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A newbie again.

It's funny. Doctor Who was my first fandom, way back when I was 12 and stayed up late to see Peter Davison on PBS. I've been watching the revival since it premiered, and now I'm feeling fannish again. It's been a long dry spell since BSG ended, and maybe I'm falling for this show (again) because I love that feeling of being wrapped up in a TV show. Whatever the case -- and despite the problems with the current season -- I'm loving the show and everyone on that damn TARDIS. I even kinda want to write fic, though I have absolutely no good ideas whatsoever.

That said, I'd forgotten how difficult it is to break into a new fandom. I never had any problems in the past. I joined LJ during my BTVS days, and when I moved on to BSG, many of my lovely friends here were on the same page. I don't know anyone in DW fandom, unless any of y'all are involved! It looks like most of the activity is over on Tumblr, which has always sorta mystified me. I generally prefer ongoing discussion posts rather than the rapid-fire pic posts and short bursts of chatter that seem to be the norm over there, and I can't keep up. But I went ahead and started an account, so we'll see how that goes. Ultimately, I don't know how involved I really want to be -- at least, compared to the way I used to be on top of everything -- but I'll give it a whirl and see what happens!

In other news... I'm thrilled that Homeland won so many Emmys tonight, and that the season premiere is next Sunday. Good timing, that! And the local Catching Fire fun continues, as I read they're filming the big party at Snow's mansion in a house that's literally down the street from me. Okay, seven miles down the street, but that still counts. ;)
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My love of parentheses.

1. Well, those allergies turned out to be a bonafide cold or virus or whatever. (I can never tell them apart.) I've been sick all weekend. Congestion, skin sensitivity, headaches, a bit of a fever, and total fatigue. I did buy a neti pot; while it helped a little, it wasn't as effective as I'd hoped. I seem to be over the worst of it now, but I have no energy whatsoever. Even simply folding laundry earlier made me want to collapse. Tomorrow should be fun.

2. In addition to my futile battle against the comma splice, I now have another grammar peeve: the lack of commas in parenthetic expressions. I've been seeing these all over the place in the past month. Here's an example from the new issue of Time Magazine, with the names changed: "Mary Smith, a physician's assistant examines Dan Jones in a swine flu triage tent." The writer should've included another comma after "assistant", to set off the phrase as a descriptor. (I might be using the wrong terms here; I know what's right, even if I don't know the specific terminology.) Perhaps I'm too hardcore about grammar. Many errors don't bother me, promise! I've finally made my peace with the obsolescence of the Oxford comma. ;) But comma splices and parenthetical expressions are just so fundamental to sentence structure that I can't quite fathom why they've suddenly become "optional".

(Note to self: RELAX.)

3. This afternoon I watched Last Chance Harvey on DVD. Cute movie, albeit rather forgettable. It reminded me of how I fangirled Emma Thompson way back in the Ken-and-Em days of the early nineties. I was a naive college freshman at the time, and I wrote her a long, gushing fan letter that is rather embarrassing in retrospect even if I don't remember what I said. A month later, I opened my mailbox and found a hand-written note from her. I remember my hands trembling for the first time in my life as I clutched the unopened envelope. It was a very sweet thank-you for the lovely letter, with a note that I might enjoy her upcoming movie, Much Ado about Nothing. I wish I still had it. And since I was really naive, I wrote her back! Yup, another long missive as if we were bestest friends now. She never replied, not that I blame her one bit. ;) Still, it's a fun memory to have!
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A fangirl without a show.

1. What is it about school vacations that makes me want to cook and cook? Especially since the results seldom turn out well. But! Yesterday I had a strange yen to make bread, so I started poking around online for a good recipe. Despite my not being Jewish (or even really Christian anymore, for that matter), I found myself making challah! And it turned out perfectly. Wow. Pretty enough for any Seder -- er, if it weren't leavened. Oops. Still, it's quite awesome. Collapse )

2. I have also been making other things, specifically knitting. Big surprise. Friends, I have fallen in love with a new brand of yarn: Madelinetosh Sock. Oh my god I love it so much. Maybe even more than I love Dream in Color's Smooshy. Collapse )

3. In more bittersweet news, I find myself fading away a little bit from my show. I've been working on a fic, but I can't really get the vibe back or even the urge to rewatch episodes. I'm sure it'll come back soon -- I need to rewatch S4.5, if only to start cleaning out my TiVo -- but this tends to happen to me at the end of a show. No hard feelings, except re: the finale, and I hope I can get the vibe back long enough to finish the fic!

