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More fun with the gas shortage.

It was 3am, and I couldn't sleep, so I figured I'd go fill up my car. The Atlanta news is full of stories about long lines at gas pumps, and I thought that the middle of the night would be a great time to avoid the rush. I did a wide loop through Vinings/Cumberland and up to southern Marietta. Finally made my way back to Cobb Pkwy and Paces Mill, where I found a BP with gas. I passed FOURTEEN EMPTY STATIONS before I saw that one -- and it had a 25-minute wait before I could fill up with regular for $4.29/gallon. Fortunately, the station has imposed a $40 limit, and that was just enough to fill the tank.

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"I'm working on a five-year plan. Just need to choose a font."

I picked up some very healthy, vegetable-y Chinese takeout for dinner. And since I was in A Mood, I got a scoop of ice cream to-go from Bruster's. I am currently eating the ice cream before the dinner. Hey, it can be reheated, but the ice cream might melt! For the heck of it, I also picked up that NBC Fall Preview DVD at Blockbuster, since it was free. I'm actually watching Chuck a second time. Definitely my favorite of the pilots I've seen. And yeah, that includes Pushing Daisies, which I wanted to like but was just too self-consciously cute, almost to the point of cloying. Chuck isn't great, but the pilot was tons of fun. Right now, that's enough for me. (ETA: I wrote this part several hours ago, and the ice cream is still sitting in my stomach. Can't say I mind at all!)

I've been feeling strangely antisocial this week, probably as a result of being SO social last weekend. Collapse )

I'd love to know how many people have tried Friday Night Lights based on that great money-back DVD deal. As I've said before, it seems like the more you think you'll hate it (not into football, small towns, etc), the more you fall in love with it. I still don't have any desire to join the actual fandom, but I have such a warm love for the show and characters. Oh, but one thing frustrated me about the DVDs -- for some reason, they had to replace most of the Explosions in the Sky music on the box set. Grr! A pivotal scene in the season finale just isn't the same without "Your Hand in Mine".

The NYTimes has a great article on The Prairie View A&M marching band, which made me want to watch Drumline for the fourteenth time. It's one of those movies that I have to stop and watch whenever it's on cable.

Slate has an odd but surprising article on the dangers of reclining your car seat. Huh. Learn something new every day.

And mental_floss's blog has a fun bit about Edward Gorey.

Finally, I'd love a recommendation of a conditioner that will leave my hair really soft. Pantene was great for that, but my stylist told me about how the waxy buildup is bad for hair, and I saw the same thing on several websites. Problem is that my hair is very oily, and I have to wash it daily. I've been following the stylist's advice and only applying conditioner to the ends; my hair feels much healthier now, but it's just not silky-soft anymore. Alas.
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Come on, sucker, lick my battery.

Oops! Almost forgot this in my last post.

Atlanta folks: I have an extra pass to a free screening of Eagle vs. Shark (official site and IMDb) next Tuesday night (7/10) at the Landmark Midtown. Anyone want to join me? It stars Jemaine Clement of Conchords fame, and I've heard it's quite adorable. Starts at 7:30, but it's first-come-first-serve. Lots of dinner places in the same shopping complex, so we could meet up early for that. Let me know!

Also, I think they're now installing new carpet in the apartment above mine. GAH.

ETA: Which easy, legally-available software could I use to clip three minutes from a thirty-minute podcast .mp3? I must make an .mp3 of the "official" version of "The Humans Are Dead" from the Radio 2 shows. Thanks in advance!
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trippin' through nostalgia

The pollen hysteria here in Atlanta has me giggling; I'm just surprised I haven't had any serious allergy problems this year. Today's pollen count was 5,937. That doesn't mean much unless you know that anything over 120 is considered "extremely high". I got this pic from wsbtv.com, but my car looks pretty much the same; I really must take photos tomorrow. The funniest part is along the roads -- the pollen coating is so thick that you can actually see tire tracks. Hee!

