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free-floating anxiety

I've been rather down lately. Not depressed, thank goodness. Just moody and nervous. Only two more weeks of vacation, for which I'm quite grateful even though it goes by way too fast. Adding to that is the anxiety of starting a new position at a different school, after having been at my old one for nine years. Plus, I'm now getting hit with the biological clock crap (I don't want kids, but I don't want to wake up in twenty years and regret not having them when I had the chance.) Then there's some other personal stuff I won't go into here. Oh, and on Monday I have an appointment for my first full physical in, uh, years. I really can't complain, though. I have a good life compared to many. I'll be fine, just like always, but it's still rather scary!

Life's not all gloom. Summer vacation has been very, very relaxing. I'm also really excited about the fic I'm writing now, which is a great feeling because I haven't been all that happy with what I've written for quite a while. With luck, I'll finish next week.

I also watched Doctor Who's "Love and Monsters" when BBCA reran it this afternoon. Apparently, it's not all that popular, but it just delights me to no end. And, judging by it and some of his other recent roles, I've got a mini-crush on Marc Warren. ;)

Anyway, here are some links:
-- Salon attempts to explain why ABBA is so beloved.
-- Inspiration alert: A Sudanese "lost boy" is on the US Olympic track team.
-- While in town this week, Rainn Wilson did the CNN weather report.
-- Last night I watched all of Sarah Haskins' videos for Current_, full of snark about "women's issues". They're gold.
-- Jez also has an interesting post on classic movie sex scenes.
-- Sepinwall reviews Dr. Horrible, plus an interview with Neil Patrick Harris about them. He also talks to one of the HIMYM producers.
-- Via PopWatch: A guy writes about having a walk-on appearance on Law & Order.
-- Via Mental Floss: Debunking conspiracy theories and a nifty tool that lets you create a hurricane.
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Chicken salad and other minutiae.

Lost looks absolutely *stunning* in high-definition. So beautiful that I'm starting to suspect it's all a plot by ABC to get us to buy HDTVs. Also, I've now had the Comcast DVR for a month. I figured that would be enough time for me to get used to it. Instead, I'm counting down the days until I can buy the hi-def TiVo. Looks like that won't be until June, alas.

I went to the doctor today and learned that my stomach problems this week are due to... food poisoning. Gee, it seemed like such a great idea to buy that chicken salad sandwich at DFW on Monday night, because my flight wouldn't get to ATL until nearly midnight, and none of my usual takeout places would be open that late. Sandwich when I land! Perfect! Er, except for the fact that I lost track of all common sense and forgot that letting a chicken salad sandwich sit in your luggage for three hours is not a good idea. Oops.

In happier news... I got the cutest shoes at Target last weekend. They're basic brown flats with a 2" elastic strap, and they're very comfortable. Cute shoes always improve my mood, especially at only $15.

I'm about halfway through the first sock with the Wisterious yarn. Collapse )

Two weeks until the BSG season premiere -- and until spring break! Excellent.
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(Not) Resolved:

Last night was ... odd. I went to dinner with some friends, but backed off of New Year's Eve festivities because I didn't feel like going to a bar. I came home and prepared to ring it in on my own, which suited me just fine. But right at midnight, I suddenly wanted to cry. Even got a bit teary-eyed. Not that it had been a BAD year or anything. I suppose just PMS and general holiday malaise. Then, a few minutes after midnight, a neighbor knocked on my door to ask what was up with the gunshots -- the revelers sounded like they had cannons and a dozen clips of ammo. Turned out to be fireworks at the Village Green. Oops! But we had a laugh and then sat outside in the chill and talked for an hour. So that was good.

Lifehacker has a great feature on Free Tools to Manage New Year's Resolutions. One suggestion is to make them realistic and specific. I dislike resolutions because of my fear of commitment. Instead, here are Seven Things I Want to Do in 2008:

  1. Back off on the avoidance and excuses, you idiot. I'd get so much more out of life if it weren't for all that procrastination and fear. Out of sight might be out of mind, but it's gonna come back sooner or later.

  2. Be more social. Go out at least once a month, even if it's just to the knitting group at Knitch. Only decline invitations for legitimate reasons, and not because "I just don't feel like it."

  3. Read at least six books. Hey, gotta keep this realistic!

  4. Spoil the nephew until he stinks. (Sorry, psychomab, but you are powerless against this. It's part of the Auntie Code. At least Mullet Kid gets some free toys out of it.)