4. My fandom history is that once my connection to a show begins to fade, I almost immediately find another one to throw myself into. Collapse )

5. Since this post is already so long, I'll add a linkspam:
-- Two posts about '90s music loves: PJ Harvey is not actually a crazy wailing banshee and why Morrissey's voice still breaks my heart.
-- Here's one for Dionusia: Odysseus's Twitter feed!
-- Mental Floss has helpful tips on what to do if you meet the Queen and an interesting post on a writer's visit to Vanuatu. And on that note, a great series of articles about Lagos, Nigeria, and a train trip from Vienna to Pyongyang.
-- Boston.com takes a peek inside a Netflix mailing facility.
-- Check out The Smithsonian: By the Numbers.
-- While baking last night, I read Vanity Fair's long article about the Iceland banking crisis.
-- Looking for a summer job? A friend told me that the Census Bureau is hiring. I might actually look into it.
-- Kiosk has some very cool things to buy, including an Obama stamp. Want!
-- And, to end on a silly note: if you're currently shopping for formal wear, why not get the vagina prom dress?
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Fandom group hugs.

1. After some reflection, I'm coming around to the not-entirely-okay-with-the-finale side of things. Still not bitter, even if I've read some very, very good arguments from those who were disappointed. (I might be getting close to heartbroken, though.) I guess I'm somewhere in between, seeing and sympathizing with both sides without being able commit to one. Mostly, I'm just sad that the show is over and fandom is winding down. Though I've been through two other huge fandoms before, it doesn't get any easier. This has been such a huge part of my life for the past three and a half years, which makes all this even more sad. I have no idea what's coming up next for me, but right now I just feel a bit like mourning -- and sending out a group hug.

2. Amid all the angst this week, I got a new laptop. I've been needing to replace mine for a while, but I couldn't quite swing the finances. On Monday I saw that Newegg had a bottom-of-the-line Toshiba for $400 total, including shipping. Can't imagine I'd manage to find a better price even if I wait a few months. It's almost identical to my old one, though faster and with a better hard drive. A very basic model, sure, but it suits my needs just fine.

3. One of the silly ways that I realize I am Getting Older: I've been enlarging fonts. Oh, I can read the small text, but it's such a pain. Now I stick with 12pt or above. And one of my peeves is when people specify a different font on websites or even LJ posts because it overrides the default that I can read so much more easily. Sigh.

4. I seem to be highly susceptible to advertising, because all the gardening ads on TV this weekend have me wanting to buy a bunch of flowers, herbs, soil, and clay pots -- despite my history of losing interest and watching them die.

5. A few links:
-- HuffPo has a eulogy for Conchords, focusing on their appeal to female fans. Parts of the essay are annoying, but other parts made me laugh.
-- A fun one from last summer: One man's quest for the perfect pizza. And here are some useful tips on growing tomatoes.
-- The Lexiblog rants about why verbing weirds language. And more linguistics fun: the etymology of "if you seek amy".
-- Salon interviews Rick Steves about traveling in Iran.
-- Another fun rant: if Katie Holmes is a "nerd", then what does that make us?
-- Ooh, if I were remotely coordinated, I'd love to participate in competitive double dutch.
-- Many, many thanks to deaver for pointing me toward Viper Pilots Socks! I saw that and immediately bought the pattern to cast on. Just happened to have some Araucania Ranco in khaki, which is a perfect shade for them, yes?
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Burning out vs. fading away.

I've finally mastered the art of making the baby giggle at me; therefore, today ranks as a success. Then again, maybe he's giggling AT me, in which case.... ;)

Once again, there's talk of another X-Files movie. Several friends have asked my opinion, given that XF was my first big fandom; hell, I was hardcore for nearly five years. I stuck around through the beginning of S9, then BTVS took over. Another three years there, including a co-fandom with AtS. Since both shows ended, I haven't watched a single episode. I didn't quit XF out of disgust (though I know many did, and I don't particularly want to discuss the show itself!) I just stopped being interested, and I didn't feel like watching anymore. Same thing with BTVS. I loved being a Spike fan, but now I honestly couldn't care less what the actors are doing. When I quit a fandom, I *quit*. Again, not in a negative way. Absolutely no regrets! Bitterness really isn't my style. Wouldn't trade all those years for anything. But it's like a switch is flicked in my brain. I'll probably be the same way with BSG one day, and that's okay. Guess I'm just a one-fandom girl.

