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How many weeks? How many sheiks?

1. Ah, the power of traffic to rule one's summer schedule. One of my projects for ESOL certification class is to visit DeKalb Farmer's Market and write about the cultural representations that I observe. I really wanted to go today (and get in some grocery shopping while there), but unless I'd left at noon, there was no way I could get across town and back without hitting the rush hour wall that lasts from 2-8. Lovely. Guess I'll go tomorrow.

2. Speaking of farmer's markets, I need to find a list of all the fruit/vegetable stands in town. Seems like they're popping up all over the place, but they're usually held at inconvenient times like Saturday mornings. I keep meaning to go to the one on Tuesday nights at the Episcopal church down the street, but every week I forget about it until five minutes after they close.

3. I used to be such a noctural person. Still am, to an extent. But lately I've found myself getting rather sad at around this time of the evening when I have to close the blinds and turn on the lights.

4. I know some of you are also old Sports Night fans, so here's a heads-up that Sepinwall has started reviewing the first season. Yay! I rewatched the first two eps last night. Damn, I loved that show. (And nope, never really liked The West Wing.)

5. A favorite quote from Conan the other night: "YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge to create one super time-wasting website, YouTwitFace." (And speaking of late night TV, the theme song from "Where and When Is Stephen Colbert Going to Be in the Persian Gulf?" is my current earworm. Gah!)

6. Many thanks to padabee for bringing us more half-naked Jamie Bamber. Also, Pilots-loving friends, mintenergy has finished Signal Fire. As I plan to say in the feedback that I promise to leave tonight, it's very lovely and *fulfilling* after what happened in the finale. Do go read it and give her lots of great feedback!

7. My dad wants a subscription to Wine Spectator magazine for Father's Day. Amazon has it for $50, which is nearly half the cover price, but that's still a bit steep for my current budget. Any idea where I could find it a bit more cheaply?

8. I'm sad that The Hangover looks like a crap movie, because I still have a tiny crush on Bradley Cooper. ("Will Tippin" remains my favorite fictional name. Such fun to say aloud!)

9. Nominations for the Television Critics Awards have been announced. I'm dismayed that out of ten nominees for "Individual Achievement in Comedy/Drama", only two (token) women made the cut. While I'm sure all the nominees did a marvelous job last year, would it have killed the critics to find more women for the lists?

10. While I was never a huge fan of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I wish it had stuck around. Even those of you who weren't fans should check out this blog post by its executive producer about its cancellation. Both hilarious and depressing.
*gen - tiffany

Lots of appley goodness!

Yesterday's mini-trip was underwhelming. The fall colors weren't all that great, and I poorly chose my route, spending way too long on a two-lane country road with hardly any scenery. To top things off, much of it had me stuck behind a woman going ten miles under the speed limit. Caution on winding roads is important, yes, but she was being ridiculous about it. I couldn't enjoy the trip while I was busy weighing the merits of a road rage incident. Still, it was nice to get up into the mountains for an afternoon. Plus, I stopped by Panorama Orchards up in Ellijay. It's such a tourist trap, but I can't resist all the appley goodness! Among other things, I got 1/2 peck of Stayman Winesaps, and some apple crisp mix. Mmm. Collapse )

On the way home, I listened to an old episode of This American Life, in which they spent the whole hour with a group of maximum security prison inmates performing Act V of Hamlet. It was AMAZING, and highly recommended.

Also, last night I uploaded a ton of hi-res K/L screencaps from "Unfinished Business" and "The Eye of Jupiter". At some point I'll get around to capping the whole thing. Feel free to snag 'em if you'd like; credit would be lovely if you use them in icons or collages. Thanks!

Time for some links:

-- Salon's blog asks why many women hate the word "moist". And here's another Salon link for sarmoti: Does teen heartthrob Zac Efron's love of "mancake" foundation and "guyliner" put him on the edge of a new men's makeup breakthrough?

-- Stephen Colbert's first campaign speech, in which he vows to "crush the state of Georgia". HMPH.

-- Breaking news: turns out it's not your fault if you're a chocolate glutton.

-- The NY Times has a long and fascinating article on shifting allegiances in the Evangelical movement. Turns out many people aren't necessarily as hardcore conservative as they're purported to be, with some emerging shades of gray. It's just really, really interesting all around.

-- Newsweek rants about "slutty" Halloween costumes for young girls. And via annelise13: more horrifying video from Kim Kardashian's reality show, which I've never watched, thank goodness. Hell, I don't even know who she is. (NSFW photo when you scroll down.)