So, I'm heading to Dallas on Saturday morning to see my nephew! I did not realize that this is also Final Four weekend here in Atlanta... which normally wouldn't register on my radar, except that it means the airport could be a bit of a nightmare on Saturday morning. On the other hand, I'll be leaving while everyone else is coming, so maybe it won't be so bad after all. And I'm more than happy to put up with the hassle if it means THE NEPHEW on the other end. :)

I really enjoyed reading some of the con reports about Jamie Bamber at I-Con last weekend. I also got a kick out of how he's apparently writing an episode script, with a Latin title that roughly translates to "Land's End". Which -- as do many things in my tangential brain -- led me to listening to Blur's "This Is a Low" on repeat loop. God, I love that song. Loveliest one ever written about the BBC Shipping Forecast. ;) Here's an .mp3. And, as I hop-skipped through nostalgia for my days as a Britpop fangirl, I found this video of them playing TIAL at Glasto back in '94. And then I found this trailer for the "Cool Brittania" documentary about Britpop. Oh god. Talk about nostalgia! There's a reason why Trainspotting is my all-time favorite movie.

Anyway! Maybe my hiatus project will be to get Premiere to work on my laptop so I can try some vidding. In addition to all my other wacky ideas, I'd love to do Kara and her boys to "Ladykillers" by Lush. I'm also working on some fic, of course. I'm tempted to post the K/L post-"Crossroads II" (yeah, I know) as a WIP. Very tempted. Probably a bad idea, though. Hmm.

Okay, enough self-indulgent fangirling. Right now I'm watching last night's Lost, which probably explains the trippiness. ;) Time for some links:

-- TV Squad asks if The Colbert Report is hitting a creative pothole. Y'know, I love Stephen Colbert far more than Jon Stewart, but I usually find TDS more entertaining than TCR.

-- SadKermit features Kermit the Frog singing... Johnny Cash's "Hurt". The mind boggles.

-- I have absolutely no opinion of Fred Thompson's possible presidential run (other than a vague queasiness), but I'm amused that it might mean all his L&O episodes will be pulled from broadcast.

-- NPR.org has a story on Restless Leg Syndrome. It really does exist! I used to get it several times a month, and it drove me crazy. Thank goodness I don't have to deal with it very often anymore.

-- And finally... The Six Freakiest Children's TV Rock Bands.
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purple flowering vines

Lazy weekend. Sneezy one, too. Friday's pollen count was around 2,500 -- over twenty times the "extremely high" warning gauge. Lovely. It's also too hot around here for March, with a high today of 87. Ridiculous! That said, I still love Atlanta SO much. It's funny -- when I was younger, I assumed I'd be the type to move from city to city every few years, but now I can't imagine living anywhere else (except perhaps moving back to London, but that's a pipe dream). Even after nearly eight years here, I get a kick out of driving around the city. On a whim, this afternoon I headed down to Shoemaker's Warehouse near Piedmont Park, and I found a $20 pair of sandals that were exactly what I wanted. Then I took the scenic drive home. Brought my camera with me, and of course I had to snap a few photos. Collapse )

While writing a grocery list earlier, I started thinking about how rare cursive is these days. Do many people still write in script anymore? My own handwriting is a mix. We teach the kids how to write in cursive back in elementary school, but most of my eighth graders refuse to write with anything but script.

Speaking of weird writing quirks... Indi recently pointed out that I tend to overuse the word "lush", especially when describing Kara Thrace (and not just when referring to her drinking habits.) It's just such a perfect adjective for all her gorgeous curves. That convo got me to thinking about other words that I overuse. Can't remember my entire list offhand, but I'm definitely guilty of typing "still", "even", and "just" way too often in my posts. Seems I'm all about the qualifiers. I'm also very guilty of adverb abuse, but I can't resist their "-ly" allure!

Enough navel-gazing! Here are a few links:

-- EW's PopWatch blog did a post in defense of spoilers. Not so much "spoilers=yay!" as a rant against people who complain about being "spoiled" for shows that have already aired. Collapse )

-- I'm almost tempted to hit Morrissey's world tour just for the nostalgia factor, but nostalgia ain't enough to get me to pay the big bucks. I'm wildly amused that he'll be playing at Chastain Park here in Atlanta, where the concessions serve wine and entrees, and half the audience is busy chatting at cocktail tables instead of listening to the music. Doesn't quite fit with the ol' "Meat Is Murder" vibe, now does it?