Aside from some personal stuff I'd rather not talk about here, things have been pretty quiet. I'm flying home tomorrow night, and I'll probably have more to say once I'm back on my home turf! Until then, here are a few things I've bookmarked today:

-- Isaiah Washington has signed for a 5-episode stint on Bionic Woman? Ugh. Double-ugh. Maybe Katee's character can kick his ass. Also, Katee's on the cover of TV Guide. Not my favorite photo of her, alas.

-- Mo Ryan did a long post on how the Emmys get it wrong and why they need to be radically changed. I doubt I'll be very disappointed on Thursday morning, just because my expectations are so low. I realized long ago that none of my favorites will ever get nominations. I'll still be watching the announcements, though, because I'm a junkie for that sort of thing. She also has a short interview with the Conchords guys. How cool was "It's Business Time" last night? Whee!

-- Slate asks, If you like 300, are you gay? Bad title, but their (iffy) point is that "macho" movies aren't necessarily homoerotic. Interesting reading, if nothing else.

-- Slate also talks about how Crocs conquered the world. Funny, I hadn't even heard of those shoes until a few weeks ago. I'm so out of the loop.

-- The NYTimes has a really cool video essay on the Harry Potter films. Definitely worth a watch.

-- EntWkly interviews The Decemberists.

-- I told dionusia that I'm now fangirling her fic. She has written a gorgeous Kara-and-Lee story that takes place post-3.20. Go read "The Visible World" and fangirl her too!
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When basestars attack: tonight at 11!

I spent most of today at a conference, which was great because it felt like a day off. Definitely a good thing, since my students have been wearing on my last nerve. On the plus side, next week is Spring Break -- I'm flying to Dallas to see my new nephew! And when I get back, I'll have only seven and a half more weeks until summer vacation. Excellent.

Time to do my ridiculously long meta post about Sunday's Galactica. At least those of you not into the show will get a break from these for nine months. *sigh* I've been wondering what to do about fandom. I'm very much a fangirl at heart, but I can really only manage one at a time. I held on throughout the seven-month hiatus last time, but nothing new until January? Ouch. I thought about picking up another fandom, but I haven't found anything really inspiring me. Never really got into Doctor Who beyond a general love. I adore Friday Night Lights SO much, but I think I prefer keeping a distance and taking the show as it is onscreen, because it makes me appreciate that gorgeous sense of reality so much more. I don't find any other shows inspirational in a fannish sense. Still, I need to be *involved* in something -- trouble is, when I throw myself into something new, the old one suffers. I still love BSG and don't want to give it up, yet I'm easily bored and enjoy being engaged in a show. Oh, whatever. Guess I'll just see what happens.

Anyway! Enough navel-gazing. Collapse )
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... in which I reveal myself to be a dorky fangirl.

(Posting twice in one night? Wow. I'm so darn prolific.)

greycoupon found another new radio interview with Katee Sackhoff that took place either last night or tonight. You can download it here. Warning: it contains some HUGE SPOILERS, even on that download page. Sorry! Here are the Collapse )

I do have an ulterior motive for posting about this. I have this *thing* about not really wanting to know too much about the actors themselves, mostly because it screws with my head and makes fic-writing awkward. I don't even listen to interviews or visit actors' websites, and I avoid autograph lines and photo ops at cons. Yes, I'm weird. But I did listen to Katee's previous interview with those guys, and I got a kick out of her saying that she'd taken up knitting. For the hell of it, I went by the yarn store and bought her a skein and some needles, and I sent it to the Vancouver set. Felt like a complete goofball about it, and in my note I specifically said NO response was necessary, but here's my e-mail address in case she had any questions about the scarf pattern. I never do that sort of thing. That was two months ago, and I didn't think much of it; mostly, I just felt embarrassed by my dorkiness. ;)

Well. In the interview (timestamp 19:29), she says, "Someone just sent me a box of knitting stuff!"

EEK. That was ME! Okay, I still don't expect a reply or anything -- just hearing that she got the damn thing has made me a giggly, squeeful fangirl. And now I shall go back to keeping actors wholly separate from their characters... well, after I squee a bit more. :)
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Veronica Mars hi-larity

I am really, really slow on the uptake. Collapse )

I also watched and adored Collapse )

Speaking of TV... Slate has a review of ABC's new yuppie dramas. I can't weigh in on their quality, since I don't watch any of them, but it made for interesting reading.

Oooh. More pretty Bamber pics. Also, tonight I did something embarrassingly fangirlish. Yikes! Am going to keep mum for the time being.

