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TV is finally good again!

After far too long of a wait, it's time for another new episode of Law & Jamie Order: UK! Oh, how I've missed the prettiness known as Jamie Bamber. For those who haven't yet seen it, Collapse )

And in the interest of promoting (former) Pilotlove, here are a couple of watermarked pics of Katee at today's TCA press conference and party. Collapse )
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1. Since I had such great luck last time, tonight I've been making minestrone soup and white bread from scratch. I have this weird creative streak. I always have to be making something, even if the results aren't all that great. (And, as evidenced by the past few days, I also have a need to play Spider Solitaire non-stop.)

2. In today's Dear Prudence column on Slate, a debate broke out on the necessity of thank-you notes. Several people have said that they should only be sent when you can't thank the giver in person. While I'm not very good at sending them, I'll weigh in on the side of sending a note even if you've already said thanks. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I like the formality of acknowledging a substantial gift.

3. The intrepid asta77 broke the news that Jamie Bamber will guest star in the Dollhouse season premiere. In fact, I think Asta got the word out even before the media outlets! Aww, Helo and Lee together again. With him, I'll make a selfish exception to how I've been a bit annoyed by Joss's tendency to reuse his cache of actors. It yanks me out of the story.

4. Although nobody tagged me, I feel like doing the meme that has been making the rounds! Collapse )
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How many weeks? How many sheiks?

1. Ah, the power of traffic to rule one's summer schedule. One of my projects for ESOL certification class is to visit DeKalb Farmer's Market and write about the cultural representations that I observe. I really wanted to go today (and get in some grocery shopping while there), but unless I'd left at noon, there was no way I could get across town and back without hitting the rush hour wall that lasts from 2-8. Lovely. Guess I'll go tomorrow.

2. Speaking of farmer's markets, I need to find a list of all the fruit/vegetable stands in town. Seems like they're popping up all over the place, but they're usually held at inconvenient times like Saturday mornings. I keep meaning to go to the one on Tuesday nights at the Episcopal church down the street, but every week I forget about it until five minutes after they close.

3. I used to be such a noctural person. Still am, to an extent. But lately I've found myself getting rather sad at around this time of the evening when I have to close the blinds and turn on the lights.

4. I know some of you are also old Sports Night fans, so here's a heads-up that Sepinwall has started reviewing the first season. Yay! I rewatched the first two eps last night. Damn, I loved that show. (And nope, never really liked The West Wing.)

5. A favorite quote from Conan the other night: "YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge to create one super time-wasting website, YouTwitFace." (And speaking of late night TV, the theme song from "Where and When Is Stephen Colbert Going to Be in the Persian Gulf?" is my current earworm. Gah!)

6. Many thanks to padabee for bringing us more half-naked Jamie Bamber. Also, Pilots-loving friends, mintenergy has finished Signal Fire. As I plan to say in the feedback that I promise to leave tonight, it's very lovely and *fulfilling* after what happened in the finale. Do go read it and give her lots of great feedback!

7. My dad wants a subscription to Wine Spectator magazine for Father's Day. Amazon has it for $50, which is nearly half the cover price, but that's still a bit steep for my current budget. Any idea where I could find it a bit more cheaply?

8. I'm sad that The Hangover looks like a crap movie, because I still have a tiny crush on Bradley Cooper. ("Will Tippin" remains my favorite fictional name. Such fun to say aloud!)

9. Nominations for the Television Critics Awards have been announced. I'm dismayed that out of ten nominees for "Individual Achievement in Comedy/Drama", only two (token) women made the cut. While I'm sure all the nominees did a marvelous job last year, would it have killed the critics to find more women for the lists?

10. While I was never a huge fan of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I wish it had stuck around. Even those of you who weren't fans should check out this blog post by its executive producer about its cancellation. Both hilarious and depressing.
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Jamie Bamber, I looooove you.

Ever wanted to hear Jamie Bamber speak French? Here's an interview with him at last weekend's Jules Verne festival. It's primarily about the BSG finale, including some very lovely and romantic comments about Kara and Lee at the end (even if I don't wholly agree with what he's saying.) Let's just say that hearing him talk made me buzzy in a very pleasant way. ;) Most of the interview is in French, with handy subtitles.

(Many thanks to Jo for the heads-up!)
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Law & Jamie 1.07

Tonight I put on my imaginary beehive 'do and played Bingo! Met some friends from my knitting group at a local restaurant that has Bingo on Mondays. Free to play, and with prizes -- great way for the restaurant to bring patrons in the door, huh? I won twice! The big prize was simply a $5 gift cert for my next visit, but hey. I can use it next time we decide to play. Fun was had by all, and I should really do that sort of thing more often. (If you're reading this, Lisa, that was a great idea! Thanks for the invite!)

Do any of you know of a Firefox extension or a Greasemonkey script that will remove preformatting from text on webpages? This afternoon I tried to read a bunch of posts in a new community I'd joined, but all the font substitutions -- Times Roman or Trebuchet instead of the browser default, for example -- gave me a headache. I'm so glad that LJ now uses cookies (or whatever) to show every page in the default style instead of my having to add "?style=mine", but that doesn't seem to work when someone formats their post in a certain font. I've had the same issue with a few non-LJ websites. Another symptom of my getting old: I want everything as simple and easy to read as possible. :)

Alas, it is the last week of L&O:UK until September. Sigh. I shall miss my weekly dose of Jamie Being Pretty. So, here's one more picspam, plus some spoilery comments about it. Collapse )
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Apollo/Martha/Mattress = OT3!

Just finished watching last night's L&O:UK. When I saw this particular scene, I had to stop and fan myself off (and then make an .avi, natch.) Wow, that man can flirt like nobody's business. Oh, Jamie. I would be happy to check out your mattress anytime. If you're impatient, skip ahead to 0:40 for the good stuff. A million thanks to Jo for uploading it to iMeem for me!

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A Monday grab bag

Not much RL stuff to post tonight, so here's a big ol' picspam of Jamie Bamber in L&O:UK, which was pretty much like all the other L&O series. Since I'm a longtime fan of the show, that's good enough for me! Collapse )

And a big ol' catch-up linkspam:

-- BSG fans: dryope has hi-res promo pics from Friday's ep.
-- Gorgeous photos of European cathedrals.
-- Tips on mastering omelette-making.
-- Mental Floss has several movie trivia quizzes, including GWTW and The Princess Bride. They also celebrate wacky police blotters.
-- If you liked his music for Slumdog Millionaire, here's "Chaiyya Chaiyya", another great A.R. Rahman song that you might recognize. And as a Danny Boyle fangirl, I have to link to 10 questions for him, plus pics from his movies.
-- Check out the Obamas looking posh and awesome.
-- How about a knitting pattern for Coraline's starry sweater?
-- EW interviews the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
-- Fresh Loaf debates whether Shepard Fairey is a cultural vanguard or plagiarist.
-- Last week, Demetri Martin blogged for Slate.
-- Time lists their pics for the 25 best blogs of 2009.
-- Need a cuteness pick-me-up? Check out the Kittens Cam.
-- The Times profiles librarians in the digital age.
-- Newsweek ponders the serious side effects of small rejections.
-- And the Toy Zone picspams bizarre-and-fabulous mods to My Little Ponies.