-- If you're feeling famewhorish, TV Squad has posted a handy guide to how to apply for just about any game/reality show on TV. Eh, the only one I'm interested in is The Amazing Race, but some of the other shows' requirements made me laugh.

-- My beloved Grant-Lee Phillips has a new album coming out on Tuesday! I've loved him since I first bought the Mighty Joe Moon CD back in college (the title song is still my all-time favorite song), but most people now know him as the troubador from Gilmore Girls. YouTube has preview videos of "Raise the Spirit" and "Soft Asylum". Sounds like he's getting back to the guitar vibe of MJM and Fuzzy. Yay!

-- On a more serious note, the LA Times has written a follow-up on how Lori Piestewa's family is doing these days. She's the Hopi servicewoman who was killed in the first days of the Iraq war, leaving behind two small kids. Beautifully written, though you should have some kleenex handy.

Wow, long post tonight! I'm actually sitting on the Starbucks patio right now; I'd brought the laptop here in hopes of working on a new fic, but it looks like that won't be happening. I'm really excited about it, though, which is a huge relief after my recent writer's block. Right now, though, I'm going to head home, fix some dinner, watch TAR, and count down the minutes until the BSG season finale.

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"I'm not on crack. I'm straight-up mentally ill!"

1. This afternoon I headed to the yarn shop for some needles and a gift. I was really happy to learn that they can help me out with the sweater I'm knitting -- which is mostly great but has a serious problem with the neckline. Collapse )

2. After I left the yarn shop, I turned onto a road that I assumed intersected with another road that would take me to the car wash and then home. Uh, that didn't quite work out, and I ended up much farther away than anticipated. No problem, though. I have many, many flaws, but I also have an incredible sense of direction. The gamble paid off, and I eventually found a cross-street that took me where I needed to go, albeit via the very roundabout route. I'm really glad it happened -- I love unexpected rambling on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. :)

3. My new laptop has a 5-hour battery when fully-charged. Very cool. When I read Toshiba's tips for maximizing battery life earlier today, I was surprised to see them recommend running it on battery power instead of AC as much as possible. Huh. I'd always assumed that AC power was a much better way to save the battery. So tonight I'm going to keep using it until it runs out, then plug the thing back into the outlet.

4. Some links:
  • Kotex Classic: I missed this SNL parody commercial the first time around, but it's especially funny right now. ;)
  • Rachael Ray, my dinner hooker: I'm not fond of her, but this defense of her made me think maybe I should give her another chance ... if I ever bothered to cook.
  • Sara Evans' divorce - the sordid details: I don't watch Dancing with the Stars or even know who she is, but the headline got my attention. And WOW, the article lives up to the headline. Trainwreck with the Stars?
  • Atlanta friends: anyone want to join me for Louvre Atlanta at the High?

5. Some TV talk: Collapse )

6. I was going to finish up with thoughts on last night's BSG episode, but suddenly I'm off to meet a friend for coffee. Will do that later, possibly with the Screencap Review -- if I have the energy to make all those caps. :)
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She's a naughty girl with a lovely smile.

I took Paces Ferry into Buckhead this afternoon. Such a gorgeous drive -- the two-lane winding road, the Hooch, lush greenery and trees so thick they block out the sun -- that never fails to make me passionately love Atlanta. I got a kick out of the house with a huge Mark Taylor for Governor yard sign... right next to the governor's mansion. ;) Am quite proud of myself for NOT buying anything at Border's, though I did get several yummy take-out dishes at Eatzi's. Buckhead is obnoxious in many ways, but I do like how the area around Lenox feels so much like a *city*. Same with most of the area ITP, of course, but in quite a different way.

