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More Sunday randomness.

1. Good news: I'm now in the home stretch of my sweater! I need to make one more sleeve, and I'm currently working on the edging and neck, which involves way too much 1x1 ribbing for my taste. Bad news: I think it has killed my left hand. I have pain in my index fingertip and occasionally on my wrist. Guess this means I should take a break, which is quite difficult when I'm this close to the end.

2. I am ambivalent about the Golden Globes, which is weird because I usually go wild for awards shows. But if I didn't already like her on Modern Family, this quote from Sofia Vergara would make me want to watch: "It's NOTHING, it's a little rain, we're not M&M's, we're not going to die." And in other nominees that we love: Gabourey Sidibe should be my new best friend. She is absolutely delightful.

3. I only recently realized that Carey Mulligan, this year's It Girl, was Sally Sparrow in the Doctor Who episode, "Blink". That is awesome, and she is so darling.

4. callmeonetrack linked to a really great interview with Katee Sackhoff. I'll be watching 24 later, but I have very low expectations. Well, except for the inevitable nuclear smackdown between her character and Chloe. (Picture me tapping my fingers Mr. Burns-style as I say this.)

5. No work tomorrow, due to the holiday. I always feel a bit guilty for my laziness on MLK Day, given Coretta Scott King's (wonderful) movement to encourage community service on the holiday. It's a bit too late to find an open project for tomorrow (most programs require training), but perhaps I'll look into something for later this spring or over the summer vacation.
*gen - tiffany

TCA Nominees

Yay for awards season! I love these things, even when my favorites don't stand a snowball's chance of getting a nomination. Today the Television Critics Association announced its nominees. Collapse )

P.S. After scrolling through friendsfriends to find something earlier, I'd just like to proclaim my love of cut-tags and wish that more folks loved them as much as I do. *grumble*