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I really do live in The Capitol.

I'm getting such a kick out of Catching Fire filming here in Atlanta. Even better: I hear rumors that they'll be shooting scenes at a university near my work, and they'll do the Caesar interviews at the big theater in my neighborhood. How cool is that? Peeta will make certain Shocking! Fake! Revelations! just down the street from me. *g*

(Incidentally, this is the same theater that stood in for the CDC in The Walking Dead. Coincidence?)

I'm not the type to stalk a film set; I just get kind of delighted at knowing that a big ol' movie -- especially Catching Fire -- is so close to me. But if Finnick makes an appearance, then all bets are off.
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"Who ordered the pig?"

Everything's coming up Hunger Games right now, and it's only going to get more ubiquitous as the premiere nears. No complaints here! Strange to see it get so huge, though. I'm used to fandom being a separate part of my life, lived online. But nearly everyone I know IRL is excited about it. Rather disconcerting, that! Haven't decided whether to hit a midnight screening, since it's a school night, but I don't want to wait for my friend who refuses to go on opening weekend. ;)

I'm quite excited about the movie, though maybe not as excited as I expected to be. That will probably change as the opening date gets closer. Fortunately, I don't have any real expectations for it, so I won't be let down. But then I've always been easy to please! I love the casting all around, especially Lenny Kravitz as Cinna and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta -- he's as close to my image of the character as I could've hoped for. I love that they filmed in the old growth forests of Appalachia. And while I'm sure the script won't hit every one of the notes, I think it'll still be pretty darn good!

And here are a few of my favorite HG links:
-- Lots and lots of photos! I can't even pick the one I like best.
-- Suzanne Collins posted on Facebook that she is thrilled by the movie. Authorial approval is always a good thing.
-- Slate offers cutouts of Seneca Crane's wacky beard for you to paste on stuff. Love the one with the Dowager Countess.
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Panem Fever: Catch It!

My school is going wild for The Hunger Games. Seems like half the students and faculty are reading it. Yesterday they showed the trailer on our CCTV during literacy class, and that's all the kids talked about the rest of the day. Of course, I'm thrilled because I love the series. But the great part is that I teach reading in a Title 1 (low-income) school, and ALL of my students read below grade level. Getting them excited about any book is an achievement. Even better: the BOYS are excited about it. In fact, most of the students who showed interest today were 12- and 13-year-old boys. That's pretty darn neat for a series that ostensibly skews female. After seeing the preview yesterday, I heard one of my boys say to his friends, "Man, that Hunger Games looks TIGHT. I'm gonna go see that movie." Hee! Sure, they probably have no clue about the romance aspect and are attracted to the violence, but hey -- if that's what it takes. Especially if it gets them reading the books. I've already promised a couple of the kids that I'll let them borrow my personal copies over the weekend, as the library copies are all checked out.

Yeah, I'm focusing on the boys, but I'm just tickled that they're into the series!

Oh, and I'm also thrilled by our new principal, who is SO supportive. If I tell her that I need something for my classes, she immediately signs the requisition form -- heck, she often makes offers before I can even think of them, like today when she suggested getting some Kindles for me to use as incentives during my class's silent reading rotations. Excellent! All this feels pretty darn great. :)
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May the publicity be ever in your favor!

A sitcom character (I'm trying not to spoil it) just made a joke about Peeta Mellark, and without actually saying the title of the book. I suppose that's another sign that The Hunger Games has hit pop culture saturation point, right?

Linda Holmes from MonkeySee actually just had a really good post on whether THG is building too much buzz for its own good. I originally read the first two books right after Catching Fire came out (thanks again for the rec, Tara!), when the series was still fairly low-key. Well, compared to how it is now! It's still kind of weird how it has become a certified Pop Culture Phenomenon. Not in a bad way or anything, and I'm not trying to assert street cred. ;) It's just fun and strange to see everyone talking about it. I do think the movie will be a huge hit, but Holmes makes a good point about how the incessant hype might be overkill and raise expectations too high. Fans certainly have a tendency to whine when things don't turn out exactly the way they want it, which I suspect will happen no matter how great the movie might be. Whatever the case, I'm definitely counting down the days until the movie premiere!

