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"Can I be a suspect again? Please?"

As usual, I am embarrassed at how far behind I am on comments for these. Please know, though, that I have *loved* reading them! They're almost as much fun as putting together the picspams themselves. These aren't even really about why I love Kara anymore, as much as just me blathering on about her characterization. Still counts, right? I'm only doing a few eps at a time, so I can make 'em last longer. Only two and a half more months!

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"You may refer to me as God."

After reading asta77's marvelous post about why she loves Lee Adama, I just had to do my own about my beloved Kara Thrace. This time I'm sticking with the miniseries and season one, or else I'd go on for hours; perhaps later this week I'll do the other two seasons. All pics are courtesy of bsg-caps.com. This one's for daybreak777, whose squishy-love for Kara is almost as strong as mine. ;)

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More on spoilers.

I'm only fifteen minutes into Friday Night Lights, but I had to pause the TiVo so that I could proclaim far and wide that... I LOVE MRS. COACH!!!

Which isn't really a spoiler, because I love Coach and Mrs. Coach damn near every minute of every episode. I do have a reason for mentioning that, even after my recent post about spoilers and LJ. The funny thing is that this time I'm not even ranting about LJ. I haven't yet watched last night's Veronica Mars, though I'm okay with knowing most of what happened. As far as I could tell, everyone on my flist has been very courteous about using cut-tags and such. Collapse )

On that note, last night soundingsea posted a great list of Seven Steps to Spoiler-Spreading Avoidance. Many of them are common sense, but her post is definitely worth a read even for those who already know every single plot point of their show's season finale. ;)

Anyway! Linkspam, anyone?

-- Speaking of my darling Junior Fandom, CalendarLive wrote a lovely article about FNL.
-- The NYT has a fascinating article about how other shows are affected by the American Idol juggernaut.
-- HearYa lists the top 100 indie songs fo all time. I hadn't even heard of many of these. Huh.
-- Best Week Ever shares George Takei's response to Tim Hardaway's homophobic rant.
-- Slate has a surprisingly interesting article on how Sysco came to monopolize most of what you eat.

And finally... two new BSG videoblogs! The first is a rather boring thing about Nicki and Aaron doing special effects for ADITA. The other is a *darling* bit about Katee and "Maelstrom". Spoilers, natch, though not hardcore ones.

Off to watch the rest of FNL! (ETA: Spoilers for tonight's FNL in the comments. :)
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Kara! Kara! Kara!

First of all, I updated my Kara moodtheme with pics through TEoJ. The instructions are in my original post, and here's the new .zip file. Hope you enjoy it!

And now for the Kara character analysis I've been working on. So far, I've written about the military, religion, and family. I hope to focus on her relationships with individual characters later this week. Also, I included a few light spoilers in this, but I formatted them as white-text. If you're unspoiled, I'd recommend you read this in the default LJ style (which is also my default.) That way, you won't accidentally stumble upon unwelcome info!

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The Starbuck Gossip Blog

Last night, I linked to the Starbucks Gossip blog, dedicated to our favorite (?) corporate coffee chain. In the comments, ebneter said, "I, of course, read that as the Starbuck Gossip blog and immediately wondered what they were saying about Katee..."

Well. That gave me one of my usual whacked-out ideas. Gossip is fun! Feel free to add your own in the comments! Spoilers only through "Unfinished Business".

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It. Was. Awesome. (aka The Kara Thrace Appreciation Post.)

I've been watching Spike Lee's Hurricane Katrina documentary tonight, but halfway through the first hour I had to pause the tivo and take a break. Wow. No words.

In school news: today we read an article about teens and their gardening project. Their equipment included shovels, rakes, and hoes. Read the second sentence aloud, then picture a roomful of eighth graders giggling. Yeah. Bonus points for the article actually including the line, "Could you please bring the hoes over here?"

Joss listed his top 25 TV characters. Whee! I'd do the same, but I am lazy. Besides, although I love many characters (especially from VM, BTVS, DW, and other acronym-licious shows), right now #1-10 would be Kara Thrace, dammit. Which brings me to....

OMIGOD I AM IN LOVE. Okay, see, vids aren't really my thing, though I wholly admire the technique and artistry. Years ago, I dabbled in vidding, which gave me SO much respect for those of you who do it. For whatever reason, though, I've never really watched them. After seeing many recs for dualbunny's new vid "God Is a DJ", I decided to download it. Hey, how could I resist a header with, "Pairing: (Starbuck/Awesomeness) Kara says get your ass on the dance floor!" And OMG SO MUCH LOVE. Capslock-y love! Three minutes of showing off how fantabulous my girlfriend is. Even if you're also not really into vids or don't know who the hell Starbuck is, please go watch it anyway. Trust me.

I've spent much of the evening squeeing about it to doomcrayon, who suggested that I do a Kara Thrace Appreciation Post. So... assuming you love or at least like Kara... I wanna hear about it! Tell me why Starbuck/Awesomeness rules the world. Whee!

(Yes, I'm in a bizarre mood tonight. It happens. Very, very often. Welcome to my whacked-out brain.)