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My day (and my TV) in bullet points.

Okay, technically dashes because bullet points look odd in my layout. Whatever!

-- Was annoyed that I'd have to drive across the county in awful traffic for a curriculum meeting after school... and then the meeting was cancelled. Yay!

-- Co-writing fic is so much fun.

-- I hate The Gap's ads so much right now! The ads themselves are kinda cool, but there's just something wrong about co-opting Audrey like that. Will Clark Gable now start pimping Verizon?

-- treacle_a offers some tips on how to write good sex. Funny AND educational!

-- I uploaded an .avi of the K/L deleted scene from "Scar". Much better video quality than the YouTube version.

-- Veronica Mars season premiere: I'll defer to all the far-more-eloquent *squee* all over my flist. (If you haven't seen the news, streaming video of the season premiere is on msn.com.) Loved it, of course, even though they've already busted #5 on my wishlist. Also: "Oh, frak!" Hee!

-- BTW, is it a sign of becoming An Adult that I find Keith Mars more interesting, awesome, and sex-ay than all the college kids? If so, then I've found one of the good things about getting older.

-- Studio 60: ingridmatthews was quite right that shows don't get much gayer than that. I kinda love it.

-- The Amazing Race: My Mongolian ox is broken!

-- The Wire: Prez's scenes are hitting way too close to home. While my kids have never gotten *that* obnoxious and out-of-control, they've gotten pretty damn close. I teach in a school fairly similar to his, though fortunately we don't have the same problems with drugs and gangs. I can vouch that many of the eighth grade scenes are SO realistic. I'm just glad that my eighth graders are SO MUCH FUN this year. I really needed that after the past few years I've had. :)

-- Speaking... just heard this promo for America: The Book on TDS: "America: The Book is now available in a paperback Teacher's Edition. Still not cheap enough for an actual teacher to afford, but hey, we gotta eat too." Hee!

-- I put on makeup today. I wore a skirt with stockings. I feel so girly... and I kinda like it! Thank god I cast aside the khakis and polos of oncoming frumpage. ;)
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Trading up? Nah, not yet.

I should not be allowed to shop. I actually managed to restrain myself today -- mostly. However, I had to call my sister at Old Navy to "talk me down" from buying tons of cute little things for the Niece/Nephew TBA. ;) The downside was that I'd found money in my budget for an autumn jacket, but they didn't have it in stock. Alas.

This morning I found a knitting pattern for some really cute ballet slippers. I bought some yarn at Jo-Ann, and two hours later I had these. Adorable, huh? Trust me -- they don't look like baskets on my feet. Highly recommended for beginning knitters, since the pattern doesn't use anything more complicated than K2TOG.

I've been overdosing on the DVDs for The Office. Loved Rainn's shout-out to Starbuck in the deleted scenes for "Dwight's Speech". :) And now that I've mastered clipping .avis, I uploaded The Daily Show's "Even Stevphen" retrospective to YouTube. If you're a fan of Carell and/or Colbert, you must watch it. Those "debates" are what made me first fall in love with the Stevphens. (I'm also thinking of posting more of the BSG deleted scenes on YouTube. Anyone interested? If there's a demand, I'm happy to do so. :)

I also watched the pilot of Smith. Shohreh Aghdashloo and Jonny Lee Miller were enough to make me watch, and the rest of the cast is amazing. Collapse )

Some links while I'm here...

-- AfterElton has a really interesting review of "Gay Witch Hunt".

-- ingridmatthews posts some thoughts on race and fanfic.

-- To celebrate the upcoming premiere of Torchwood, sarkastic is hosting The 'Captain Jack Sexes Everyone In Every Fandom Ever' Challenge. Whee! And so very, very in-character. ;)

-- Josh Levin from Slate explains why he hates Zach Braff.

-- Slate also talks about The Man Shows: "the heroes of Smith, Jericho, and Shark -- and the women who love them". Can't say I'm fond of the Trophy Woman theme in some of the new and returning shows, though I think the author is overreacting a bit.

-- The always awesome Jane Espenson talks about The Office (season premiere spoilers) in the context of approaching old cliches from a new angle.

-- Finally, the NY Times has a fun little profile on Kate Walsh and how, thanks to her current success, she's finally "trading up from IKEA". :)
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For the first time in my life, I'm really gonna miss testing when it's over. I'm 99% caught up with work stuff, so I'm doing a Friday morning linkspam -- and these are only the links I've found in the past hour. I know I have at least another half-dozen bookmarked at home. ;)

-- Liz Smith writes a lovely remembrance of Ann Richards. She was first elected while I was a Dallas high school student, and back then she made a huge impact on my life (I wanted to be a poli sci major and maybe a diplomat, until I realized what a bad idea that was. ;)

-- What happens when a zoo animal gets depressed? Slate asks the tough questions. (I'm also both giggling and disturbed by their exploration of how many cellphones can fit in one's rear end.) Oh, and speaking of animals... yesterday I discovered that the best way to get 13-year-old boys to settle down and pay attention is to show them the hedgehogs at Cute Overload.

