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Twelve Days of Pilots: 11 Pipers Piping

Only one more to go! After months of writer's block and me running out of ideas over the past couple of days, I think I'm actually going to be sad when I post the last one tomorrow night! But it's been a fun ride, and I'm just pleased to be writing so easily -- nearly 7,000 words in ten days.

An angsty character study this time, but I promise the last one will be more cheerful. ;)

11 Pipers Piping
For wickedgillie and rayruz, who love Kara angst almost as much as I do.

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Twelve Days of Pilots: 9 Ladies Dancing

I'm finally on winter break (yay!), and a day of tween-wrangling has left me exhausted. So I'm going to post this now, and after a very long nap I'll catch up with LJ stuff and try to do a non-fic post. ;) For this one, I decided to bring back Baby Jack from several drabbles I wrote months ago; I'll try to update this later tonight with links. If you haven't read them, they feature Lee as a single father after Kara's sudden death. And much love to Indi for her (typical) stroke of brilliance in helping me come up with an idea for this!

9 Ladies Dancing
For latteaddict, who requested another Jack ficlet way back when, and who loves Pilots as parents.

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