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The nth anniversary of my 30th birthday.

Growing up, I got jealous of friends who shared birthdays with really awesome folks. My most famous natal-mate was... Perry Como. A few years ago I became a huge fan of 30 Rock and Tina Fey, and the buttercream frosting on the cake was finding out that we share a birthday! That, and left-handedness, but the birthday thing is much cooler. So, happy birthday Tina! (Er, a day late, according to the clock.)

I'd give yesterday a "B+". A couple of my sweet girls gave me hugs, and the kids were remarkably well-behaved for the last week of school (aside from the knock-down-drag-out fight I tried to break up. No, I was not one of the combatants.) I also saw the standardized test results -- my students kicked some serious ass! This was my highest pass rate ever! I also found a good deal on the Orlando hotel, saving me $80. Since I did things with friends over the weekend, tonight I just hung out on the couch, with pizza from Mellow Mushroom and NPH on Glee. Oh, and my darling friend elly427 wrote me some RPF!

I'm not thrilled about getting older, for various reasons that sound like such cliches when I type them up. Can't stop time, though, so I might as well accept it. I felt been rather lonely all day, and that's my own fault for not making more personal connections. But I'm fairly healthy and am really fortunate compared to many. So I guess that's the important thing, right? :)
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The day before.

This sweater is turning into such a hassle. The folks at Bernat must've failed math, because I have no idea how the hell they came up with this pattern. As I posted last week, my original attempt resulted in a bottom section that was at least 16" too big. Long story short: I did a ton of math and made a few gauge swatches, and knit it on a much smaller size on a larger needle. STILL too big for me, but enough that I could live with it. Now I'm trying to do the top half, and I'm abandoning that pattern altogether and using another one. Even so, the sizing is wonky. Hopefully I can use some shaping to make it work out, because I'd hate to start over a third time.

I know that everyone says that getting older is great, but I'm just not feeling it. I'm tempted to whine, but I'll save that for the weekend. ;) Last week of school, after all, which is overriding my age-related dread. So, I'll focus on that instead!

Anyway. How about a short linkspam?
-- While it's rather cheesy, I did grin at Hot Guys Reading Books.
-- As I mourn its loss, I appreciated this Slate piece about why powerful women love L&O reruns.
-- If you need a shower gift, check out Baby's Touch 'N Feel Guide to Russian Literature.
-- Despite their utter bleakness, I've always liked Mike Leigh movies. Vulture offers The Mike Leigh Miserable Index.
-- And if you've ever been curious whether Hollywood is coming to your town, check out On Location Vacations for what might be filming nearby.
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On your birthday, you still have to do the dishes.

Well. I am now... uh... older than I want to be. The day started low-key, with grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, followed by dinner with some friends. I drove home, feeling rather mopey and lonely. Then I saw an e-mail from Dionusia that she and Daybreak had created wisteria_rocks. WOW. I suddenly went from angsty to damn near crying, but the GOOD kind of tears. My friends are marvelous, y'all -- as are the rest of you who posted birthday greetings. Thank you!

Dionusia said that they'll be posting stuff to the comm all week, so go check it out (if you're into BSG)! Katiebugs wrote a really lovely post-Demetrius reunion ficlet. Daybreak posted an excellent and comprehensive K/L recs list. And Jo has a fabulous new Kara vid that made me all glowy with Kara-love.

And I must give a huge rec to "saltwater", the fic that my darling Indi wrote. It features Kara and the basestar, and I'm not the least bit biased when I say that it's one of the most stunning things I've read in a very long time. Please go read it and then tell her how wonderful it is.

Much love to all my friends! While RL was a bit anticlimactic, y'all have made me so happy tonight. :)
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Just wanna do something special....

Was feeling a bit melancholy about age stuff, so I went shopping and got a massage. The masseuse was wonderful, but wow. Right now I feel boneless and have no energy whatsoever. I guess that's a good thing, no? In happier news... my new HD TiVo is here! I'll be SO glad to ditch that awful Comcast DVR and go back to my beloved little recorder. Just have to get Comcast out here to install the cable card thingy, and that won't happen until I have a day off in two weeks. Alas.

Quick tech question: Is it possible to make a video playlist for my iPod? So far, I can only do it with music.

One very general comment as I watch this week's Doctor Who: Pity that this is a kids' show, because Donna is totally the type who would shoot Ten a withering glare then bellow, "What the FUCK are you on about?!?"

Here's a short linkspam so that I can clear out my bookmarks.

-- PBS plans to revive The Electric Company. Huh.

-- If you haven't already seen it, check out Green Porno, in which Isabella Rossellini pretends to have sex with bugs. It's deliciously bizarre.

-- Jez has a really cool article about how women are the economic backbone of the new Rwanda. And this NY Times article is fascinating: Does the "real" Ireland still exist?

-- Mo Ryan has a review of the Conchords show in Chicago, with a new music video(!) for "Ladies of the World". Eek! I need an icon of Bret on roller skates. And, for the love of the gods, WHY DOES JEMAINE HAVE A PORNSTACHE?

-- And finally, I love the new BSG videoblog, One More Photo Op. Rather odd to see them moving in that S4 cast photo, though at least we now know none of the cast members were photoshopped into the pic -- and that Katee and Tricia were NOT drunk. Nope, not at all. ;)