-- A heads-up to those of you who do voice posts: Check out FRNK Radio. Huh. Glad I don't do them anymore.

-- Fellow Georgians, we're getting new license plates. Again. I have very mixed feelings, though at least the font is a vast improvement over last time. Best part? No county names!

-- The NY Times looks into those wacky pyramid-shaped tea bags; I shouldn't have read this one, because now I'm jonesing for a cuppa. I'm glad to be reading about *tea*, though; I'm tired of people here calling me a freak for not liking sweet tea at all -- I can deal with unsweetened iced, but I want my tea to taste like TEA, not like darjeeling syrup.

-- Pop Candy weighs in on the Who will be Wonder Woman? debate. One of the choices had me howling with laughter (I love girlfriend dearly, but... NO.) I'm on board the Morena Baccarin write-in campaign.

-- beerbad on Cylon model naming and numbering. Also... THREE MORE WEEKS OMG!!!1! *slightly quieter squee*

-- Since I've inevitably shifted over into the TV-related portion of the linkspam, I'm also abusing the poll feature. Next week is when we'll see most of the big fall debuts. Collapse )
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Hail the almighty TiVo!

Today was surprisingly exhausting. I spent the whole day in a meeting with the principal and other department chairs -- still quite hilarious to think of myself as one of them! We worked literally nonstop from 8:30-4:00, and though we sat around a conference table the whole time (including the lunch break), we kept quite busy. So busy that I didn't even get to take advantage of the church's WiFi. Hmph! Oh, yeah -- the meeting was at a church next door to the school. For the first time in years, I didn't break out in hives upon entering. The office staff and youth minister were really lovely and generous, and not once did they say, "By the way, if you haven't yet found Jesus...". ;) I call myself "agnostic" for lack of a better term, and though I'm fine with spirituality itself, I have issues with organized religion. But that's not something I particularly want to discuss here, so hey.

I came home, and just as I settled in for a nap, an old friend called to invite me to an impromptu dinner. Very lovely to see her again, though I'm feeling that missed-nap.

Atlanta folks -- tickets are still available for Sufjan Stevens on Wednesday the 20th. Anyone want to join me?

EntWkly lists the top 50 best high school movies. I'm surprised to realize I don't really like the genre as much as I remembered. They also asked folks what TV series are you breaking up with this fall? Some of the replies are quite funny, and I was pleased to see that my own favorites didn't make many "Dead to Me" replies.

And while I'm on the subject... Collapse )
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I don't even watch Survivor anymore, but....

This one couldn't wait until I got home:

New "Survivor" Will Be a Battle of the Races: The contestants will be divided by racial groups. Oh, yeah. What a GREAT idea, Mark Burnett! People are going to LOVE it, and nobody could possibly find reason for criticism and/or mockery!

For Probst, the new twist has the added benefit of giving the show a freshness it hasn't had since season 1. "It's not just 18 white people," he says. "Suddenly you have new slang, new rituals, people doing things like making fire in ways that haven't been done before on Survivor. I think we have a season where people will say you can never go back to what you were before." What remains to be seen is whether that is a good thing.

Oh, and while I'm here... is there a way to modify my S2 friends-list stylesheet so that I can override embedded YouTube videos and links coded to open in new windows? Thanks in advance!
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"Hurts so GOOD?" Total f'ing misnomer.

Yesterday I was craving yoga so much that I went to the vinyasa class -- really just a casual practice session. Another great experience, with a lovely instructor and poses that I felt comfortable attempting. I left feeling marvelous, if a bit weak. Today, though? I am SORE. Omigod. Tightness in my shoulders and upper back that still hasn't gone away. I really wanted to go to tonight's hot class, but I just wasn't up to it. Will try to catch another this weekend, if my muscles have recovered.

This afternoon, I dropped by my school and picked up my $100 school supplies gift card, also known as "Sonny Perdue's attempt to buy teachers' votes". ;) That was the only smile, though, because the thought of going back to work is profoundly depressing. I do love my career -- I just love being completely lazy during the summer. Four more days. GAH. Tomorrow evening, chrisjournal and I are meeting for dinner and then hitting the computer stores to buy laptops. Gotta take advantage of the tax-free weekend. The nice thing about current tech is that the stores have dozens of laptops within my specs range and budget. The downside is that I'll have to go by brand - everything else being equal - and I keep hearing good *and* bad things about all the most popular companies. We'll see how that goes!

The commercials for Talladega Nights always make me laugh, even though I have no desire whatsoever to see the movie. I think it's a Southern thing -- I'm not a NASCAR fan at all, but I *get* the stock car-related humor.