  5. Take better care of myself. Get a physical in the summer, and routine checkups when necessary. Yoga and a long walk at least once a week. Cook for myself at least twice a week, not just takeout or microwave meals.

  6. Branch out beyond my usual fic genres, pairings, and fandoms. Take more (potentially unpopular) risks.

  7. And, of course, get better at replying to my LJ comments! I resolve this every year, but I seem to get worse and worse. Hell, I don't think I've done ANY comments in the past week, because I just freeze up when I click the button to reply. Understandable, I suppose, but still a bit inconsiderate.

Anyway! Here are a few links for a chilly New Year's Day:

-- Most of you have heard the news, but: BSG season 3 DVDs will be released on March 25th. Gee, that’s exactly one year (to the day!) since “Crossroads II” aired. Stupid, frakking NBCU. Hopefully the 70-minute version of “Unfinished Business” will make up for the wait.

-- If you're into celeb gossip, Crazy Days and Nights is revealing a bunch of blind items.

-- Slate talks about what movies get wrong (and right) about gardening, plus an interesting article on how Starbucks actually HELPS mom-and-pop coffeehouses. Incidentally, I just discovered the brand-new Starbucks two blocks away is open 24/7. Uh-oh.

-- Hello Kitty contact lenses. Probably fake, but still funny.

-- Yes, I'm still borderline-obsessed with Ravelry. And for my fellow knitters, I found this cool blog with tips on how to make your knitting look better and more professional. On that note... I'm closing the laptop and picking up some yarn. Gotta finish that other sock!
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Me? Woe.

Things upsetting me this morning:

1. Yesterday I crawled in bed at 6pm for my usual hourlong post-work nap. I woke up at 2:37am. GRR. Stayed up a few hours, then went back to bed, assuming this meant I could get to work early and do some stuff. Nope. Woke up ten minutes later than usual. I thought all that sleep was supposed to improve moods. Instead, I just feel like curling up and hiding.

2. Not a single person has said “hello” to me this morning. This is fairly typical and does not help the lifelong insecurity issues. Christmas is coming up, and I’m about at the point of “Why bother?”

3. Ants have invaded my desk.

4. Looks like all this peevishness is 90% hormonal, and I’m all out of ibuprofen.

5. That little one-off “Razor” Kara fic that I was supposed to write in one day is now up to 1,500 words, and I can’t bring myself to discard it. The last chapter of my WIP is completely plotted and half-written in my head, but I can’t actually write any of it, no matter how hard I stare at Word.

6. No more Chuck until after the new year. I’m still not fandomish about it, but it brings much-needed smiles. I also skipped Heroes last night, and this morning I’ve realized the depth of my ambivalence. Better that than getting pissed off, huh?

7. I hate being mopey. I’m a bit too old for the emo act. Am really hoping this passes soon. It usually does! Until then, I reserve the right to whine.
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"You've got no fear of the underdog."

I really can't win. I'd been doing so well with the plan to bring my own bags to the store. Just my little part in reducing all that waste. Forgot to bring it with me to Publix last night, though, and of course the cashiers insisted on sticking nearly every single thing in a separate bag. When I politely asked them to use as few bags as possible, the woman glared at me but complied. Then the guy sacking them decided to double-bag them anyway, and got mad when I protested again. I know they probably have some store policy about it, but it's still quite annoying and wasteful. *sigh*

This weekend I've been working on fic, knitting Christmas stockings, and watching Foyle's War, which I got from Netflix. Can't remember why I'd added it to my queue, but I'm enjoying it far more than I'd expected. The plots and characters are almost archaic, as if I'm watching something from 60 years ago -- which, I suppose, I am! But it's also very lovely and soothing and makes me feel good.

And today? I'm finally going to take a solo drive up to the mountains. Every year I say I'll do it again (it used to be an annual event), but I never quite get around to it. While I'm not taking the looooong route, it should be lovely because the colors are peaking right now. Yay! A few things before I go:

-- I run hot and lukewarm (no longer cold) about Pushing Daisies, but I kinda adored "Birdhouse in Your Soul" this week. Cheesy but delightful.

-- I just discovered Gawker's tale of The Worst Person in the World, in which a jackass sends a woman from match.com a hilarious e-mail. But it gets better! Not only did several other blogs pick up on it and mock him mercilessly, but the man chose to "defend" himself to Gawker.

-- Slate has an ode to store-bought Halloween costumes. I always wanted those '80s plastic tunic thingies, but Mom insisted on making ours. Alas.

