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Feeling really scatterbrained tonight, which isn't much of a change from the usual, I suppose. I'm also getting paranoid over health issues. Am going to call the doctor's office first thing tomorrow and see if I can get in either after work or during planning, so that I don't have to take off work yet another day. Hopefully they'll turn out to be nothing, but they're bizarre enough to make me nervous.

Today was quite eventful. Trinnifer and I thought the BSG panel was at 11:30 instead of 10, but she figured it out just in time for us to haul ourselves downtown. The panel itself wasn't very good due to certain issues (which I'll not mention), but we still have a big ol' crush on Tahmoh. He loved her "New Caprica is for lovers" t-shirt -- yay! And then it was time to come back here, pack up, and take Trinnifer to the airport. I'll miss her. :(

Since heading to the airport to pick her up on Thursday night, I've driven 354 miles. Wow. Unfortunately, I discovered yesterday that my rear passenger tire was *bald* in spots, which is quite scary. Although I hate Wal-Mart, I headed down there this afternoon to get it replaced; hey, they were the only place open today, and I could get some grocery shopping done. While there, I browsed through teen magazines, because I'd like to buy and/or subscribe to a few for my students. Advice, please: do y'all know of any good pop-culture mags geared specifically toward Latina or African-American teens? I found a nice-but-expensive one about quincenearas, but it was primarily fashion and didn't have many articles. I thumbed through Sister2Sister, except I'm iffy about the sex-and-dating sections. ;) ElleGirl and Teen People are fine, but most of my students are Latina and A-A, and I think they'd appreciate magazines specifically geared toward them.

Some links:

-- The House Next Door is focusing on The Wire this week, as a lead-in to the premiere. I've never seen the show and don't really care to (not my type of thing), but the essays look really interesting.

-- Martin Sheen's going to college! Seriously. He's enrolling in the National University of Ireland as a freshman, and he seems quite serious about it. "I don't want this to be just a lark. I want to see if I can seriously commit to it." That's just so cool. :)

-- Battery-powered love: an infomercial for an, er, erotic toy. Absolutely hilarious, and totally not work-safe.

-- The always fabulous txvoodoo has posted hi-res photos of Doctor Who's cast at a TV awards show. Mmm, pretty.

-- I've linked to her before, but if you're interested in Project Runway, you should definitely check out spikewriter's weekly recaps. She always has fascinating things to say.
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Ravenclaws can make you black (er, silver) and blue.

Well. Tonight was the Yule Ball, hosted by the Harry Potter track. The downside was that I developed a massive headache; the upside was that it was so much fun! I actually danced -- first time in months I've hauled myself out on the dance floor. trinnifer had an awesome Ravenclaw outfit, and I dressed up in the sari I was given for my sister's wedding a few years ago. We took photos (though with our heads cropped out.) You can see them here, along with some other pics of the Yule Ball, the Colonial Day party (with Tahmoh and Aaron), and other Dragon*Con fun.

We also went to a really interesting Doctor Who panel, which included one of the S3 writers (don't remember his name, alas.) Lots of great discussion, and the mood was very positive and excited. I would've liked to have attended more fan discussions this weekend, but there's always so much else to do!

Right now, I'm introducing Trin to the wonders of Arrested Development, and while I'm not sleepy, my hands are apparently too tired to type. Alas. Linkspam tomorrow, along with the overdue non-D*C content. :)
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Smells like sandwich!

Yet another non-sequitur from Trinnifer and me.

After I posted last night, Trinnifer and I went back down to Dragon*Con. We wanted to hit the Colonial Day party, in hopes that maybe the actors might show up (hey, we're fangirls.) A bit of tragedy with greycoupon losing her badge (yikes!) meant that we had to take her home, but we got back to the hotels at around 11:45. The shindig itself wasn't that great, thanks to a cash bar selling drinks for $6-10 and a lack of wild partying. dreago (whom I was thrilled to see again) saved the day with her iPod. We spent a lovely hour talking about fandom stuff with the equally lovely asta77. At 12:55, we all decided to head home. Went out into the crowded hallways and said goodbye to Asta... and then the actors walked by. So of course we turned right back around, though we promised to only stay for fifteen minutes (and we did.) The guys were already rather drunk, albeit in a mostly charming way. As for the rest? Huh.

One of the most delightful celeb-related things about the con has been watching Tahmoh with his digital camera. He's been gleefully taking photos of almost everything, even while onstage at the Q&A's. I've always been rather ambivalent about Helo, but Tahmoh is *darling*. I haven't been to enough cons to pretend to be an expert about actors, but I think his appearance here has been so great because it was unexpected and entirely his choice; apparently he had dinner with James Callis last weekend, who told him he should come. And then Aaron kept texting him with "Come to Atlanta!" So he hopped on a plane Thursday night. I think part of it is also Dragon*Con's uniquely casual atmosphere -- it's a massive fan-run con where the focus is more on the partying than the celebrities, which means many of them can just walk around and have fun, rather than doing those intense meet-and-greets you see elsewhere. So many actors naturally treat cons as part of the job -- hey, great work if you can get it, and I totally understand -- but you can tell that he likes the fans and is having the time of his life. :)

Trinnifer posted some pics of the actors at yesterday's Q&A and the party, and she's sharing them here. Oh, and did I mention that Kate Vernon is absolutely lovely? This is her first con, and she says she's really enjoying herself. I only wish she'd had a chance to talk more at the Q&A's.

