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EW thinks we're stupid.

Just got the new Entertainment Weekly, which has been redesigned. I'm all for change, and the new version's mostly fine, albeit a bit too style-over-substance. But one thing is pissing me off. The reviews and news stories now have bold-print sound bytes -- a sentence or two as a pull quote from the review. The editors apparently feel like their readers don't bother, y'know, reading and need them to tell us the important stuff through handy-dandy bold type. Oh, come on. I've been a subscriber since 1992 and always read cover-to-cover, but I'd rather them not underestimate their readers' intelligence.

Though I'm not into sports or the Olympics, I've been watching the Trials out of boredom -- and WOW. Swimming looks absolutely gorgeous in hi-def. Thank you, Mr. Tax Refund, for my fancy TV! I'm quite amused when the male swimmers unzip their unitards down to their waist, showing just how far down they shave. ;) Too bad that the official U.S. athlete uniforms are so dreadful. Love the huge Ralph Lauren Polo emblem, though I suppose that's appropriate since the guys look like they're about to hit the country club with a horse and mallet. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I got a kick out of the Canadian uniforms. A bit too irreverent for the Olympics, in my opinion, but I gotta love how they look like they're going to strip down and play beach volleyball on skateboards. ;)

While watching the trials, I saw a dreadful "The More You Know" PSA, featuring Ali Larter of Heroes. It's about domestic violence, which is a very worthy cause, but she stands in front of a mirror (like Niki) then turns around and says, "Heroes don't look the other way." Eye-rollingly bad.

Knitting friends: I finally decided to be more ambitious, so I'm making this sweater. While it's sized according to my measurements, I want to make a few adjustments to compensate for my boobs and belly. If y'all have any experience with that, especially short-row shaping, I'd love some advice!

Some links while I'm here:
-- MediaBlvd interviews Natalie Morales from The Middleman. (Please watch it!)
-- Consumerist offers 15 easy ways to save money at the supermarket. #3 is a good idea.
-- wickedgillie linked me to this webcam of the sunrise over Stockholm.
-- Here's a really cool post about the visual effects in the last scene of the BSG season finale. (Apoca-Beach! I've been there!)
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"I always thought of you as quick."

Good evening! Collapse )

Anyway. I've been knitting up a storm, and I'm polishing up a short fic that I hope to post tomorrow. In the meantime, here are a few links:

-- Indi linked me to this post about a hall closet converted to a TARDIS. :)

-- Sepinwall, among others, has the news that Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies scored early renewals, plus most of the other ABC usual suspects.

-- These Valentine's e-cards are deliciously evil! And check out a piglet with heart-shaped spots!

-- Starbucks will finally offer (limited) free wi-fi. I'm torn, because I usually go to Starbucks because I don't want the distraction of 'net access while I'm writing. ;)

-- Mental Floss lists 8 movie metaphors worth puzzling over, and the Great British Venn Diagram.

-- Slate has a fun article on great authors with nearly indecipherable handwriting.

-- And ancarett linked to the very cool Songerize, which lets you type in a song/artist and play any versions that are currently streaming online.
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Pretty, pretty pictures.

I have an HDTV! Thanks to some unexpected bills, I decided not to go for the big, fancy models. Instead, I bought a 37" with 720p resolution. It's not as posh as I'd hoped, but it's within my budget. Plus, I managed to squeeze the box into my car's backseat, so I saved on delivery. Granted, I should've just waited until I get my work bonus in June, but I'm ridiculously impatient and want to watch hi-def NOW! The best part is that, thanks to my big tax refund, I was able to pay cash for the whole thing instead of going into credit card debt again. Excellent!

I've got it all hooked up, and it's great so far! Was quite pleased to discover that my Philips DVD player has HDMI support, so all those downloaded .avis look pretty darn nice. Will have to wait until Tuesday to get an HD cable box from Comcast, so I'm stuck with regular TV until then. Plus, I'll have to buy a second (expensive) HDMI cable. At least the money I saved today means I won't have to worry about affording it. Tomorrow I'll probably go buy the HD TiVo; my box is three years old, so I was due for an upgrade anyway.

So, yeah. I'm a happy camper. Right now I think I'll curl up on the sofa and watch the Flight of the Conchords DVDs that Sis gave me for Christmas. The Rhymenoceros in hi-def? Whee!

ETA: Bret looks even prettier on the fancy TV. Mmm.
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In June, I'll be getting a fairly substantial bonus, and I'd been planning to use half of it to buy an HDTV. As I said yesterday, I was surprised to discover that it looks like my tax refund will be around $1,200, so I think I might go ahead and buy it now (then put that June money in savings.) I want to pay cash instead of racking up another credit card balance (I'm finally free of *most* of mine), which means that my price limit is $1,000 -- once I add in the tax and delivery, that will put me at around the tax refund total. I've been reading this ZDNet guide, but I'd love some real-world advice from y'all! Collapse )

And since I'm here, how about some links?

-- PopWatch announces their crush on David Boreanaz.

-- nwhepcat has started a very cool multi-fandom It's The Writers, Stupid!!!! Ficathon.

-- Via ww1614: three hours of MTV from 1983.

-- I Am Bored shares a really neat upcoming Super Bowl ad created and enacted by deaf people.

-- Slate has an interesting evaluation of which is greener: wool or cotton?