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This might come as a surprise from me.

Last night, Katee Sackhoff did a Q&A in which she gave a fairly significant spoiler for what will happen to Kara in the BSG series finale. My reactions have been all over the place, so I thought I'd work them out via posting to LJ. Isn't that what this place is for? *g* And yeah, I've been posting about fandom almost nonstop lately, but it'll all be over next weekend. Sigh.

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So Say We All

For those of you who haven't already seen them linked, Emptyvoidness on YouTube has been posting very short (all under one minute) scenes from the first two episodes of BSG season four. All of them are listed on his main page. Definitely spoilers, even just in thumbnails. If you visited earlier tonight, he has posted a few more in the past hour or so.

If you are trying to go spoiler-lite, he has also uploaded the season four opening sequence -- this year's version of "The Cylons were created by Man" and so on. Absolutely no spoilers past 3.20; it's all things we learned last season.
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TV Guide scans

Just a fandom quickie tonight. petzipellepingo scanned a page from the new SciFi Preview issue of TV Guide, including a writeup about season four of BSG. Several (mild) spoilers in it, so I've cropped just the photo for those of you who are spoiler-free. Here's hoping this means we'll see the official promo shots soon!

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"Razor" - first impressions.

While I've already had it for over a week, I'd planned to save my thoughts on "Razor" until after it officially airs. Yet I can't resist saying at least something about it! (For obvious reasons, I won't say where I got it, but check your favorite file-sharing locations.)

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Spoiler alert!

Someone at TWOP apparently got hold of one of the DVDs sent to critics, and she posted details about the BSG season finale. While many people on the boards are skeptical, I'm inclined to believe her because the info dovetails with other things I've heard. Still, best to take them with a grain of salt for now! These are MAJOR SPOILERS -- including info about the season-ending cliffhangers -- hence my capslock abuse. Seriously, scroll past this post if you don't want to know some really big information.

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ETA: New audio interview with Katee at the Cort & Fatboy site, recorded via phone call tonight. Some very interesting stuff there! Not quite sure whether it's *spoilery*, though if you're hardcore anti-spoilers, you might want to skip it.

ETA2: Jacob just deleted all those spoilers from the TWOP boards, for reasons he refuses to discuss. Hmm. Did the person give away too much, or was it all one elaborate fanwank? (Especially since new spoilers today contradict the TWOP stuff.) Very, very interesting!
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"This would work on Ugly Betty."

First, a GIP, courtesy of awmp! This one and a similar icon for BTVS are share-able at her LJ.

Yesterday's spoilers poll was really interesting; thanks for participating, folks! Must say that I was amused that 37% of you thought we should wait until the end of the current season before eschewing cut-tagged spoilers... yet only 13% of you felt the same about using spoilery icons. I don't quite get the discrepancy, since *I* find certain icons just as spoilery as meta. Go figure. :)

I think the flu might be coming back. GAH. I shall ignore it and talk about TV instead. Spoilers only for the latest episodes of ... Collapse )

And now some linkspam.

-- sarmoti gives us a heads-up to video of Timberlake and Samberg performing "Dick in a Box" live at Madison Square Garden.

-- 24 meets Aqua Teen Hunger Force. That mash-up was just begging to be made. And Maureen Ryan interviews Mary Lynn Rajskub.

-- Courtesy of half my blogroll and flist: Anthony Bourdain delivers the smackdown on The Food Network.

-- zorb linked to every episode of House, in Yahoo!Mail emoticons.

-- PopWatch talks about the Smart Cycle: "a mini-stationary bike for 3 to 5 year olds that only lets the rider view the TV screen and play games when in motion." I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry... or just hope they made one of those for us grown-ups.

-- Time snarks a bit about Gen X'ers navel-gazing -- and blogging -- about parenthood.

-- I've spent much of the morning getting caught up on the Commercial Thread on the TWOP boards. If you're into snarking about commercials, this board provides hours of fun.

-- And finally, drewcypher posted promo pics for BSG 3.18. I do have one spoilery observation, which I've white-texted so that my spoiler-free friends can still read/reply without fear! Collapse )