I think tonight we're going to head back down there for some Firefly and Harry Potter stuff that Trin wants to see, but which also sounds quite interesting to even a casual fan like me. And later I promise to talk more about the non-fangirly parts of this weekend. :)
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Sycorax rock!

Well. We headed down to Dragon*con today, and we got quite a lovely surprise: Tahmoh! He apparently decided yesterday afternoon, which makes me quite a happy camper indeed. Great Q&A, and Tahmoh and Aaron were especially charming afterward while posing for photos with trinnifer and greycoupon. They said they might come to the Colonial Day party tonight (as Aaron asked, "Will there be lots of booze and hot women? Besides you three, of course.") and I'll most definitely bring the camera. Because yes, they're even hotter in person. No real spoilers or cool insider info, though the guys did say that the mood on set is that they'll probably go five seasons total, so they can quit while they're ahead.

trinnifer is so darling. :) Poor dear had to wait at the airport for me to pick her up, but she was very gracious about it. Since then, we've been chattering pretty much nonstop. Yay! Right now we're watching Doctor Who's "The Christmas Invasion" for the second time in 24 hours, and we've spent most of the day shouting "Sycorax ROCK!" Complete with hand-motions. Welcome to dorkhood! Oh, and I've apparently ruined Hugh Laurie forever for poor Trin, who was quite shocked to see the Prince Regent after having fangirled "scruffy, sexy Hugh". Thank you, YouTube!

[/gratuitous con report post]
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Today is the greatest day of my entire life.

Okay, not really, but it's still pretty fabulous. Backing up... I had the evil insomnia again on Tuesday night, when I managed two hours of sleep. Yesterday I forced myself to skip my usual nap, getting a mani-pedi to keep myself awake. But I still felt like hell all evening, which sucked because I wanted to be excited about so many marvelous things in my life right now. So I went to bed a little after midnight (which is freakishly early for me) and crossed my fingers. Guess what? No insomnia! Seven uninterrupted hours of sleep, and today I feel AMAZING. Best I've felt in ages, both in mood and body. I am ready to kick some serious bee-hind this weekend at D*C.

Though this euphoria does raise several worrisome questions:

1) Does this mean I should go to bed early every night? Because that's just terrifying.
2) Does trinnifer adore me enough to forgive the messy apartment I was too tired to clean last night?
3) What if my freakishly good mood scares everyone? Oh, wait. That's nothing unusual.
4) Watching Tim Gunn was the highlight of my whole evening, and I was able to sleep blissfully after PR. Does Tim really have such magical powers? If so, why the hell doesn't he harness and exploit them for good and/or evil?

Everything hasn't been 100% fantabulous, though. My skirt zipper busted this morning. Good thing my shirt is long enough to cover the gaping hole on my hip, but *sigh*. And tonight shall be quite stressful...

4:30 I get off work
5:29 trinnifer's flight arrives
6:30 We drive out of the airport (though this is Hartsfield, so who knows?)
7:00 8th Grade Open House begins. No way in hades can I miss that, even with a friend flying in from NC/VA. I might could swing a slightly late arrival, but that's pushing it. As long as we can get out of the airport by 6:30, we should be okay. Knock on wood. And then poor Trinnifer gets to spend her first evening in Atlanta watching me meet-and-greet my students' parents. Lucky her! (We might head down to the Hilton afterward to pick up badges, depending on how exhausted we are. Which, I suspect, will be "quite".)

All righty. Must go do some prep work so that things won't get crazy while I'm gone tomorrow. Best thing about 8th grade is that we get a really long Planning, so I can read/update LJ slightly guilt-free. :)
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Dragon*Con day three.

Right now, four of the Serenity cast are doing a Q&A downtown. Jidabug and I decided to come home. Would've been way at the back of the ballroom, and we needed a breather. Poor thing's curled up on the living room sofa right now for some down-time, and I'm sitting on my bed. What is it about cons that brings out my uber-codependent/insecure streak? I take it personally when friends aren't having a good time, and I freak out that others don't like me, even though it's probably just paranoia. I really must get over that someday. ;)

Before I get into today's Q&A's, I wanted to tell y'all that both Adam Baldwin and Tricia Helfer are donating ALL of their autograph/photo money to Katrina relief efforts; in fact, Tricia decided to come last-minute (after Bamber and Callis had to cancel due to filming schedules) because her husband's from New Orleans, and she saw this as a way to raise some money for his hometown. I've heard that many of the other actors are donating part of their autograph money, too. I was SO impressed by that. For many actors, conventions are sort-of a security blanket, so to speak. An actor's life can be very feast/famine, and many - understandably - use the money they make (Adam told a woman in line that he could easily make $10,000 this weekend) to put in savings for when their income isn't as steady. So I applaud Adam, Tricia, and the others who are taking that very important income and giving it to the hurricane vicitms. Good for them.