My first yarn order from Elann.com has won me over -- I bought a ton of yarn on Friday night, and it arrived today. I'm making this awesomely-colorful baby blanket for my upcoming niece or nephew. Yay!

How fabulous was last night's Rescue Me? WHEE! I'm reposting my comments from TWOP. Collapse )

And some links....

-- blufr.com is addictive. Random trivia questions pop up, and you guess whether they're true or false. Fabulously fun time-killer.

-- NY Times profiles Baby Halder, an Indian domestic servant who has become an unlikely literary star in India. A highly recommended read.

-- The Stephen Colbert "On Notice Board" Generator! Thanks to sockkpuppett for the link.

-- LOLA! Maybe I'm the last to find out about Franka Potente's upcoming multi-ep appearance on The Shield. I've never wanted to watch that show (despite the acclaim), but I'm very motivated now.

Now I'm off to curl up on the sofa with a heating pad and Project Runway. Omigod, did you hear that someone's gonna get kicked off tonight?!? Bravo's incessant hype has taken away any potential scandalicious glee.
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The "how" of the links.

Several friends have asked recently how I find all these links. Yeah, I do have way too much time on my hands during the summer, but I also have a bunch of RSS feeds up on MyYahoo. Here are a few that provide tons of links:

-- PopCandy, from USA Today. She often finds some obscure stuff, and I like her dry sense of humor. She also makes me want to start reading comics.
-- PopWatch, from Entertainment Weekly. Sometimes a bit *too* goofy, but I like that the two main bloggers put a lot of personality into it.
-- Broadsheet, from Salon. A feminism-focused blog, with an obviously liberal bent (fine by me.) The posts and links are usually good, though the talkbacks can be exasperating.
-- Slate. Sure, you could go to the website, but the RSS feed is quite convenient.

I also grab many links from my flist. I do try to give credit, though sometimes I'll open a link in a new tab to read later, then forget where I originally found it. So if you're not credited, all apologies! Which brings me to... more linkspam.

-- Arrested Development is coming to syndication! Unfortunately, it'll be on G4, which many people don't receive. Then again, I guess that's what the DVDs are for, no?
-- _jems_ has compiled another list of cool/useful Firefox extensions. Raise your hand if you find yourself unable to live (online) without Firefox. Keep 'em up if you have at least ten extensions already installed.
-- fer1213 posted the handout from her Het Erotica Breakout Session. FABULOUS. The examples given are het and taken from BTVS fic, but her tips are invaluable for anyone who writes NC-17 in any pairing, het or slash. And when I mentioned this to indigo419 last night, she pointed me toward this non-fandom blog about writing erotica. Interesting stuff.
-- A rant against Project Runway, specifically those profoundly annoying "Coming up ..." commercials.
-- The Ming-Na Measure: A critic has determined that Ming-Na's mood at the TCA upfronts will gauge how successful her show will be. Quite funny, though I hope she's wrong about Vanished, which I rather liked.

Speaking of Vanished, I feel the urge to nitpick the Atlanta-related stuff in the pilot. Collapse )

My 'web annoyance of the day: sites that use auto-refresh. One of my favorite blogs has this incredibly obnoxious feature. If I go to another tab then come back later, I've lost my place. And if my (currently erratic) 'net connection fritzes out, I've lost the page altogether. I actually e-mailed them to ask how to turn it off, but I haven't heard back.

And finally... I just checked out Nobody's Watching on YouTube. Omigodsoadorable! I was always fairly neutral about Billy on BSG, but Paul Campbell owned me in this one. Overall, the pilot had promise, though it was almost too meta, and some of the other actors played way too broadly and, well, sitcom-ish. If/when it shows up on NBC, I'll give it a shot, mostly because of the freakishly darling Paul "No Dad!" Campbell. Aww!
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Tons of links + something for the spoiler-free.

1. Target school supplies are like *crack*. Fortunately, they're also very cheap, especially the cute stuff in the dollar bins. I bought a lot of stuff for my classroom... but also tons for myself. And I know I'll be back there a dozen more times in the next few weeks. I haven't yet decided whether to do a school supplies donation drive this year (if you're new to my LJ, I teach in a low-income school) because I always feel really awkward about it. On the other hand, my flist has been amazing the past two years -- y'all just blow me away! -- and the kids really do need supplies. So. I shall ponder.

2. I'm watching The Closer. Kyra Sedgwick rocks my world, and the show itself is quite good. The accent bugs, though. She sounds darling and wicked, sure, but very few Atlantans actually have such thick "Southern" accents, and hers is so strong that it almost seems like a parody.

3. New publicity shots from Torchwood! Jack! Jack in a coat! Oh, my. YES. (Thanks to manticoran for the link.)

4. Quick question: I took a stick of butter out of the fridge to soften it for bagel-spreading. How long before it spoils?

