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LJ and spoilers.

About a year ago, I did a post and poll asking where people stand on talking about TV spoilers on LJ. Given the increasing prominence of time-shifting and downloading, I thought I'd throw it out there again! I'll start off by giving an example: last night I chose to watch Ugly Betty live, and I TiVoed The Office to watch after work today. If I wanted to talk about it after I watch, how long should I wait before doing so outside of a cut-tag: a day, a week, the rest of the season? What about, say, BSG's mid-season cliffhanger back in December? Most of us have seen it, but quite a few are still getting caught up via DVDs. I remember being reluctant to talk about the solution to the Lilly Kane mystery on VM for *months* afterward, just because it was such a huge reveal that would color the perceptions of my friends who didn't start watching the show until that summer.

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So, I'll indulge my addiction to LJ polls! Please feel free to elaborate in comments, though I probably won't have anything to add beyond what I've already said. ;)

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"Kneel before your god, Babylon!!!!"

Well. The good thing about last night's Emmys is that most of the winners were so WTF-worthy (or just unworthy) that they lost all credibility. I'm thrilled to bits about The Office, I'm generally glad for Sutherland and Hargitay, and while 24 is more "wildly entertaining" than "best drama", it doesn't completely suck. Oh, and I also *loved* that Kelly Macdonald won. Diane from Trainspotting, aka "Alanna's Favoritest Movie Ever"! Whee! But the rest of the awards? Uh, yeah. Collapse )

A few links:

-- The Annals of Alexis: I found this old Go Fug Yourself gem last night. Omigod, so awesome! I was addicted to Dynasty back in sixth grade. My shameful sekrit is that my very first fanfic was a horrible Mary Sue in which I was Alexis and Blake's long-lost daughter returning home from boarding school. Feel free to unfriend me now.
-- Serpentes on a Shippe! (spoylerez): Geoffrey Chaucer reviews Snakes on a Plane. (Thanks to maidenjedi for the link!)
-- The Bulwer-Lytton winners: I'm particularly fond of the Children's Literature winner.
-- EntWkly reviews the top 10 hits from this week in 1995: Totally worth it for her "Kiss from a Rose" summer camp anecdote.
-- Deepdiscountdvd.com has BSG S2.5 for $27.23, plus free shipping. Commence the pre-ordering. And for the record, NBCU won't be releasing the full season as a consolidated box set, so we're stuck with this. Alas.
-- fahye has written academy!pilots, which makes me a very happy camper indeed. Check out our pataphysical divigation and revel in the awesomeness.

Speaking of BSG... asta77 linked to some photos from yesterday's con, and I made a disturbing observation. Collapse )

And finally, I'm totally stealing this meme -with permission- from voleuse: Spoil me. Real spoilers, fake spoilers, speculation. For old movies, old TV shows, the fall TV season, books, WHATEVER. My fandoms, your fandoms. Fandoms in which you've never been, but feel the need to talk about spoilers anyway. Get it off your chest.

(Though unlike her, I'll defer to the spoilerphobic and request no actual info from upcoming shows. :)
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Two years of LJ spamming, and spoilertalk.

I just checked my LJ calendar, and as of today, I've posted something every single day for two straight years. Ever wondered why some of my posts are rather spammy? I am a slave to the streak. It's sad, really. ;)

Even cooler, though? I am currently in the waiting room of the Hyundai dealership, waiting to get the oil changed and in-dash clock fixed. Yes, the dealership has free WiFi. This is the most amusing thing I've seen in ages. BTW, I highly recommend black Hyundai Elantra sedans. I had one in college, a Ford Escort in the interim, and then bought another Elantra a few years ago. Good little cars. I'm also amused that I just hit 20,000 miles on my car -- and I bought it in 11/03. All hail the five-mile daily commute.

Bad news is that the guy who just walked in here is obviously dying to see the new Miami Vice movie, because he's got frosted hair, a pink polo shirt, and navy top-siders. I kid you not. What's worse is that he brought his personal DVD player, and he's listening to it so loudly I can hear over his earbuds, and he's tapping his foot.

Since I'm bored, let's talk BSG Collapse )
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BSG spoilers.

I took the day off for a doctor's appointment, so I'll be extra-spammy this afternoon. :)

Loved all the mytharc intrigue in last night's Lost. Funny how I've never really paid attention to mytharcs in previous shows -- I was all about the characters. But with Lost, I'm all about the Hanso wackiness because I'm not particularly attached to the characters. Am vastly amused that "sublymonal.com"... is a Sprite ad. Ah, commercial(ism).

I love this PopWatch post: Are Today's TV Stars 'Facially Challenged'? I've been saying that for years, especially back when I used to do screencapping. Sure, a lack of expression variety does NOT reflect negatively upon one's acting abilities (Aly Hannigan on BTVS was a marvelous actor, but she didn't exactly change up her expressions very much), but it makes for really boring screencaps.

In happy BSG news, queenofthorns posted a fantabulous pilot picspam. Pilots make me so very, very happy.

And iF Magazine posted part four of their interview with BSG producer David Eick, and it contains a couple of ... intriguing ... Collapse )
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[insert dorky "to spoil or not to spoil" pun here]

Well. More BSG spoilers came out today, and that has segued into the now-familiar discussion over the existential nature of spoilers themselves, spurred by Ron Moore's rather amusing "Stop posting spoilers!" rant. I've been in various online fandoms for over eight years, and I can't begin to count how many times I've seen spoiler freakouts (especially amusing when the actual eps turn out far better than the intel would indicate!), followed by all the hand-wringing over whether spoilers in general are good or bad.

