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The Emmys Predictions Poll

I have a feeling I'll be posting quite a lot today! First up: I got an e-mail that Borders will have ALL of their DVD box sets on sale for 40% off tomorrow and Tuesday. It's only available in-store, and you need a (free) Borders Rewards membership. Here's the 40% off coupon, and here's a list of the various TV shows on sale. (Psst... Friday Night Lights for $18!)

Also, I'd like to gleefully pimp bop_radar's Character Study Challenge, for "fic, meta, vids or other fanart, as long as you can argue that it explores the character and the prompt." The list of prompts is HUGE, with something for everyone -- including BSG, the Jossverse, Doctor Who, Farscape, HP, Heroes, Smallville, the 'Gates, Supernatural, The Office, and many other fandoms. I'm already putting together a list of things I want to write.

Time for my annual Emmys Predictions Poll. Yeah, I'll be watching tonight, despite my relative lack of enthusiasm. Choose who you think WILL win, not who SHOULD win. Just for fun, no wagering, blah blah. Collapse )

And in conclusion: GO 30 ROCK!!!
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So, about those nominations....

I'm not at all surprised or even that disappointed, because my expectations were so low. I'm quite sad for Friday Night Lights' sake, because the chance for Emmy nominations was one of the few things that kept it from getting cancelled. Not many reactions yet from the press, which makes sense because they're all busy with the upfronts, but Gold Derby is already blogging like mad. I like the headline from this post: "Get ready for Emmy screaming, which the TV academy deserves." He talks about how the popular vote keeps screwing over the whole process, and though he published it last night, Mark Harris of EW has a great analysis of why the nominations process always backfires by skewing too heavily toward popularity over quality: Why good TV will get screwed again.

On the plus side? A nomination for "Dick in a Box". You know you wanna rewatch it. ;)

Here's the complete list, along with my reactions. I'm not an expert, certainly! But I pay far too much attention to these things, and I like to think I have a fairly good understanding of the politics of it all! Collapse )
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I was livin' in a devil town.

1. I downloaded a bunch of podcasts for the flight home last night, and the best was definitely Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (and their main site also looks to have some other great themed podcasts.) Each one is a 4-8 minute lesson on a grammar topic; I listened to tutorials on ellipses, who/whom, semicolons, however, and serial commas. The latter was especially fun -- I can't break the habit of using that final comma before "and", and I'm very pleased to learn that I'm well within rights to use it. ;)

2. Mo Ryan has lots of spoilers for Friday Night Lights. I'm also quite pleased that Katims, Britton, and Chandler all consider Coach and Mrs. Coach's marriage to be "unbreakable". Yay for the OTP! Speaking... I will cheerfully admit that while I was in Dallas, I had occasion to drive past Texas Stadium several times, and I geeked-out by playing "Your Hand in Mine" on the car stereo, just like that gorgeous scene in the season finale. Hee!

3. She also has a writeup about Bionic Woman at the upfronts. Some funny quotes from Eick about Katee, though I don't buy his soundbite about Isaiah Washington (ugh). Was pleasantly surprised to hear that Darin Morgan will write episode 9. Wow! Blast from the past, that.

4. McSweeney's has a letter to Optimus Prime from his GEICO Auto Insurance agent. I also liked My DVD player's user's manual (as written by Chuck Palahniuk).

5. Mental Floss has a quiz about controversial subject matter in Disney films. Have I mentioned lately how much I *love* Mental Floss? Everyone should get a subscription. Sounds pricey, but it's SO worth the cost.

6. Emmy nominations tomorrow! I'm so excited... even though I know none of my faves will be named. They never are. I'm dreading all the inevitable blog talkbacks with "Why wasn't [my favorite actor from a mediocre show] nominated?!?" Let's be realistic, folks. So, how about another poll? Gold Derby has leaked the ten finalists in most categories, so I'm starting things off with those names. For the other categories, I went with this list of the experts' predictions. If any of y'all gets them 100% correct, I'll make you a picspam or write you a drabble or something. ;)

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Emmys season begins!

As (bizarre) luck would have it, I have to report for Jury Duty tomorrow, despite being "on call" today. Go figure! I have a full-day meeting on Thursday, so it looks like I won't be back at work until Friday, at the earliest.

I spent hours bopping through BSG Wiki last night, which gave me lots of interesting thoughts about the mytharc and such. But I think I'll save that for another post tonight, along with some simmering ideas about characterization and dialogue.

A bit bummed out tonight for personal reasons, so I was thrilled when I saw that Gold Derby has posted a list of which shows and actors have submitted their names for Emmys consideration, along with the episode they've chosen. Whee! I *love* awards season, especially all the speculation. This is an unofficial list, and many actors have their names submitted as a formality by network publicity departments, regardless of whether they stand a chance. Interesting stuff. Some of the possibilities are hilarious!

-- According to Jim (Jim Belushi - "Good Grief")
-- Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus - "People Who Use")
-- Ghost Whisperer (Jennifer Love Hewitt - "The Night We Met")
-- One Tree Hill and Las Vegas for drama series
-- And am I now going to hear from all the hardcore fans of Jim, Miley, JLove, and One Tree Hill? ;)

So, I decided to make a poll, based on the names on that list. Collapse )
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