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Air Rage! Tonight at 11.

I think that I've become an Air Rage statistic. Collapse )

But hey, I'm home now, and the good news is that I made it back just before a huge thunderstorm rolled through. Queso's fine -- thanks, biftec, for checking on him! And in other news....

-- The ending of last week's Rescue Me was already controversial, and then Peter Tolan (the exec producer) decided to go on the TWoP boards and defend it. Hilarious and idiotic wank ensued. I'll defer to nm973's great recap for all the details and links.

-- The Emmys conspiracy theories floating around are amusing (I do love a good ruckus), though I suspect they're a bit overblown. I'm sure "block voting" plays a part, but the real problem is that too many voters go with reputation instead of actually watching the front-running shows, which accounts for so many repeat nominees.

-- I love my LJ layout. I don't do e-mail comment notifications, so I prefer having as much text as possible up on my main page. Unfortunately, every time someone does a phone post, my friends-page layout is totally screwed up. Must try to figure out why, because I hate having to filter out those people until the post slips down to the next flist page.

-- I'm making another plea for Atlanta friends to help me with my move! I really only need a couple of people to help load furniture onto the truck for a few hours, since I can manage the smaller stuff on my own. I'd like to do it next Sunday or Monday (if you have a long weekend for the Fourth), but I can work around when you're available. And I would compensate you, of course. :)

-- Also, I'd love some advice! Collapse )

Now I need a very, very long nap.
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A rose by any other....

1. The results from last night's LJ poll were really interesting. Collapse )

2. I've finished a rough draft of the Writercon Restaurant Guide. (Just did the .html version from the original .doc -- must clean up that formatting. Yikes.) Would love for y'all to check it out so that I can incorporate edits and suggestions before sending it off to the con organizers!

3. Last night I read the NY Times Magazine's profile on Gnarls Barkley, both because I love "Crazy" and because Chuck Klosterman is always worth a read. Did not know that Danger Mouse went to UGA and met Cee-Lo at an Athens bar, where they bonded over a shared love of Portishead. This amuses me greatly.

4. The Meow Mix House's webcams have also brought me much joy today. Live nude kittens!

5. Salon has an article about how girl-on-girl kissing has become popular at teen/college parties. Hmm. The talkback responses are disappointing, with many saying, "Hey, some horndogs get turned on by that. What's the harm?" But the article's point appears to be not that it titillates the boys, but that (self-identifying) heterosexual girls use it as a form of currency, almost as if its trivializing women who are genuinely lesbian or bisexual. Must think about this some more.

6. Pitchfork lists 100 Awesome Music Videos. So glad to see my beloved "Coffee & TV" by Blur on there. And whee! Milky has a fansite! (Found this one via Salon, but luna_k also has it listed on today's excellent links list.)

7. The Move continues apace. Thanks to a very convoluted chain of events, I'm saving $540 on next month's rent. WHEE! This will definitely help with all the stuff I'll need to buy. I'm picking up my key on 6/30, and I'll have a week to vacate this place. Will only have four days to pack after I get back from TX, but hell, I don't really need to pack for a 1/4 mile move. ;) Plus, I should be settled in the new place by Writercon. Excellent.

8. dtissagirl shares some great LJ-related bookmarklets, including how to insert "?style=mine" on every URL. Absolutely invaluable, especially with some of the frightening entry layouts I've seen while randomly following links. Hey, people should use whatever floats their boat (even if the colors hurt my eyes), but I've always been fondest of the simple LJ default. ;)

9. trinnifer and I got to talking about names, and it reminded me of a post I've been wanting to do. Collapse )
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A festival of cut-tags.

1. Atlanta meet-up! Collapse )

2. Writercon is back on my schedule! Turns out I'm moving sooner than expected -- I'll get the keys on 6/30 and have until 7/7 to vacate this place. Which is fabulous, because I can just use my little Hyundai to haul the smaller stuff back-and-forth. I'd rather not rent a truck for the furniture, though. So, I'm putting out another request: Collapse )

3. God, I loved this week's Doctor Who. Then again, I'm such a sucker for that sort of thing, especially when it features Shirley Henderson. Yay! No spoilers here beyond this ep. Collapse )

4. Oooh. Newsweek has a huge cover story on Johnny Depp. I'll be buying that to read on my flight to Dallas this Thursday. Must also pop in my Pirates DVD this week. Another Captain Jack may have seduced me, but I'll always adore you.

5. This review of the failed Aquaman pilot is comedy gold.

6. Yesterday, I started reading mina_de_malfois, an utterly brilliant fandom parody. For a better description, I'll defer to ingridmatthews here. Shades of just about every possible fandom, and especially what little I know of HP. Note: you have to friend Mina to read the posts, but she updates weekly and just uses her flist to keep track of reader numbers.

7. I had such fun with the VM screencap quiz that I've made one for BSG. You think you know the characters so well, but... Collapse )
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Moving, LJ, Atlanta, screencaps, and mp3's.

1. I'm moving! Sorta. Very long story short: I hit the end of my tether after the maintenance crew accidentally flooded my bedroom for the seventh time in six years (something about a valve not being switched off.) I stormed into the property manager's office and demanded some sort of compensation, so she offered to move me to a much bigger and nicer apartment in the complex, for only $30/month more. Yay! It has a huge kitchen and looks out on trees, which means I can keep the curtains open. No free washer/dryer like this place, so I'll have to start checking Craigslist. Oh, and the only downside? I'll be moving the same weekend as Writercon. They're giving me a week to haul my stuff over there, so I'll try to swing by the con when I have some free time. :)

2. txvoodoo talks about new changes to LiveJournal. I've been here for almost five years, and I don't really care too much as long as they let me keep my LJ the way I want it.

3. Hey, Atlanta folks! Flicks on 5th sounds like fun. Anyone interested in getting a group together?

4. EntWkly has compiled The Top 100 Entertainment Websites. More misses than hits, I'm sure, but I'll be checking them out this weekend.

5. Every time I think about retiring Cappiness (my BtVS/AtS/Alias screencaps site), I check my stats and see that people are still using it. I would like to free up some server space, though. Anyone interested in taking over one or more of the archives by moving the files to your site?

6. RPF drabble-tag with friends last night? SO much fun. Indigo, I kinda love you.

7. Earlier this week I posted (flocked for bandwidth's sake) a bunch of mp3's from that list of The Top 500 Modern Rock Songs. Turns out I have some bandwidth left, so I'm posting a few of them here. Collapse )