-- Mo Ryan has yet another article on the likely WGA strike, this time with quotes and some other interesting bits.

-- EW talks about Gay Hollywood and how Brokeback Mountain didn't change much. *sigh*

-- According to NYMag, someone might've finally cracked the case of DB Cooper. I love weird (un)solved mysteries.

-- In RSS feed news, Smart Money lists 10 things the DMV won't tell you. And Lifehack offers advice on common writing mistakes.

-- Speaking of that... while skimming through fanfiction.net, I was reminded of a few BSG fic tropes and errors. Collapse )
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Car trouble, DVDs, fic, and fandom.

When it rains car trouble, it pours. A few weeks ago I had to get my brakes replaced. This time it was a dead battery. At least I was at home when I discovered it, and roadside assistance had someone out here in less than fifteen minutes. Impressive! Didn't want to have to shell out for a new battery, but the nice guy at AutoZone informed me that it was d-e-a-d. Alas. Though my car only has 28,000 miles, it's four years old, and nearly all of that is city driving. Things were bound to start breaking down eventually. Here's hoping that I don't have any more problems for a good long while!

It also looks like I'll have to replace my DVD player again. The Philips DVP642 is a godsend for us fangirls, but they don't have a very long life. If you're unfamiliar with them, these things play Xvid .avis -- just burn them to a data disc (no need to convert files or anything) and voila. You can watch all those downloaded episodes on your TV! Totally worth the cost of having to replace them far too often. ;) It looks like Philips has phased out that model, but I just found the DVP3960 on Amazon, for roughly the same price. Do any of you have this one, and if so, is it any good? (I also might be buying myself an HDTV next May -- squee! -- and I'll definitely be wanting some advice when the time comes.)

I'm thrilled that last night I finally wrote two very short scenes for the WIP. Yeah, it's taking longer than I'd planned, but that's because I realized that the Kara storyline is way more complicated than expected. Turns out it's going to be quite different than "Maelstrom" (which I really did love), but hopefully in a good way. I have a four-page outline, so at least I know where it's going. Just have to write it. Story of my life, so to speak. :)

And since I'm on the subject of BSG fandom: sarkastic posted a heads-up that the season 3 soundtrack has been leaked. I've never been into soundtracks, but I just might have to buy this one. While I certainly encourage everyone to purchase a copy -- Bear's a great guy and deserves the cash -- here are a couple of teasers. Collapse )

Also, dryope posted hi-res photos of Jamie and Tricia at the Scream Awards. Hooray for the curls! And while I'm not entirely thrilled with Jamie's slightly-too-shiny suit, the black is definitely an improvement over his usual. Pity that he didn't wear flip-flops or dragon pants, though.

Only five more weeks until "Razor"! It's funny -- six months ago I didn't give a damn about the Pegasus movie. It's been seven months since we've had anything, and it looks like another 3+ months until season four. Now I'm so damned hard-up for new BSG that I'm counting down the days until 11/24. ;)

P.S. Thanks, anonymous friend, for the gold star!
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Life, or something.

Shopping with a friend who's tall and thin and looks gorgeous in anything is a rather depressing experience! Still, K. and I hit the mall and had a great time, even if I had to bite back some seething jealousy at her purchases. ;) On the plus side, I got a ton of clothes for very little money, thanks to coupons and clearance racks. Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, which I've always found rather overrated, and then another hour sitting around Starbucks. Quite a lovely Saturday, though I'm looking forward to doing absolutely nothing tomorrow.

Tonight I played around with my layout. It's now all bright 'n cheerful, though I don't know how long I'll keep it. I still want something autumnal, but the stock photo backgrounds I've got won't work with this particular layout -- which I love because it has lots of text with very little fuss. (I'm an oldskool purist, I guess!)

Speaking of autumn... judging by the looks of things, the trees will start popping sometime next week. Yay! This is my favorite time of the year. Just wish the weather would cooperate and start cooling down.

Two links via Slate: a really interesting article on copyright infringement as it relates to fandom and the 'net, and an analysis of what's "wrong" with The Office. A bit more negative than I would've liked, but I definitely won't miss the hour-long episodes.

In case it's not obvious, I don't have much to say tonight. I'll sign off with a great quote from this week's Ugly Betty: ''As I always say, if you have nothing to write, try killing yourself. If you fail, you'll have something to write about. If you succeed, your troubles will be over.''
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"Thank the gods I never had kids."

