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I'm having a bit of a rethink regarding what to do about my LJ. I've never been one for locking posts -- unless they deal with things I'd rather not be seen via friendsfriends and such -- and I'm not embarrassed by anything I say here. On the other hand, the 'net world gets more and more public every day, and I should probably start being more circumspect. I thought about starting a separate fandom journal, but that seems like too much hassle. Eh, I'll give it some more thought later; maybe it'll be my summer project.

Am rewatching this week's Who episode, and I have to say that I really like Martha. She's just pretty darn cool. I like to think that I'd act like her if I were in the TARDIS, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to step foot inside in the first place. I'm a very impulsive/impetuous person, but I tend not to take risks -- more out of laziness and situational ambivalence than anything else.

While I know nothing -- beyond casting -- of the rest of the season, I did notice one thing in the preview that made me curious. Collapse )

I keep seeing people talk about FanLib, and while I understand the reasons for uproar, I'm a bit flummoxed by the ongoing discussion. Nearly everyone in fandom has dismissed it outright as irrelevant and ridiculous, yes? So why the continuing discussion that's not even a debate? Or maybe I'm just missing something because I've ignored most of the commentary. On the plus side, it has apparently spurred some people to examine the nature of fanfiction and how it relates to the overall entertainment world. Hmm.

An aside to those of you who requested drabbles the other day: I'm still working on them! Just a bit slow going, is all. I've posted four thus far, and romanticalgirl wrote a hot sequel-ette to the dancing ficlet. Mmm. Once I've finished the rest, I might just compile and repost them all.

A few links while I'm here:

-- "Power to the People": It's the big Hollywood lie: Movie studios say they're only ''giving the people what they want'' -- but who are these ''people''?

-- "Is eBay Rational?" I'm economics-illiterate, but this made the subject quite interesting.

-- Time examines how to fix No Child Left Behind, a subject in which I have a vested interest.

-- From The Onion: "In Need Of Dedication, Yearbook Staff Sacrifices Homecoming King."

-- The NYTimes talks about tweens reading celebrity gossip mags (sigh), and elite colleges recruiting low-income students.

-- In fandom news... I downloaded some of those massive hi-def encodes, and I made a few screencaps from "Maelstrom". The video files are tricky to use, but I might make some more S3 caps if there's any interest. (This is one of my favorite Kara pics ever, and a runner-up.) Also, myra_laney somehow found screencaps of the cast at the pre-miniseries boot camp. So cute!
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Doctor Who and fashion

Just finished watching "The Daleks in Manhattan". Collapse )

One more thing before I head out: the other night, Indi and I started putting together A Fashion Guide for Jamie Bamber, since the poor boy needs serious fashion help. Unfortunately, I know *nothing* about men's fashion, so I kept coming up blanks. If any of y'all have links to things you'd love to see him wear, please share in the comments! And if you can provide pics of some of his more regrettable sartorial efforts, that would also be helpful. ;)
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Rhinestones of doom.

I have a trinnifer! Though she is temporarily gone to return her rental car and check into the airport hotel for tonight. Our fabulous weekend of debauchery has mostly consisted of grocery shopping, several glasses of wine, and sitting around my living room while she got thoroughly hooked on Friday Night Lights... which is pretty much a typical weekend for me, minus the lovely company.

Oh, and we also watched yesterday's Doctor Who, which was quite fun -- except for one thing that kinda freaked me out. Collapse )

Once again, Jamie Bamber can make me giggle for both endearing and OMGYIKES! reasons, as evidenced by his wardrobe at last night's GLAAD Awards. I almost liked the vest, until I clicked on the hi-res and discovered that the black embroidery was actually... fake gems. Oh, Jamie. I still love you, but you make it so complicated sometimes. Also, I have no idea what to make of Kate Walsh's bangs. Part of me thinks they're fun, while a bigger part of me is busy twitching.

And that's all I've got for this afternoon. Ta!
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"Nighty-night, Shakespeare."

Immensely pleaesd with myself today! While browsing through Pier One's website, I discovered that they make wall frames in the same wrought-iron style as the bedroom suite I bought there last summer. Even better? They're on sale, and for much cheaper than comparable frames anywhere else. Had to hit two different stores, but now I have two 8x10 and three 5x7 frames for a grand total of $23. Not too shabby, and though I've never insisted upon matching decor, I quite like having frames in the same style as my lovely furniture (and I'm also amused that nearly my whole bedroom - even the curtains - comes from Pier One, a store which has always been too smug and overpriced for my tastes.) Time to fill 'em with photos of the baby nephew. :)

Anyway! I also went by Trader Joe's for some groceries. Some of their stuff is hit-or-miss -- I'm a strangely picky eater -- but experimenting is still lots of fun. Right now I'm snacking on the Peanut Satay, which is blessedly not spicy. I'm a wimp when it comes to spiciness, and several of their entrees are too much for me. I also quite like the chocolate-covered cranberries and the caramel popcorn, which I buy in bulk for snacks at work. And while I'm sure my Jewish friends wouldn't consider them even remotely authentic, the frozen potato pancakes are delish. Just wish TJ"s would open a location in my part of town, because driving all the way over to Roswel Road can be a bit of a hike.

Just finished watching today's episode of Doctor Who, which was quite fun. I've often wanted to become fannish about this show, but I never seem to get there. Still, it's an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Collapse )