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Just a heads up that I'm a bit cranky today. Time for some self-indulgent whining.

Was awakened by the doorbell this morning, a full two hours earlier than I planned to get up. (Hey, it's summer. I'm allowed to sleep until noon. And now I hear all my friends singing, "Cry Me a River". Anyway.) I was, of course, in my sleepwear, so I stumbled to the front door and asked who it was without opening it. Maintenance, coming to check on some tiles. I told them to come back in a few minutes, giving me a chance to put on something more presentable than my nightshirt. They never showed up again, so I finally called the leasing office. Gee, turns out the guys had come to the wrong apartment. I let him know that I wasn't at all pleased that they woke me up, but he didn't seem to care. For the best, I suppose, because I'd been meaning to ask them to send someone out to fix my bathroom sink, which won't drain. And now I'm sitting here waiting for another maintenance guy, even though I'd rather grab a shower, take out the trash, go get some lunch, or just sleep.

I'm also frustrated by entertainment expenses! This week I need to buy my Dragon*Con badge for $70 (yeah, I know, should've gotten it months ago), and a Crowded House ticket for $45+insaneticketmastercharges. Then I found out this morning that The Decemberists are playing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at Chastain this Friday. While I really want to go, my brain is shouting, "Yikes! Another forty bucks!" Not to mention the lack of reasonable parking options at Chastain, which is otherwise quite marvelous. If I do decide to shell out, any ATL friends want to join me?

Semi-OT: I uploaded some video of Crowded House performing at Live Earth, including my beloved "Weather with You". Easiest to just link to my YT profile. If you missed 'em, you can also find all of Katee's How I Married My High School Crush scenes there. :)

A bit of relief, though: I got the TiVo working again, so it looks like I'll be able to post the BSG preview tonight; if you haven't heard, they're airing a Very Special Promo for "Razor" during the season premiere of "Eureka" tonight at 9pm EDT.

Also on the plus side: my 4-month-old nephew can now appear on Fandom Wank, because he has his very own sockpuppet! Collapse )

While skimming fic in the alternafandom that I should really ditch, I found five different versions of the phrase, "She let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding." Gah. Can we please banish that sentence from ficdom? Yes, I know it's common in RL, and that it's meant to show a certain emotional reaction, but it's way too overused and becoming a cliche. And since I'm in a ranty mood today, I feel like opening this up for some venting and/or discussion: what other phrases should be abolished from fanfic?
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Walking 'round the room singing "Stormy Weather"

So much for that break from insomnia. Thursday night I set a reasonable bedtime (which I won't disclose because you'd disagree with "reasonable"), and I stuck to it. I also skipped my last ritalin of the night, in case that's what had been keeping me up. No problems falling asleep. I did the same thing last night. Didn't work at all, and I found myself awake for another three hours. Fortunately, right now I'm in a position where I can sleep whenever I want, instead of having to keep to a schedule. Still, it's really annoying.

Could be that I was keyed up from watching the Live Earth feed of Crowded House in Sydney. I get on huge CH kicks every few years, and here comes another one! So cool to see all the adulation there, including the MC calling them "the soundtrack for our lives", because up here I doubt more than a handful of people even know who they are. I literally squeed loud and mighty when they closed with "Weather with You", one of my all-time favorites -- and even better in performance than on the album. (I tried to transfer the file from my TiVo so I could upload to YouTube, but the TiVo kept crashing for the first time ever. Not. Good. This complicates my plan to do the same with the BSG preview on Tuesday. Uh-oh.)

Incidentally, it's funny that I didn't even know about Live Earth until I saw a story about it yesterday. I keep up with all the TV/movie stuff, but I'm so out-of-touch with music. On a similar note, I just watched the Pussycatt Dolls live for the first time. Yikes. They really do dance like they're wrapped around a stripper pole. And if any of y'all Stateside are interested in watching, I recommend the Sundance Channel. No commercials, and only brief interruptions for short environmentally-related films usually hosted by Robert Redford. Mostly, the show is just reinforcing my old-fogey belief that most alternapop is sheer crap, no matter how many fangirls/boys these bands have. Though I was quite amused by Xuxa in Rio. I think all those flashing visuals caused seizures.

While lying in bed for way too long, I also tried to come up with A Very Cool Fic Idea, but nothing happened. Even though I just posted a 7,000 word one last week, I always feel a strange emptiness when I'm not working on a fic. (And yes, I know how silly that sounds.)

Some links, while I'm here:

-- For those of you who need a fix during the long hiatus, Sepinwall will be reviewing Doctor Who as it airs on SciFi. He loved the two-parter.

-- MacDuff in the Buff: The Washington Shakespeare Company is doing Macbeth in the nude. Huh.

-- The New Yorker has a new essay by David Sedaris. Yay! This one is quite reminiscent of Me Talk Pretty One Day.

-- A Newsweek reporter talks about auditioning for Big Brother. Never seen an episode and don't plan to, but the article's quite interesting.

-- And in other newsweekly, er, news... Time has a huge special section on Harry Potter, including suggestions for how to cure HP withdrawal.

-- Fans of The Black Donnellys are now sending crackers to NBC in hopes of renewal. This is what I feared when I heard of the Jericho resurrection. Quite happy for J's fans, but now every other show is going to think they can do the same.

-- Creative Loafing's restaurant section categorizes the types of bad customers.

-- The new Seven Wonders of the World have been announced. Hmm. I'll agree with 'em.
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"So, do I have to smack you in the mouth, Lieutenant?"

First, nzlaura reminded me that Crowded House is on tour! Atlanta friends: anyone want to join me for their September 12th show at the Tabernacle? I've listened to enough concert bootlegs to know that they're an amazing live band. :)

Second, my internal clock is so far out-of-whack that I'm beginning to wonder if I'm even capable of sleep. It's not an entirely horrible thing -- at least I don't have to worry about work, and I don't yet feel the physical effects -- but it's still annoying. One reason I can't sleep is that all morning a crew has been painting the apartment above mine. I'm pretty sure they're using some fancy painting equipment up there, but it really, really sounds like squeaking headboards, if you know what I mean. At least this means Upstairs Neighbor ("I love to party when I'm not stomping around above your head") has apparently moved out.

Third, the NY Times has a long article on Pushing Daisies, only three months before it premieres. I kinda love the last two lines, and very interesting that ABC says it was looking for "material reminiscent of the French film Amélie". That said, I'm nervous about this one. I'm starting to feel like it's the kind of show I'll want to love and will be hugely popular with all my friends... but I just won't connect with it. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Fourth, I'd really appreciate you returning my pics galleries, LJ. Thanks!

Fifth, the TWOP boards recently started a massive BSG rewatch that'll continue through the S4 premiere in January. (Yeah, I know btlstr_hiatusca is doing the same thing, but I'm not a member.) I've really enjoyed reading the posts about the miniseries, but I haven't jumped in because I'm a hardcore lurker on forums. So, I thought I'd type up my very, very long reactions and post 'em here! No spoilers past the end of S1. Collapse )