5. My sister and bro-in-law told me about Mental Floss magazine a while back, and I finally picked up an issue. Lots of fun! The tagline is "feel smart again", and it's all about brainteasers and quirky trivia and general smart-ness. Highly recommended. The website isn't as comprehensive as the magazine, but it's still worth a visit.

6. The Onion: Harsh Light of Morning Falls on One-Night Stand's DVD Collection. I don't have anything *too* embarrassing on my DVD shelf, but you don't wanna know what's saved on my TiVo. ;)

7. In fandom news... I've read several new interviews with BSG cast members, but they all contain details about S3. While trying to summarize the non-spoilery bits for a friend, I thought those of you who are spoiler-free might like to read them. However, I'm assuming you've seen the S3 promo, so if you haven't, don't click on the cut-tag! Collapse )
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A file-sharing warning.

Last week, ezust shared a screener copy of one of the fall TV pilots. She didn't post the info on her own LJ, but rather somewhere else on LJ. On Sunday afternoon she received a phone call from two men purporting to be attorneys representing Fox. They asked her to immediately stop sharing the file, and requested the names of her sources and anyone who might've had access to it. Her public post has the whole story, though she just replied to me that she's now doubting the entire thing, and the details don't add up. The names of the two people who called are indeed real attorneys, though who's to say it was really them? Etc.

Granted, these days we have plenty of reason to be skeptical about this sort of thing. I'm inclined to believe her side of the story, though someone could be playing a very elaborate and cruel joke. We've already seen the RIAA going after mp3 sharing, and last week YouTube was sued by a journalist trying to stop online distribution of his copyrighted material. [Edited out incorrect BitTorrent info, but I'm sure Hollywood's trying to find a way to go after those who provide and use torrents. Not that my beloved Usenet is any safer, either.] Yeah, file sharing will never be eradicated as long as the geeks are one step ahead of the entertainment industry. Personally, I think that previewing fall pilots is great for building buzz and such, but the networks don't see it that way.

Still, it's an excellent wake-up call. Many of us talk about video file sharing -- hell, I do it all the time. I tend to foolishly assume that, hey, it's all over the place, and nobody's going to pay attention to my little old LJ. Maybe this whole thing is the 'net equivalent of being Punk'd. Even so, I wouldn't be surprised if it started happening for real. I just edited some of my recent posts, and I unsubbed fallpreview. And I'll definitely be more careful about what I say in public about this type of thing.

(If you have any questions or rebuttals about ezust's story, please ask her directly in her post (and yeah, I did ask her permission to post about this. :) I don't really want to get into a huge debate about the legality and ethics of file sharing online. I'm posting this because some of you might also want to take steps to protect yourselves, just in case.
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A rose by any other....

1. The results from last night's LJ poll were really interesting. Collapse )

2. I've finished a rough draft of the Writercon Restaurant Guide. (Just did the .html version from the original .doc -- must clean up that formatting. Yikes.) Would love for y'all to check it out so that I can incorporate edits and suggestions before sending it off to the con organizers!

3. Last night I read the NY Times Magazine's profile on Gnarls Barkley, both because I love "Crazy" and because Chuck Klosterman is always worth a read. Did not know that Danger Mouse went to UGA and met Cee-Lo at an Athens bar, where they bonded over a shared love of Portishead. This amuses me greatly.

4. The Meow Mix House's webcams have also brought me much joy today. Live nude kittens!

5. Salon has an article about how girl-on-girl kissing has become popular at teen/college parties. Hmm. The talkback responses are disappointing, with many saying, "Hey, some horndogs get turned on by that. What's the harm?" But the article's point appears to be not that it titillates the boys, but that (self-identifying) heterosexual girls use it as a form of currency, almost as if its trivializing women who are genuinely lesbian or bisexual. Must think about this some more.

6. Pitchfork lists 100 Awesome Music Videos. So glad to see my beloved "Coffee & TV" by Blur on there. And whee! Milky has a fansite! (Found this one via Salon, but luna_k also has it listed on today's excellent links list.)

7. The Move continues apace. Thanks to a very convoluted chain of events, I'm saving $540 on next month's rent. WHEE! This will definitely help with all the stuff I'll need to buy. I'm picking up my key on 6/30, and I'll have a week to vacate this place. Will only have four days to pack after I get back from TX, but hell, I don't really need to pack for a 1/4 mile move. ;) Plus, I should be settled in the new place by Writercon. Excellent.

8. dtissagirl shares some great LJ-related bookmarklets, including how to insert "?style=mine" on every URL. Absolutely invaluable, especially with some of the frightening entry layouts I've seen while randomly following links. Hey, people should use whatever floats their boat (even if the colors hurt my eyes), but I've always been fondest of the simple LJ default. ;)

9. trinnifer and I got to talking about names, and it reminded me of a post I've been wanting to do. Collapse )