatic school kids.
-- Awww. Vulture reports from the Ugly Betty wrap party and applies to be an anti-piracy intern.
-- MonkeySee interviews Grant Imahara about Craig Ferguson's robot skeleton sidekick.
-- A bit late, but here are ten bits of trivia about Faberge eggs.
-- PopWatch asks whether people really watch Friday night TV programming.
-- And since this linkspam is pretty short, here's a silly ficlet I wrote to celebrate Tara finishing her Academy fic. ;)
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While in the checkout line at the grocery tonight, the woman behind me unloaded her cart then ran back for one more thing. The cashier must've thought it was my stuff. He gave me a friendly (non-creepy) smile and said, "Got big plans this evening?" I smiled back and said "Nope, just heading home." And that's when I realized that the next thing on the conveyor belt was the woman's huge box of condoms.

Why is it so hard to find shoes that I like? I decided to order summer sandals, so I went over to DSW.com and Zappo's. When it comes to shoes, I tend to be pretty conservative: brown or black, in a simple tailored style without any embellishments. Maybe a more rugged look to wear with jeans. Unfortunately, most of the sandals I found at both sites were either too flimsy or full of frou-frou detailing. Sigh. For what it's worth, I ended up with these (in tan) and these.

Anyway. Linkspam?
-- Instant CSI! (Make sure your speakers are on.)
-- A very clever person has created Twitter choose-your-own-adventure.
-- Vulture tells the story of Fesh, about a guy who wins an unusual contest. Plus, a really interesting post about how Spoon creates their concert set lists.
-- In May, I plan to follow the lead of this Barbadian centenarian and celebrate the sixth anniversary of my 30th birthday.
-- I've developed a strange, sudden addiction to Peeps. Check out a Peeps film festival.
-- MonkeySee thinks that $20 for 3-D movies is ridiculous, and hosts a rather snarky Twilight book club.
-- Web Designer Depot picspams some gorgeous satellite images of Earth.
-- And a NYT theater critic bemoans the difficulties of Americans doing British accents and vice-versa.
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We're curling quite possibly beyond the limit.

While I'm pleased for the U.S. bobsled team's success, the coverage is very distracting. Every time the announcers say "Steve Holcomb", I hear "STEVE HOLT!"

Also: Virtue/Moir's exhibition program is totally The Cutting Edge. I'll admit that I just couldn't get into them during the competition, but I kinda love the hell out of them for this routine.

Otherwise, I'm lethargic and very easily distracted and playing way too much Spider Solitaire and obviously having a hard time coming up with things to say in these daily posts! So, I'll throw together a linkspam:

-- The Norwegian Alpine Ski Team Performs "Beat It". In full ski gear. Surrounded by beautiful mountains. Yes, it is as hilarious and awesome as it sounds. And the French team challenges them to a "Thriller" dance-off.
-- To complete the wacky video trifecta: Stephen Colbert presents the U.S. Curling Team's new theme song.
-- The Times has an investigative report about the skating kiss-and-cry area.
-- io9 interviews the creator of TV Tropes, which is indeed a huge timesuck.
-- The WaPo has an interesting explanation of why Toyota's president is named Toyoda. (It involves Japanese characters.)
-- Another reason why I love the magazine Mental Floss: "How do I hypnotize a chicken?"
-- The Guardian interviewed writers for a list of ten rules for writing fiction. I am quite guilty of #3 on Leonard's list.
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... with a curl in the middle of his forehead.

This afternoon I tuned into curling, knowing absolutely nothing about the sport but vaguely interested due to all the raves I've seen. And the U.S./Sweden match was utterly riveting. I loved it! All that strategy and precision remind me of a live-action version of Tetris or Snood. My complete ignorance of the sport was probably a good thing, as I had no idea that the American team has really sucked during the Games. ;) Eh, they were really interesting to me! When they won in the 11th end, I actually cheered aloud. So much fun! I'll have to track down more of the matches over the next week.

That's the most interesting thing in my life right now, so I'll do a linkspam.

-- The big excitement in Atlanta on Thursday was when a circus zebra escaped and ran down the highway.
-- Time has an interesting piece on McDonald's research-and-development chef.
-- Mental Floss has video of a J.K. Rowling speech on failure and imagination.
-- Heh. EW asks if we're finally ready to like Marc Blucas.
-- Slate gives me a sigh of relief by explaining that food expiration dates really aren't that big a deal.
-- Poniewozik is horrified by that '80s child robot gem, Small Wonder
-- Jez sings the praises of that gorgeous guy in the Old Spice commercials. He's on a horse! If you haven't seen it yet, watch now.
-- Cool quiz: What typeface are you? I am dot matrix. Huh.
-- Although the worst of it appears to be over (knock on wood), I got a kick out of these hilarious instructions for how to shovel snow.
-- And yes, I totally aced Mental Floss's quiz about This American Life.
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Coming up blanks, once again.

