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Bring on the new season!

First, thanks for all the comments about The Sarah Connor Chronicles last Friday. Before tomorrow's ep, I'll rewatch the premiere and see what I think, in light of the replies. As I said the other day, I really appreciate the complexity and resonance of the plot and characterization, but I just can't connect on that emotional level. (Well, except for Dean Winters, but then I'm biased. ;) Ah, well. I do really want to become a huge fan, and maybe eventually I'll get there. Until then, I'll certainly keep watching.

Time for the new TV season, even if it's far more lackluster than in the past. Thank heavens I now have a dual-tuner TiVo! Many timeslots have two shows I want to see, though I'm sure several will drop out as the season wears on. Monday at 8pm is the killer, with FOUR shows I genuinely like. Looks like I'll be doing some downloading. So, here's my schedule grid for Fall '08, with many returning faves and quite a few others I'll give a shot. And before you boggle at the length of the list, remember that I watch way too much television. *g*

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In other news....

I should've filled up my car on Friday, but I didn't realize that most of the stations around here would run out of gas. It's insane! My tank was getting close to empty, and I have to go across town after school tomorrow for an inservice. Couldn't wait. When I headed out this afternoon, I passed SIX stations that were empty with plastic bags over the pumps. Finally found a Chevron for $4.23/gal. (Yes, I know this is cheap compared to other nations, but the average price in Atlanta apparently went up 50 cents from Thursday to Sunday.)

For the past month, I've had pain in my right heel. It starts in the morning and abates somewhat during the day, but when it's bad I'm to the point of serious limping. Mostly just soreness like when you've been standing too long, rather than a sharp pain, so I'm hoping that it's not a minor fracture. [ETA: Sounds like it's plantar fasciitis. Guess it's time to go to the doctor.]

As if this post weren't already long enough, here are some links!

-- Yeah, I link to the NYTimes quite often, but they have some great stuff. 1) The art and science of wheelchair basketball. 2) The story of a male albino fashion model. 3) A profile of Bruce Campbell.
-- From Jez: The 8 worst hairdos a man can have.
-- Salon's "Ask the Pilot" has a great piece on a female Sikh pilot for American Airlines. Salon also interviews Kevin Smith about Zack & Miri, and he has some interesting thoughts on the MPAA.
-- Indi linked me to a fun bit of twittering classic literature.
-- I had no idea that knitting inspires so much wank! ;)
-- TVWeek has some rumors about the Dollhouse shutdown.
-- And the HuffPo is very concerned about Taylor Momsen. Ditch the eyeliner, dearie, and you'll be fine.
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Shoes, bad drivers, reality TV, and drabble requests.

1. Much sadness today when I learned that Shoemakers' Warehouse closed. It was an indie shoe store here in town, quite similar to DSW but with a far better selection -- especially in my size 11. So I headed to DSW. Ugh. I swear, they used to have a decent selection in 11, but today I hardly found anything, even in brands that I know make an 11. The store manager cheerfully asked how I was doing, and I told her that I was disappointed by the selection. She said the manufacturers don't send them many. I call bullshit. If anything, more designers are making 11's now. She did suggest I visit their online store. Maybe that's why DSW doesn't carry them at their locations.

2. Speaking... any suggestions of online shops where I can find good, affordable shoes in an 11? I want a tailored Mary Jane style (to show off my knitted socks) in brown or black, similar to these Soft Soles that I tried on today and really liked, but they were too loose at the heel. I'd prefer something around $50, but I can go up to $75. Thanks in advance!

3. Two interesting articles in tomorrow's Times: Malwebolence - The World of Web Trolling, and The Urge to Merge - Making It in the Battle for a Lane. The second one struck a nerve. That sort of thing drives me crazy! Common courtesy has become antiquated.

4. I read EW's cover story on Lauren Conrad and The Hills and realized that I am totally out of the loop when it comes to her and that show. That's not a slam against reality TV, mind you. I just never had any particular interest and haven't turned on MTV in years. When I look at these articles, it feels like they're speaking an entirely different language. Huh.

5. Any BSG drabble requests? I'm stressed out this weekend and could use a distraction! (Jo, I'll try to write yours tomorrow, now that I have some distance from my previous death-fic. ;)
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I love a good "although".