From Slate's review of Into the Wild: "I guess it's a sign of middle age when you identify with the tottering oldster or the bereaved parent as much as the Thoreau-reading, angry young man."

Oh, I get that. I really, really get that. I'm starting to feel more and more like one of the Grown-Ups. Only in my early-30s, but the generational gap is getting more obvious. Last month I rented Disturbia, and I spent much of the movie rolling my eyes at Shia's emo kid angst and wishing he'd be more respectful toward his mother. ;) Fifteen years ago, I would've understood it much better. Now I definitely identify with the parents and other authority figures. Feels strange, but I suppose it's a good thing. At least, I hope so!

I'm a bit melancholy tonight, though not really in a bad way. Reflective, I guess. I've been watching the Office S3 DVDs, and I find them more sad than hilarious. Then again, that's part of the show's intent, right? (And it's reminding me of how Jim had begun to get on my nerves.) I'm also cooking and trying to sort out a fic that suddenly refuses to cooperate. Oh, and adding to the angst is the discovery that I need to get my car's brakes replaced tomorrow. Hopefully I can take it to the nearby place then walk back home (it's a hike, but do-able) instead of sitting in that waiting room all day. Ugh. Such an exciting life I lead!
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Three months early....

Last weekend I read a few knitting blogs, and one of them had a great post about keeping track of works in progress -- that she learns so much more from those posts in the middle of a project than she does from the finished version. So, for the heck of it, I thought I'd do the same. Collapse )

Cracked has an odd-but-interesting list: Seven reasons the 21st century is making you miserable. It's primarily about social isolation in the 'net age, and how we often substitute online interaction for real-life friendships. Hmm. I'm rather guilty of that one, though I think the writer is too pessimistic and dismissive.

Speaking of cynicism, Salon has an article on gender stereotype reversal in the new fall TV shows: "Broads are the cops and lawyers and masters of the business universe on the new shows. So what happened to the men?" I think it's another case of righteous indignation about an unintentional trend, but she does make some good points.

Continuing the thematic progression: Jezebel found this eerily prescient 1968 guide to the internet age. I'm mostly amused by how joyless they all look, like online shopping is the worst possible fate the future has to offer.

And that's it for this evening. A heads-up: if you have OnDemand, they're screening the various fall pilots. Right now I'm watching Bionic Woman again. A few changes from the screener, but it's pretty much the same. I'm still not exactly impressed, but at least it'll be a cheesy distraction while I wait for the next season of BSG. Right now my biggest WTF? is how Jaime could possibly afford that massive, trendy apartment on a bartender's salary. And I'm still all over the Sarah/Jaime femslash, which is so blatant it might as well be canon. ;)
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The Good:

-- Had a great weekend, and I already miss all my D*C friends (I won't make a huge list because I know I'd forget someone). Two shout-outs, though: indigo419 continues to be my online BFF, and I really do suspect elly427 and I were separated at birth. Whether or not she considers that a good thing remains to be seen.

-- Dragon*Con's newsletter posted this interview with Jamie Bamber, and it's actually one of the best I've seen in quite some time. Doesn't really cover any *new* ground, but the woman knew her stuff and got some excellent answers from him. Also, Jamie is so very, very pretty. asta77 posted two cute candid pics of him.

-- MSN is streaming a concert by Crowded House.

-- daybreak777 knows my sekrit fic kink: she posted this list of BSG babyfic recs. ;) Mostly K/L, but with a few other pairings.

-- Bret's Footloose/Flashdance solo on the Conchords season *sob* finale. Here it is on YouTube, but HBO.com's version is much better. Collapse )

The Bad:

-- Sniffles and sore throat? Great. Last thing I need right now is to get sick. *sigh*

-- Yes, I know we're the odd ones out for starting school in early August, but I'm a bit weary of people expressing shock when I tell them. I suppose the upside is that I can grin when we finish the school year 3-4 weeks before everyone else, huh?

-- Rumor has it that Hugh Laurie was the original choice to host the Emmys, but they went with Ryan Seacrest instead. Bastards!

-- Dragon*Con is just getting too damn big, or perhaps they just really need to reevaluate their crowd control procedures. I know the organizers work their butts off, and I don't have any magical solutions for overcrowding issues. Hopefully someone wiser than me can figure out a better way to manage ~30,000 people (and that's just the official tally) crammed into three hotel lobby/conference areas.

-- I have a mountain of laundry, but all I want to do is curl up on the sofa. Alas.
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