I could also kick myself for not buying the new Maxim at Borders -- I'd mistakenly thought it was the August issue, and I didn't want to even touch it if I didn't have to. Alas. At least the fabulous syliasyliasylia has uploaded the BSG fashion shoot here. Collapse )

Was reading the EW review of Ryan Gosling's new movie, Half Nelson, and while I'm sure it's marvelous, all the comments about him "caring about his kids with the fervor of a valiant inner-city educator" made me grin and roll my eyes. Same thing with Matthew Perry's TNT movie last weekend -- which I really did like in spite of the same cliches, mostly because his students looked exactly like the ones I've taught for the past eight years. Despite the geographical location, my school would qualify as "inner-city", but the archetype of the teacher out to change the world just rubs me the wrong way. We do try to reach these kids and inspire them, but those movies still feel so far removed from what it's really like. Then again, I suppose they do make for better TV. ;)

I haven't always wanted to be a teacher; to be honest, I only chose it my sophomore year of uni because I liked the idea of having a job when I graduated! Good thing that I discovered how much I love it, huh? ;) Growing up, I really wanted to be an architect... until I realized that engineering was perhaps even more important than just designing. As a kid, I used to spend hours obsessively looking at Dad's blueprints (he's an A/C contractor) and designing my own homes and skyscrapers on graph paper -- but my utter lack of engineering aptitude meant that all those pretty buildings would've collapsed. Yesterday I stumbled upon Wikipedia's Architecture portal, and omigod, so much fun! Seriously, I could spend *hours* reading every single page there. I especially love Bauhaus, though I have no idea why. I'm far from an expert (hi, biftec!), but learning about all the different movements and techniques is really fascinating.

So, I limit my craftsiness to knitting. Collapse )

Finally, I was listening to Blur's Modern Life Is Rubbish again today, and it reminded me of how that's one of my all-time favorite albums. Yes, I'm a sucker for mid-90's Britpop. Damon Albarn is such a jackass, but the bastard is incredibly talented. And very, very pretty. I uploaded most of the album to SendSpace. Collapse )

And finally... after watching way too much Good Eats lately, the vague Alton-CKR resemblance is making me want someone to write Leoben with his own cooking show.
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The "how" of the links.

Several friends have asked recently how I find all these links. Yeah, I do have way too much time on my hands during the summer, but I also have a bunch of RSS feeds up on MyYahoo. Here are a few that provide tons of links:

-- PopCandy, from USA Today. She often finds some obscure stuff, and I like her dry sense of humor. She also makes me want to start reading comics.
-- PopWatch, from Entertainment Weekly. Sometimes a bit *too* goofy, but I like that the two main bloggers put a lot of personality into it.
-- Broadsheet, from Salon. A feminism-focused blog, with an obviously liberal bent (fine by me.) The posts and links are usually good, though the talkbacks can be exasperating.
-- Slate. Sure, you could go to the website, but the RSS feed is quite convenient.

I also grab many links from my flist. I do try to give credit, though sometimes I'll open a link in a new tab to read later, then forget where I originally found it. So if you're not credited, all apologies! Which brings me to... more linkspam.

-- Arrested Development is coming to syndication! Unfortunately, it'll be on G4, which many people don't receive. Then again, I guess that's what the DVDs are for, no?
-- _jems_ has compiled another list of cool/useful Firefox extensions. Raise your hand if you find yourself unable to live (online) without Firefox. Keep 'em up if you have at least ten extensions already installed.
-- fer1213 posted the handout from her Het Erotica Breakout Session. FABULOUS. The examples given are het and taken from BTVS fic, but her tips are invaluable for anyone who writes NC-17 in any pairing, het or slash. And when I mentioned this to indigo419 last night, she pointed me toward this non-fandom blog about writing erotica. Interesting stuff.
-- A rant against Project Runway, specifically those profoundly annoying "Coming up ..." commercials.
-- The Ming-Na Measure: A critic has determined that Ming-Na's mood at the TCA upfronts will gauge how successful her show will be. Quite funny, though I hope she's wrong about Vanished, which I rather liked.

Speaking of Vanished, I feel the urge to nitpick the Atlanta-related stuff in the pilot. Collapse )

My 'web annoyance of the day: sites that use auto-refresh. One of my favorite blogs has this incredibly obnoxious feature. If I go to another tab then come back later, I've lost my place. And if my (currently erratic) 'net connection fritzes out, I've lost the page altogether. I actually e-mailed them to ask how to turn it off, but I haven't heard back.