Also: I really need to make an icon of Effie in her fabulous Capitol Couture outfit.
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Double-edged swords (or arrows)

1. Jennifer Lawrence will play Katniss in the HG movie. I totally want props for suggesting her way back in October. ;) In many ways, she's the perfect choice. She's a good actor, very much an It Girl these days, and her character in Winter's Bone practically IS Katniss, both in personality and situation. (It's out on DVD; y'all should watch it even if you're not into HG.) That said, it's weird how she was my #1 choice until about a week ago, but now I'm quite conflicted. I'm not as bothered by the ethnicity issues as many people, but the concerns definitely warrant consideration. Age is also an issue. Lionsgate isn't shooting the three books at once, so she'll be pushing 25 when MJ is filmed. On the flipside, Hailie Steinfeld was my #2 choice, but she's a bit *too* young, both from a filming standpoint (limited hours that a child can work on set) and because, well, it'd be a bit awkward to see a 14-year-old doing all that kissin'. (Yes, I'm old.) Age is definitely an issue given that the series pivots on the horrors of children being forced to kill each other. All that said, someone on another board made a good point: Lionsgate may be motivated by marketing/sociological considerations as much as by Lawrence's talent. Hollywood is very skittish about kids and violence. They'll need to treat the source material very carefully to get a PG-13 rating, and having the characters actually look like children might be too big a risk for them to take. While Lawrence might not be right for Katniss for many reasons, I do think she'll act the hell out of the role.

2. I've been pondering whether to sign up for help_japan. Although I've been writing fic for way too many years now, I've never actually done a fic auction. I'm also nervous about writing on demand -- not one of my strengths -- and being able to actually finish a story! (I've considered saying that if I don't finish, I'll match the bidder's donation.) Then again, I haven't written anything at all in nearly six months, and I really miss it. This might be the best way to get me writing again. If I did join in, I'd probably offer the HG universe or maybe L&O:UK, as those are the only fandoms in which I could see myself writing something.

3. On a whim, last month I went to Home Depot and bought seeds and little peat pots to attempt to grow some herbs and flowers from scratch. Since then I've been watering them, to no avail -- or so I thought. Now I'm finally seeing tiny bits of green poking through the soil. Yay! I'd been concerned, since I tend to over-water and kill things before they ever start. ;)

4. The "Dear Prudence" advice column on Slate is one of my guilty pleasures. The first letter in today's column is absolutely glorious. I won't spoil it for anyone, but I don't know whether to laugh at the guy's misfortune or ... nah, I'll just laugh.
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Blogging THG.

Following links this evening led me to Mark Reads. Apparently, he ran a popular blog in which he read all of the Harry Potter books, and now he's taking on The Hunger Games. He's posting about each chapter as he reads, snarking about various aspects but genuinely enjoying it. Really interesting stuff!

Also, as I typed this, callmeonetrack gave me a heads-up that Lionsgate has sent out an (unconfirmed and possibly fake) casting call for THG movie... to be filmed in Georgia and North Carolina. Huh! I'd always assumed they would film in Vancouver because the woods could sub for Appalachia and the arena, and because of the mountains surrounding the Capitol in Denver or Salt Lake City. We do have a burgeoning film industry here, though, and the jobs are certainly welcome. (I'm also looking forward to them filming S2 of The Walking Dead here in town, although I noticed in the rules of the "Stagger-On Contest" that "filming locations for the second season have yet to be determined" -- I'd wondered whether I would get to keep the cash for the flight and hotel if I won the trip to TWD set. Alas, I would not. *g* Fingers crossed that they'll come back, since Darabont seemed pretty sold on shooting on location.)
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HG fic: "Panem, Mid-August"

Wow, I didn't think I had any other fic ideas in this universe! This one's a bit different for me. Since the entire Hunger Games trilogy is written in Katniss's POV, I wanted to see what was going on in the others' lives. All of these take place during chapters 8 and 9 of Mockingjay. I did take a few liberties with backstory, but nothing really significant. Much love to Indi and Tara for all their help!

Title: "Panem, Mid-August"
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,592
Characters: Nearly all except Katniss
Timeline: Midway through Mockingjay
Summary: Thirteen lives in the margins.

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