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Jamie at D*C?

According to the Dragon*Con website, Jamie Bamber will be a guest this year. Given recent history, I'll believe it when I see him onstage. ;) I'd been dragging my feet on whether to get the four-day membership this year or just drop by for a day or two since I'm not really into anything and going back and forth from home is a hassle, but this is a nudge in that direction. (Of course, I'd rather Jamie be appearing for The Walking Dead, but I'm okay with the casting of Andrew Lincoln as Rick. In fact, the more I read about that show, the more I suspect it could be my next fandom. Hmm!)
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Another long day at the Con.

Whew. Just got home from D*C. I had a pretty good day. Spent a lot of time with a lot of different folks -- too many to list here! I did go to the BSG panel this afternoon, which was nice but didn't really have tons of new info. I must say that this show has a very, very pretty cast. And I ended the evening with a bunch of new friends in callmeonetrack's room, talking about fic and Pilots.

I got a kick out of all the comments about the guy dressed as Pigeon!Lee. The costume really was amazing. Though the whole outfit isn't visible, he did have on the same dark green shirt and khakis. Before I shuffle off to bed, here are two other fun photos from last night: Collapse )
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What is it about Con week (and, really, September in general) that always does a number on my brain? Plus, my face has picked this weekend to break out like crazy, leaving me blotchy and bumpy and not giving off a good first impression. Eh, all of the above is probably just due to hormones. Wouldn't be the first time! Quite a busy day, though. Both of the BSG panels were nice. We also dropped in on one panel that was unintentionally hilarious for how seriously the people took themselves and their negligible talents. (Won't give names because they're average people, unrelated to any fandoms.) And then tonight we went to a Braves game. It was my first one since I moved here ten years ago. I'll have to do that more often.

I probably won't head back down there until mid-afternoon on Saturday. If the lines aren't too awful, I'd like to hit the panel with Adam Savage from Mythbusters. Then maybe I'll drop by the Colonial Fleet party if I'm in the mood. It's hard to get as excited when I'm driving down there each day and paying for parking, but a hotel room just wasn't an option this year.

Whatever the case, four-day weekends are always nice!
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D*C '09

Via asta77: William Shatner has just been confirmed for Dragon*Con. Yes, we'll have Kirk AND Spock this year. I'm not a Trek person, but I'd totally go see Shatner and Nimoy if the lines weren't bound to be hours long. Maybe I can hang out in a friend's room and watch it on the CCTV. It should be delightfully insane.

I'm looking forward to the BSG panels, of course. Still quite surprised that they've booked NINE actors from the show! I'd love to see Adam Savage from MythBusters, but I have a feeling it'll be hard to get into those panels. I was also pleased to see that Scott Adsit from 30 Rock is coming down to support Morel Orel. Otherwise, I haven't really scanned the huge guest list to see if there are any other interesting folks heading to Atlanta this year.

Which reminds me that I haven't asked yet!

Poll #1445687 Dragoncon 2009

Are you coming to Dragon*Con?


I'll be there, of course (though I still haven't bought my badge - oops.) I'm staying at home this year since I can't possibly afford a hotel room with all those godawful salary reductions at work, but I'll be heading downtown each day. Fortunately, it's only a 15-minute drive from here. I *love* meeting new people, so if you see me around, please say hello!
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D*C just got a whole lot more amusing.

greycoupon just noticed that Edward James Olmos has been added to the Dragon*Con guest list. This is the funniest thing I've heard all week. As I replied to Grey, I love the mental image of him pushing his way through the Hyatt downstairs lobby, maybe stopping for a chat at the Cruxshadows booth and gawking at the women in pasties. I'm quite surprised that D*C now has six BSG guests -- EJO, Callis, Sackhoff, Bamber, Penikett, and Douglas. We usually get a few, but not this many. I wonder if one will drop out? Hopefully not. (And maybe this year the track won't insist on that painfully awkward opening panel with them and the Trek folks.)

I finally remembered to buy my membership on Tuesday, just hitting the deadline before prices went up. Why don't I just get it at the end of the previous year's con, when it's so cheap? I'm such a procrastinator. Quite worth the money each year, though!

And now I'm debating whether to go to my knitting group today. I'm not really in the mood, but I need to do something social. Plus, the indie coffeehouse has really good quiche. Hmm. On the plus side, it turns out I'm only one or two scenes away from finishing the fic. Yeah, I know I keep harping about it, but this makes me SO happy after the past eight months of struggling. Speaking... Thursday is the last day of the Only-Half-The-Entries-Are-Actually-Porn Battle. Almost 400 comments thus far, with a wide variety of fandoms and pairings. Please go read, leave feedback, and maybe write one of your own!

Okay, I think I'll grab my bag of yarn and head to group now, still giggling over the EJO thing. ;)
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"I'm working on a five-year plan. Just need to choose a font."

I picked up some very healthy, vegetable-y Chinese takeout for dinner. And since I was in A Mood, I got a scoop of ice cream to-go from Bruster's. I am currently eating the ice cream before the dinner. Hey, it can be reheated, but the ice cream might melt! For the heck of it, I also picked up that NBC Fall Preview DVD at Blockbuster, since it was free. I'm actually watching Chuck a second time. Definitely my favorite of the pilots I've seen. And yeah, that includes Pushing Daisies, which I wanted to like but was just too self-consciously cute, almost to the point of cloying. Chuck isn't great, but the pilot was tons of fun. Right now, that's enough for me. (ETA: I wrote this part several hours ago, and the ice cream is still sitting in my stomach. Can't say I mind at all!)