Feeling a bit melancholy and lonely tonight, for mostly silly reasons. Might post about it later, but right now I'll just curl up on the sofa and brood. *g* I got caught up in a frenzy of working on school stuff, and am now crashing from that adrenalin rush. Am finally catching up on tonight's TV -- currently DSM, then I'll watch BW, and cap it off with the new Project Runway. Hooray!

Life with a muted computer is much more challenging than I'd expected. Collapse )

My current knitting project is Christmas stockings for my sister's hearth. I found a quick and easy pattern in Knit Simple Magazine -- quick because it only takes a week or so. I've finished two, and I would love some advice from my fellow knitters. Collapse )

Tonight's links have a magazine theme.

-- People has posted the 2007 Sexiest Men Alive. Overall? Meh. They're good looking, for the most part, but also rather uninspiring. For some reason, though, I really like that photo of Matt Damon.

-- EW has a long essay on why Sixteen Candles tops Pretty in Pink (and Jezebel has a rebuttal.) Gotta agree with EW on this one, perhaps because PiP made me shrug, but I remember watching 16C dozens of times on TV when I was in sixth grade.

-- NY Mag has a surprisingly fun look at what celebrities are watching on YouTube. They also have a list of the twenty (intentionally) funniest web videos of 2007. Will have to check out some of the links once my laptop plays sound again.

-- Malcolm Gladwell writes in the New Yorker about criminal profiling made easy.

-- Ron Moore now has a blog.

-- Mo Ryan has Friday Night Lights spoilers, and some comments about the season. She also has a love letter to Ugly Betty's Amanda and Marc.

And on that fashionable note, I'll go watch Project Runway.
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Hitting us over the head with a recycling bin.

Oh, dear. When I first heard about NBC's "Green Week", I thought Poniewozik was joking. Alas, no. While I applaud the heart behind the effort, we are in for a dire (or just very cheesy) week, if tonight's Chuck is any indication. The little NBC bug is even green. So is the website! I'm trying really hard not to cringe here.

So I scrolled through my TiVo listings and found the following lines in summaries of NBC shows.
-- The Biggest Loser: The teams go "green" by recycling and learning how to implement environmentally friendly habits in their lives.
-- Life: A dream prompts Crews to want to buy a solar farm.
-- 30 Rock: As part of a companywide environmental initiative, Jack creates a green mascot for the network.
-- The Office: This week's episode is titled "Survivor Man". I'll let you be the judge.
-- Scrubs: The janitor gives the Sacred Heart staff a lesson in being environmentally conscious.
-- ER: Rolling brownouts hit Chicago; Morris buys an energy-efficient car.
-- Deal or No Deal: In a "green" episode, Kermit the Frog is scheduled to appear.
-- Las Vegas: The casino plays host to an environmentally friendly conference; Danny questions Delinda's plan for a new "green" lifestyle.
-- 11Alive Drought Watch: Okay, that one's Atlanta-only, but the timing (8pm Saturday) is great.

And those are just the shows with specific lines in their episode summaries. Yikes.

One more bit about the strike before I curl up and finish watching Chuck while changing all my lightbulbs. I appreciated this comment in the replies to Sepinwall's blog post today: Isn't it kind of hypocritical that on one hand the studios and networks say that unauthorized downloading or copying of content is "stealing," because you're taking something of value -- but on the other hand, they say the writers don't deserve residuals, because the content is valueless? Or now they're even saying that downloads are "promotional" -- in which case they should be paying hackers to copy DVDs and redistribute content on the Net.
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The Sopranos

I watched the first two seasons of The Sopranos, then I lost interest. Never been into Mafia drama, nor do I like testosterone-heavy shows.* But the hype has been deafening, so I figured I might as well use my HBO subscription for once and watch the series finale. Take my opinions with a grain of salt, since I have no idea what's been going on for the past five seasons.

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* Though this doesn't explain why I fucking LOVE Rescue Me. Still have no idea why, since it is the polar opposite of everything I love in a show. It might just be because I want my very own Sean Garrity-Gavin. S4 starts Wednesday! Yay!
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This post is not dial-up friendly.

