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Galactica Night Lights

Just started watching the last two (ever?) episodes of Friday Night Lights. I've been with this show since the Pilot, and I guess I was waiting because I'm not quite ready to let go. Without giving anything away, the ending of episode 12 is exactly what I wanted.

And since I've had BSG on the brain, I started thinking of a weird crossover/AU in which Admiral Coach Taylor (because "Eric" sounds weird) is in charge of the Fleet, with Tami Taylor as President of the Colonies. Riggins, Smash, and Saracen are the kickass fighter pilots, and Street would rule the CIC. On the flipside, Coach Bill Adama tries to inspire the Dillon Panthers both on and off the field, while his wife Laura serves as HS principal and raises their headstrong son Lee, who is carrying on an affair with the Panthers' running back, the recalcitrant-but-awesome Kara Thrace (in this AU, girls can totally play varsity football.)

C'mon, it could work! Who wants to write it? (Because I'm busy trying like hell to figure out what to do with a post-"Notion" plot bunny.)
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"I've made a huge mistake."

queenofthorns made this awesome BSG/Arrested Development crossover icon. Lee Adama and J. Walter Weatherman! I can't embed the actual clip because of the Flash problems, but "Pier Pressure" is my most favoritest AD episode ("If someone had left a note, this innocent man would still have his arm!!!") God, I miss that show.

I'm not really a fan of crossovers. They usually make me roll my eyes. But a few years ago, a friend challenged me to write BSG/AD, so I came up with "A Colonial Army of One". I have to admit that I'm really proud of that one, just because I somehow managed to get everyone to sound in-character. Plus, it was just fun to write. We need more BSG humor fic, darnit. (I also wrote Galactica/Who, but that wasn't very successful.)

Then I told QoT that people should write more whacked-out BSG crossovers. How about Lee Adama takes a young Matt Saracen under his wing as the two of them bond over absent fathers, the pressures of leadership, and how to stay so damn hot under the influence of all that emo? Or maybe a to-the-death faceoff between Saul Tigh and John Locke? Maybe Laura Roslin schooling Liz Lemon on the finer points of looking fabulous in glasses while kicking ass?

Since I'm all about the levity today... what's the most delightfully crack-tastic crossover fic you've ever read? Which two show universes would be hilarious if combined?
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Pilots and the Nipples of Destiny

(This is the sort of thing that keeps me amused during summer vacation.)

So. While looking at pics of The Red Shirt from last week's BSG episode, I noticed that it looked like Lee's cute little nipples were tenting the fabric. Because I am a perv very attentive viewer, I decided to create a picspam of Pilot Nipples Through the Ages. Many thanks to indigo419 and daybreak777 for helping me locate relevant photographs. Please, please feel free to add your own gratuitous skin pics in the replies to this post! Oh, and there are spoilers through 4.08.

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Pain! Frustration! Crackfic!

Eight things about the past twenty-four hours:

1. I've realized that I really, really need to start working on my sleep schedule. Staying up too late several days in a row brings on dreadful insomnia, like today. My goal for the next six weeks of school (only six more weeks!) is to attempt to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I suspect I will be unsuccessful.

2. Knitting injuries! I've mastered the magic loop method for socks, and I'm loving it. No more sock ladders! (The loose stitches where you join DPNs.) I've knitted up a storm this week, and I'm close to finishing a fabulous sock for a friend. The downside? Pain in my right wrist and elbow, and these super-pointy needles keep poking holes in my left index finger. I've now got a band-aid wrapped around it, which makes both knitting and typing more difficult.

3. The Office was almost unbearably awkward, but it also made me laugh aloud at several points. I haven't done that with the show in way too long. Yeah, I *get* the humor; it just didn't feel quite as funny anymore.

4. Thunderstorms and ice cream. Two great tastes that taste great together. Except for thunderstorms not being edible.

5. How much do I hate the Comcast DVR? It ate last night's BSG. I can probably snag a rebroadcast, and I can watch the .avi on my DVD player... but that's not in HD. I'd planned to use that (stupid) tax rebate to get a new mattress, but now I think I'll use it to replace my iPod (which is officially dead, according to Cute Apple Store Guy) and my beloved TiVo.

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7. dionusia and I have been joking around about how we want to write crackfic featuring a sekrit pilotician baybee. She said, "Imagine the tabloid covers!" That reminded me of The Flickr Magazine Creator, which I used with my students last fall. Collapse )

8. Well. Certain girly things plus a week off work are making me very lethargic right now (and, as evidenced by the above, very silly.) So I'm going to curl up on the sofa and watch the new Doctor Who. And maybe eat some more ice cream.