I've been feeling strangely antisocial this week, probably as a result of being SO social last weekend. Collapse )

I'd love to know how many people have tried Friday Night Lights based on that great money-back DVD deal. As I've said before, it seems like the more you think you'll hate it (not into football, small towns, etc), the more you fall in love with it. I still don't have any desire to join the actual fandom, but I have such a warm love for the show and characters. Oh, but one thing frustrated me about the DVDs -- for some reason, they had to replace most of the Explosions in the Sky music on the box set. Grr! A pivotal scene in the season finale just isn't the same without "Your Hand in Mine".

The NYTimes has a great article on The Prairie View A&M marching band, which made me want to watch Drumline for the fourteenth time. It's one of those movies that I have to stop and watch whenever it's on cable.

Slate has an odd but surprising article on the dangers of reclining your car seat. Huh. Learn something new every day.

And mental_floss's blog has a fun bit about Edward Gorey.

Finally, I'd love a recommendation of a conditioner that will leave my hair really soft. Pantene was great for that, but my stylist told me about how the waxy buildup is bad for hair, and I saw the same thing on several websites. Problem is that my hair is very oily, and I have to wash it daily. I've been following the stylist's advice and only applying conditioner to the ends; my hair feels much healthier now, but it's just not silky-soft anymore. Alas.
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More D*C video.

Whew! Long day! I'll do a quick update on today's BSG panel, and then save the rest of the con report for tomorrow. :)

First of all, an update on the S4 rumors. If you haven't heard, Aaron said yesterday that SciFi has considered airing the first ten episodes of S4 in Feb-April, then saving the last ten for 2009. That news quickly got spread all over the 'net; here's a transcript of their actual words. The guys began today's Q&A by saying that they'd heard that the rumor had already gotten out online. (I actually took video of this, but I accidentally deleted it. Grr!) Jamie said that they were NOT joking yesterday, but that absolutely nothing was set in stone. Withholding the second half of S4 is something that has been discussed, but SciFi has not yet made a decision. The actors were aware of this when they signed their contracts, and none of them are happy about it. If that's true, then I'm glad they let us know so that SciFi would hear the fan uproar. Then again, SciFi is not known for making wise business decisions.

Anyway. No spoilers today, much to my dismay! The panel was quite fun, though. Jamie fashion report: jeans, flip-flops, and a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt, of all things. Still scruffy, with longish hair. My camera doesn't take very good photos, but here are a few, including some gratuitous scruff for dionusia! Collapse )

On the plus side, my mediocre little digital camera does take decent video! Holding the camera steady is damn near impossible, but the picture quality's better this time. Collapse )

I owe many e-mails/replies to many friends, but right now I'm exhausted and am heading straight to bed. :)
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"It's my bete noire."

Can't talk much now, but today's Q&A was much better than the first. The clothes were a hell of a lot better, too. He was literally wearing this t-shirt and jeans, with the same scruff and hair length; however, he was not wet. Alas. And did you know that you can actually see the technicolor blue of his eyes while sitting twenty feet away? Impressive!

One small spoiler that I'll put behind the cut-tag. Collapse )

Instead of writing up the highlights, how about seeing them for yourself? I took these with my digital camera's video feature... which means the quality is NOT GOOD. Hell, you can't even see the guys most of the time. You can hear them quite well, though. Only Quicktime format thus far; will have to play with the files later. I paused the recording several times because the camera only held a total of 15 minutes of video, hence the "skips" in the footage.

Dragoncon09.mov: www.sendspace.com/file/pjla91

SendSpace is giving me a hard time, and I have two more very large files to upload. Will post those later tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile, we're off to dinner and maybe seeing Jamie at the BSG party tonight. ;)
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It's like Jamie can READ MY MIND!

As we sat in the ballroom this afternoon waiting for the first BSG panel, I turned to elly427 and indigo419 and said, "If Jamie wears the dragon pants, I will buy you lunch." Well... sandwiches and sodas for three at Corner Bakery ended up setting me back $29.87. Worth every penny.

Yes, Jamie not only wore the dragon pants, but he also wore flip-flops! Alas, they were not green. And guess what, dionusia? SCRUFF! Lots and lots of scruff that he kept thoughtfully stroking during the panel! His hair's also a good inch longer now, which suits me just fine. Unfortunately, the first panel sucked. D*C always starts off with "Star Trek vs. the New BSG", which means they get eleven(!) people up there onstage, none of whom really get a chance to talk. Plus, this time they had Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden, and Jonathan Frakes up there for Trek, and they had plenty to say on their own. (Would've been quite interesting if I were into Trek.) Poor Jamie looked bored out of his mind, not that I blame him one bit. He obviously wanted to talk lots, but he only managed to get in one answer; on the plus side, he vocab-dropped "zeitgeist" and "capering", which set off the English major in me. ;) We also got some hardcore Jamie/Aaron flirtation, including some slashy bits that involved playing footsie. I didn't get any photos, but hopefully someone else documented the dragon pants and flip-flops for posterity.

Collapse )
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