I'm making my own Kara moodtheme, and I might do some other fannish ones after this. Do any of y'all have links to a good explanation of how to upload and use them? *I* know, but I'd love a simple guide that I can include in my post if/when I'm done.

And on a non-fannish note: this article about the history of maraschino cherries made me smile. :)
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The pros and cons of life, plus school supplies.

Random things that are currently annoying me:

-- Dunno if I've mentioned this, but I have to go back to work on Monday. Hmph!

-- People mockingly calling themselves or others "retarded". Maybe it's just because I've had many SpEd kids in my classes over the years, but it really bothers me. Haven't seen it much on LJ, but I hear it often out public. Most of us would never think of saying "God, you're so gay!" as an insult, yet why is it okay to do so with "retarded"? I'm not trying to be one of those PC tightasses, but still.

-- Links coded to open in another window. I was at a site last night that seemed to do this with every single link. If I wanted pop-ups or new tabs, I'd right-click and do so myself! GRR.

-- While at Target earlier, massive thunderstorms rolled over the neighborhood, strongly enough that we could hear the thunder inside. By the time I left, the rain was barely more than sprinkles, but clusters of women were huddled around the entrance until it stopped. Sheesh, a little water isn't going to kill you. I know, I know. Don't want to mess up the hair or clothes, blah blah. I just get annoyed when women act all girly.

-- I really want to be writing fic right now, but I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions? I thought maybe either a serious S3 spec fic about The Crouton, or else ripping off an idea I've used before in other fandoms: adapting that awesome hotel bar scene from the movie Out of Sight. Mmm.

-- I wanted to go back to yoga this weekend and see if I have better luck, but none of my studio's three locations have classes at decent times. Maybe the rest of the world doesn't mind doing bikram at 10am, but no way can I manage 90 minutes of intense stretching at that time of the day.

Random things that are currently amusing me:

-- Thunderstorms! And new laptops! And S3 promo pics! And ingridmatthews's reaction to spoilers. ;)

-- The "Em Es Paint" (say it aloud) meme is going around. Can't wait to see all the whacked-out pics!

-- Hearing those totally authentic Texas accents in the Friday Night Lights pilot. Not the same accents that outsiders expect of Texans, but tiny inflections that only natives like me would ever notice.

-- I just sorted through all the school supplies I bought with that $100 gift card. Because I am a dork who abuses her digital camera, Collapse )
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navel-gazing fandom meta

writercon is apparently in full swing! I'll probably head over there in an hour or two. I like having it in my own city -- I can meet all these fabulous new people, then come back here and be totally alone again. As I get older, I find myself appreciating *quiet* and being alone a lot more.

Last night I had a lovely dinner with scarlettgirl and timeofchange, in which we kept forgetting to actually talk about writing or fandom. ;) We did get on the subject once or twice, and I mentioned how strange -- and fun! -- it is to now be involved in such a tiny fandom. To be fair, BSG overall is not small, but the LJ fandom often feels like that. In a good way, promise! But still rather disconcerting, given that my three previous fandoms were X-Files, the Jossverse, and Veronica Mars (which started off tiny then mushroomed after S1.) So I'm not quite used to being in a group where the number of active participants hovers in the low three figures. ;) I like that it creates something akin to community -- or, at least, familiarity -- but it can get a bit frustrating just because I'm so used to these massive fandoms with a near-overload of new material and discussion.

I also suspect this is due to the nature of the show itself. I've sometimes wondered why BSG fandom isn't bigger than it is, but I think the show has a lot of casual fans ("I watch every week and enjoy it, but not to the point of really engaging with the fandom") and not as many hardcore fans. Which, again, is NOT a bad thing at all! Just rather interesting to me from a meta perspective. For those of you with experience in many fandoms... overall, do you prefer small or large ones?

And, on a multi-fandom note... help me with another discussion I had last night and will probably have many times this weekend! What is your bulletproof fic kink?

If you've never heard the term, it means a plotline or concept in fic that you can't resist, no matter how bad the story is. Bonus points if the kink is a bit embarrassing. ;) For me, it would have to be babyfic. Yup, I admit it. Babyfic is usually, uh, not very good; god knows I've written dreadful babyfic before! And yes, sometimes it can be done very well. Yet I am utterly unable to resist it, no matter the fandom, pairing, or plausibility. I hate seeing babies on TV shows, but I'm often fascinated not by the babies themselves, but by how adult, non-baby-loving characters react to it. If I see a baby in a story, I *have* to read it. So yeah, there's my bulletproof kink. What's yours? ;)