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BSG deleted scenes and summer school.

greycoupon just uploaded a bunch of BSG S4.5 deleted scenes (from the UK box set) to YouTube. The clip titles are silly to evade the suits, but you can probably figure them out from the thumbnails. :)

Here's the YouTube channel.

Also, what gives, ESOL certification instructor? Last night we had to read a total of 71 pages in books and handouts, and tonight's total is 48 pages, along with three typed pages of analysis. Plus, we have to complete three projects by next Tuesday! I'm enjoying the class so far -- it's a lot of group discussion of culture and identity and diversity across nations. Much more theoretical than what I would've expected from a class training me to teach English to non-native speakers; the pedagogy comes in the other two classes I have to take for certification. I just didn't realize that I'd have to do so much WORK in the space of a week! It's summer vacation! I want to be lazy! ;)
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A quick fandom update.

A few BSG fandom things, while they're on my mind:

1) According to James Callis, the series finale is very emotionally involving. Really, you should go see his actual quote, which I can't quite bring myself to repeat here. Yikes.

2) The preview trailer is now at the official site (click on the list of videos on the right). So much for the grand Thanksgiving unveiling.

3) They also have a strange-but-kinda-cool preview/countdown site, with "new clues" each week until the premiere. In my opinion, it's not all that spoilery. Click on the red dots at the bottom for the various clues. The fourth one is a video clip that made me laugh.

4) On the flight to Texas, I listened to a very long NPR Book Tour Podcast with John Hodgman. As always, Hodgman is quite delightful, and I got a kick out of how he talks about BSG several times throughout the hour, including Collapse )

I'll try and update tomorrow with some non-fandom stuff!
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UHD promo

As I mentioned earlier, I managed to grab that new promo from my TiVo. It's the one UniversalHD has been running for their HD rebroadcasts of season four of Galactica. It only contains scenes that have already aired, so no spoilers. Still, I think it's pretty cool. I can't post to YouTube because they deleted my account last year (long story), so I've posted it to DailyMotion. Unfortunately, for some reason I can't seem to embed it. Until I can figure it out, here's the streaming version.

And if any of you want a copy, I've uploaded the .avi. Just copy/paste this URL: www.sendspace.com/file/wzctsu
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"Don't let Eddie see the Hybrid!"

Ah, the fun of D*C. This year you can watch live video of the panels on the hotels' closed-circuit TV. I'm watching a panel right now with a guy who's kinda cute in a generic way and funny/self-deprecating, and I had no freakin' idea who the heck he was despite his apparent popularity. It took me a good five minutes (and someone namechecking him) until I realized that it's Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville. Wow, huh.

Anyway! I'm currently in the hotel room while Elly's at a Stargate panel. Just got home from the first BSG one, where we had seats in the fourth row. The guests: Callis, Douglas, Olmos, Hatch, Penikett, and Hogan, who was definitely the most beloved by the crowd (and he seems like such a sweet guy!). In fact, halfway through the panel there was a question from some guy in full Tigh costume -- down to the voice -- and while the whole audience cheered and even all the actors thought it was great, I nearly injured myself from all the cringing. Ah, well. We had two other guests: Kevin Grazier (very meh) and some random actor who played a Marine in two episodes (you could practically hear the collective "Huh?"). Anyway. No real spoilers aside from something that may confirm my current pet theory about S4.5. It was a fun panel, though nothing particularly earth-shattering.

I finally got the video to upload. The picture quality is horrid, but the audio's decent. Since I'm recording with my mediocre digital camera, I usually pause it during the questions themselves. So, here are somewhat detailed descriptions:

-- Video 1: Baltar and sex; Aaron's most embarrassing moment on set (perhaps NSFW.)
-- Video 2: Hogan and his two wives; Callis NOT having a good time with the Letterman taping.
-- Video 3: More on Tigh/Ellen; casting for Caprica; EJO assuring us that the second half of S4 will be the most depressing thing in television history (no spoilers); and nicole_anell's question about Six/Tigh.

ETA: If any of you are currently in one of the four hotels, DCTV just started replaying the panel.
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Comic-Con photos

I found some photos from last night's EW party at Comic-Con. I was able to grab the watermarked images; I'll update with a link if/when someone else posts the hi-res versions! Oh, and EW.com has a great pic of Joss, Eliza, and Tahmoh.

Collapse )

Also, as I said last night, Zap2It's writeup had some very interesting mini-spoilers from a preview of season 4.5 that was shown before the panel. Feel free to discuss them in the comments -- and if you want to remain 100% virginal, don't read the replies!

P.S. Katee, I adore you, but judging by these photos, an underwire would be an excellent choice. ;)
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From the LA Times: "At Sunday afternoon's press tour session, Dave Howe, the president of Sci Fi Channel, announced that the final -- or as he put it 'final, final' -- season of Battlestar Galactica will premiere in January."

Well... unless they decide again to move it to April. ;)
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The BSG Tour of Vancouver.

So... today elly427 picked me up from the Vancouver train station. Utterly gorgeous weather, and she suggested we hit Kitsilano. We were pretty hungry, and we chose a restaurant on the main drag. After a short wait that made us a teensy bit grumbly, the hostess took us to a table on the patio. We sat down and perused the menu. Then Elly leaned over and whispered, "Uh, wisteria? That guy sitting right behind you [less than three feet away!] looks and sounds a hell of a lot like Tahmoh Penikett."

Yeah. It was him. At least, we're 99% sure -- that, or he really is a Cylon and has multiple copies.

We didn't say anything, of course. We are very respectful of celebrity privacy, even if we spent the rest of the day giggling about it. (No, really! We didn't say a word to him or even glance at him askance!) After that, we somehow ended up on The BSG Tour of Vancouver. This was not necessarily on purpose -- Elly would say something like, "Hey, wanna see the garden where they filmed the water fight in 'Colonial Day'?" And it snowballed until we saw many of the locations in Kits and vicinity. God, I sound like such a fangirl, don't I? Ah, well, it was all quite interesting, and I got some great photos! Collapse )