I'd planned to celebrate the holiday by making a glorious picspam of President Laura Roslin. Then I realized that my written tribute sounded more like a eulogy. Oops! Instead, I'll simply leave you with a portrait that should someday grace our own Oval Octagonal Office. Collapse )

In a (typical) fit of whimsy, last night I decided to make a Pilots mood theme... except it reminded me of how difficult 'shipper themes can be. Two characters means you can't use many facial close-ups, and finding images to fit 132 different moods is tricky at best. I've got about 75 thus far, but I'm coming up blanks on the others. Any suggestions of pics to use for it? Links to actual pics/screencaps would be great. Thanks! For a bit of inspiration, here's a mini-picspam of Collapse )

And someone on the TWOP boards just made a hilarious observation about an anachronism in last night's episode. Collapse )

Despite all this, my life does NOT revolve around fandom... at least, most of the time! I went to ULTA this afternoon to get new shampoo. Collapse )

In the world of linkspams....

-- NPR's Fresh Air is now available as a free podcast.

-- Cracked shares 8 important lessons learned from '80s cartoons. Ah, Smurfs and Jem....

-- Watcihng 24 ranks the characters based on some arbitrary-but-amusing criteria.

-- Ooh, just in time for rekindling my TAR love, CBS brings us The Amazing Race Wiki. Oh, Danny and Oswald, I love you and your fabulous selves.

-- The NYT talks about how the appearance of "scrotum" in a children's book has caused an uproar. Mountain out of molehill here, though I suppose parents might be a bit uncomfortable explaining that to little kids.

-- Salon mocks awards show acceptance speeches.

-- And finally, Newsweek waxes rhapsodic on why, these days, TV is so much better than the big screen.
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The State of the TV Season

I'm borrowing this meme from ww1614, because I always love a chance to blather about TV (Oh, and no spoilers here past the most recently-aired episodes of each show.) Plus, it's great for distracting me from the flu that has mostly gone away but is still a pain in the ass nose. *sniff*

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I was going to head out for some shopping, but now I'm utterly exhausted again. Ugh. Since going to bed on Thursday night, I've slept a total of 34 hours. I suppose taking another nap wouldn't be a bad idea, given how little sleep I get during the week, but I do hate wasting a perfectly nice Sunday afternoon. Eh, whatever. I'm gonna crawl back into bed and hope I can sleep off the rest of this illness, because I cannot afford to take Monday off, too. Stupid influenza.
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Top Ten Somethings of December 28, 2006.

Another semi-exciting day here in Texas. Sis and I headed up to Frisco, which I always find both perplexing and a bit annoying. Collapse ) We met mjryan at La Madeleine for a lovely breakfast and an even lovelier chat about babies and BSG spoilers. Then Sis and I headed to IKEA to buy baby stuff -- yes, babies are a recurring theme this week, now that Sis is in her 32nd week. Even more shopping after that, and now we're back home. Sis is taking a nap, and I'm watching Scrubs reruns with the brother-in-law. Pretty nice day, all told. Of course, tomorrow won't be as nice, since I'm supposed to go over to my parents' place to help Dad with his computer -- yesterday's lesson was postponed because I had to spend the time searching online for info about Grandma's medicare prescription drug plan. Such fun.

The other night, indigo419 and I got into a long convo about feedback and the writing of it. I am *awful* about leaving feedback, which is a wee bit hypocritical given how much I enjoy receiving it. So, one of my new year's resolutions is to start replying to more fic. That, and to start replying to more comments... although I make that resolution every year and never seem to live up to it! This year. Promise.

A few links:

-- EntWkly lists eight disappointments of 2006 and the year's mixtape. Anyone got .mp3s? ;) And ooh, they also review Jarvis Cocker's new video.

-- The LA Times talks about celebrity vanity in the age of hi-definition TV.

-- I don't even remember where I found this link, and I'm not quite sure I want to remember. But check out Beautiful Agony for all your O-face needs. Rather fascinating, though I needed a few minutes to stop blushing.

-- The New York Times profiles David Boreanaz. Yay, DB!

Now I'm going to swipe a page from queenofthorns and list my Collapse )
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Veronica Mars hi-larity

I am really, really slow on the uptake. Collapse )

I also watched and adored Collapse )

Speaking of TV... Slate has a review of ABC's new yuppie dramas. I can't weigh in on their quality, since I don't watch any of them, but it made for interesting reading.

Oooh. More pretty Bamber pics. Also, tonight I did something embarrassingly fangirlish. Yikes! Am going to keep mum for the time being.

I'm making my own Kara moodtheme, and I might do some other fannish ones after this. Do any of y'all have links to a good explanation of how to upload and use them? *I* know, but I'd love a simple guide that I can include in my post if/when I'm done.

And on a non-fannish note: this article about the history of maraschino cherries made me smile. :)