Why the hell is it that as I go about the day, I think of all these great things to say in an LJ post that night. When it comes time to start writing it, I've forgotten everything and just put it off until the next day. Sigh. Guess I'll start taking notes along the way! In the meantime, here's a short linkspam:

-- Mental Floss has videos of librarians doing the "Thriller" dance. They also take up a (tragic) subject near and dear to me: Is the adverb dying?
-- The AJC has a really neat article about a high school student who has published her first novel.
-- The NYT talks about the social nature of reading.
-- Courtesy of GFY, I finally found photos of all those fabulous skating costumes.
-- The Panopticon (a great knitblogger) has written his own version of vintage Project Runway, featuring toilet paper cozies.
-- In other yarn oddness, TechKnitter has a strange but fascinating post about an icord mill.
-- Phil Gyford did a really interesting experiment on how fast he could write via various media.
-- And Jezebel went a bit wild today with a gallery of extremely handsome British men. (Many lovely faces in the comments, though not enough Jamie. ;)

ETA: Thanks, lovely anonymous friend, for the tulips!
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They blow stuff up! And that's awesome!

I finished the sweater! Collapse )

Right now I'm watching the skating exhibition. I don't follow skating, so I don't really know anything about it, but I was definitely impressed by Johnny Weir's costume. Wow. Love the blue eye makeup. Raise your hand if you also choreographed imaginary ice routines when you were a kid. (That's not a link to Johnny's costume tonight, but I'm trying to track down a photo.)

Okay, a linkspam:
-- Everyone else was (rightfully) all about Conan on Friday night, but I got a kick out of Craig Ferguson's Mythbusters-themed show. Click on the sidebar for Myth-y interviews, including the long-lost Kari Byron!
-- Eddie Izzard lists five of his strangest stand-up tangents.
-- The NYT has a really neat travelography about trekking through Pakistan to K2.
-- Slate has a cool explanation of how movies are dubbed into other languages. They also ask why did Life on Mars work in the U.K. but not in the U.S.? I'm still twitching from the U.S. version's ridiculous ending.
-- Consumerist suggests three Twitter-enhancing sites.
-- Yes, it's cheesy and self-indulgent, but I got a kick out of this save-the-date wedding promo.
-- And here's another good way to help earthquake victims: send used cellphones to Haiti.
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Classics (or not)

I'm finally back in Atlanta. It's nice to be in my own place with all my own stuff, though I already miss my family. (Hi, Sis!) Loved being able to experience a white Christmas for the first time, especially playing with my nephew in the snow. Yesterday we went to see The Princess and the Frog, which was quite a darling movie. The flight home was uneventful -- the only evidence of any new security measures at DFW was that I was chosen for a pat-down after going through the metal detector. I asked the TSA agent if this was a random thing or if I should expect it from now on; several years ago, my name was flagged and I had to go through the secondary check every time I flew. But she said it was just a random thing because I happened to be wearing a bulky sweater (even though I wouldn't consider it very bulky.) Both DFW and ATL were fairly empty, which was a surprise during the holidays. Then again, I guess that's because I was flying on Monday afternoon. And now here I am, though for some reason I'm feeling rather twitchy tonight.

Not much else to tell, but I do have a ton of links to clear out of my bookmarks and Google Reader....
-- I laughed at this parody of those GAP ads with the little girls.
-- Several from the NYT: why do people shoplift books?, the glories of marching bands (I played bass clarinet for three years), and a fun essay by Mindy Kaling about imaginary families.
-- AdWeek lists the 30 freakiest commercials of 2009, and Salon has the best viral video of the decade.
-- Sepinwall has a long non-spoilery interview with David Tennant, and Vanity Fair interviews the rather kickass Rashida Jones.
-- Check out a wacky video of an octopus snatching a coconut.
-- I'm a few weeks late with this one, but Jason Segel wants female fans to call him for a good time.
-- Another oldie-but-goodie: the English to TXT-speak Translator.
-- Broadsheet wonders when we started sounding just like our mothers. God, I use so many of her phrases that drove me crazy as a kid.
-- Boston.com has a very cool picspam of 2009 in photography.
-- Celebrity Baby Names Blog awards the top celeb baby names of the year. I hope Bandit isn't a hint of things to come.
-- Miller-McCune discusses the end of handwriting.
-- Oddee offers ten cool stories - or cautionary tales - of when Facebook and real life overlap.
-- And since I'm going retro tonight, I can't resist another viewing of Alec Baldwin's Schweddy Balls.