Anyway. This morning we went to a really fascinating panel discussion about BSG, the Trek legacy, and what it means to the future of science fiction, with Tricia Helfer, Richard Hatch, and two Trek BNF-types I didn't know. This afternoon, Tricia had her own Q&A. She was marvelous. Very down-to-earth, charming, intelligent, and gorgeous -- I'm now a fangirl. *g* Collapse )

That's all we can remember right now; will hopefully have more to say later. And now jidabug and I are off to see Grant-Lee Phillips! *squee*
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... in which I realize that I am O-L-D.

Only managed a few hours at Dragon*Con today before I got totally tuckered out and dragged jidabug home. Poor jidabug. She's being all good-sportish about it, fortunately. So now we're crashed out on my two sofas, having a Mars-athon. I've decided that Batshit!Crazy!Duncan is now my favorite VM character. Regular Duncan is way too boring, but when he goes cray-zee in "A Trip to the Dentist"? Woo hoo! We're (well, mostly me) also quite peeved that Veronica Mars only gets ONE FREAKIN' PARAGRAPH in the EntWkly Fall Preview issue. Hmph.

Jidabug brought me five boxes of Pocky. Oooh. Quite delish, and now I feel like an anime fangirl without actually having watched any anime. In exchange, I gave her one of my Ritalin today. Mmm... prescription meth. Watching her get so *wired* was way too much fun. After the second Serenity panel (lots of fun, but no scintillating gossip), we went down to the dealer's room, where she got autographs from three of the four. Then we met musing_mia and her friend Heller at Trader Vic's for pina coladas, just one of which knocked me flat. Should've known better -- I almost never drink, so even the teensiest bit damn near kills me. Couldn't handle more D*C stuff today, so now here we are.

Tomorrow's another Serenity panel, along with two BSG ones that I really want to go to, given that I haven't done any of the BSG stuff. Alas, the two guys from the show had to cancel, but Tricia Helfer came in their place. Saw her at the autographs earlier -- stunningly gorgeous in person, but SKINNY. ;) I'm not a huge Six fan, but I'd love to hear what she has to say about the character. Though I'd hate to miss the Serenity guys for it, because their first two panels were SO much fun. Oh, the decisions!

ETA: And we picked up the funniest Serenity movie flyer. It's got the cast done up like a super-cheesy '70s scifi poster, with the tagline, "Space Pirates on the Run!!!"
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D*C day 1

After a full afternoon of Dragon*Conning, jidabug and I had to come back to my place and craaaaaaash. So, so tired, but in the best way. We met up with -- imagine LJ tags before these names, because I'm sleepy -- fer1213 and her sister, sdwolfpup, asta77, molly_may, dreago, rockandrollgidget, hecatehatesthat, and some other friends, and we headed into the Centennial I-III ballroom, where we saw the Serenity panel, featuring Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, and Adam Baldwin. Collapse ) As jidabug just said, "And they're all just as pretty in real life!" My favorite moment came after Morena answered a question about Inara being a strong female role model. Ron replied, "Excuse me, but if memory serves, didn't you play A WHORE?" Then later, we got this when someone asked a question for both Ron and Morena, and they bickered about who would answer first.

Morena: "But I'm just a whore."
Ron: "So you're used to going first."

More hilarity ensued, but we're too damn tired to remember it. We were all supposed to meet up for dinner tonight, but jidabug and I have decided to crash on the sofa instead and maybe head out for margaritas and Tex-Mex later if we don't just pass out. :)
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The bad, the ugly, and the good (in that order.)

My day in bullet-points:

-- This afternoon, my school got six new students who are evacuees from New Orleans. We'll most likely get more. I met one of the mothers when she came to pick them up. She was in surprisingly good spirits, considering, and I would've liked to talk to her about the situation, but she was (understandably) in a hurry. The faculty is planning to collect supplies and donations for the families.

-- A few minutes ago, I went to pick up pizza (mmm... Bella's...) and decided to top off my tank, since I'll almost certainly run out of gas this weekend. The BP station was already out of Plus and Premium, and they actually ran out of Regular while I was standing at the pump. Seriously. And it's not the only nearby gas station that has either run out or simply shut down altogether. I'd assumed the Atlanta Gas Shortage was more hype than reality, but apparently there's some truth.

-- Why is it that I'm most tired on the evening when I have the most to do? The kitchen and bedroom are still an utter mess, and jidabug arrives in 11 hours. It's times like these when I wish I had enough money for a maid. ;)

-- But hey, on the plus side, Dragon*Con starts tomorrow! Seeing the guests will be fun, but I'm mostly just giddy about seeing old friends. SO excited, and I'll definitely be taking lots of photos. Whee!

-- One more ficcish thing... do any of y'all know if someone has written a BSG fic in which the fleet actually finds our present-day Earth? A plot bunny is merrily hopping through my head, but I haven't read enough fic in that fandom to know whether it's already been done. Thanks in advance!