And finally... I just checked out Nobody's Watching on YouTube. Omigodsoadorable! I was always fairly neutral about Billy on BSG, but Paul Campbell owned me in this one. Overall, the pilot had promise, though it was almost too meta, and some of the other actors played way too broadly and, well, sitcom-ish. If/when it shows up on NBC, I'll give it a shot, mostly because of the freakishly darling Paul "No Dad!" Campbell. Aww!
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fighting for my right

I'm having a party! Just a handful of us on Saturday night, but I'm excited about playing hostess for the first time in years. I put together a Tex-Mex themed menu from allrecipes.com: Cowboy Dip, black beans, Mexican rice, and soft tacos (I'm cheating and using the prepped tubs of taco chicken and beef from Publix), with cinnamon cookies for dessert. A question: I'm making the cookies tonight, and I'd like to do the rice and beans tomorrow. I'm sure the beans will keep overnight in the fridge, but will the rice? (Alton Brown tsk'ed refrigerated rice yesterday on Good Eats. ;)

Atlanta folks: you can now vote in Creative Loafing's 2006 Best of Atlanta awards. I only managed a nomination in 32 of 371 categories, which means I should probably start paying more attention. Oh, and writercon friends: once again, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about my beloved city!

Much love to sarmoti for the heads-up that SciFi will be showing a BSG preview during the Eureka premiere Tuesday night. I'm trying (and not quite succeeding) to quell my bitterness about how we SHOULD be getting a new episode tomorrow. Alas.

Oooh, two webisodes for The Office premiered today!

Is the world ready for a remake of Adventures in Babysitting, starring Raven-Symone? I'm not especially nostalgic about that relic of mine youth, but still.

Finally, I'm rather enraptured by 1sentence, in which you choose a theme set and write fifty sentences about a pairing. Unfortunately, every pairing I'd choose (meaning, Kara+anyone) has been claimed. Can we just mix-and-match the theme sets and write our own, outside of the community? Or is that just not done? Don't want to step on any toes, so maybe I'll tweak the concept a bit and just do 50 sentences about Kara and all the people in her life. Any excuse to write about her is fine by me. :)
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You can't go home again.

Damn, that goldderby.com Emmys message board is fascinating. It has reports from several people who attended the "blue ribbon committee" screenings this weekend, and we now know with near-certainty which shows were in the top ten. I'll cut-tag for those who want to be surprised on July 6th. Collapse )

As I drove around D/FW today, I made a mental list of things I'd forgotten about Texas, despite having grown up here:

1. People drive ridiculously slow, even on the highways. In possibly unrelated news, cops and state troopers sure do like to set speedtraps on those highways. (Very shocking to me, since speeding tickets are practically nonexistent in GA.)

2. After years and years, Eastern Standard Time is now my "default". Watching prime time shows at 7pm feels profoundly weird.

3. The sky here really is as huge as the hype. Then again, ain't much in the way of all that clear blue. (The GA sky looks really tiny, but there I'm surrounded by 60-foot pines, cypress, and poplars. So.)

4. There's. Just. Too. Much. Too many restaurants, gas stations, big box stores, etcetera. Especially the restaurants. They obviously have enough patrons to stay in business, and the variety is a wonderful thing. But damn. Chain restaurant overload.

5. Scorching heat is the best kind. Who cares about temps over 100? Just get in the shade, and you're fine. So much better than syrupy, sweltering humidity.

6. Everything in Dallas feels polished and new, in both good and bad ways. Even the stuff I've seen all my life -- the office buildings along Central, the mosque on Spring Valley, and so on -- it all feels so *new* and almost foreign. I can't really explain how, but it's not because of my having moved away. It's just... strange.

7. I used to say I loathe Dallas, but I don't. Not really. I think I'd love it if I were forced to move back here. Certainly has tons going for it! But even short vacations like this one just make me miss Atlanta all the more. Seventeen more hours, then I'll be home. :)