I read spoilers. Love the speculation, and I have the added bonus of horrible ADD that makes me forget what I've read by the time I see the episode. ;) Mostly, though, I have NO willpower whatsoever, and while I'd love to stay unspoiled, I cannot resist. MUCH admiration for those who can. Fortunately, most people online (or at least on LJ) are good about cut-tagging and not giving away too much in their public posts, though I can imagine how frustrating those stupid slip-ups can be. But I don't particularly want to discuss spoiling, since - as I said - I've been down that discussion path way too many times.

I'm curious, though, how many of y'all read or avoid them. Only one question in this poll, but I'm cut-tagging because, hey, polls + cut-tags = polite. Collapse )

As for today's spoilers... eh, I like them. Then again, I like everything. I'm slutty easy that way. I'm totally in favor of people reacting however they want, but I have to say that being a spoiler whore AND a pollyanna can be really difficult sometimes. ;) Part and parcel of online fandom, though. So hey.

Oh, and I shouldn't have to say this, but just to be safe: Please, NO SPOILERS for any show in the comments! Thanks in advance. And now I'm going to curl up and finish watching The Amazing Race, followed by yet another obsessive rewatch of last night's Veronica Mars. Mmm, yes.
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Did I mention that these spoilers are fake?

Thanks to my connections in the media industry, I just tracked down a stash of superduperawesome fake spoilers for some of my favorite shows! Check 'em out....

House: In the shocking season finale, that rebellious Dr. House does something unorthodox! And puts a patient's life at risk! I've heard that in act two, Cuddy will roll her eyes, Foreman will try to take charge, and Cameron will angst about something or another. Then -- and I hope I'm not giving too much away -- the medical mystery will be solved at approximately 9:51. But the big twist? This time, the medical mystery is that sex... isn't bad. Omigod!

Alias: Sydney wakes up in her apartment in Los Angeles. It's four years previous (four? Three? However many years it's been since The Telling), Evil Francie lies dead on the floor across the room, and it turns out that everything that happened in the past two and a half seasons was all a dream. (Summary courtesy of trinnifer, because -- as with most things Alias -- the original made no sense.)

BSG: Vaughn's married!?! Oh, wait....

Veronica Mars: Turns out that the bus crash was, in fact, caused by rabid squirrels. However, the big shocking twist is that these squirrels had been specially raised by Woody Goodman in collusion with Aaron Echolls, who'd trained them to squeak out "Duncan did it!" as the bus plunged over the cliff. Since the crash, the squirrels have been living in Dick's pants. The B-plot features Veronica and Logan macking on each other while killing all their enemies with toothpicks. In a shameless ratings grab, we discover that Hearst College's campus has been relocated to Lost Island.

Lost: Jack, Ana-Lucia, Kate, and Sawyer finally get naked in the jungle, but they realize they can't get off without a mirror nearby. Locke begins a downward spiral as he tries to see that blacklight map again that Eko keeps trying to foil, culminating with a pissing contest disguised as a "spirit quest". Walt and Michael reappear; nobody remembers them. Claire gets sick of being so damn adorable, so she eats the baby.

American Idol: Ryan Seacrest spontaneously combusts. The world rejoices.

CSI: The team of investigators looks into Ryan Seacrest's spontaneous combustion, only to discover forensic evidence that suggests it's due to all the crack Paula Abdul has been smoking.

The Amazing Race: As they near the finish line, BJ and Tyler perform the final tasks in full clown makeup. Eric and Jeremy mistake the red-and-yellow race flag for a rainbow banner, prompting them to finally declare their love. Phil's eyebrow shoots so high that it actually detaches from his face.

24: In their first bit of common sense all season, the 24 producers bring in Jack Bristow as the new CTU head. He and Jack Bauer become the most kickass alpha-male anti-terrorist team ever, finding new ways to torture puppies, ex-girlfriends, and Kim Bauer. Meanwhile, Chloe spends the whole episode insulting every single member of CTU. Nobody notices anything unusual.

Prison Break: Wentworth breaks out of prison. He finds the outside world so fucked-up that he begs to be let back in.

Gilmore Girls: Those spoilers you've already read? Any fake ones I write couldn't possibly top them.

So, what other fake spoilers have y'all heard? Spill!
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spoiler (non)alert!

This morning, awmp vented about people who posted icons from the most recent Veronica Mars episode without cut-tagging them, so she was spoiled about a particularly juicy development. I totally understand her anger, especially since she's in Europe and hasn't yet grabbed the ep online. Plus, I know some people here in the U.S. haven't seen it either. And on the reverse side, I'll be walking that line starting next week when I have to wait a few hours to see the new Doctor Who episodes.

It made me wonder, though, exactly how to define "spoilers" in Ye Olde Era of Downloading (I'm using "spoilers" to mean recent episodes, not info about unaired ones.) Most people on LJ and similar sites are good about cut-tagging info from recent eps, and we usually wait at least a few days before using icons from them in our posts. But, to go back to that Slate article I linked the other day, downloading and DVD box sets mean we're often viewing shows on different timelines. I watch nearly everything live or by the next day, and even most of my foreign friends are able to do the same through torrents and downloading. But I'm still reluctant to mention details from the BSG season finale (which aired a month ago) without a cut-tag. Hell, I'm sheepish about saying who killed Lilly Kane because I know several friends are just now getting into VM, and that mystery is SO much better when you're unspoiled. :)

So, a few discussion questions before I head out to run errands and write a bit of BSG post-2.20 fic (the summary of which I'll probably cut-tag when I post!):

1. How long after an episode's initial US airing should we wait before using screencap icons or mentioning plot details in our LJ without tagging them?

2. What constitutes a "spoiler", anyway, if the episode has already been seen by the majority of viewers?

3. How much info is acceptable to give out in non-cut posts or fic summaries?

4. And for those on the opposite side of the equation: any tips for avoiding spoilers on LJ until you're caught up with the episodes in question?